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I have returned home to Toronto after spending much of the last eighteen months in hospitals. I am hoping that my health has improved to the point where I can start producing original content again. Thank you to all who are watching for your support over the course of this trying time. I hope that you all are coping with the COVID crisis successfully.
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John Flynn
John Flynn 31 minutt siden
Jordan i think the drugs you were given were poisoned because your message of responsibility goes against the NWO. I wouldnt put it past them. Now your videos I see on youtube the screenshots make you look sick. With so many puppets in this world I dont think you are one. Even tho I know that you worked in the UN. Idk the earth has become a black mirror. We live in the inverse where bad is actually good and good is actually bad. Idk what I see on my internet is what Johnny up the street sees. We are now trustless. Elections are inverse. Vaccines are inverse. I hope you find your voice again. Rise like a lion. And good luck. My TV had you playing when I got home and I've decided I wanna make a little more heaven.
julia bantner
julia bantner Time siden
Thank you!
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Time siden
I am so glad your back . I have watched and read you closely and have benefited so much from you. You where a GOD send at a time I needed you. You simplify your lessons and make them assessable to all. I am so glad you are getting better and I pray for you regularly that this will just improve day on day. I do wish however that you had a more sympathetic approach to my other source of peace , Islam. It has taught and guided and given me peace. I would have loved your detailed uncluttered perspective in the message of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and all the prophets) . Calling him a warlord is mischaracterisation and showed you have been misinformed. I cannot believe you studied Islam for 3 year given the conclusion you came to. I wish you had spoken to a similar intellect sheikh Hamza Yusaf. He is an American convert, who also has a similar powerful intellect. He has an incisive insight into the religion and could teach you if you sincerely sought to be instructed. Instructed and not indoctrinated. Keep well and stay safe. So glad your back.
Karine Sogoyan
Karine Sogoyan Time siden
Welcome back! Love you!👏🏻👍🏻❤️ Wish you to be treated by the best gastroenterologist and a quick recovery!🏆
Wes Venter
Wes Venter Time siden
I am a huge fan. Can you speak more about your Christian journey? I was not aware that you were a Christian. I am even more of a fan now that I believe you are. It's good to see you on your way to good health. Your story of returning from where you've been will, in my opinion, make you far more effective because we your followers know that you too have had a very real struggle and you have overcome. You now have the incredible privilege of possessing a testimony that will touch the hearts of countless people who are in the same struggle or will go through the same struggle in future.
SF Drone & Piano Guy
SF Drone & Piano Guy 2 timer siden
This is terrifying. I took benzos after I had some kind of strange migraine issue that I was scared could be a stroke or something. THen my father passed away, and I continued. I couldn't get off completely, butI switched to Valium which is supposed to be the weakest and best for weening down. If it did this much damage to his health, I'm worried of getting off them myself. He must have been severely overusing them, i imagine... I know getting benzos isn't easy..... Russian & Serbia for treatment? WHy so many countries? This just makes so little sense.... glad he's getting better none the less
George Constanza
George Constanza 3 timer siden
Welcome back good sir and keep up with good work in future
Per Johansen
Per Johansen 3 timer siden
The world need you more than ever, stay strong!
forest gump
forest gump 3 timer siden
Would you still have the same insight and knowledge gained through experimentation focusing on other things would normally Not happen no choice it was the Book clubs , planned to torture and tune you from the time frequency travelers, in ,of and from, all directions. 👩‍🚀.
A Google User
A Google User 5 timer siden
Valium the housewifes little helper surely the wise one knew this ?
Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan 5 timer siden
"Thank you very much, and....... Well, thank you very much is probably sufficient." Classic JBP.
tillybilly0 5 timer siden
Blessings to you champ!
Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals
Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals 6 timer siden
I was an addict for over 15 years and I also had my time and off time with Benzos. Not a fun ride at all. Glad you're doing better tho.
Mick O'Donohoe
Mick O'Donohoe 6 timer siden
God bless you mate
Camille Saied
Camille Saied 6 timer siden
Nurture yourself and your soul. Then, get back to it kid. We all have plenty of homework we could do in the meantime. Sending health and strength.
MAD BUDDHA 6 timer siden
even I'm smart enough to know..stay away from big pharma meds
Troy 6 timer siden
The refinery of God.
