Evaluating the story of every major Pokemon game from generation 1-7

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The Salt Factory

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Well that took way longer than expected.
Join me in this feature length film as I slowly lose my sanity over Pokemon stories from generation 1-7.
All drawings (except for the really bad ones) are done by my personal art goblin, the talented Leonie: cakebunn
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A handful of songs from all the main Pokemon games
Ketamine by Versatile
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Outdoor Lounge from the Huniepop OST
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The Salt Factory
The Salt Factory År siden
Here's some timestamps for those who want to skip around between games in this feature length film: 1:01 - Red/Blue 9:57 - Gold/Silver 20:31 - Ruby/Sapphire 34:31 - Diamond/Pearl 51:10 - Black/White 1:19:55 - Black 2/White 2 1:37:14 - X/Y 2:15:51 - Sun/Moon Next video is Skyrim. Sorry this one took so damn long, and sorry for the ads. I kind of need them just because I didn't get anything out for 2 months. Thanks for your patience!
0AbsolutZero0 11 dager siden
Long videos are the best videos
Bea Ysabelle Lunasco
Bea Ysabelle Lunasco 14 dager siden
I hope you do lets go pikachu/eevee and pokemon sword/shield soon.
Scolipede YT
Scolipede YT 26 dager siden
@Misting Wolf its cuz He's a surfer. He works out by surfing :)
Misting Wolf
Misting Wolf 26 dager siden
I bet Brawly is an undercover Team Aqua member in this game. It's the only way all of his watery references make sense. I have not seen the anime, so probably wrong, but hey....
Jaden Price
Jaden Price Måned siden
one little note, the fire type elite four member of gen 6 was actually a member of team flare o-o
Saeed Zafar
Saeed Zafar Time siden
My Pokemon game of Huzon region: We are introduced to the Pokeworld by Professor Delonix (Gulmohur Tree) He asks: Boy or Girl Rival is also the same gender as us, Girl becomes: Second Rival and Rival-girl becomes: First Gym-Leader After it he also asks us our Starter: Spinhog (I know we have Chespin but still it will be cool) a Grass/Warrior Hedgehog (who is not an Armadillo) (Edgy+ Masculine) Ferrechar a Fire/Beast Ferret (Cool) Beavittle a Water/Spirit Beaver (Feminine) All have same HP and Speed just differ in Spinhog--> Galerquill--> Hedgeknight (Physical), Ferrechar--> Pyrret--> Minkstrel (Average), Beavittle--> Castarnia--> Desmemaid (Special) Fighting and Warrior are similar types both stronger than Beast and Dark who in turn are both stronger than Psychic and Spirit who fill complete the circle. The only difference Warrior is actually Resistant to all Bug, Poison and Flying and Beast isn't immune to Spirit like Dark is to Psychic The game starts with me waking up, however the second rival/my neighbor comes to me and asks me to deliver an Orb to Professor Delonix and while on our way we are attacked by Team-Grim but a brave Pokemon comes to our rescue (the starter we chose) but he's hurt terribly we have to take him to the Pokemon center (like Froakie in X and Y anime). We find Professor there and he takes the Orb, the Pokemon rests, the first Rival/Professor's son is an arrogant brat who is angry about why the father didn't ask him. As Nurse Joy heals our Pokemon, the rival asks us for a Pokemon Battle, we battle and beat him, after a while our Friend comes forward and we beat her too. It's easy, I choose Spinhog who beats the First Rival by Warrior moves on Ferrechar (unless it goes for Fire moves) and then beats Second Rival by Grass moves on Beavittle (unless it goes for Spirit moves). The First gym-Leader (who becomes our Rival if we chose to be the Girl) is Ground/Rock/Steel type based on our starter choice (weaker than us, Grass--> Ground, Fire--> Steel, Water--> Rock, she explicitly asks our Starter choice) The Next gym is stronger type than first and so on until we reach the 7th type Dragon and Fairy the 8th gym is headed by our Father in Wizard and Mom in Sorcerer. But before entering the Dragon type gym, we need to unlock it through a quest, Catch multiple Eevees on Route 101, 103, 116 and/or 128, evolve them in 19 not Normal (Standard types -Normal and Dragon + 3 I introduced above) type Eeveelutions and submit them in Someone else's PC, once all 19 have been done, the 1 already present Eeevee will evolve into Wyverneon the Dragon Eeveelution (no Normal as Eevee itself is a Normal type), this along with one more Eeveelution (my choice will be Sylveon or Glaceon to beat the gym) in our Party will allow to get inside the gym. Eevee evolves into Wyverneon only if it is in Someone else's PC along with all other of it's Evolution in the same Box. Team-Grim is the Evil team of Pokemon Wizard and Pokemon Sorcerer. We have to use Surf to reach Island of Amusement where Team-Grim is trying to capture the Legendary Tetrad (Swords of Justice like only Cats instead of