1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell

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JustDustin Måned siden
click this link or stay curious forever... nopost.info/throw/vJi1pK7Q0XichLs/video
خلود عارف
خلود عارف Dag siden
@killiua and gon،،، ث، ثرقب، قب
Hnnjj Hnnjj
Hnnjj Hnnjj 2 dager siden
@Brody Eviota $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Colton Clark
Colton Clark 2 dager siden
@killiua and gon js9
DetroitTreeCity 3 dager siden
Old school and then o to be honest
Trey Smith
Trey Smith 4 dager siden
@Phillip Sims x
marianne mclurkin
marianne mclurkin 7 timer siden
Imagine taking a month to build that but just breaking it
Melby Bornales
Melby Bornales 13 timer siden
Oh I was saying oh you’re doing more damage next time you should not put extra the money or else I’ll give you so you need to pay you your money bills and you still need to pay your bills Nielsen need more money
Melby Bornales
Melby Bornales 13 timer siden
That’s copyright songs oh
Noe Galaviz
Noe Galaviz 15 timer siden
乇乂ㄖㄒ丨匚 20 timer siden
**me trying to sleep at night** My neightbours:
Dave Arce
Dave Arce Dag siden
Your team is ready for a zombie apocalypse,
Mateen Shaheed
Mateen Shaheed Dag siden
Where do you get the unbreakable glass????
Bryce Crumrine
Bryce Crumrine Dag siden
عجمي العجمي
عجمي العجمي Dag siden
Courtney Kingston
Courtney Kingston Dag siden
Justin us such a brager
legquint561 Dag siden
1:10 someone meme this
raul Samaniego
raul Samaniego Dag siden
That is other way to break out prison 😂😂😂lol
Michelle Embry
Michelle Embry Dag siden
Why cant he just rip the bars open like he would do any other time.
Mark Antonovich
Mark Antonovich Dag siden
This is the most I have seen Trent talk and not grunt
Ryan PlaysRoblox
Ryan PlaysRoblox 2 dager siden
This channel is just a bunch of banging
Brenda Borrego
Brenda Borrego 2 dager siden
When you were saying Time is ticking I heard you
The Roblox troller
The Roblox troller 2 dager siden
I reckon trent is juggernaut from deadpool
Daksh Hinger
Daksh Hinger 2 dager siden
How did you just get in
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 3 dager siden
Whats up mr monster
Immortal_Show 3 dager siden
Being honest you said the concrete had fibers like 17 times
LIL ZGINE 3 dager siden
sebasttian bidrogo
sebasttian bidrogo 3 dager siden
this is like the knock-off mrbeast I'll name him mrbest
Ninja 3 dager siden
THE NERF WARRIOR 3 dager siden
Trent is massive bro
Carlo Martinez
Carlo Martinez 3 dager siden
Aiden Given
Aiden Given 4 dager siden
That looks dangerous
Robert Petro
Robert Petro 4 dager siden
Vanessa Burr
Vanessa Burr 4 dager siden
Why didn't they just break the roof? It was made out of wood.And I didn't hear him say you weren't allowed to break the roof
Sophia Funes
Sophia Funes 4 dager siden
Lol he said my eyes are tough
Whata Wa
Whata Wa 4 dager siden
Ik it was unavoidable... but *man* was this video loud. It almost gave me a headache. Great content tho! Keep it up!
Student Jeremiah Mcneil
Student Jeremiah Mcneil 4 dager siden
ニックベ ジ
ニックベ ジ 4 dager siden
ニックベ ジ
ニックベ ジ 4 dager siden
ニックベ ジ
ニックベ ジ 4 dager siden
ニックベ ジ
ニックベ ジ 4 dager siden
ニックベ ジ
ニックベ ジ 4 dager siden
QV Lightning
QV Lightning 4 dager siden
"This is a lot of damage for a shovel." Me: that is Trent for a."
Carlos Arciniega
Carlos Arciniega 4 dager siden
Derrick Porter
Derrick Porter 4 dager siden
They should’ve did it from the top of the sell
Derrick Porter
Derrick Porter 4 dager siden
Corvo Schmitt
Corvo Schmitt 4 dager siden
Trent can do a perfect doom slayer cosplay
saif mohamed
saif mohamed 4 dager siden
LETICIA BRISENO 4 dager siden
Zack cazy
Hadi Basheer
Hadi Basheer 4 dager siden
Who think he is coping @mrbeast
Kezman Tan Juin Kit
Kezman Tan Juin Kit 4 dager siden
I’m with Stupid
I’m with Stupid 5 dager siden
The host:that’s actually doing some damage Me:wow Phil swift:that’s alot of damage!!
Ghostshadow POC
Ghostshadow POC 5 dager siden
1:27 yo he looked like Unspeakable for a sec there
Sheila Harston
Sheila Harston 5 dager siden
Brenda Borrego
Brenda Borrego 5 dager siden
Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMahon 5 dager siden
Trent vs. Jake Paul in a boxing match
ReeceHodge 5 dager siden
Did no one notice zack at 1:36 at his trousers. I think hes got a hidden weapon
فضل العراقي
فضل العراقي 5 dager siden
سجن زربه
Marvin Taylor
Marvin Taylor 5 dager siden
Ngl I could slip through the bars if I was in there...
