Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!

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Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Slogo Fan
Slogo Fan Måned siden
Well this is probably my favourite theory
Catcity Gaming
Catcity Gaming 7 dager siden
Okay so a alien is killing people and no matter where you are the alien virus spreads. Just making sure I got this right
Oguras Kiszony
Oguras Kiszony 11 dager siden
cringlord 18 dager siden
Jasper The Clown
Jasper The Clown 19 dager siden
NotQuiteKool 19 dager siden
candiidoggie 2 minutter siden
waluigi can't be an astronaut :(
happy llama
happy llama Time siden
Mat: get ready for the new dlc map they've got in the works, its gonna be a blood bath. * kills us * Me: *hey wait, your kill cooldown isn't done yet!*
happy llama
happy llama Time siden
"This is a game where, canonically, you lose." *wow, it's just fnaf vr all over again, isn't it*
joshua grunkemeyer
joshua grunkemeyer 5 timer siden
I would LOVE a Henry Stickman theory
corn flufer
corn flufer 7 timer siden
Ah I see this game is more realistic then I thought. The reason is is Cuse EVERYONE dies.
SmoshySquashy 7 timer siden
Can we talk about the fact that in the skit, blue had to go in a vent. Blue was an impostor lol.
Leon Bruno
Leon Bruno 8 timer siden
Remember in the “thing” when u come in contact with alien blood or DNA in the movie, the alien blood takes over other human blood and if all the human sells are infected then the victim is no longer human and is a parasitic imposter replacing the real body instead a replica which is unknown material skin that is like human skin in “stick wig skin”
Francisco Sierra
Francisco Sierra 11 timer siden
I play among us more now
Host 12 timer siden
Rip waluigi he did not get into smash and he cant get into space too
BigSillyOrangeCat 14 timer siden
Yes, a Henry Stickmin theory would be great.
camila restrepo
camila restrepo 15 timer siden
The sparkling record routinely provide because helmet conjecturally brake over a obnoxious sort. mindless, picayune evening
DJ N 15 timer siden
Video: Drop the line! Me: (Drops line)
Prospect Kids
Prospect Kids 17 timer siden
Here's what I think: There's a company called Mira that's getting people to go colonize the planet Polus. They lift of from the head quarters and have a good trip, they get to Polus and the imposter infiltrates them. They get back on the Skeld, and the survivors of the first map go back to Mira to find out other Skeld missions brought more imposters, and now attack the Mira science HQ facility. At the same time there is an uprising on Polus.
Blue 17 timer siden
X-X cyan curse you
Elizabeth Dill
Elizabeth Dill 18 timer siden
ah yes i had a felling the imp was an alein! i discovered many clues in the lab on polus. but im not so shure i like the idea of us always losing...
mario 1342
mario 1342 19 timer siden
notaprogamer 27
notaprogamer 27 20 timer siden
Wtf is this intro I'm already scared
Rona Rona
Rona Rona Dag siden
Dude the crewmates are not human their bone are just one so their not human
Goose mc hjank
Goose mc hjank Dag siden
idk green kinda sus
Jake Wright
Jake Wright Dag siden
I literally got a heat shock through my blood when the One scene with the imposter happened at about 9:20 and almost passed out
Yuinjee Dag siden
Antix arsenal gameplay And more
Antix arsenal gameplay And more Dag siden
line ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson Dag siden
Personally, I think Polus is the aliens' home planet, it would make sense that we see it rather than it been just a unseen origin, then the journey back to HQ is on The Skeld, before ending at Mira. Also, I'd love a Henry Stickmin theory, particularly if we can come up with a solid way of connecting both Among Us and Henry Stickmin.
H.O. Gaming
H.O. Gaming Dag siden
But they don’t have arms!
Rebeca Acevedo
Rebeca Acevedo Dag siden
Wow never thought about it like that. . .
Kraig Kidwell
Kraig Kidwell Dag siden
What if Among us astronauts are kids
Ninjaturtl Dag siden
The new map further proves that the universes are connected. It's no longer a theory, it's now a fact. Be ready for imposters aboard the airship.
X xani X
X xani X Dag siden
yes, i have doomed the universe to 10 jellybeans in a ship
Does henry know that he can do literally anything?
Printer_Man3D Dag siden
"The average human Male is about 5' 6"" Me watching this being 5' 9" and 12 years old: 👁👄👁
Leanna leung
Leanna leung 16 timer siden
Mercenary93 Dag siden
0:58 ... the show that forgot to pay the electric bill.