Ungulates, Primary type/Fighting Cats: Warrior, Beast, Spirit, Ghost) you capture them and then release them free. Beavittle line learns Surf at Level 28, otherwise capture a Water type. We have to use Canopy-Chase (Grass move like Surf) to clear off path in Rainforest of Art to reach it's center where Team-Grim is trying to capture the Legendary Tetrad spirits (Mew and Celebi like Fairy/Secondary type Pixies: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric) you capture them and then release them free. Spinhog line learns Canopy-Chase at Level 28, otherwise capture a Grass type. We have to use Magma-cover (Covers the user team from Magma and helps walking on it) to walk on Hot-Magma path of Mount-Flames to reach the Peak where Team-Grim is trying to capture the power of the Box-Legendaries. Ferrechar line learns Magma-cover at Level 28, otherwise capture a Water type. Team-Grim wants to get Filthy Rich that's it, for this they want power and the hunger of power has driven them to these lengths, in the midst they also awaken the Evil-Box Legendaries while we have defeated the eighth gym (Who is Our Dad or Mom depending on the Version of the game), they reek havoc, to beat them we have to take help, A trainer Mark who had lots of Battles with us comes along to help as well. The Strongest Legend: Fairy/Fighting Gryphon Box-Cover legends are the once awaken by Team Grim: Pokemon Wizard: Dark/Psychic Gryphon, Pokemon Sorcerer: Dark/Psychic Gryphon To wake the third legendary we need to walk through the Forest of Life, to reach it's center we have to use all 3 moves Surf, Canopy-Chase, Magma-cover and then battle and capture the third legend and then we battle the Box-Legend and their Clones made by Team-Grim but we don't use our team rather the third legend so 1 vs 6 Pokemon, but to defeat the Grunts and the Boss we have to use our team and our Rivals and the first leader show up as well to help us, Mark in the meantime is trying to beat the Legendaries and their clones but is unsuccessful, so I who commands the Third legendary some to his aid, however I have to leave the rest of my team behind, the Clones disintegrate and The Evil legendaries aren't actually evil just angry and when they try to destroy every thing, two last battles ensue, Wizard: White Gryphon is used by us to control the Green Gryphon, while our Team control the Red Gryphon once both White and Green try to rescue us out, Sorcerer: Wizard Red/Green switch. Red Gryphon is the Cover legend of Wizard and Green is the Cover legend of Sorcerer. The White Gryphon (Trio-Master) helps our Rivals in the meantime in holding Team Grim for us once the second battle ensues between our Team and the Red/Green legendary while Green/Red legendary whom we defeated using the White is trying to hold the place. The Officers reach (Finally) and capture Team Grim the legends bid us goodbye and luck. Our Rival still insists to prove himself stronger than us, he challenges us, right in the Middle of the Forest, and we uncover the Story of 4 Pokemon leaders who helped the White Gryphon make the world a better place, the Brave mirrors us, the Hardworking our friend (Girl who we could've been), the Cunning our rival, the Wise is the first Leader (who could've been our rival had we chose the girl). We beat the Elite-4 after it: Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Ghost type Champion: Mark is having a varied and Powerful team Rival challenges us one last time before we are registered by Mark as the new champion. Professor Delonix chides his Son for display of a lack of Sportsmanship, but then he too is proud of his child like both our Parents are (one of them is the 8th Leader). The First Leader and us have a last friendly match and a sweet kiss on cheek by the Girl to the Boy while our friend develops a fancy for the Rival. The Character designs I would pick is: Callum/Victor hybrid for us: Red in Wizard and Green in Sorcerer (darker color than the box legend) but a Hazel-Brown in Wizard and Dark-Blue in Sorcerer if we are a girl. Serena/Gloria hybrid for our friend: Light-Amber-Yellow in Wizard and Light-Blue in Sorcerer but takes on Pink in Wizard and Light-Green if we are a girl (lighter color than the box legend). Rival boy Blue/Hop hybrid: Dark-Green in Wizard and Red in Sorcerer but as a Gym Leader he wears Dark-Blue in Wizard and Hazel-Brown in Sorcerer Rival girl Leaf/Shauna hybrid: Light-Blue in Wizard and Light-Amber-Yellow in Sorcerer but as a Rival she wears Light-Green in Wizard and Pink in Sorcerer
Soo Yong Shen
Soo Yong Shen 5 timer siden
now i finally understand why i think pokemon gen 1 story is super awesome, because i watch the TV, i read the manga and i skipped game dialogue, my brain just put all the pieces together and make the experience so wonderful as no other game can do this, sick as anime op with manga and have an actual game, whoever pull this off really find a gold mine for sure
Naouta 6 timer siden
I uh, i never read the text in the game...
