Joe Rogan is Delusional

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Philion Måned siden
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PacoimeroXThree Pervitum
PacoimeroXThree Pervitum 19 dager siden
How about doing one on the fake intellectual jordan peterson & how he makes a long winded hour lecture on something u can ascertain in 10 minutes. Deviating in ebb & flow on nothing whilst pasty four eyed book worms salivate over a canadian
Rob W
Rob W 19 dager siden
lol no
Knoble Savage
Knoble Savage 24 dager siden
Just an FYI, The Midnight Meat Train movie he mentions with Bradley Cooper....pretty solid horror flick
Mookie Conster
Mookie Conster 27 dager siden
PHILLION Joe rogan just responded about how dumb he is for thinking he could do that w a 100lb dumbell in the end of the world podcast
Vesi Dundarov
Vesi Dundarov 27 dager siden
Just watched 4 of your videos in a row and I had to change my pants lmao. Sub'd immediately. Where's the gabagool ?
_______ 5 timer siden
I don’t like joe rogan but this guy tries too hard to be funny lol..
Tacuache Cuh
Tacuache Cuh 6 timer siden
Certified Card Puller...! Aka Media Assassin.!
Kean Woodman
Kean Woodman 6 timer siden
cam haines. do a cam video .keep hammering
Kean Woodman
Kean Woodman 6 timer siden
its interesting how you talk about these hard core bromen.Goggins,Rogan,etc. keep it going
kzmla 7 timer siden
Yooooo i am in teeeaars!! 😂😂💀☠
Fox Stevens101
Fox Stevens101 11 timer siden
The guy seems pretty whiney and jealous
Steven 15 timer siden
Rewatched good will hunting and now I get the Gordon wood reference 🤣
Sal Volcano
Sal Volcano 19 timer siden
Stfu lorde. He's interesting and is not a boring guy with a NOpost channel who is bitching about everything
John's Candy
John's Candy 21 time siden
What are you
Darth Radar
Darth Radar 23 timer siden
Although I agree with you Philion, your nails are creepily long.
thundermouse333 Dag siden
Phil, I like you and your channel but you making it out like Joe Rogan is trying to educate people over entertain people. Of course every now and again Joe will exaggerate, it makes for better viewing. You're a cool guy, he's a cool guy - please rather target the fitness douchebags who are giving us shit advice and unreal expectations in educational format. Thanks bro, have a great day! Much love.
Abhishek Gehlot
Abhishek Gehlot Dag siden
which music is in your outro? sounds like jakehill.
Lol Alrighty then
Lol Alrighty then Dag siden
He will have 1 bad experience with something and completely discredit it
akeem calaman
akeem calaman Dag siden
idk why people take joe serious like a all fitness guru lol
Mike Dag siden
Joe flip flop Rogan
Joe Miller
Joe Miller Dag siden
Its 100 grams probably not 100 ounces that like 6.5 lbs and the way he handles the weight most likely not done at 100 ounces
roxanne barton
roxanne barton Dag siden
This chic sounds like there is fat clogging her throat. She's got a really deep voice.
kristofevo Dag siden
Thats why there haven’t been any Italian worlds strongest man winners, because they banned them for their unfair strength advantages. I’m glad this video was made as it gives me the chance to tell people in the strength community ,about this little known fact, without being ridiculed.
Miller Dag siden
When you drink glass of soy:
Pete T-rex
Pete T-rex Dag siden
Joe is very small man that worked very hard to leave the Shire
Samuel Hill
Samuel Hill Dag siden
Cant you just download the book directly into my brain?
Connor Phares
Connor Phares Dag siden
Joe Rogan isn’t a fitness channel. The likes are coming from the rest of that podcast with Tim Dillon. Very few people care about Rogan’s weight debunking. And if they do, it’s usually a podcast with fitness experts, not a comedian.
