Logan Paul Opens my $200,000 Pokémon Booster Pack

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Randolph Pokemon

Måned siden

Logan Paul opened a 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box live on NOpost and raised over $75,000 for Charity. I bought a $11,000 pack and here's my reaction!
My Card Store: pokerand.net
Hope you enjoy. Thanks to @Logan Paul for doing this and letting me buy a pack. Great event and had a lot of fun. Bit of a rant at the end but hey.
How I grade my PSA Pokemon cards: gradedgem.com
Discord: discord.gg/randolph
Instagram: pokerand.co.uk
Video uploaded by Randolph/Randolph Games
#randolph #pokemon #loganpaul

Kyan Leigh
Kyan Leigh 8 timer siden
Randy has top notch title manipulation
Raison Man
Raison Man 14 timer siden
Thumbnail is so bait
Wayne Travis Sabio
Wayne Travis Sabio Dag siden
As a ksi fan i realy think logan las his redemption
el pedro
el pedro 2 dager siden
Seems at the moment everyone is in move with pokemon!! But when the hype dies your sitting just on a bunch of cardboard!
Lumiosite12TCG 3 dager siden
It’s people like Guru that are the reason no kid or collector like me and most everybody else can collect at retail stores and prices now. These people came in here trying to get rich off this stuff well I’m over here just trying to collect the cards I want. Real real sad..
Luis -
Luis - 3 dager siden
Whys this bozo blurring out the charizard card like bruh literally everyone knows who it is
RED PANDA 3 dager siden
He is recording with a mobile
Andrew Muccillo
Andrew Muccillo 4 dager siden
his thumb smashing the top right corner seriously bothers me
Yukinay 4 dager siden
U took the average... the median... the middlepoint...?
Anime 420
Anime 420 5 dager siden
Couldn't finish. The thumb grab was cringe 😬
Julian Williams
Julian Williams 5 dager siden
nah he didn't FaZe Kay did win
Adox 28
Adox 28 6 dager siden
This was so worth it. (3:30)
Adox 28
Adox 28 6 dager siden
1.7M views. Let's go
Farhan Ahmad
Farhan Ahmad 6 dager siden
the way logan handle the card.. and his thumb.. it's making me nervous
Foxy Playz
Foxy Playz 7 dager siden
I hate Logan’s right thumb now.
The Grand Theft Robber
The Grand Theft Robber 7 dager siden
Божидар 8 dager siden
SylentSt0rm 9 dager siden
everytime he touches his fucking face and then the cards again.....I cringe. WHY!@!@!!
Im_NewB 9 dager siden
Lol while rewatching this it looks like Logan mashed the corner for the charizard by accident
Johnboi123 10 dager siden
Logan’s thumb on those cards was killing me
L X 11 dager siden
someone listed the Bulbasaur 1st ed graded 10 on ebay "recovered for collectibles guru lol $30k
L X 11 dager siden
logans thumb should be removed. wow that box had all three!?
MrCropper 420
MrCropper 420 11 dager siden
He don’t half chat shit
Heinz Doof
Heinz Doof 12 dager siden
The sidemen could never let logan win, everytime He got a good card they're yelling at him to take off his thumb
Emir Pasinler
Emir Pasinler 12 dager siden
Connor Johnston
Connor Johnston 14 dager siden
so which boxes are the base set?
AidenTroPicPsycho 14 dager siden
My bday was on October 9🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Major Bacon
Major Bacon 14 dager siden
Dude way to make it look like it was your charizard in the thumbnail
liam mcmahon
liam mcmahon 15 dager siden
He was kinda ungrateful
suckin_mids 16 dager siden
watchout that bulbasaur is worth 30k
101Modern Tutorials
101Modern Tutorials 17 dager siden
How are these cards worth so much, and where... I don’t understand, they are like $40 on eBay... not thousands.... can anyone help
youssef Ayoubi
youssef Ayoubi 17 dager siden
JJ: am i a joke to u?
southpaw 19 dager siden
Centering is off
Steven Cravens
Steven Cravens 19 dager siden
The wholesomeness about talking about his childhood
sean smyth
sean smyth 17 dager siden
Utter crap. Guy then talks about selling these cards on. If you get into the hobby because of a big youtuber chances are you will be out again just as fast when that same youtuber moves on to something else. But hey you got to inflate a market so bad any average person can't afford anything half interesting.
