We Made The Only Honest Award Show - Introducing The Steamies - Frenemies #15

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Mikalyn Hay
Mikalyn Hay 11 minutter siden
Trisha here: I want to make amends with Jeffery ... Jeffery: stands by his BFF as he literally threatens and doxes Trisha
Haley Loftin
Haley Loftin 40 minutter siden
I'm a great candidate for the next h3 bachelorette. How do I send my application 🤣
Juicy Tenderloin
Juicy Tenderloin 46 minutter siden
I miss Shane :(
Vanity Plates
Vanity Plates 51 minutt siden
Huh. 1:08:08
Fatts Fatts
Fatts Fatts 58 minutter siden
Ethan is becoming such a p***y. Too PC
Carly Lane
Carly Lane Time siden
Love the podcast I just wish they could admit how awful of a person Shane Dawson is
Kassidy Hurt
Kassidy Hurt Time siden
I love Trish idk why
LoserLyah 2 timer siden
You guys need to make split merch link and black with matching sweatpants oooof I’d give you my life savings
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 timer siden
Ethan: who’s going to Maui Trish: you guys Ethan: I would love to go to Maui
piby 180
piby 180 4 timer siden
wtf youtube recommended me? Where the fk am I? who is this karen? why the dude moving his eyebrows like that? AHHHHHHHH
Haley Loftin
Haley Loftin 4 timer siden
"I think I was really harsh on Jeffree last year" aged well
__ 5 timer siden
Toxic-ass Trisha is still around?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 timer siden
I see trish I click
Heather Petro
Heather Petro 5 timer siden
Ethan should have let Trisha open some of the envelopes and make the announcements.
StarryDynamo7079 5 timer siden
Ppl think I make alot but I spend alot.............. LMFAO 😂
Shannon 6 timer siden
Tana Mogeau is so much worse then James Charles what are you talking about
Lisa Karts
Lisa Karts 6 timer siden
i live really close to Old Jaffa. it's breath taking !!!!
bugbugbug 6 timer siden
why the fuck are they so positive abt shane and they underplay it so much and at the same time say james and others are evil just because she doesn’t like him?? at least acknowledge it man.... also trish is so back and forth being hyperwoke with the people she doesn’t like and completely ignoring things with people she does
//. 7 timer siden
It’s definitely been pointed out but the fact that Trisha wants to get married in Maui because Adam Sandler did in Just Go With It, incredible.
Lizzy Grant
Lizzy Grant 9 timer siden
I wonder if that Willow Smith thing Trisha brought out is just what Shane Dawson bitches about to his friends behind closed doors🥴
SlipZest 10 timer siden
this is gross with a capital gay
SlipZest 10 timer siden
lol canceld
- MurMur -
- MurMur - 10 timer siden
Favourite episode so far. It is an overall feel good start to 2021, especially when we all need it during tough times! 💕
Valeria Martinez
Valeria Martinez 12 timer siden
i’m with trisha, i also hate jacksfilms lmao i haven’t really seen his content but i can’t stand him idk why
Jordan 13 timer siden
Is the star behind Ethan’s head bothering anyone else or just me??? Like I love this episode but man it’s so distracting 😂
Naia Hendricks
Naia Hendricks 14 timer siden
1:28:49 DYING to know what she was going to say about Quentin Tarantino
Merci 15 timer siden
When I heard Trisha say she wanted to end the beef with Jeffree, after coming from Twitter and seeing their beef today.
Jayla Butters
Jayla Butters 15 timer siden
faith miller
faith miller 15 timer siden
I see trish I click
Jolie Maples
Jolie Maples 16 timer siden
So I guess Ethan is really mad about that puzzle??? Ever seen those coke/dr pepper bottles that have prizes under the caps? Or, the McDonald’s boardwalk games? I guess y’all really don’t see a lot of these food places that have cups with peeling stickers of prizes? Grocery stores with games? Seriously? Ethan can’t be this stupid.
junkmoon 》
junkmoon 》 5 timer siden
I think the difference there is that they're buying an item and getting a lottery entry as a side gift. Like they're getting food and soda still. The puzzle is literally just an expensive lottery ticket
Melissa Pimm
Melissa Pimm 16 timer siden
Omg I love the nominee voice, it kills me🤣🤣🤣
Melissa Pimm
Melissa Pimm 16 timer siden
Omg I love the nominee voice, it kills me🤣🤣🤣
Tess House
Tess House 18 timer siden
Trisha: «well at least people realize it’s brutal» Yeah well it’s for several extremely good reasons. Brutal doesn’t mean undeserved, I mean ethan just said it was originally called Best Cancellation...
Kelsey Parker
Kelsey Parker 18 timer siden
Give Moses a mic 2021
Tess House
Tess House 19 timer siden
Okay but how is being friends with minors disgusting? Dating? Yes. Disgusting. But being friends with a minor AND WHEN HE’S GAY AND SHE’S A GIRL?! Wtf trisha?