A J D’Arc
A J D’Arc 6 timer siden
With God’s Grace and Mercy you will keep helping many. Good to see you back🙋🏾‍♀️thank God for you and for your family.
Jacob Muddi
Jacob Muddi 7 timer siden
capitalism works because I am gay
Brian King
Brian King 7 timer siden
You are very brave sir..the mind is sometimes not its own..if you can get it back that is beauty in itself..I know how mental illness has ravaged my family is a walk into hell and often you dont know just is I suppose ..but sometimes you can fight back ..we did..and invisible enemy..yours.. Brian P. King
Rocky Mckinley
Rocky Mckinley 7 timer siden
The deepest insights can be found in our darkest hours. Your wisdom touches many profoundly, bless you for the light you shine so brightly that touches so many.
Sandeep Menezes
Sandeep Menezes 8 timer siden
Really grateful to have you back Prof. Peterson! You've been a great voice of sanity in a world filled with a mad mix of crazy ideas. God bless you and prosper all your plans.
william moats
william moats 8 timer siden
I am so gald to hear your news. I have found your lectures and teachings to be incredibly helpful, even restorative. Currently I am working through the talk with Dr. Oz, (a truly enlightening discussion.) Please take good care and stay safe.
Jonathan Treviño
Jonathan Treviño 9 timer siden
I hope you get better Jordan Peterson, greetings from Mexico
Jenny 9 timer siden
Scott Richard
Scott Richard 9 timer siden
God bless you and yours doctor are an inspiration.
Joseph Okello Okello
Joseph Okello Okello 9 timer siden
your recovery has been one of the best news amidst all the chaos that afflict the human generation! good to see you back, sir! 🤝
kurian raphy
kurian raphy 10 timer siden
Welcome back sir!
Trevor Thomas
Trevor Thomas 11 timer siden
My god... Dr Peterson, we all love you... but I can't tell you how much we appreciate this video. Not one of us was angry when you took time to take care of yourself, but your presence is and always will be comforting. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear your voice. I pray that God helps you and completes your recovery in the best way possible. We are all here, as we were before, excited to learn from you. Thank you for being you, and welcome back :)
Gianna2 Bella
Gianna2 Bella 11 timer siden
So glad your back his works in funny ways ❣️❣️ You can bring so much light to Benzo hell now -Doctors don’t understand when told NO 2 weeks is not enough to detox it takes along time they just don’t get it and most of us had no idea 15 yrs ago before google that this Xanax to sleep prescribed by our doctor would turn into A LIVING HELL ONCE WE DECIDE TO STOP OR INTER DOSE WITH-DRAWL HITS OR TOLERANCE IF DOCTORS WOULD OF LISTENED TO PATIENTS YEARS AGO THERE WOULD BE A GAME PLAN BY NOW 🙏🙏🙌🆘 - so glad you pulled through god bless🙌🆘❣️❣️🙏
David Irwin
David Irwin 12 timer siden
So happy to see you back
Kenneth Lynch
Kenneth Lynch 12 timer siden
I was thinking about what is it about Jordan Peterson that makes him the most influential intellectual of our time. At the same time I was reading an article written by an outraged intellectual that was upset that JP was chosen to write the introduction for the recent edition of The Gulag Archipelago. The outrage was over the fact that JP didn't have the credentials to write this introduction. That guys attitude is why he will never be chosen to write the introduction for The Gulag Archipelago. It is a superior attitude that many intellectuals take that make them so damn unrelatable and therefore not attractive. Jordan is the most remarkable combination of intellectual and humble human. JP has no entitlement issues like "I have now arrived so shower me with my rewards.'. He is still on his journey. Still learning, still curious, still fallible, and still human. One of the most remarkable transformations i have ever witnessed in a human being was achieved by Jordan Peterson between the first debate he had with Sam Harris and the second debate he had with Sam Harris. JP was at a bit of a disadvantage in the first debate because Sam had been developing his thoughts on Christianity, The Bible, Religion etc. for years and was well seasoned in his debate strategies regarding these topics. JP had not focused that level of attention to his thoughts on these specific subjects or on his debate strategies. Still the first debate was vigorous and engaging. I was pulling for JP because I like him but I had to admit that in my opinion Sam won that debate. The second debate I was shocked and amazed at how significantly Jordan Peterson had grown between the two debates. It seemed that JP had experienced significant growth in several areas of his life. His confidence was sky high. He dressed with a sophisticated edgy style. His mastery over the subject matter had grown significantly. He was intense but also relaxed and sure of himself. I still wonder how he was able to achieve such tremendous growth in such a short period of time. Then it hit me. He lives his life by the 12 principles. If you have been living everyday trying to be better than you were yesterday over time your ability to grow is advanced. Jordan was challenged by Sam in that first debate and he took all of his habits and practices and applied a motivated focus to them and we can all witness the results. JP won that second debate it was an extraordinary achievement and performance. All of this showed me how humble JP is. In order to grow humility is required. This makes him human and relatable to other humans no matter what there station is in life. JP is a human of advanced ability, knowledge, and compassion that is giving everything he can by relating and connecting with other humans. I think that is called LOVE!