Abdel Chaibi
Abdel Chaibi 5 dager siden
Trent In the Prison Cell: it's been 82 Years...
Gebrail Nassereddine
Gebrail Nassereddine 5 dager siden
MaskGamer 34
MaskGamer 34 5 dager siden
What is the name of the music in video
Albert Gonzales
Albert Gonzales 6 dager siden
He tried to cage a beast
Joh Leon
Joh Leon 6 dager siden
Erics shoe game fireee lowkey 🔥
StupidThings WithACK - Remastered
StupidThings WithACK - Remastered 6 dager siden
just rip out the bars :/
HARLEY CARIBOU 6 dager siden
Five nights at Ninjas
Five nights at Ninjas 6 dager siden
Max Beltran
Max Beltran 6 dager siden
Porque no salieron afuera
叶楊观 6 dager siden
I knew the floor was gonna be next
Troy Murphy
Troy Murphy 6 dager siden
Break the poles 😂
Dwight Yana
Dwight Yana 6 dager siden
Why the wall tho?
Razzan mahesa Putra
Razzan mahesa Putra 7 dager siden
Trent is bane brother it has to be
Xian dave Piñero
Xian dave Piñero 7 dager siden
Or is a normal glass or bulletproof glass who knows
Xian dave Piñero
Xian dave Piñero 7 dager siden
Is the diamond metal hard 🤷🤷‍♂️
Jayden Choong
Jayden Choong 7 dager siden
Shadow_. 7 dager siden
Rip my ears
Keira Abell
Keira Abell 7 dager siden
A mom with 3 annoying kids :p
Yenmi Sardiñas
Yenmi Sardiñas 7 dager siden
When h got out im so happy:D
Mathias Sabo
Mathias Sabo 7 dager siden
Kale Lott
Kale Lott 7 dager siden
spoons are pretty sharp for their bluntness
John Romatz
John Romatz 7 dager siden
Never heard trent talk
Yeet Meat
Yeet Meat 7 dager siden
It’s s offbrand mr beast lol
DEV_ EV 7 dager siden
Bro you know the metal tye lines why don’t you break that and get out stupids
Salem Alhammadi
Salem Alhammadi 7 dager siden
Your so crazy
Linux Nutpob Luengcharoenwatana
Linux Nutpob Luengcharoenwatana 8 dager siden
how did he even get inside
Jakob thomas
Jakob thomas 8 dager siden
I am a Big fan
rahand bestun
rahand bestun 8 dager siden
WWE Msgegek Ehekgrh
junaidkharal 8 dager siden
Not the window Not the chair Not the table Not the door Not the stairs
LunarWizard563 8 dager siden
Why does it feel like Trent has done this before
Carter Pelt
Carter Pelt 8 dager siden
Rip head phone users
HV Evil
HV Evil 8 dager siden
This is how many times he said “damage” ⬇️
Juniel Morales
Juniel Morales 8 dager siden
The guards hey we’re did the prison sell’s go what the????
Amy freeman
Amy freeman 8 dager siden
What was trent doing at 42 second
Silver Kuma Flores
Silver Kuma Flores 8 dager siden
Is it bad just by seeing it I know how he could have gotten out with the first box. Wrap a belt across two or three bars, slip the bat through, and twist. The force would either snap the top and bottom of the bars or just bend the bars
joyce soriano
joyce soriano 9 dager siden
Ooo Coool
Unicorn Bracken
Unicorn Bracken 9 dager siden
I was wondering why they didn't go to the bars
Gamingwtjohn Hyperbeast
Gamingwtjohn Hyperbeast 9 dager siden
Before I broke that type of glass with my hands and it was on the package of the Christmas ball stuff you put on the Christmas tree at my house and my hands hurted for a really long time really
Fatma Shata
Fatma Shata 9 dager siden
It would be easier if you just threw the biggest box at the bars
auk t
auk t 9 dager siden
One you Get 50 Million Subscriber
hazzamth 9 dager siden
Not the wall not the floor
Festim Gjini
Festim Gjini 9 dager siden
you vary crazye bro
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones 9 dager siden
Just break the BARS
Unspeakable Gg
Unspeakable Gg 9 dager siden
First you can tell me what I want and I will be able with you to see you tomorrow or Friday I have no plans for you I don’t want to do it
Tinus Sund Trads
Tinus Sund Trads 9 dager siden
Victoria Tanner
Victoria Tanner 9 dager siden
Watch this 2 *
Lyndon mongru
Lyndon mongru 10 dager siden
I have watch the whole video
Gabriel Vieira
Gabriel Vieira 10 dager siden
As red seriam ñ sei falar ingles
BmazJr 2007
BmazJr 2007 10 dager siden
What about his drawing
Brian Arias
Brian Arias 10 dager siden
Dustin you could’ve just gotten out from the hole they made LOL why did you say I’m going to stay here forever I guess it was kind of funny LOL
Brooke Biron
Brooke Biron 10 dager siden
You're the spy ninjas
Doodlepigs 11
Doodlepigs 11 10 dager siden
Bend the bars with the crowbar
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