We BEAT The New Ross Level! | Super Mario Maker 2

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Special thanks to Nintendo for sending us a code for the game!
We finally have our hands on Super Mario Maker 2! I am SO EXCITED to try out all the different levels and see what INSANITY is in store for us today on GTLive! Will this game live up to the hype? Get ready to find out!
The levels we played:
Banzai Bounce by Matt Thorson - Q43-GXB-WHG
Companion Spring 3D by RubberRoss - HJ9-1BL-46G
Five Nights At Freddy's by Mankalor - YCT-D2H-39G
Lethal Ejection by Dan Salvato - 974-00B-RSG
Missing Yoshi Rescue Mission by Dan Snout - WNQ-4LR-4FF
Shells by TrailerDrake - 7LV-VPC-Y3G
Goomba Battle Royale by Tristan - DPV-8D6-MXF
Find the game here ► www.nintendo.com/games/detail/super-mario-maker-2-switch/
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Mankalor År siden
Hey, I'm the creator of that Five Nights at Freddy's level! So happy to see you enjoyed it! I came up with that idea the week before Mario Maker 2 came out, and I knew the new level assets would make it even better than it could be in the first game.
Lily Rider
Lily Rider 3 måneder siden
@Armin Norozo If these video are 'awful' Then y r u here? Ur just spreading hate around on the internet. 😂😂😂
Roland Ronabio
Roland Ronabio 5 måneder siden
Man!!! Thats awesome
Teen Player CS
Teen Player CS 7 måneder siden
Armin Norozo 😒 sigh people like you man....
beccabenw 9 måneder siden
@Dylamon654 The coursemaker's name and his username match up.
XDaniel 24
XDaniel 24 3 dager siden
Everytime I rewatch this livestream I'm reminded that I still need a D&D group...
Alex J Lundquist (2024)
Alex J Lundquist (2024) 9 dager siden
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 17 dager siden
Amy is very sweet and i think she is cute.
Sim Ona
Sim Ona 2 måneder siden
That Ross's level reminds me so much of a lava level in Donkey Kong Country Returns 😲
Philipp Bauer
Philipp Bauer 3 måneder siden
Man steph looks different today...
Lily Rider
Lily Rider 3 måneder siden
3:38 The look on MatPats face 😂 Amy: I mean we have a fnaf level MatPat: *thinking: it won't go away!* Meh: He just can't get away from it 😂😂😂
Lily Rider
Lily Rider 3 måneder siden
its so sweet to see the chat fire up as soon as they hear "Hello internet!"
Elizabeth 4 måneder siden
I don’t like seeing anyone other than Steph bat their eyes at Matt. Sit farther apart. 🤔
Stray 5 måneder siden
Widen2wo 5 måneder siden
Hey isnt that the guy who is second to Alpharad?
julie berube
julie berube 5 måneder siden
RiOT76AD 5 måneder siden
Yeah, Diddy Kong Racing is pretty great. I loved the little adventure mode that it puts you into between races. The only thing about it is that I don't remember there being a battle mode, but I actually enjoy the racing mode more than Mario Kart. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but Conker was in that game too, was he not? Of all the games they need to remake, I hope Conker gets his time in the sun, and they do right by him. So cool to see Amy! Would love to see D and D stuff involving Game Theorists. Gotta search around and see if I can find any of it.
Kenneth Newton III
Kenneth Newton III 5 måneder siden
Diddy Kong Racing shoulda gotten sequels!
RandomNinja 024
RandomNinja 024 6 måneder siden
I don't think it was very RNG it look like he was very specifically trying to hunt you down
Flame Gator
Flame Gator 6 måneder siden
Lemmy's toy room.
HighTide Kraken
HighTide Kraken 6 måneder siden
I love when Jason laughs at Mat failing
Asghar Lokhandwala
Asghar Lokhandwala 6 måneder siden
When the chat said go mat I think they ment go mat get off the goddanm couch do some work
Starburst Alpha
Starburst Alpha 6 måneder siden
Hank Aldridge
Hank Aldridge 7 måneder siden
Matpat is my man crush
Random Tech Priest
Random Tech Priest 7 måneder siden
Life with Murph
Life with Murph 7 måneder siden
Who is Amy?