Phil3885 12 timer siden
This kind and gentle man in my estimation should be considered as one of the best doctors in our time and maybe ever. God heal him. God be with him. God protect him.
KNOW THYSELF 13 timer siden
Christina H
Christina H 13 timer siden
Good to know recovery is your path. Stay calm, be happy, and love life💛
Jonathan Fer
Jonathan Fer 14 timer siden
We love you Jordan! The world needs you Sir, you are a diamond of the intellectual world. Prayers for you and to you family, god has favor upon you!
willy leclaire
willy leclaire 14 timer siden
Get well Dr. - your task is not finished. It is a heavy cross to bear but in this point of time you're the only one who can bear it. If I could, I would gladly share a bit of my Health with you but I can only offer my support and encouragement . For once allow us to help you get through these difficult times. Best regards from France, W.L
Angela O'Sullivan
Angela O'Sullivan 15 timer siden
Welcome back and glad you are feeling better. We need you back! Thank you for your honesty.
Bryan Driscoll
Bryan Driscoll 15 timer siden
With all the bad news and events in 2020, JBP emerges to make this life a little less suffering.
april sommers
april sommers 17 timer siden
Benzos are one of the absolute worst drugs on the planet. For some people, because of their neurophysiology, benzo withdrawal, no matter how conservative, slow and dragged-out, can be seriously life-threatening and even kill. I so feel for Jordan and his family. I hope many are paying attention to his story and do all they can to find a different alternative to anxiety, panic attacks, sleep and/or other neurological disorders other than benzos. God Bless all.
John Smith
John Smith 17 timer siden
I can relate to what you are feeling while you give this good news. I wish I had a few grams from your courage.
Solomon Stello
Solomon Stello 17 timer siden
Welcome back Professor.
Steve Sipocz
Steve Sipocz 18 timer siden
albus 19 timer siden
Great to see you back my second father.
Lieven Yperman
Lieven Yperman 19 timer siden
Glad to see you recovering well. Stay healthy.
Chris Mcdonagh
Chris Mcdonagh 19 timer siden
You'll have to wrap that barrel round my head because I'm not moving that mirror.
Abhishek Utham
Abhishek Utham 20 timer siden
Omg... I'm soo glad that you're back and you'll always be there in my prayers, wishing you great health and wellness, Sir Dr. Jordon B Peterson. Please take care.
Jonni Armani
Jonni Armani 21 time siden
People I don’t trust for a 1000 Alex-
Maria Ajith
Maria Ajith 21 time siden
I'm a 17 yr old girl and I discovered your works and teachings during quarantine, Mr. Peterson. I am so grateful for the existence of your voice in this world and for how you're sharing your insights with everyone regardless of whom. I'll be praying for your full recovery and health and I'm in awe that you were able to get through this ordeal and my heart is heavy knowing the pains you've suffered in the past years. Sir, you really really really inspire me to be better and I only hope that I am able to make a difference in this world to the same extent that your journey and you words have moved me .
David Jean
David Jean 21 time siden
It's good to have you back! I am unbelievebly grateful that one of my closest mates recommended your lectures to me. I am one of the 25 year old men, which constantly try to find their path in the midst of the chaos around him. Now, I am about to receive my bachelor's degree in social work and the ideas you have put forward have had a tremendous impact on my work in this profession, not to mention in my life. Thank you and I wish u all the best!
Bees ZL
Bees ZL 22 timer siden
Good to see you again! You are very lucky that you didn’t get killed by this anxiety drug.
ЭmиL 22 timer siden
great that you feel better, keep it up man. We wish all the best for you and your family 🙌
Jillian Goldstein
Jillian Goldstein Dag siden
It sounds like he has something in his mouth. Like he's sucking on something.