D Rundell
D Rundell Dag siden
MatPat: "Hey, have you ever noticed how the crewmates in Among Us are shorter than your average human being?" Me: "Maybe it was a stylistic design choi--" MatPat: "I THINK *NOT*!"
Diego Dag siden
way to spoil the damn movie without a spoiler alert, mat
UndertaleNewbie Dag siden
What about the floating hands?
Eewen Number
Eewen Number Dag siden
3:05 uh MatPat.. I don't think that's air..
keruomi’s studio
keruomi’s studio Dag siden
okay so now i expect this to be easy at first, then 6 other games in the same series will be released from innersloth and then we will find out that innersloth is the antagonist of the series. sounds familiar?
Alexi Bush
Alexi Bush 2 dager siden
What they said was 0% true I've won alot of games as a crewmate and imposter. So what they said was a grain of salt
The Cool Robloxians
The Cool Robloxians 2 dager siden
Hanan Aljaber
Hanan Aljaber 2 dager siden
bun bun
bun bun 2 dager siden
My nostalgia omg grim I miss that show so much Billy and Mandy are awsome
Joe 527
Joe 527 2 dager siden
Guess what the next map is Henry Stickmin Theme And We In the Same Airship form The Tophat clan ship form Story ep 3 so things are already too late.
Everett Hanson
Everett Hanson 2 dager siden
You said that you always lose but what if your imposter then you always win
Tia Luedee
Tia Luedee 2 dager siden
4:07 this is starting to get creepy
Your not so daily dose Of me
Your not so daily dose Of me 2 dager siden
Do it
Charzilleon 2 dager siden
So the only way to actually win is to loose? I'll have to try and use this the next time I am the imposter.
Frank Reade
Frank Reade 2 dager siden
I want Henry stickmin theory’s so bad now I love the game I have completed it twelve times so please make a Henry stickmin theory thank you for reading
Bailey Wiggins
Bailey Wiggins 2 dager siden
"smaller people require less food" yet I'm 5'4" and eat as much as my 6' dad
Pug _BRO
Pug _BRO 2 dager siden
0:48 Matpat Among Us kill sound effect?
Fairman 2 dager siden
i love and hate the dislikes. it has 6.9k dislikes :0
joseph johnson
joseph johnson 2 dager siden
12:09 really scared me
AJ the Sylveon
AJ the Sylveon 2 dager siden
There is actually a star named Mira. I believe thats where the Mira HQ is close to located
PinkyPurpleGalaxy 2 dager siden
this theory is probably 100% accurate, except for the fact that the crewmembers are probably stickmen, not humans!
PandyIsAPanda 2 dager siden
I think that everything starts at polus, then the skeld, then ends at Mira. They found a parasite at polus and then took the skeld back home.
Ashleyismeh_not 2 dager siden
This is better then netflix.
Christian Salazar
Christian Salazar 2 dager siden
i think i watch the thing,looking pretty sus thing 🤨
DomeDrone42 2 dager siden
but you wont always loose if you get the imposter...
Leanna leung
Leanna leung 16 timer siden
i do cuz I'm bad at the game
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez 2 dager siden
There is going to be a henry stickman map
Brent Anthony
Brent Anthony 2 dager siden
Him crew mate human me arm not human
Justin Kessler
Justin Kessler 2 dager siden
That opening was terrifying. Also really great theory.
Professor Magneto
Professor Magneto 2 dager siden
I would love to see a Henry stickmen theory!
e m m a z d j e l a r
e m m a z d j e l a r 2 dager siden
Anyone else get the Fnaf vent at 0:28
Marlini Lee
Marlini Lee 2 dager siden
I need myself as a god or anything in you know among us and I also type guys I for my name
Vanda panda Grinbergs
Vanda panda Grinbergs 2 dager siden
On tik tok I have seen soooo many videos about the lore of among us
BlueyBlue 2 dager siden
This theory doesn't make no sense dumb dumb dumb! The crewmates are bean people, not humans you idiots!
BlueyBlue 2 dager siden
They are not humans you idiots!! They are space beans!
Orange Impostor
Orange Impostor 3 dager siden
*blue hops in vent* kalm *blue dies* PANIK *me realizing this is an animation* kalm *me realizing matpat is solving the lore* PANIK!!!
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez 3 dager siden
Dear Mathew Patrick ( i hope i spelled that right) i think the parasite in the game it travels through tech. Because in the freeplay game mode you can go to the emergency button and beside it there i a computer that says be imposter e.x.e and i think in the lore the way it infects someone is when you change your color on the computer!! Boom anyways if you see this please look into my theory.
