BREAKING: Trump Considering Pardoning His Kids & Rudy Giuliani

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--Donald Trump is considering issuing pre-emptive blanket pardons to his children, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and attorney Rudy Giuliani
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Trump Staff: Giuliani Making Trump Look Like an Idiot
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Broadcast on December 2, 2020
#davidpakmanshow #pardons #rudygiuliani

Ms Archieve
Ms Archieve Måned siden
I don't think Trump will pardon Rudy. Rudy didn't win the presidency for him.
will chris
will chris Måned siden
Lol this is some good comedy not to be taken seriously.
Susan Hawk
Susan Hawk Måned siden
So don't they have to be guilty of something to be pardoned? Is this an admission to having committed crimes or committed acts that should be criminal?
Pocket Movie Maker
Pocket Movie Maker Måned siden
Jo-an Bryson
Jo-an Bryson Måned siden
Wait till the financial gains for him and his family come out.
SirArghPirate Måned siden
Very cool and very legal.
Jose Luis Gonzalez
Jose Luis Gonzalez Måned siden
The southern district of NY is a federal court...
mike sandmire
mike sandmire Måned siden
So i get some kind of blanket pardon for ivanka and the kush, because i suppose they worked for the crime boss himself, but don jr. and eric don't work for the white house so can someone explain why don jr and eric would have any need for a federal pardon? And i realize that he can pardon others for any reason, but isn't it written in the language that a reason be given for the pardon? I only ask because an admission of guilt is a given when you accept a pardon.
Face Mask Teacher
Face Mask Teacher Måned siden
That’s wrong . The SDNY is federal. The pardon does apply. The NY AG wouldn’t be defeated by a pardon .
Roseann Peters
Roseann Peters Måned siden
Trump dosen't want them to testify against him...terrible disgraceful
raul garcia
raul garcia Måned siden
Trump can't pardon himself or his family, for any set crimes against the United States of America. That would fall in the hands of Pence, for if he were to have been the next American President.
john_blaze39 Måned siden
I don't know, this seems like fake news to me. There's no such thing as a "blanket pre-emptive pardon". Nixon's was symbolic really...I doubt it would stick if prosecutors actually wanted to go after him
Josh Easton
Josh Easton Måned siden
I know this question must come up alot in your NOpost vids; Does he have an ACTUAL game plan after these events? if hes able to pardon himself and his kkids....where to next Guatemala or something? My god.
Otto Lehto
Otto Lehto Måned siden
"Pardon me!", shouted Giuliani as he ripped a fart.
Cash Youtube
Cash Youtube Måned siden
Why can you even pardon people close to you. That should be conflict of interest. And the President should recuse himself from a pardon to people working for/with him
Patricia Taylor-Starnes
Patricia Taylor-Starnes Måned siden
Democrat shouldn't let this happen
wade liddell
wade liddell Måned siden
Only criminals need pardoning.
Michb3ck Måned siden
Trump will step down as president a day before Inauguration. Pence will then Pardon Trump and then partake in the Inauguration Ceremony as the current president. Anything less and I ain't gonna watch it.
Sideways N
Sideways N Måned siden
Nothing like proving they're doing everything legally than providing preemptive pardons. Anything they aren't specifically pardoned for needs to be brought against them
Peggy Franzen
Peggy Franzen Måned siden
Trump pardoned Michael Milken, need more said?
Jason Hysjulien
Jason Hysjulien Måned siden
It is so cute to see Dave try to be relevant.
Ficial Intelligence
Ficial Intelligence Måned siden
Trump has to pardon Rudy. Rudy's got enough on Trump to send him to New York State prison for the rest of his heartless, soulless life.
Michael Halstead
Michael Halstead Måned siden
When will we move on from this trump shit show ?
Drew Dinnall
Drew Dinnall Måned siden
Saying "the funny thing about this" is a lot different than saying "I was wrong when I told hundreds of thousands of viewers that Trump is planning on pardoning himself". I thought you had more integrity than that.
TP G! Måned siden
Don't you have to be found charged / found guilty of a crime BEFORE you can be pardoned??? Can someone explain this to me?
J D S Måned siden
Preemptive blanket pardons???? What Why neccesary if they are innocent
Fearsome Name
Fearsome Name Måned siden
It's like the book, the gang that couldn't shoot straight. Lock 'em all up!
blameiton CARTMAN
blameiton CARTMAN Måned siden
Just waiting for him to also pardon Ghislaine Maxwell at this point.