TheAweDude1 16 timer siden
Regarding the gym leaders: I think there is a line in the Pokemon manga (released around the same time as gen 1) that basically had Brock saying "Oh, you don't have any badges, well I will use these Pokemon against you." So I guess there is a certain number of teams each Gym leader uses based on the number of badges you have.
Pokemangs Dag siden
Whats the track at the very beginning?
Keith Youngs
Keith Youngs Dag siden
Brock is not an adult
AniGa Dag siden
>"I'm still trying to wrap my head around the gym system in these games" And already you've spent more thought on it than Game Freak's storywriters ever did.
AniGa Dag siden
Lance: "It's not just about strength!!!!!11eleven" Says the freakin' guy with _three_ goshdarn Dragonite who spends the entire story just mindlessly _plowing_ his way through any problem with violence.
AniGa Dag siden
Despite all flaws, despite not thinking gen 1 are good games - and you'll call me crazy... but I feel the gen 1 story is actually the best? Or - I should say it's the one I _like the most..._ simply because it's the most personal one. Yeah, there's team Rocket, sure - but mainly it's about the journey you and your rival undertake, and how you and him undertake it completely differently, and thus had different experiences and sentiments. It's personal, and that makes it feel much more _potent_ - even if there _actually_ isn't much to it at all. Nothing wrong with higher stakes in the later games... but they also totally removed almost any personal note as well. It's all just watching _other_ people go through their little stories (which mostly aren't even written that well at all), while you're simply the errand boy/girl who does the clobbering. And, y'know... why should I even _care_ if Team [InsertNameHere] destroys the world if my character is a nobody who cares about nothing and has no connection with anyone or anything?
Jay Tockstein
Jay Tockstein 2 dager siden
late to this but the way he talked abt lysandre had me rolling
Benjamin Cleaver
Benjamin Cleaver 2 dager siden
Brock: Independent tough guy with a giant rock snake. Misty: Experienced swimmer with a strong team. Surge: Hardened army veteran with military training and war experience Koga: Badass ninja Clermont: Some nerd with discount Doctor Octopus arms. Korrina: Salty 13 year old girl that really likes rollerskates.Valerie: Actual furry
Gwemblebee 2 dager siden
Alright now you have to rank all the pokemon waifus
Alex Susko
Alex Susko 2 dager siden
In black and white only 3 gym leaders are missing they are the 3 brothers in forgot their names
Photoflowey 2 dager siden
01:05:23 Beladonis the "FBI agent" of pokemon dude ?
Zedant 3 dager siden
Pokemon red is Japan right after ww2. Search it and you'll see alot of similarity
Mudedmmuh 3 dager siden
damn, I actually like 100% agreed with everything you said. I'm not even sure what the odds of that are.
Alec Moore
Alec Moore 3 dager siden
There is no good reason for this video to be as long as it is - edit honey, please.
João Brito
João Brito 4 dager siden
X and y have the worst story by far when you consider when the games were made. In fact, the only thing that saves these games were the new Features introduced by the 3ds and the introduction of mega evolution . The plot is really dumb, Lysandre just snaps out of nowhere( I mean you could tell he was gonna be the evil guy, but his character development was beyond terrible ) and decides to destroy the world or grant everyone eternal life ( depending on game). And don’t get me started with the rivals...