Cassie Donaldson
Cassie Donaldson 6 timer siden
I agree 100%. She’s reaching.
Evelyn Doyle
Evelyn Doyle 19 timer siden
this is my favorite episode
Zach Pelletier
Zach Pelletier 20 timer siden
*sigh* ok... I don’t wanna tell Trisha she’s not allowed to hate James, cause that’s none of my business, but I’m tired of the “he’s friends with a minor” excuse... there’s like a 4 year age gap between him and Charli... Trisha was friends with trevor Moran when he was 14 and she was like 25. Hell, Not only friends, but Shane and Trisha made a video where they had Trevor dance for them (which is now deleted, probably because of Shane’s controversies)
jude M23
jude M23 20 timer siden
Becoming engaged did wonders for Trisha! I guess she really was just scared to lose Moses. That’s why she had all those breakdowns.
Beth 20 timer siden
Ever since Jenna and Julien stopped making their podcasts, I've been struggling to find good ones. This is slowly becoming a favourite, anyone got any other recommendations?
RandomX312 21 time siden
30:00 is when the actual awards start
Liz Kubis
Liz Kubis 22 timer siden
This episode was so amazing omfg
Sonia Cruz
Sonia Cruz 22 timer siden
1:00:27 she wasn’t shirtless, how was that sexual🤢? they weren’t dating, they are friends till this day. While Shane literally pretended to nut while looking at a image of her 🤦‍♀️
Hannah Zakel
Hannah Zakel 22 timer siden
This forsure is my fav episode I love Trisha sm. Congratulations 🌼
Thana Tegos
Thana Tegos 23 timer siden
Trisha Paytas is my actual hero.
C F Dag siden
bro James is the cringiest human on this planet.. i wish i had his lack of self awareness lmao
Cat Waltho
Cat Waltho Dag siden
You guys need a split block coloured hoodie pink and black frenemies merch hoodie 🧡🧡🧡🧡
Mathias Kjeldgaard
Mathias Kjeldgaard Dag siden
This episode is soooo god
Stacey Gram
Stacey Gram Dag siden
"Women have been fucked with for so long" Ethan is completely brainwashed by feminism. Sad to see.
dr. wumbo
dr. wumbo 2 timer siden
@Stacey Gram what did you eat for breakfast today Stacey?
Stacey Gram
Stacey Gram 2 timer siden
@dr. wumbo Keeping digging yourself deeper, dummy...
dr. wumbo
dr. wumbo 2 timer siden
@Stacey Gram 🤪🤪🤪durrrr🤪😎😎🤕😈
Stacey Gram
Stacey Gram 12 timer siden
@dr. wumbo Yeah, it is, honey. Seems like you're projecting again.
dr. wumbo
dr. wumbo 17 timer siden
@Stacey Gram hmm that’s not the correct use of the word “projecting” bruv
Peanut Butter Atheist
Peanut Butter Atheist Dag siden
Wait when was pyrocynical canceled haven’t heard of him in years since leafy drama days. What did he do?
katherine pantziki
katherine pantziki Dag siden
The only 2020 youtube rewind well get. Trisha winning most dramatic youtuber is everything
Stacey Gram
Stacey Gram Dag siden
Surely the Biggest Covidiot award should've gone to Nancy Pelosi.
Lizzie Kys
Lizzie Kys Dag siden
shane dawson should not be allowed back on youtube lol weirdo
Abby Ollila
Abby Ollila Dag siden
Aw Trisha is so happy in this episode, great to see :)
Tania Franiuk
Tania Franiuk Dag siden
fun fact: Nevada doesn’t have a lottery because the gambling industry lobbied against it :,)
Jess Weetman
Jess Weetman Dag siden
You need to do a bachelorette with contra
zoe Dag siden
I'm really upset on the lack of comments talking about how handsome Ethan looks in this episode.
Name loading...
Name loading... Dag siden
Igli Sullaj
Igli Sullaj Dag siden
If Trisha is still "relevant" and still here, James is not going away any time soon
ThePolygator Dag siden
27:09 can you imagine ethan at the stadion with a clitlicker in his hand pretending its a fan? xD
Toxic 4
Toxic 4 Dag siden
I agree with Ethan with the bitch thing
Trisha Potato
Trisha Potato Dag siden
I think Moses is going to lose weight, a lot of weight...
Trisha Potato
Trisha Potato Dag siden
Moses a feeder and a runner boy for sure.
Cierra Blair
Cierra Blair Dag siden
I miss Jenna marbles so muchhh ugh
Casey Chase
Casey Chase Dag siden
Beautiful ring. Congrats Trisha!
Reema r
Reema r Dag siden
I can see Crystal Ball using the clip of Tati being nominated as Mean girl as an evidence for her defence 😆 she is hanging on any youtube video she can possibly find.