Bobberoo Måned siden
Even if he does pardon people in his inner circle, couldn't these be ruled unconstitutional? (as it's clearly not what the rules were created for)
Cesar V
Cesar V Måned siden
Will he pardon Ghislaine Maxwell so she doesn't talk about him? I mean he wished her well
Pascal Ribaux
Pascal Ribaux Måned siden
As a foreigner, i didn't know that the presidential pardon was so poorly regulated. I always thought that a pardon should be free from any personal or political interests. That would be common sense to me. But the more i study the USA the more crazy stuff i discover every day. Maybe America needed such a authoritarian figure like D. Trump to realize the flaws in its polical system... 🤔
Olle Lundström
Olle Lundström Måned siden
The Norwegian traitor Vidkun Quisling was sentenced and E X E C U T E D just after WWII but his name " Q U I S L I N G " still lives on and has named traitors around the world since then. Now, we have an another name for those kind of traitors - " T R U M P " !
Kash Sattar
Kash Sattar Måned siden
This is definitely why Rudy is doing all these pointless, humiliating events and trying to further the voter fraud case when in his mind he knows there was no fraud and all these witnesses are nut cases but Trump has him by the balls by not pardoning him and his keeping him hanging on right until the very end or maybe Trump will not pardon him so the media will not just cover Trump but Rudy too. Trump probably thinks that if Rudy is in the public eye then people might forget about his crimes as time goes on and the spotlight stays on Rudy.
Bjarne Petersen
Bjarne Petersen Måned siden
can the president revoke a previously granted pardon?
Ahmar Wahli
Ahmar Wahli Måned siden
So if he pardon himself I’m pretty sure he can’t run for president in 2024 huh? 🤔
Zack Simpson
Zack Simpson Måned siden
They used to shout "Lock her up" and the Lord of the Lies" wants more deathpenalties for hard criminals. For himself and his family and soft criminal- friends he wants a pardon. That is the way I always believed is the American way of life, But my Grandmother also told me many good things about American soldiers in Germany.
Michelle Gawronski
Michelle Gawronski Måned siden
He didnt pardon himself when he farted in court!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sirius Enigma
Sirius Enigma Måned siden
I wish Joe Biden just let his DOJ do its job. That DOJ should investigate and prosecute as needed.
Ian C
Ian C Måned siden
The worlds is still laughing, only now it’s much harder 😂
Anubis Måned siden
So should they get some murders in before he goes from office and get pardoned for them too? I mean it's insane.
Long Quang
Long Quang Måned siden
Rolled, land in jail, time to use the get out of jail free card lol
Kelvin Hampton
Kelvin Hampton Måned siden
There’s something fundamentally wrong with the US Constitution when it gives such broad powers to allow a POTUS to subvert the rule of law.
Natale Torres
Natale Torres Måned siden
NO PARDON FOR YOU BUDDY how stupid can you be Rudy? and you think Trumps going to pay you for your services? come on and you used to be a Lawyer.
K T Måned siden
In order to get a pardon you have to be guilty.
rorybone100 Måned siden
Maybe Guiliani is just saying, "beg pardon" every time he trumps in court or sweats neat alcohol in press conferences.
Anas Zakiri
Anas Zakiri Måned siden
Why is this a thing and in the US no less ? You'd expect this in 3rd world countries not there .
Danny Foglesong
Danny Foglesong Måned siden
You think Trump cultists will see this and still not think he is a conman/criminal?
S G Måned siden
Disclaimer again: i only post when i'm drunk: Every time he says "blank it", i want to fill in the blank.
Mike03311992 Måned siden
It's like the Monopoly board game came true.
Maryanne Comment
Maryanne Comment Måned siden
He pardons everybody but wants to execute people, who are in prison and not a thread, and who were not even the biggest criminals one can think of anyway. I still find these weird executions horrible, especially when he pardons his whole family and some of his friends.
Emmanuel Lynch
Emmanuel Lynch Måned siden
Trump 2016 "You must elect me over Hillary Clinton to prove no one is above the law". Trump 2020 "Blanket pardons for everyone because we are above the law and the thought of us being investigated like peasants is unfair and a disgrace!"
K Brooks
K Brooks Måned siden
Josh Carty
Josh Carty Måned siden
Great show. I am curious though. To the first pardon point; I thought the SDNY is a federal district. The potential pardons would impact any potential charges from this district as well, correct?
Janet Seager
Janet Seager Måned siden
Dont they have to be convicted before they can be pardoned?