Jonathan Berman
Jonathan Berman Dag siden
Joe Rogan is sabotaging himself... he's an asshole to every guest these days. Tom Green, Donnell Rawlings, Incredibly rude to them all. His new studio is terrible. He's even played it off as just a placement studio. He moved to Texas to avoid taxes on that 100 million. He's trying to get all the comedians to move, but only the scrubs will do that. Spotify has no clips, no time codes, no sharing, no comments, all the things that made his show what it is, does not exist there... He's gone to almost exclusively only having on alt-right and Trump supporters on. He celebrated thinking Trump was going to win on his show. What has happened to Rogan? True colors or just blinded by greed? Every product he talks about on the show, all the reads on the show, even more on Spotify than ever... why is his whole life ads when he has hundreds of millions of dollars? Ads are bad folks. When you have advertisers, you are beholden to advertisers, and now what you're getting isn't honest content anymore. Unskippable ads at that. Even with Spotify Premium, paying for no ads, Joe Rogan's show has 3+ unskippable ads before his show even starts. They have their own time stream you cannot skip. And if you restart the episode, you get 3 ads again... I think Joe is really starting to realize on some level that he's really gone astray and thinks he's too far out to do anything about it now. Which is why he's become so blatantly hostile to his guests lately. What's happening is that Joe is abiding by advertisers and in the process is becoming an enemy to his own guests. Bill Hicks would be shitting all over Joe Rogan for what he's become as he did to Leno. Sellout.
Robert Witt
Robert Witt 2 dager siden
Damn this has to be one of the most dislikes on any of your vids mY gUyY
mantoniol24 2 dager siden
do you even lift?
NORTEskXIV 2 dager siden
This man used to host fear factor lol
Kostas Milo
Kostas Milo 2 dager siden
Haven't you seen when he gets super defensive about weed. I don't remember which vid it is but there's a moment where he literally asks his guest"why don't you smoke weed" in a forceful
Juan Tamad
Juan Tamad 2 dager siden
I love how his guest is just an npc agreeing with Joe Rogan just because he is in his podcast.
Cue Barca
Cue Barca 2 dager siden
This guy is delusional
adox 3 dager siden
I never liked Joe Rogan show for him. I like his show for the people he brings on
Zeke 3 dager siden
Why you so passionate about your distaste for Rogan lol
Sean Magnusson
Sean Magnusson 3 dager siden
The only ethnic strength stereotype I can think of that is mostly true is with Islanders/Polynesians, who regularly grow to massive sizes and often dominate strength-related sports.
Razeen Mohammed
Razeen Mohammed 3 dager siden
I love the subtle The Office reference drop
Sergio Aleman
Sergio Aleman 3 dager siden
The World is a Stage
The World is a Stage 3 dager siden
I have been saying this about Joe for years, good on ya for having a platform to speak about his character
Nolan Armstrong
Nolan Armstrong 3 dager siden
Bro no one is out here saying rogan is some genius. Like chill out
JerseyETR 3 dager siden
Lmfao gained a sub. Fucking hilarious
guyverrob 3 dager siden
He also said Trump would destroy Biden in debates and dominate him in the election, obviously pot has rotted his brain.
Kyle 3 dager siden
This man Philion is the biggest hater lmao
Jason Bullard
Jason Bullard 3 dager siden
ahh the exposure of a fragile ego and insecurity
Sim 4 dager siden
“He confirms his own biases and likes to be right all the time” how self aware of you
gonadiator 4 dager siden
This is one of the best videos I have ever seen.
Sphakamiso Zondi
Sphakamiso Zondi 4 dager siden
Italians are strong? Then riddle me this batman. Why arent italians pack strength competitions then? 😂
pizza party97
pizza party97 4 dager siden
The newest way to gain followers , subs and eople who listen to listen your podcasts ----- Bash other podcasters. Even joe rogan must have donnit sometimes.