Jay Leclerc
Jay Leclerc 20 timer siden
Well who am I to claim that I am morally superior, I just didn’t get why your take away from this video was this comment.
Jillian Goldstein
Jillian Goldstein 20 timer siden
@Jay LeclercI know about what he's gone through. I'm not being accusatory or putting him down, I'm simply curious if he was chewing on a cough drop or something. I really don't think he would find offense to that.
Jay Leclerc
Jay Leclerc 21 time siden
What I’m saying is: he’s been trough what seems like hell. And at this point he could be dead so a slight speech impediment really isn’t what I personally take away from this video
Jillian Goldstein
Jillian Goldstein 21 time siden
So you're saying that whatever is going on with his mouth is a withdrawal thing?
Jay Leclerc
Jay Leclerc 21 time siden
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar Dag siden
You took medication for anxiety sir? I thought you helped people across the world come out of anxiety. How do you look forward to helping others when you're in troubled waters yourself?
William Sneet Bill
William Sneet Bill 18 timer siden
Anxiety, sadness, struggle is the human condition. Your question makes no sense
advedan Dag siden
Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for that candid note to us!
Soulharves7er19 Dag siden
It is great to know you are ok, you are a great pursuer and educator of knowledge. I hope to attend one of your events in the future.
tim wu
tim wu Dag siden
best news of 2020!
Aryeah Zenter
Aryeah Zenter Dag siden
On behalf of many young black men. Glad to have you back. We missed you Mr. Peterson.
Caelichyth Calithileth
Caelichyth Calithileth Dag siden
Honest Dag siden
Thank you for coming back. Wish I could meet you someday. Studying in BC rn. -Tate
Charlie Christian
Charlie Christian Dag siden
Thank you for your honesty, we are praying for you. I see the video of you getting attacked and argument surrounding you at your talk, it's hard to see that you are a man who is just trying to tell the truth and arguments just spring up around you. Thank you for advocating for the men and the boys
My Stuff To Share
My Stuff To Share Dag siden
Like your work. Like better the way you listen and engage, and very much like the way you respond with others and share your thoughts so clearly. Don't feel the need to rush. Stay safe and know you are loved and respected. All the more respected for your honesty and humbleness in this vid. Pretty sure that the biggest chunk of your audience has learned way more from you than you could possibly imagine; and we want you to stay around. For me your vids are a newly discovered joy.
And Jesus said:
And Jesus said: Dag siden
I pray for you my friend, you have a powerful, intelligent voice & a sane way of looking at & describing the world in which we live.
Elaine Cameron
Elaine Cameron Dag siden
You are so precious and dearly loved. You'll be ok I promise. Hugs
YIshis Lassie
YIshis Lassie Dag siden
Thank you so so much for sharing your experience. You have made the only necessary restitution to society by simply being honest about your journey, and by continuing on to overcome this problem. I want to share with you that I was fortunate enough to work in foreign countries where traditional natural "medicine" with teas, spices, seeds, etc., have been possible to turn to instead of pharmaceuticals. I have used vitamins, enzymes, frequency therapy and ozone therapy and chiropractics and acupuncture to overcome many issues, including ovarian cancer. I am a devoted follower of Yeshua - Yehovah Elohim - the God of the Bible - and His instructions in the Torah, as well as the rest of it. Early in my life as a mom when I was asking how to deal with medical/physical issues, He brought my attention to the teaching in Romans 1:19, 20 - "19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." He enlightened this to me - "All that can be known about God is manifest by/in/through nature. He is a HEALING God. His healing nature is manifest and available to us through medicines that are as close to nature as possible." This guiding principle has saved me from having to get embroiled in the whole big pharma culture and has also saved a lot of money over my lifetime. I'm excited to hear that you're doing a book on the Proverbs dealing with wisdom. With admiration and prayers for you and your family ... PRAISE YEHOVAH and adieu &; >
RAYMOND Dag siden
The executioner is back!
Donny James
Donny James Dag siden
Glad to see you back, hope your recovery runs smoother and quicker as time goes on and I look forward to watching more videos of yours. God bless ;
Bob Ralston
Bob Ralston Dag siden
Dr. Peterson... please know how Grateful we are for you gifting your wonderful mind to us... very happy to hear you are doing better now... please take care of yourself as a first priority... peace!