Hunter Zoro
Hunter Zoro Måned siden
Y'all think trump realized that by him thinking about handing out pardons he is admitting they committed crimes 😂
Lorne Hampel
Lorne Hampel Måned siden
I know you are not smart enough to know it Rudy but being dumb as a doorknob is NOT a crime.
Rob Cosentino
Rob Cosentino Måned siden
Pre-emptive pardons aren't a thing. If there are no stated crimes for the pardons, it should not afford any protections. What if it comes out that one of his kids premeditated murder and killed 20 people in cold blood?
Angus G
Angus G Måned siden
It seems to me that had Mr Trump during his appointment in high office displayed honesty and integrity with sensitivity to advance the lives of Americans and endorse America as custodian of world affairs, then there might be grounds to give the bloke some slack. As it is, he is a mendacious, narcissist who, it appears has lied, cheated and bullied his corner and quite why he is so indignant that he has lost is more to the credit of common sense than anything else. There have been 70+ million electors that have fallen for his lies. And, of course, his offspring that have either been directed by him or have curried favour by condoning his wishes in their acceptance of positions in high office. All should bear the consequence. I hope very much that there will be scrutiny of the pardon system and that common sense will determine that self and immediate family cannot be recipients of pardon and certainly not pre-emptive ones.
nerdexproject Måned siden
Wait, so he also pardonned Barron? What did he do?😂
Aeolus Svichi
Aeolus Svichi Måned siden
Do you think his ego would allow him 2 pardon himself or his kids? A pardon would essentially be an admission of guilt, of knowingly doing something wrong. Is Trump physically able to admit that he did something wrong? I mean how can you justify a pardon for something that you don't think was wrong?
Angel Melendez
Angel Melendez Måned siden
I mean how ridiculous is all of this ? Yet so many believe these people stand for freedom etc. What a CON
Kieran Byrne
Kieran Byrne Måned siden
How is this even allowed, ludicrous
Wolfgame30 Måned siden
You do not get pardoned unless crimes have been committed.
Jerry McLellan
Jerry McLellan Måned siden
It's been obvious that Rudy is expecting to be paid for his "service" with a pardon.
Crystal K
Crystal K Måned siden
So... He admits these scoundrels committed crimes then?
Just Traveling
Just Traveling Måned siden
Trump has never had one good word to say about our country Never It’s a corrupt steaming dumpster fire. Listen to every word, read every Tweet He has said we are suckers and I think he’s right
Charles Ball
Charles Ball Måned siden
So how does a preemptive pardon work if, according to SCOTUS, accepting a pardon is the same as being found guilty? So by accepting the pardon, is he confessing to crimes? "...a pardon carries an imputation of guilt and acceptance carries a confession." Burdick v. United States.
Mary Luney
Mary Luney Måned siden
How do you get a pardon for something you haven't even been charged with yet. If they get charged after he leaves office how does he pardon that but he is no longer president? I'm being totally serious if somebody could answer that question
Agustin Gutierrez Hamstra
Agustin Gutierrez Hamstra Måned siden
But how can you pardon people if they are not officially charged YET of any crimes. This is a very good reason to investigate these people after the trumps 4 year debacle and put them where they belong, in jail.
Agustin Gutierrez Hamstra
Agustin Gutierrez Hamstra Måned siden
Why pardon them if they did "nothing" wrong? If they are thinking of pardoning them, it means they did something bad. And still there are people supporting them. Unbelievable. It's better for the USA to keep quiet for the next decade and not go around in the world telling other country's how to do things. Because USA is the less appropriate to do so after this 4 years circus.
ginkinky Måned siden
So basically he is admitting that he and his family have committed federal crimes. Finally admitting that he has committed crimes and needs a pardon. Fortunately he won’t be able to issue pardons for the state charges his family will be facing.
Sinshine Måned siden
He probably knows that his kids commited crimes. But wouldn't accepting a pardon only work if they confess to doing the crimes they're pardoned from?
st0ox Måned siden
I am asking as a non us citizen, who doesn't really understand the pardoning process of the US: How does pardoning actually work? Do you have to be specific for which crime(or crimes) you want to pardon someone (so at least you have to acknowledge that the pardonee may has committed some crimes), or are you pardoned for every possible crime you may have committed in your life (or can you do pardons in secret or keep the crime itself secret?)? So if Trump forgets a crime of his children or doesn't want yet to reveal crimes we don't know of yet, does this mean that there would still be a chance that some of his children or supporters can be prosecuted in the future?