Steph Tan
Steph Tan Dag siden
The nine lead densply tumble because wash mechanistically observe within a seemly stepmother. apathetic, helpless cricket
crazy bitxh
crazy bitxh Dag siden
Oh man she is suffering so much from DID.
Jakers Piggly
Jakers Piggly Dag siden
But Dixie’s songs are actually gooooddddddd
Sofia Calista
Sofia Calista Dag siden
jenna didnt get cancelled bc of what content she did back then. she got cancelled bc she let the idiots get to her and cancelled herself.
Mia Chapman
Mia Chapman Dag siden
Trisha being happy makes me happy
?[ HeŁŁy ]¿
?[ HeŁŁy ]¿ Dag siden
Peppo Dag siden
Does ethan not know shane kissed 12 year old girls at meet and greets -
Sati Dag siden
I love these two together. Very entertaining lol
Peanut Butter Atheist
Peanut Butter Atheist Dag siden
Expensive rings are so useless
Trisha Potato
Trisha Potato Dag siden
It says about a man’s wallet.
Elo M
Elo M Dag siden
Um Shane actually kissed an underaged fan ... and had a detailed sexual conversation with his minor cousin .. what he did was illegal to say he was cancelled over only jokes is extremely wrong
Peanut Butter Atheist
Peanut Butter Atheist Dag siden
Women always be shopping
hen ko
hen ko Dag siden
OMG I love it so much?
Christian Barajas
Christian Barajas Dag siden
Ethan: Can we engrave it Ian: Yeah, uh, we can get a little knife and engrave it.
Brittani Bee
Brittani Bee Dag siden
the fact that she said she is going to be there til the end with Ethan made my heart so happy to hear 💕
Haley Loftin
Haley Loftin Dag siden
Omg this is awesome
hen ko
hen ko Dag siden
56:15 best segment of the show lol.
Anna Rorie
Anna Rorie Dag siden
When trisha was like “only for liberals” i felt that
Pp poo Poo
Pp poo Poo Dag siden
Who’s pyro? I lost it
AnimexEmerald Dag siden
Ethan Ily bitch is mean thank you for being you ❤️
yerimie Dag siden
i don’t really like the way she’s defending shane especially with the willow smith thing... like just because she was dating someone over 20 doesn’t justify shane’s “joke” about her... also the way they are defending shane over his past... ok...
yerimie 13 timer siden
@Annie Hanlin yea me too, after that comment i had to close out and haven’t watched it since.. like i get you are friends with him but the way you defend him to the ends of the earth with no regards to how those effected feel? it’s so disgusting to me,, just because it’s in his “past” doesn’t mean it’s justified or forgiven by those who were effected...
Annie Hanlin
Annie Hanlin Dag siden
I couldn’t even finish the podcast after “this is a pro Shane, anti James Charles channel”. It’s shocking how much people don’t understand how absolutely horrid the things Shane has done are
cera tops
cera tops Dag siden
26:23 SENT ME
3247 Dag siden
Great duo
3247 Dag siden
ozzy rules
ozzy rules Dag siden
Pyro deserves the most brutal cancellation because of how exaggerated it was
Gera Z
Gera Z Dag siden
Sorry I might have to disagree we don’t want Shane back nor was his cancellation not deserved it was well deserved like you can’t deny that
Nikki Lynn
Nikki Lynn Dag siden
Can y’all please stop with the fat phobia? It’s a stain
Television Tracker
Television Tracker Dag siden
Will and Jada did talk about being upset about the picture when it came out, thats very easy stuff to find. However they said they don’t do punishment (I think that’s dumb but it’s their choice)
hhavanaa Dag siden
Shane Dawson should have been in the apologies section
hhavanaa Dag siden
No sympathy
Xi Dag siden
WTF the pro shane podcast comment????
Sylvie Dag siden
56:15 best segment of the show lol.
Mika Kovacs
Mika Kovacs Dag siden
trump should be nominated for account ban next year
Iva Mladenova
Iva Mladenova Dag siden
Did Trisha say she's a gay male herself..
Trisha Potato
Trisha Potato Dag siden
She’s a lot of things.
Iva Mladenova
Iva Mladenova Dag siden
I thought she dropped this act but no 😳
juu Dag siden
Baguette Yuh
Baguette Yuh Dag siden
41:41 ok sis.........
The Good Owl
The Good Owl Dag siden
Love this podcast, but it makes me nauseous how much they defend Shane. No sympathy for groomers.
TheMinipasila Dag siden
they should have had pewdiepie review those apology videos since he is a professional on them
blew skidoo
blew skidoo Dag siden
i can't stand being called a bitch, ethan, because i've had people use that word to put me down A LOT.
frida !
frida ! Dag siden
it fills my with joy to see trisha that happy it’s like contagious
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