GaLoS 20 dager siden
Is the bald guy the one that was scramming people?
Curbside Solutions
Curbside Solutions 20 dager siden
how was his pack worth 200k?
john knoxville
john knoxville 20 dager siden
u bought a pack for like 1000, stop acting like its your booster box lmao ur broke boy
xItsKAYO_ 20 dager siden
Does he have a hindu spot?
Chayeanne Garvida
Chayeanne Garvida 21 dag siden
omg his fucking thumbbbbbb
PokerInDaRear 21 dag siden
i don't know if that pack is legit... what box has all 3 rare pokemon in the box... sounds fishy to me.
Ivan Cabello
Ivan Cabello 21 dag siden
Is the Team rocket mewtwo any good lol I have 2 of them. Its a holographic first edition.
ToxicatedLum 22 dager siden
"I was 6 year old when I first started collecting pokemon cards , its how I learnt to read" well that explains a lot
Issa Draco
Issa Draco 10 dager siden
lmao, i caught that one too and chuckled
Igor 20 dager siden
Beavers can’t read
Leon Daly
Leon Daly 22 dager siden
I stopped collecting Pokemon cards but I still like these type of videos
Leon Daly
Leon Daly 22 dager siden
Did someone buy the pack with the charizard😳
ADAM 05 22 dager siden
ADAM 05 22 dager siden
Mafiax Fortnite
Mafiax Fortnite 22 dager siden
Carlos Roman Padilla Carlosromanpadilla
Carlos Roman Padilla Carlosromanpadilla 23 dager siden
itsGuy 23 dager siden
How was he not wearing gloves, I was dying seeing how he was holding those cards at the corners bending and getting hand oil on them.
2x N0U
2x N0U 23 dager siden
Do you play pokemon go i you dont you should start playing
PD4life 24 dager siden
Might I say, that is a BRIGHT kitchen.
Beverly Warren
Beverly Warren 24 dager siden
Logan: opens Randolph's Talia: "why is he Man Handling it"
Crimson Nerd
Crimson Nerd 25 dager siden
Mother knows best bro
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez 27 dager siden
I had a super rare card back in the day I had a case for them plus a binder I didn’t know the card was rare till recently one morning I woke up and my dad was burning them outside
K3vennn 27 dager siden
I have a lot of first edition Pokémon , I need help sorting them please help me bro
Majed Vlogs 1
Majed Vlogs 1 27 dager siden
#العالمي بيضها بالروح nopost.info/throw/uZ3HoanataZkqqc/video
Tiger Dude63
Tiger Dude63 27 dager siden
I have a pikachu like that but its not first edition
Michael Baker
Michael Baker 28 dager siden
Yea the bulbasaur for 30k was the dumbest shit I ever heard. He kept saying it so rare but then they pulled 6 of them lol I was like no way thats 30k and I don't even collect cards anymore.
Yannick Hofmann
Yannick Hofmann 28 dager siden
Papaplatte is a german NOpostr/Streamer
Slanky Dont Care
Slanky Dont Care 28 dager siden
logan paul opens your 200k booster pack my guy you dont even have 200k in the bank
Nathan 21 dag siden
He might
Elias Dockter
Elias Dockter 28 dager siden
Pokemon vid nopost.info/throw/39q6nmK1r6KIc80/video
Taylor Restall
Taylor Restall 28 dager siden
Man LOgan Paul touching his face and manhandling cards like touching the charizard needlessly was painful
Recon dude
Recon dude 29 dager siden
i have a yellow cheek pichachu
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname Måned siden
Randolph from the Sidemen lmao
Täglich Neue & Aktuelle Clips - rangein 口論
Täglich Neue & Aktuelle Clips - rangein 口論 Måned siden
The new owner of the Charizard is a german youtuber called:"Papaplatte" he made a video about it, pretty cool
Officer Kivi
Officer Kivi 29 dager siden
tutu 510
tutu 510 Måned siden
11:07-11:10 😂😂 nuts on himself 2 blastoids in a box 📦
The Yugioh Empire
The Yugioh Empire Måned siden
Scammer pos
Plastiqo Måned siden
Just curious, whats the white little dot inbetween your eyebrows?