Joe Soap
Joe Soap Måned siden
This makes a mockery of the US as a democracy, (or should it be demockracy). Remember when Rudi had that brown juice flowing down his head, the same colour as sh*t. That wasn't hair dye, his sh*t for brains was leaking.
Carol Harris
Carol Harris Måned siden
You know things are bad when even your children and your lawyer need a pardon
Noelia H.
Noelia H. Måned siden
Tiffany ur not only lucky ur blessed, for keeping ur distance from ur dumbass father, u will see things ur siblings have been up too, change ur last name, boo, bc shyt rolls down from the top, plz have more sense that ur siblings, bc u cant fix stupid
Invisible Individual
Invisible Individual Måned siden
A corrupt President, pardoning the corrupt. Makes you proud to be an American!
Invisible Individual
Invisible Individual Måned siden
It won't matter. It won't stop the state from prosecuting them.
yes4me Måned siden
When Trump "hire the best people", he meant the best devoted criminals.
Merlin D. Wizzard
Merlin D. Wizzard Måned siden
I want one of those "Get out of Jail free" cards trump is handing out. Not that I have done anything. But, you never know.
J. Whisper
J. Whisper Måned siden
I will rob that bank next month, but I will pardon myself for that today!!
J. Whisper
J. Whisper Måned siden
A pardon! Does that mean they are admitting guilt??
Anthony Festa
Anthony Festa Måned siden
Then he won’t pay him his 20k per day. He’ll hold that over him.
Vampire Prince
Vampire Prince Måned siden
He hasn’t paid the states for rallies
AC visuals ASMR
AC visuals ASMR Måned siden
OOOHHHHHHH I THOUGHT THEY WERE VERY LEGAL AND FINE PEOPLE????????????????????? Hmmm am i missing something here? Why would they need to be pardoned?
samurisea Måned siden
*Trump Virus 2020* Misuse and Abuse of Government Agencies!
MelancholicThug Måned siden
"Preemptive... pardon"?! Is that a thing? Utterly ridiculous and sounds like something an absolute monarchy would come up with.
Chris Måned siden
Correct; Trump projects his immorality on others ,it's his way of looking at the world.
Noah Bolin
Noah Bolin Måned siden
but if he pardons them then they've all admitted to the fact that they committed crimes for him and then he could be prosecuted because he can't pardon himself another president would have to pardon him I just don't see him putting anybody above his own safety
gary firlotte
gary firlotte Måned siden
Hope they lock rudy in the cell next to trump
CouldBeYou Måned siden
But those pardoned persons can still get tried for other crimes, right?
Zac G
Zac G Måned siden
Blanket pardons should not be considered constitutional. Otherwise, a president can give a permanent get out of jail free card to whomever he wants. Frankly, the presidential pardon is already a dubious concept because it presumes that a president wouldn't just pardon his crime associates to keep them loyal which we've already seen happen.
Simon Nielsen
Simon Nielsen Måned siden
Can you pardon preemptive? You'd think a conviction preceeded an pardon. It's like saying your next crime is on the house
Angel Bivins
Angel Bivins Måned siden
They are so far away from needing pardons that this makes no sense. Im exhausted by all this. I love that local news stations are not covering this crap anymore.
C G Måned siden
Still don't understand how and why millions of American voted for theses criminals president and corrupt congress. Those who voted for Trump knowing all the crimes,lies and corruption he has commited are immoral and corrupt as well.
zepsett Måned siden
I can't wait for Dave to look into Joe Biden's $1.5 BILLION dollar government contract for his own brother in '12. I think a pardon is in order.
Harold075 Måned siden
Giuliani had enough money?
Gert Fouche
Gert Fouche Måned siden
Mr Pakman did you have any toys when you were a child - my kids are now playing a game called pakman that reminds me a lot of someone (like you) who have nothing to do to keep 'itself' busy !
ODoyleRulz Måned siden
Get a life Gert
TheMakersRage Måned siden
Rudy Julie (insert mummy voice box reproduction) Knee
Coco X rouge
Coco X rouge Måned siden
The presidents power to pardon may need to be removed👀...
twalrus1 Måned siden
The pardon has to be for a specific crime that the person has been convicted of. You cannot pardon someone until the court has passed sentence. These are PARDONS not get out of jail free cards. Now, what crimes have his children, son-in-law Jared Kushner, and attorney Rudy Giuliani been CONVICTED off? What are their sentences? Without a sentence, you can not receive a pardon of that particular sentence. To receive a pardon, is to admit guilt of a crime.
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