Ginko 4 dager siden
Dude you're funny af I was dying
Joseph Rasgado
Joseph Rasgado 4 dager siden
So I'm a little upset you didn't do ultra sun and Ultra Moon even though it kind of is the same thing as Sun and Moon so if you do one for sword and shield will you include that as an Easter egg
Don't Mind Me
Don't Mind Me 4 dager siden
The anime made sense of Blaine hiding his key because he didn't want a battle anymore he didn't want to be a team gym leader
Meep Simon
Meep Simon 5 dager siden
Aww why u gotta shade Jasmine like that? She's my favorite gym leader
marlon jones
marlon jones 6 dager siden
Officer Jenny is a lie!!! I AM THE LAW!
Syrus Foys
Syrus Foys 6 dager siden
Oh hi blue haired cyrus I'm brown haired syrus
Nick 7 dager siden
2:37:30 time stamp to keep my spot
SHIELD 7 dager siden
Since I played this game, I have been unable to play any other Pokémon game cause it ruined it for me.
SHIELD 7 dager siden
Sorry, black and white is what I meant.
Marco Mark
Marco Mark 7 dager siden
This video in a nutshell: The idiot (the salt factory) who was looking for something the franchise could never offer him
MDHDH 7332
MDHDH 7332 8 dager siden
2:22:02 best part
Devon with an i
Devon with an i 8 dager siden
X and y was the most forgettable game, I don’t remember any of the friends, don’t remember the enemy’s team name, don’t remember the champion, elite four, gym leaders, professor, and starter pokemon.
SonOfTheViper _ _
SonOfTheViper _ _ 9 dager siden
I wonder, is PokeTech a brand/company or is it a class of gear, like saying a gun is military grade over civie grade. Like is a poketech watch is better than your average store bought watch, or is it just a specialty watch for pokemon trainers made by a company called PokeTech?
razein lin
razein lin 9 dager siden
About N- he doesn’t actually keep his Pokémon, all the Pokémon he has are always around the area you’re in
Devon with an i
Devon with an i 9 dager siden
The jump from gen 3 to gen 4 is insane but they definitely overestimated the hardware capabilities on the ds 😂😂😂
Devon with an i
Devon with an i 9 dager siden
I know right?? DP was so slow
awesomo9 10 dager siden
"Why did you tell them that? Who even does something like that!??" GENIUS DIALOGUE
Lexi Lann
Lexi Lann 10 dager siden
Loving the Dragonball Z references xD One thing though: Samson Oak, whom you meet in Sun/Moon, is Samuel Oak's cousin.
Ariel Sasson
Ariel Sasson 10 dager siden
It's unfair to look at diamond and pearl and to ignore platinum.
Devon with an i
Devon with an i 10 dager siden
PLEASE make a video about the decline of rivals! I think that would get some good views cause everyone hates the recent rivals. Keep up the good work, bro!
Kane Conqueror
Kane Conqueror 11 dager siden
One hero was idealistic and wanted to bring in a better world, where as the other was a realist who valued the truth of reality and wanted to bring about a good world he could except. The problem with "better" and idealists is that it is never satisfied and rarely considers the practicality of their ideals. Idealists are a step away from zealots, and one reason i like N is that he is grounded enough to not go fully into zealotry the way the grunts do.
Ijneb1248 11 dager siden
I really like how the newer games explore side characters more. Sun and moon definitely did it the best with gladion and lillie. Your rivals and gym leaders dont feel like one-dimensional obstacles but instead like actual people with their own motives
Sargridssen Fjkilioma
Sargridssen Fjkilioma 11 dager siden
So my dude only put 4 ads on a 3 hour video. Good on him.
Ryan McMorrow
Ryan McMorrow 11 dager siden
Hau the fuck did 2.3K people dislike this shit
The Reptilian Agenda
The Reptilian Agenda 11 dager siden
So this whole video is basically just HAHAHAHAHA POKEMON GAMES ARE STUPID
The Flawed Gamer
The Flawed Gamer 11 dager siden
2:19:36 that’s my exact description of Hau ngl
DiaborMagics 11 dager siden
yeah, gen 8's story doesnt seem so bad anymore after this. just equally bad as the first games. biggest issues are you dont participate in the story until the dumb stuff at the end and yet youre constantly stopped to chat. and Lusamine is crazy, true, but she is one of my favorite characters in the pokemon series... and uh... well I have to admit rule34 helps with that. And I like her hair. :P
Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill 11 dager siden
So wait... Pokemon sun and moon are like Pokemon hawaii or something? And somehow diglett has 80's hairmetal hair? Eddie van diglett?
random falcon
random falcon 11 dager siden
Wasn't the professors name Samuel oak?