Synonym Donut
Synonym Donut 3 dager siden
The imposters can also see when the lights are out
Benny P. Baril
Benny P. Baril 3 dager siden
What if the imposter is a alien but it’s a symbyote form marvel like venom
Takora Kataar
Takora Kataar 3 dager siden
omg, what if the "people" inside the astronaut suits in Among Us are actually from Henry Stickmin? that would be a real twist in the story
RedSkyZX Plays Games XX
RedSkyZX Plays Games XX 2 dager siden
Veronica Yoho
Veronica Yoho 3 dager siden
Your probably smarter than einstein with all these theories
Zoey Cloud
Zoey Cloud 3 dager siden
well you said it continue make among us theorys please
Cutie Jess12
Cutie Jess12 3 dager siden
Blue vented he sus!!
Bri Blossom
Bri Blossom 3 dager siden
I love the thing! And it's definitely way older than me
Dylan Goodall
Dylan Goodall 3 dager siden
another Easter egg for you henry stickmans teleporter in the trash chute (sometimes)
Adrian Renard
Adrian Renard 3 dager siden
The difference in the game is that you never get infected nor does the imposter(s) reproduce, you gave the imposter that ability based on the thing's abilities, since there's no way canonically for the imposters to multiply even at the worse case scenario [7 imposters vs 1 crewmate] heck even the entire team 8 imposters coming back to the planet they're extremely outnumbered by the humans, thinking that the humans would eventually loose to the imposters would be outrageous and would only be possible if the humans are retarded. So no, you don't loose, maybe the team does but humanity doesn't.
Trinity Campbell
Trinity Campbell 3 dager siden
" every bit of space is gonna be important" da dum tssss
Diane Parr
Diane Parr 3 dager siden
Incredibly proud this one got on trending. Hope you all enjoyed it and if you haven’t seen the new vid yet, go go go soldier!
jim skywaker
jim skywaker 3 dager siden
i would like to point out that if they are helping the imposters spread why would they sabotage the reactor
jim skywaker
jim skywaker 3 dager siden
and this is why you always exterminatus
jim skywaker
jim skywaker 3 dager siden
yay my shortness gives me an advantige
kdesi kdosi
kdesi kdosi 3 dager siden
wow this theory is just trash
BlueyBlue 2 dager siden
I know, it doesn't make sense. The crewmates are bean people NOT HUMANS.
Annick Price
Annick Price 3 dager siden
Okay game theory If they are humans, explain the floating hands
BlueyBlue 3 dager siden
People who say said that they are humans, are stupid. They are bean people damit.
kdesi kdosi
kdesi kdosi 3 dager siden
yeah there is almost nothing implying they are same as humans so lets just go with that
Hotsam034 Noirchards
Hotsam034 Noirchards 3 dager siden
Does Matt not realize that “the thing” and “the thing from another world are based on the same story?
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith 3 dager siden
henry stickmin! Yes! I actually kinda want to see if you can find a way to ruin charles worse than the valiant hero ending (sry charles)
Blok Vader
Blok Vader 3 dager siden
As if the universe's weren't connected between Among Us and Henry Stickmin, they're literally making a map that is the Toppat Airship
Master killerdaki
Master killerdaki 3 dager siden
Green sus *MatPat was the impostor* *One imposter remains*
Stripey1010 The gamer
Stripey1010 The gamer 3 dager siden
I love how the imposter’s name is fgitahs
mo0onish 3 dager siden
Judy Beauchaine
Judy Beauchaine 3 dager siden
No thats a frozen thing not a recreaition 12:00
Aquamarine Fremale
Aquamarine Fremale 3 dager siden
PLOT TWIST: every single time game theory joins a game of AMONG US , he is always the imposter i've *sused* him alot, so this makes sense
X Master Woo TV
X Master Woo TV 3 dager siden
Iwold l, ove a henry sticmin theory
Hot car Gatorade
Hot car Gatorade 3 dager siden
the developers who didnt plan any lore: *o_o*
TnTFactory 3 dager siden
Please give us a Henry stickmin theory
GamerCake 3 dager siden
Cat LeCow52
Cat LeCow52 3 dager siden
XD if they want to talk about milked titles talk about fnaf XD (its a good thing i love the fnaf videos no hate here)
Leila Banihashem
Leila Banihashem 3 dager siden
Ngl, I actually EXPECTED mat to be imposter in the end.
Jessie Cunningham
Jessie Cunningham 3 dager siden
so i have a theory too so if the 2 worlds are connected all the crewmates wold be stickmen right?
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