Parkee Gibson
Parkee Gibson 4 dager siden
I love how everyone talks about Bjj/or wrestling as if it’s gay, but it’s only gay till you either get choked out or slammed on ur neck🤷🏻‍♂️ edit: I’m not saying you don’t have a lot of valid points like the fake weights joe was hella wrong about that part😂
stinkfinga 5 dager siden
I just wanna pop it
Mxrray 5 dager siden
I’ve never seen someone put so many words into someone’s mouth. “People can be wrong it’s not a a big deal” seems like your the one making a big deal buddy
Brat Baby
Brat Baby 6 dager siden
I agree he duped us🌝
Morre Bambridge
Morre Bambridge 6 dager siden
Hate. Listen to more episodes.
Big Swings
Big Swings 6 dager siden
I never understood the appeal of Joe tbh. He is funny sometimes but a lot of times he just sounds like a meathead talking out of his ass. I get the appeal of him. But for the love of fuck don't think he is an expert on anything.
Xeb ThaGod
Xeb ThaGod 6 dager siden
Shoulder pressing 100lbs isn’t impossible but when he did the hammer curls it looks like the dumbbell is probably less the 50lbs...Joe is too focused on the shoulder press and can spot how fake it looks when Chris does the hammer curls. Must add that some people are stupid strong naturally.I know people that can bench 260 or can do shoulder press with over 100 without training much.
Michael John
Michael John 6 dager siden
I guess Joe missed the part where the guy from the video actually said taht the weights are not 100s. :D
Maryellen Gray
Maryellen Gray 7 dager siden
You really need a life and stop hating on other people. You need a life of your own. It’s so obvious you’re insecure with yourself.
SkinnerClimbs 4 dager siden
@Jay Ar don't insult kettlebells like that
Jay Ar
Jay Ar 7 dager siden
Joe Rogan has the intelligence of a kettlebell
Maryellen Gray
Maryellen Gray 7 dager siden
Jealous much? You really need to go outside once in awhile.
McKinney Fry
McKinney Fry 9 dager siden
He must be off some good weed.
WTFisMYname24 9 dager siden
I am definitely no fan of Joe but i dont think one mistake like this makes him delusional. but god you really gotta be plain to think thats a real weight XD.... the amount of witty comments in this video made me LoL irl. thanks bro!
Justin Brandt
Justin Brandt 9 dager siden
Joe's studio looks like a giant size fleshlight
triad bass
triad bass 9 dager siden
Ah, the dude with the ugly Jeffrey Dahmer glasses and tons of resentment. The skin cancer dot on your forehead gives just that extra evil "je ne sais quoi".
AprilMay28 10 dager siden
Joes belief that BJJ will improve your life is no different than people really into yoga. What’s the problem?
SuperNowa 10 dager siden
is it just me or is this dude eerily similar to penguinz0 aka moistcritikal
Tom HAM 9 dager siden
I think he has some inspiration from him cause I noticed he has the same dry humor and expressions
sabino botello
sabino botello 10 dager siden
I can’t trust a guy who says such a delusional thing like “his third eye is open” and then talk about someone else being delusional.
SkinnerClimbs 4 dager siden
I am guessing you are intentionally misunderstanding a joke
Jay Ar
Jay Ar 7 dager siden
Joe Rogan has the intelligence of a kettlebell
DynamicArts 9 dager siden
He’s completely taking the piss out of the mark on his face, playing on a historical 3rd eye classic which fictionally describes a literal or figurative way of seeing/understanding more about whatever’s in question. You’re stupid
Stop my ego.
Stop my ego. 10 dager siden
Be open. The world is chaos. Nobody is right or wrong. We all will die.
Lucas S Cavallari
Lucas S Cavallari 10 dager siden
Ok Karen
Moi Moi
Moi Moi 10 dager siden
why you hating on joe lol
Moi Moi
Moi Moi 10 dager siden
lol this channel is so much hate
AceNtheHole89 10 dager siden
gotta hand it to you on this one. that weight is obviously fake. even thor and beast both have to grunt when they press that weight. great acting though for the guy he hands the weight too lol
Daniel Bitchslayer3000
Daniel Bitchslayer3000 11 dager siden
Fake natties after watching Joe Rogan: you know, I'm something of an Italian myself
La Terreur Rouge
La Terreur Rouge 11 dager siden
How the ever loving fuck are you supposed to not love this level of sarcasm and saltiness...?
bookoosandbookoos 11 dager siden
You're just mad you can't lift 100 lbs with one arm like Chris Cuomo. Yep, that's a real weight.