Fairshake Media
Fairshake Media Dag siden
Relapse Jordan you aren’t needed.
Trevor Torquato
Trevor Torquato Dag siden
Thank you very much.
Islam ForReal
Islam ForReal Dag siden
Maybe you should read quran and tafseer as well,
Tappychef Dag siden
Cannot wait for your new book. God Bless You & Your Family!
Palm Tree
Palm Tree Dag siden
This happens when you're not true to yourself. When your level of awareness is low, very low.
Kellen Pocock
Kellen Pocock Dag siden
May God heal you and be gentle with your wounds and weakness. Forgiving your sins, comforting you in your frailty and giving you hope, even in death.
Pat Horn
Pat Horn Dag siden
You’ve reminded me that honesty is more important than ideology. This is the way forward. We can all use inspiration to be more truthful.thanks!
Roman Fiol
Roman Fiol Dag siden
Wishing you well, and thankyou for all the work you have done and continue to do.
czr7j9 Dag siden
I am on benzo's tried to stop it slowly and felt like i was dying. It is often said that it is harder than heroin to get off.
RRR 555
RRR 555 Dag siden
Thanks for all Dr Peterson¡
Brandon2705 Smith
Brandon2705 Smith Dag siden
Glad to have you back!!!
smhollanshead Dag siden
Jordan, we are with you! Always!!!
Sal Zen
Sal Zen Dag siden
Creat come back brother it fills my heart with joy to see you again :) But please don't push religión on us, i love the wisdom, the spiritual some moral ethics of religion but they had enough time to inspire humanity.... Tell us more about CG jung, how to start a Star Trek like civilization, how to get the good elites to govern us, talk to us about how we can teach or implement ethics to Ai... You know dude religion was only a cover up for first contact Rule defiance by couple of aliens who appreciated human females (boobs).... Thank you Jordan. Much love!
Cody Howe
Cody Howe Dag siden
Glad you're back Jordan! Just found your work not long ago, glad you're doing better and are back at it! Looking forward to future books, lectures and videos from ya 😁
Jill Anderson
Jill Anderson Dag siden
Dr. Peterson, Thank you for your authenticity and honesty in this message. To me, honesty is, "being ONE-with-what-IS". Your oneness with your reality and willingness to share publically, is nothing short of inspiring to me. Thank you for expressing gratitude for your family, friends, work and recovery process. Real heroes walk among us and you are one of them! God bless you for continuing to fulfill the measure of your creation. I look forward to learning more through your life journey. 🙏🙏🙏
H K Dag siden
Only the crazed can dislike such a man. I hope you fully recover in time JP!
Dave Brun
Dave Brun Dag siden
Thank You For Everything You Have Done .From A Young Mind in Romania
Starship Teddy
Starship Teddy Dag siden
Sir, you are a brave, brave man. Your work, pointing out the wrong and cruelties perpetuated by current feminism is invaluable to the world. Rest. You deserve it. Thank you, you give me hope that the entire world hasn't given in to evil feminist desires to ruin relationships and belittle men.
Mike Jensen
Mike Jensen Dag siden
Wonderful to see you back Dr. Peterson. The courage that you have shown through this extremely trying time and the love and strength of your wonderful family as they helped you through the worst times is an inspiration to us all; as have been your book and the hundreds of NOpost videos you have gifted to the world. All the best as you re-engage with your work and plans for the future.
Patte Smith
Patte Smith Dag siden
You are a precious man and I am thankful for your humble honesty. I'm glad you are recovering and very much looking forward to hearing your analysis of Proverbs. I am a Christian and the study of wisdom in God's Word over the last 40 years has been a beautiful and enlightening journey for me. We all have so much to learn.
Imad Mahmoud
Imad Mahmoud Dag siden
From a Muslim living in Jordan, who has Palestinian Origin (where Jesus was born); I pray to God (Allah) that you will get much better and healthier sooner and happier with your family memebrs and friends. My sincere prayers go out to you and your family, and also for all people on this planet who need to get in a better place, healtheir, happier, and wealthier.... Amen.