Daniel Pruitt
Daniel Pruitt 12 dager siden
1:25:15 same I love that all the gyms have unique music!~
Katie B
Katie B 12 dager siden
Oh my god “This is Hau. I hate Hau.” 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Katie B
Katie B 12 dager siden
Not gonna lie I hated most of the dialogue in X and Y, but the whole story with AZ about the ultimate weapon was so interesting. Also not gonna lie I did love the end of XY with the Floette coming back to AZ. To be honest that actually made me tear up when I played it through the first time
Ijneb1248 11 dager siden
AZ is probably my 2nd favorite character in all of the main series games behind N
Katie B
Katie B 12 dager siden
I need to know the opinion/evaluation of Pokémon Sword and Shield
TeaDrinkingColonist 12 dager siden
evil teams be like: "haha you'll never find where we're going next" *tells you exactly where to go next*
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg 12 dager siden
Let's see we have a memorable first game with no plot, the point-a-point-b plot, rival teams with a good manga version, over-dramatic end-of-the-world, BEST PLOT IN POKEMON, the shit-show, and the beach episode, and pokemon/Zelda crossover. yup, pokemon is the best plot
Phillip O'Mara
Phillip O'Mara 12 dager siden
You can turn your brain off for an entire game and be better off for it.
NatesiKness 12 dager siden
You: I'm going to critically dissect the plot lines of every pokemon game for 3 hours My 12 year old brain playing the games: *Earthquake go BRRRRRRRRR*
Kodi Delaney
Kodi Delaney 12 dager siden
Does the Brendon (boy) version of Birchs kid have different dialog?? I do not remember the first interaction being flirty. 🤔 I do remember he says something like "oh, I thought you'd be a boy." My gawd nintendo.
Jackson Twix
Jackson Twix 12 dager siden
P o o c h e n a
John Greenway
John Greenway 13 dager siden
* me watching this* salt: and then we meet rowan and his sidekick anime girl * me chocking on my drink*
Monthly Gamer
Monthly Gamer 13 dager siden
...guys, don’t take these stories made for young children too seriously. X and Y is REALLY terrible tho.
Valkyrie Diaries
Valkyrie Diaries 13 dager siden
Calvin Bates
Calvin Bates 13 dager siden
"As an adult I realize how incompetent Team Rocket and the police really are." IKR, it almost seems as if this game is geared towards kids. Almost like the story was originally made...to sell cards and toys! I am Jack's surprised Pikachu face...
Rayz Rusher
Rayz Rusher 13 dager siden
Uk I would have liked emerald and platinum too a lot.
scottishboy112 13 dager siden
I’ll say one thing about diamond and that lake explosion. Don’t forget how, despite a bomb blasting all the water away and all that, as soon as you beat Cynthia (maybe even sooner, it’s been so long that I forget), that water magically reappears... When something like that filling would take people working to fill it again or ages from nature’s point of view. Nah, it’s filled just like that.
Rayz Rusher
Rayz Rusher 13 dager siden
I absolutely adore your humour.
rc dotson
rc dotson 14 dager siden
RandomA 15 dager siden
1:18:45 Oh! He’s talking about me!!
Ouellet 15 dager siden
Me, when fighting rivals : Great. free xp. Salt, when doing the dame : please stop.
ItsMidniteAgain 15 dager siden
Will you be evaluating Sword & Shield now that the DLC is out?
James Llyod
James Llyod 15 dager siden
LMFAO Archie called his grunts simps xD
Justin Lacombe
Justin Lacombe 15 dager siden
That face when Red and Blue's plot take only 10 minutes of a 3 hours video.