MrGamerThreeSixty Montage
MrGamerThreeSixty Montage Måned siden
I learned to read from Pokémon crystal version when I was 5
Feel Sorry
Feel Sorry Måned siden
Brah buy my first edition pokemon cards plzzzzz
Marsellus Wallace
Marsellus Wallace Måned siden
18:43 wait so you called out this guy being bad for Pokémon, just a couple weeks before he actually scammed someone for a 375k fake 1st edition box? Wow you nailed that one!! I think now we know why he suggested this box opening in the first place, and why he was exaggerating the prices massively. Just building up to scamming someone
Alexander Wright
Alexander Wright Måned siden
Oct 10 Randolph: "we just hit 200k" 28 Oct. THATS 18 DAYS AND HES NOW ON 378K CONGRATSSS THATS AMAZINGG
thebossman222 Måned siden
Thanks to you I decided to purchase a Darkness Ablaze booster box, my first ever purchase of pokemon cards, and so far I've got a Vmax Charizard, still opening them, I sleeved it of course and will put it in a semi rigid when it arrives next month
Brandon Luke Gunawan
Brandon Luke Gunawan Måned siden
Omas Omar
Omas Omar Måned siden
Logan is squeazijg the right corner of their card all the time
l͠l͠. f34ther .l͠l͠
l͠l͠. f34ther .l͠l͠ Måned siden
why the clickbait doe...
jules brodeur
jules brodeur Måned siden
I have the complete 151 and have no clue what it's worth
Jeff Stiles
Jeff Stiles Måned siden
Isn’t it good for you if Logan brings up the value on these cards??
Jeff Stiles
Jeff Stiles Måned siden
I’m asking this as a genuine question
Javier Alvarez
Javier Alvarez Måned siden
Click bait title af
bimm4 Måned siden
Just realised it’s shadowless
Gregor Marshall
Gregor Marshall Måned siden
Random Af
Random Af Måned siden
Nice clickbait
kaden Najak
kaden Najak Måned siden
Bald guy typa guy to say a fake card worth 3k cause it's "an error"
ItzZenix FN
ItzZenix FN Måned siden
Bro I hate that he was bending them shits
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller Måned siden
I feel the same way about pokemon bro. My mom died when I was 8 yes old and pokemon was my escape from the world. I had 3 full sets of the base and 1 of neo genesis, they were my prized possession but ended up losing our storage unit in a move and I lost my whole collection. Iv just now restarted building my collection at 30.lol I'll never have what I did back then but it still fun to open packs and let the pulls take me back
Marcs TechBlogg
Marcs TechBlogg Måned siden
That EYE Blinking Tourette shit made me GO CRAZY!!! WTF!!!!!
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Måned siden
Why u faking the Thumbnail 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
archiewall124 FIFA
archiewall124 FIFA Måned siden
To get more views lol. Gotta do what u gotta do for views
Anthony Seaman
Anthony Seaman Måned siden
just think about it how muchmoney randy could of fudging made holy shit.....hope you learn a lessen from this
Imran A
Imran A Måned siden
That's true He just inflated the value of all old poke cards :/
SirPrizeMotherFacka Måned siden
LeSbIaN HoBbIT Måned siden
pokemon dealers hmmmm
Antonios Demiloglou
Antonios Demiloglou Måned siden
Brandon Bockman
Brandon Bockman Måned siden
Get your thumb off the corner. Just lost $50,000 in value for 1 bad corner lol
Karley Ewers
Karley Ewers Måned siden
100% your rite people make sure you reaserch prices before buying
Brad F
Brad F Måned siden
Hahae so good
Reselling, Life & Adventure
Reselling, Life & Adventure Måned siden
Loved this video and i just bagged myself a rare charizard card come into the bunker today nopost.info/throw/y72slKHP3Xx7gcU/video
Favour Posh
Favour Posh Måned siden
Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptography achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.
elizabeth stephen stephen
elizabeth stephen stephen Måned siden
@Nuel Francis you did very well to share his number here
Nuel Francis
Nuel Francis Måned siden
Contact him now and start trading immediately
Nuel Francis
Nuel Francis Måned siden
+1 6 0 8 4 5 5 8 7 9 9
Frank Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez Måned siden
How do I reach them
Frank Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez Måned siden
Wow 😳😳 that's awesome and huge
Aux Beats
Aux Beats Måned siden
your moms a G
Tracey Gibson
Tracey Gibson Måned siden
Haha mad.men 333000
Among Us Strawberry
Among Us Strawberry Måned siden
The only good anime is pokemon but anime is sh!t
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