Marta Neira
Marta Neira Dag siden
I am so happy to see you are back! Since I found you in NOpost I was mesmerized by all of your ideas and wisdom of how humans behave and move. I am a woman of faith and I could tell that God had you on a path to his discovery without you knowing it. I truly believe that what you have experienced with this illness was part of that difficult path towards even more wisdom and enlightenment. I know in my heart he will heal you completely and will make you stronger and wiser than before can’t wait to hear about your interpretations of the provers! Remember that he is guiding you so if you trust in him you will not fail and your anxieties will no more be a problem to your soul.
Orlando Ramirez
Orlando Ramirez Dag siden
Thanks for helping us all to understand ourselves better, I love to you doing better, as someone that went through something very similar, there is a better tomorrow for you :)
Sdinim Sdinim
Sdinim Sdinim Dag siden
U suffering cause ur baseless Islamophobia learn lesson dude you will continue to suffer as long you anti Islamophobic
Silvestre Varezona
Silvestre Varezona Dag siden
I wonder how this year would look like from perspective of let's say one decade... looks like "all the hell broke loose" in last few months. I write it in December 2020. It was not too bad time for me, but what is going on with the world is crazy, gently speaking. I stopped follow JBP somewhere at January and I just got back now. Didn't realise his health issues at all. And now I feel very happy he's getting better and making new plans as we going to need his wisdom now like never before. Thanks God.
3 Itty Bitty Piggies Story Time
3 Itty Bitty Piggies Story Time Dag siden
All the warnings, over countless years, of the "Medical" Industrial Complex fall on deaf ears as each new monopoly version conquers again and again. We can simply trust proper authority, officials and credentials? "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." ~ Albert Einstein You reinforced that with us, Dr. Peterson. That and NO Free Passes to proper authority. Real science (or medical) never operate under monopoly, authority, censorship, shaming, bullying... Einstein reminded us of that often, as well as Orwell, Eisenhower and countless others.
Euline Bandeira
Euline Bandeira Dag siden
Deus abençoe você e dê paz a tua alma.
zuioprt Dag siden
I´m returning to my my hometown after working in another country, failing and developing alcoholism. i´m 40 now and return, with my dad paying for the flat in my hometown. It honestly feels like a total defeat, i hope your wisdom can help me to rebuild me and my life. i just found you and your channel recently. To see such a great Person like you battling defeat yourself gives me a new perspective. Failing is unfortunataly always an option.
Jan Harris
Jan Harris Dag siden
I’ve been taking Xanax (only as prescribed ) for over 20 years now and refuse to go up on my dosage even though my body & brain have developed a tolerance and are putting me through major daily anxiety, depression, and brain fog (putting it lightly)! Ive finally found a fantastic psychiatrist who is helping me to slowly wean myself off. I’ve had one hospitalization for heart issues and other withdrawal symptoms. It has been such an uphill battle, working daily to reduce micro milligrams off my 4 mg/day, it has taken me over 1 & 1/2 years to get down to 3.5mg a day! This is not a good quality of life, and I hope that science focuses on how to help people such as myself. If I were to cold turkey, being in my 60’s, and considering that I’ve been prescribed Xanax XR for so many years, it would probably kill me. So every day I face the struggle, please help shed light on this extremely important health issue. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.
Angus McPrepper
Angus McPrepper Dag siden
Dear Dr. Peterson, You are a remarkable human being. Please except my sincere appreciation for your survival. Aloha from Hawai'i.
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong Dag siden
Looking forward to Proverbs Jordan! Prayers going out for you. I believe you have an important God-given purpose on our planet. He's not done with you yet, my friend. Keep your head up! :)
Lee Jamison
Lee Jamison Dag siden
In the dialogue the universe has with itself it would be of little consequence if the terrors of addiction, of anxiety, and of the darkest places of depression happened only to those with little or no window on deeper truth. That God (and that word has extremely personal meaning to me) chooses to explore the deepest possible challenges to courage in his apertures through people of enlightenment, in his Abrahams, his Issacs, his Jacobs, and his Moseses- and now through you- is, when you can look back at the precipice as I do, a kind of honor. Every day after that is a privilege and an opportunity to escape the symbolic and conceptual traps illustrated in the mindset of the world around us. I am excited that you are exploring Biblical themes. A depth is there few really approach, largely because they keep fighting ancient wars way off the path of what is really being discussed under the surface. I am here, for the most part new to your expressions of thought. That's because people keep telling me, disdainfully, that I must have gotten what I say about ideas and culture from you. It seemed well to find out more about this fellow traveler. Now, you are not merely an abstraction to me. You are real
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