Justin Lacombe
Justin Lacombe 15 dager siden
29:54 Good one. 37:57 Man I love your sense of humor. 42:16 They work wonders. 46:53 You don't even need to try with the jokes, ahaha. 1:03:52 America, fuck yeah! 1:17:36 I was so confused by the music becoming "Come on and slam". Surprisingly fits everything. 1:18:44 Criticism is almost always good in the end, so don't feel bad about being hard on the game.
sleep dealer
sleep dealer 16 dager siden
I remember as a kid I used my master ball on a chingling because I thought I could get more. Then killed Dialga
Sepulcher Knight
Sepulcher Knight 16 dager siden
I adore red v to this day. Despite the weirdness involved, the whole game just paints a picture of a bright optimistic world for me. I guess what made the whole "kid beating tram rocket" thing plausible for me is that I always perceived the MC and rival as exceptionally talented.
Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao 16 dager siden
What kind of psychopath plays Pokémon Black AND THEN PLAYS THE SECUEL TO THE *OTHER FUCKING GAME.* WHY?!
Bebe Garcia
Bebe Garcia 16 dager siden
"Yeehaw, shoot guns, Texas" that was a little too close to home for me.
Jesse Wallace
Jesse Wallace 17 dager siden
The thing i never thought about and as someone whos played every Pokémon game except SwSh, is that I get the feeling these games released generationally and aimed more at kids than adults so all of the issues with them could be chocked up to that. Kids don't really care about story that much and I've noticed this first hand after having my own kid. Most stuff for them is written so badly but it doesn't matter because they like the colorful characters and because of that games/shows are mainly geared toward toy sales.
dunnono00 17 dager siden
Black and White is still the best one, in my eyes. Everything about it worked, from the questioning of ethics regarding Pokemon battles, the Unova region, and all the way to the final battle with the surprise and everything. It felt like every game after that one fell way short in terms of storytelling.
William le suisse
William le suisse 17 dager siden
Ah... Pokémon blue in 98/99, I was ten, it was paradise playing this amazing game on such a small thing
Trenton Bates
Trenton Bates 17 dager siden
love the dbz refrences
Gill Nosowitz
Gill Nosowitz 18 dager siden
Flubby chuddar
Amon 18 dager siden
Why is oak black
Farhan Zaman
Farhan Zaman 18 dager siden
Waiting for USUM and SwSh
Andrew Manchiraju
Andrew Manchiraju 18 dager siden
Remake wise, Pokémon improves their stories. Platinum is actually a good a story and ORAS is better then RS to me, but Emerald is still better then ORAS.
Andrew Manchiraju
Andrew Manchiraju 7 dager siden
I don’t think Pokémon has Final Fantasy level of stories, but when I say good I mean good comparatively. Also Pokémon tells a story unlike PacMan thus you can analyze them to an extent. I don’t compare Platinum’s story to Final Fantasy VII because FF is much more story driven, but I do compare platinum to Ruby and Sapphire because they both go to a similar extent to how much the story is involved in the main game.
Marco Mark
Marco Mark 7 dager siden
Like analyzing Pacman storywise
Marco Mark
Marco Mark 7 dager siden
Anylyzing pokemon storywise means not having understood a shit about the franchise
JustSomeGuyOnTheNet 18 dager siden
Silver being all salty and edgy actually makes A TON of sense when you take into consideration his dad (Giovanni) walked out on him to form an organization of maffia clowns. Silver hates the weak, because his dad left to form Team Rocket, people who pretended to be a strong group but was easily ploughed through by a single kid from Pallet Town. Basically, daddy left and in the end it meant nothing because he didn't achieve shit.
Aisaka Taiga
Aisaka Taiga 19 dager siden
"Turns into an anime" killed me
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 19 dager siden
This video is pretty cool considering the fact that Pokemon games have plotlines that are as thin as bedtime stories. 👍🏼
Aidan Or
Aidan Or 19 dager siden
I can't believe you didn't mention that Malva is part of Team Flare.
Bunifacio 19 dager siden
1:04:42 Well, that aged like milk
Nathan Mantle
Nathan Mantle 19 dager siden
It's my theory that Pokemon Red and Blue/Green are actually set in Post-WWII Japan. That also happens to be the time when the Yakuza started to take control of various sectors of Japan ... including the casinos and even parts of the government .... plus Lt. Surge is literally called "The Lightning American". Also, Red and Blue both don't have dads. And Mr. Fuji supposedly used to be part of horrible experiments but softened after the war. Vermillion city is also a "Port town", which is where American naval bases were located after the war, so that America could watch over Japan and make sure that American presence was strong (oddly enough, this went on to greatly influence Japanese culture, especially music, and in some ways you could say that WWII is the reason that Jpop, Jrock, and Japanese-style jazz are a thing. But yeah, post-WWII Japan is literally the time period where the Yakuza took advantage of the economy being terrible, and basically started to make a shit ton of money and gained government positions and stuff.