Teen Player CS
Teen Player CS 7 måneder siden
Hey who’s here in 2020 during corona time🥳😷
Teen Player CS
Teen Player CS 7 måneder siden
Who else hates it when your scrolling through the comments but an ad puts restarts all of the scrolling process that you achieved back to the very top😅
MCSwashbuckler 9 måneder siden
Hearing Matt say “one last time” over and over again gives me so many flashbacks to Mario maker 1
HikaMiku 10 måneder siden
Kallum Mclauchlin
Kallum Mclauchlin 10 måneder siden
Kallum Mclauchlin
Kallum Mclauchlin 10 måneder siden
Kallum Mclauchlin
Kallum Mclauchlin 10 måneder siden
Kallum Mclauchlin
Kallum Mclauchlin 10 måneder siden
Is Stef At Home Cause She’s I’ll Or Something?
Kallum Mclauchlin
Kallum Mclauchlin 10 måneder siden
Ok MAT!!!Lel
Danny Sangree
Danny Sangree 10 måneder siden
Please play dnd
LukasProGamin 11 måneder siden
No, not Rodent Tunnel. Alpharad would hate this
Squiggly Squiggles
Squiggly Squiggles 11 måneder siden
53:30 look at MatPat. tell me he doesn't look like "a pastor trying to raise demons from someone." "YES LORD, YES LORD. RAISE THESE DEMONS FROM HIS SOUL! YES LORD, LET THE BLESSINGS RAIN DOWN!"
Leanna Wolfe
Leanna Wolfe 11 måneder siden
Edgy is playing a warlock in D&D with a negative charisma modifier XD
SHSL weave snatcher
SHSL weave snatcher 11 måneder siden
1:44:13 My time has come
Colby Schafer
Colby Schafer 11 måneder siden
3:32 I love how mat just rebooted when Amy said there was a fnaf level
Alex Lautzenheiser
Alex Lautzenheiser År siden
The dislikes are Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson.
Sachin Unka
Sachin Unka År siden
Katlovedart &Co
Katlovedart &Co År siden
Matthew, you and steph sound like really good parents. You understand what kids need, and are willing to pour as must time, money, and energy into it. Just wanted to give you a little encouragement. :D
Katlovedart &Co
Katlovedart &Co År siden
Matthew:*disgusted with himself* What have we become?! Amy:NOpostrs
Katlovedart &Co
Katlovedart &Co År siden
I legit waved at Amy, idk why, it's not even live... love ya Amy!
C09 År siden
Dragondoge Reviews
Dragondoge Reviews År siden
im also a youtuber super inspired by your vids matt patt
Marshmallow Monster xy13
Marshmallow Monster xy13 År siden
its called wich way
Apples756 År siden
When he said going to the gym I just pictured matpat spotting his baby on the bench press
MildSpiceTofu År siden
Diddy Kong Racing was the first DS game I ever owned and I was legitimately intimidated by racing the bosses
Samantha McEc
Samantha McEc År siden
HLAIRIOUS 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Kirsten Gearin
Kirsten Gearin År siden
I know circumstances happen. But why whenever I see MatPat do a Live stream with another girl, I feel like he's cheating?
Zomboso The Balancer
Zomboso The Balancer År siden
I just want to know where I can actually find the D&D videos like someone please tell me and to know if there is any D&D videos because if so I spent so long just looking for nothing
loga6991 loga6991
loga6991 loga6991 År siden
YOU HAVE THE BEST D+D CHARACTER As a player Billy is a very exotic class choice for a tiefling
Panda Squad Gameplays and Animations
Panda Squad Gameplays and Animations År siden
Procake Cipher
Procake Cipher År siden
I have diddy kong race once I never able beat wizard pig the last boss so hard
Analee Rodriguez
Analee Rodriguez År siden
I like Amy! Have her on the stream more if possible!
NF År siden
I don't mind watching a D&D game on gtlive.
Seraphim Dairy
Seraphim Dairy År siden
I was watchin this when i was in japan and frankly it was cool
Davis Fisher
Davis Fisher År siden
your actually supposed to use the spring to deflect him.
Davis Fisher
Davis Fisher År siden
i stand corrected…
Davis Fisher
Davis Fisher År siden
it took roughly six hours for jacksepticeye to clear Ross' level.
James Boldt
James Boldt År siden
emma frost has psychic power, elsa shoots ice yeah same thing
James Boldt
James Boldt År siden
18:34 I have been angered
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez År siden
a faint "giddammit Ross" is heard in the distance
Stephen Petit
Stephen Petit År siden
CMX-PS1-JYF (speedrunner) W7Q-97L-KMF (boss battles) T8Y-6XH- 15G (traps/troll level)
Justin PageSlayer
Justin PageSlayer År siden
Emma frost and Elsa are nothing alike
Nick Jr Oviedo
Nick Jr Oviedo År siden
MatPat can you play my level? if you want a hard one put in 32H0Y9FRG if you want a normal one put 0FJM21RNG
Albino Tire
Albino Tire År siden
Can u do any R6 content
Aden Floyd
Aden Floyd År siden
Omni Charlizard
Omni Charlizard År siden
Walugi is purple guy.... 🧐 maybe that is why he isn’t in smash 😂🤷‍♂️
Caspian År siden
mat not realising that you can destroy the blocks that are pulling away at the floor hes on in ross’s level has me dead xD
Moonblade År siden
Did not notice the FNAF one was made by mankalor
Taylor Gibson
Taylor Gibson År siden
Stephanie, there's something different about you.