Granze 11 dager siden
Damn, am I the only weak Italian here then?
Ex-Muslim Libertarian
Ex-Muslim Libertarian 12 dager siden
Joe: there’s no way he can lift a 100lbs. Also Joe: Oh he’s Italian?!?! Hmmm I mean he’s bigger than me and you can do it if you’re strong! Also he’s Italian. So yes
Ex-Muslim Libertarian
Ex-Muslim Libertarian 11 dager siden
@Monk Killedababy my ancestry is Persian afghan. And Persians are very elitist. I think every culture has some extent of that elitism tho. Yes Irish and Scottish are a humble people.
Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy 11 dager siden
@Ex-Muslim Libertarian Ah you mean the first part of your username? It’s somewhat similar to perennial middle eastern powers; that sense of “We invented everything so were the best!”. Any culture who held massive power at some point, still hold onto a small amount of elitism. I’m scottish and Irish so... hard to be elitist lol.
Ex-Muslim Libertarian
Ex-Muslim Libertarian 11 dager siden
@Monk Killedababy lmao it sounds a lot like my culture. We’re similar in that mentality
Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy 11 dager siden
This is why us people forced to grow up around almost all italians... hate italians. They're sooo elitist.
HkFinn83 12 dager siden
The Midnight Meat Train was based on an excellent short story by Clive Barker of Hellraiser game. Go read and enjoy.
enter a name here
enter a name here 12 dager siden
I can shoulder press a 100 pound dumbbell, don't workout these days. And I am Italian born. I got what people call, retard strength.
enter a name here
enter a name here 12 dager siden
Get a hair cut, get rid of the pretentious glasses, become the most influential podcaster in podcast history, then talk. He does what works for him, he has no plans on influencing anyone but maybe his friends, that's why he brings everyone and everything on his show. The jealousy and hate is strong.
Ryan Musarra
Ryan Musarra 12 dager siden
I can't believe the day came where you do a minute long sponsor.
Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy 11 dager siden
Isnt it beautiful, our boy is out here getting paid
grenadas21 12 dager siden
Jesús Christ kid just stop. We get it your the next Illuminati over lord. Don’t ever disrespect goggins or rogan u toe eyed cabbage
Mitchell L
Mitchell L 12 dager siden
Is this kid for real?
Don Mcmillan
Don Mcmillan 12 dager siden
I use to listen to Joe all the time but came to the realization he’s a tool. He’s a closet Republican
Trinmigular shrobatorli
Trinmigular shrobatorli 10 dager siden
I also think he leans republican too... His only good at MMA analysis , and like this guy said he is kind of well rounded, knows a lil bit about a lot of things. Which does make him an interesting conversationalist. For some reason , he got really repetitive and boring for me.
Brandon Dunn
Brandon Dunn 13 dager siden
He’s not even grunting or anything moving that weight.
Monk Killedababy
Monk Killedababy 11 dager siden
and the weigfht aint shifting, its clearly a troll video. funny vid, idiotic response.
Shawn Bechard
Shawn Bechard 13 dager siden
Jamie, AKA Fingers, is Joe Rogan's personal Hacker/talent scout/information gatherer/psychic guide.
Sential 13 dager siden
Lol why are people acting like it’s not possible 🤷🏿‍♂️.
Sad Person
Sad Person 14 dager siden
All the elk meat is blocking his neural pathways.
Murukuru Kuru
Murukuru Kuru 14 dager siden
Dude,there were guys arguing that Joe is natty,even after he admiitted himself that he is on roids and HGH......