SporadicV2 19 dager siden
Ultra Sun and Moon were my favorite games purely objective wise. The way I played provided a nice challenge and the humor was greatly appreciated. The music is also really damn good in Gen 7. Lusamine is right up my alley with her sadistic nature, as well as her entire family dynamic with Mohn being her husband who lost his memories of his life.
Peacepiperf20 Timmy
Peacepiperf20 Timmy 19 dager siden
Whitney also happens to be one of the best trainers to battle. I mean if you're looking for somewhat of a challenge.
Owen Hansen
Owen Hansen 20 dager siden
The worst thing of x and y hands down was the skates, but I tell you what I played the absolute shit out of those games. 999 hours+
Leo Zimmer
Leo Zimmer 20 dager siden
57:00 an often overlooked aspect of N is that whenever you battle him, his Pokémon are all from the area you meet him at their highest natural level, so it is assumed that he meets and befriends them and then releases them as he goes. This also implies he meant something other than training his Pokémon when he said he needed to train more
comyuse 20 dager siden
gamefreak needs to be dissolved and replaced with just every fan game creator. the official games are just stagnant, boring, and afraid to try _anything._ the official games have a battle system that is so simple its tedious, gamefreak is terrified to let the player lose a fight, and its just so uninteractive.
Martin Findley
Martin Findley 21 dag siden
Interesting take on Sun and Moon, but we both agree that X and Y is kind of garbage all around (in terms of story). But also, I do have massive nostalgia bias for the Gen 5 games. Although Gen 4 was technically my first, Gen 5 were the games that honestly got me into RPG's and gaming in general. Coming back to those games now... yeah... the story does have a lot of hiccups... but honestly I think people take those hiccups and exaggerate them. Gen 5 just did so much right and imo had the most effort put into it... and it really shows.
Donovan C
Donovan C 21 dag siden
For anyone reading this it’s basically just two hours of complaining
Sneasel 21 dag siden
“One of the things that bothers me most in Pokemon is the lack of personality that your husk of a human exhibits.” Nah, that’s just Lucas.
Montage City ENT
Montage City ENT 21 dag siden
Someone give this guy the haterade
Gronkle Vlonkle
Gronkle Vlonkle 22 dager siden
I've heard that rokemon ruby and saphire's plot was based off of things that were going on in japan. People started draining certain places so that they could fix the famine that was going on. People protested. So they wanted to explain it to kids Please do look it up I know nothing about it I just wanted to say that the ridiculous plot was actually based off of real events
RangerCLZ 22 dager siden
I don't know that Diantha's battle music is weak, I think just musically it ranks top 4. Which I would rank them all as: 1: VS Cynthia 2: VS Wallace/Steven 3: VS Lance Gen2 4: VS Diantha 5: VS Champion Gary (Gen 3 remake; Gen1 is good, just very aged) 6: VS Alder 7: VS Leon 8: VS Iris 9: Vs Kukui/Hau The Music VS the "Champion" in Sun/Moon and US/UM is very basic and is a theme we've heard since the start of the series, and while very nostalgic, doesn't really bring anything new to the table. If we wanna talk about Basic, Leon sounds like he has standard Stadium fans in the background that clash with the music, and while the Dynamax theme is great, it isn't a part of the Champion music. Alder has some good music, but I think it suffers from following up the Cynthia theme. Iris following that up is just not special at all. Comparatively, Diantha has some strong music that I don't think gets fully appreciated because most people just absolutely destroy her. Gen 1, 2, and 3 are all strong, with Gen3 being the best of the trio. And clearly Cynthia just has some strong music that builds tension for the strongest Champion in the series.
drost47 22 dager siden
I want a pokemon game where every gym leaders pokemon is of that gyms type, but is properly ev trained, and with good movements, but still an appropriate level, and they talk about how they are just gym leaders by try to have the best pokemon of that type.
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