Teemu Kokkonen
Teemu Kokkonen År siden
Can you play my level id: WY5-FN4-6GG
Tiffany Partlow
Tiffany Partlow År siden
I love Steph but Amy is so awesome and hilarious too I can't choose my favorite.... I'll stick with Skipp
Tiffany Partlow
Tiffany Partlow År siden
I know that i have a problem and I acknowledge it ok - matpat 2019
Alex Villa
Alex Villa År siden
Ugh Diddy Kong Racing is such an amazing game 😭💖 it is one of the racing games I like which says a lot because I don’t like racing ❤️✨there was so much you could do in that game besides racing and I loved that you could explore the world too 🥰
Deathboy17 År siden
4:27 No no no, it's obviously CREATICE GAMES MONDAY
Deathboy17 År siden
I'm honestly, actually curious as to how you and Steph would look in emo/goth/punk looks, Matt.
GannonNotFromZelda År siden
If I made a level it would be a perfect recreation of the White Palace and/or the Path of Pain from Hollow Knight.
Kyson Ostrognai
Kyson Ostrognai År siden
d&d live stream
Joshua Ponder
Joshua Ponder År siden
53:25 if waluigi's the purple guy then the drybones are the souls of the crying children and the koopa's are the alive kids...
Joshua Ponder
Joshua Ponder År siden
47:58 we call it crawling through the vents...
Felix Louis
Felix Louis År siden
Matt's platformer skills are so fantastic, he finished Ross's level completely without cheese
Kory Denos
Kory Denos År siden
It is really fun
Kory Denos
Kory Denos År siden
I have played diddy Kong raceing
Luna 5381
Luna 5381 År siden
Duality . . .
Duality . . . År siden
I feel bad for that table because he slammed it so much
Lucy Billings
Lucy Billings År siden
#BlameJason for the frames being better
Itamar Alon
Itamar Alon År siden
10:07 That's where they start playing you're welcome
twopoint7 År siden
You have 3 girlfriends
Matthew pinner
Matthew pinner År siden
It should should also be #GODDAMMITROSS
Zeldas Champion
Zeldas Champion År siden
1:44:00 Amy when she nearly jumps out of her skin when Matt yells out of no where.
GamerJ2Gaming År siden
Marat is cheating with his wife.
Alex År siden
This statement has no basis, also i presume you meant cheating on
GamerJ2Gaming År siden
*My Rat
Alexander Lira
Alexander Lira År siden
Hey mat remember doki doki? When yuri and Natsuki were bleeding in the eye? When u get really stressed or try really hard on something a vein may burst, I think that’s why they were bleeding in the eye, because they were trying really hard to go against monika which was trying to make them say something that they didn’t mean.
Lauren Mischievous
Lauren Mischievous År siden
Tiptup was a character in the Bubblegloop Swamp in Banjo Kazooie
R,o unexplained vids 1011p10
R,o unexplained vids 1011p10 År siden
Is it just me or just stephanie seem off
Jenniplite IDK
Jenniplite IDK År siden
Now that I've already seen Ross' level done, all I want to do is yell what you should be doing, but you definitely can't hear me. xD
Cyrus Ambrose
Cyrus Ambrose År siden
When they were talking about the video quality being different at the start I had no idea who the girl was and thought she was Stephanie so I was just thinking, "Wow...yeah that is...a noticeable different, she looks...very different. Good job Chris."
Grace Turner
Grace Turner År siden
bruh i haven’t watched your channel in a while so when i saw the chick next to you i thought i was looking at stephanie and was high or something. i was like “dammmmn did you get surgery or smthn?!”
Riley Cappiello
Riley Cappiello År siden
Banjokazooie was also in sonic and sega all stars racing
Galaxy Reach
Galaxy Reach År siden
You guys should play Diddy Kong Racing on stream!! That would be a wicked series to go through the story mode for!
A-117 År siden
Man I love diddy Kong racing I play on my n64
galning 27
galning 27 År siden
I were a brown warrior duck specializing in Japanese weapons!
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