Barzin Lotfabadi
Barzin Lotfabadi 13 dager siden
he what now
rubbnnrnjo 14 dager siden
hahaha you just hurt a lot of Joe Rogan's fans feelings, look at all the dislikes this video has lmao unbelievable
Dirty Dan 176
Dirty Dan 176 14 dager siden
Maybe if he was consistent and honest when criticizing Joe people wouldn’t have a problem also people watch his podcasts for what the guests have to say not Joe
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart 15 dager siden
Problem with Rogan is that he knows just a bit more about everything than a lot of his listeners, and they, not knowing any better, believe him. Rogan admits he's not that smart, but then he acts like an expert on a lot of subjects, classic Dunning-Kruger. But he defies a simple explanation. He opens people's eyes to a lot of subjects and ideas, but he also is a big spreader of disinformation.
Saad Malik
Saad Malik 15 dager siden
This guy is pathetic. He literally goes after people knowing the backlash will get him likes and make him more popular.
Anderson Lynn
Anderson Lynn 15 dager siden
That’s why you don’t smoke weed before your show joe
Warren Davidson
Warren Davidson 15 dager siden
I feel like he was high as shit when he said all of this on his podcast 💀 they’ve smoked quite a few times on that podcast
Mateusz Abramczuk
Mateusz Abramczuk 15 dager siden
I hate this kind od channels. They criticize everything without posting any creative and meaningfull content. The fact that as thumbnail it have cartoon with third eye is infuriating and cringe at the same time when you consider what content is actually posted.
Rodrigo Cisneros
Rodrigo Cisneros 15 dager siden
If i think of a biden supporter,that supports violence,this guy would be the first one to come up
James Taylor
James Taylor 15 dager siden
Possibly you are the delusional one.... If you don’t at least consider that , and self analyze your motives,, if you surround yourself by those who never critique you then..... you could be delusional
Jester 6262
Jester 6262 16 dager siden
The one thing that I’ve seen Joe be consistently wrong about is bodybuilding and weightlifting. We have some serious mass monsters at my local meat head gym and not one of them could do that.
Shawn Toner
Shawn Toner 16 dager siden
who's this chick?
FuuuckOffff 16 dager siden
Joe Rogan fans are very gullible. He has full on conspiracy theorists on, like guys that think aliens built the pyramids, and 99.9% of the comments are people buying it. My theory is that it's the high prevalence of drug use. Their third eye is too open.
FuuuckOffff 16 dager siden
I like Joe Rogan but he is a total dummy.
Michael Ellingsworth
Michael Ellingsworth 16 dager siden
Gaudentas_ Valiūnas_SW
Gaudentas_ Valiūnas_SW 16 dager siden
Upon this video,Joe and you delusional in just different ways
Kyle Tyers
Kyle Tyers 17 dager siden
I understand the sentiment of this video, but this is not a good example of someone being delusional. Brevity is important.
Jadon 17 dager siden
I like His podcast because he talks to a lot of smart interesting people. But this vid make me be more cautious of what he says
Thomas v
Thomas v 17 timer siden
I liked his podcast when I was 18 but a lot of what he says is just wrong, specially on social issues. I still enjoy his podcast from time to time but I take it more as a bro talking about conspiracy theories in a bar, it's fun to listen to but a lot of what he says is just factually wrong.
Rodrigo Cisneros
Rodrigo Cisneros 4 dager siden
@Evangel Bear still why tf you get salty if i call joe rogan a badass? He is a badass in my opinion on his podcast,not in general
Rodrigo Cisneros
Rodrigo Cisneros 4 dager siden
@Evangel Bear its my second
Evangel Bear
Evangel Bear 4 dager siden
@Rodrigo Cisneros mate dw about it’s obvious English isn’t your first language
Rodrigo Cisneros
Rodrigo Cisneros 4 dager siden
@Evangel Bear and also i didnt know what you meant by 12vy
Prasun 17 dager siden
People who take JRE literally for every word. Haven't watched the early episodes. Its all shit talking ya kids.
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