Suspek sa Christine Dacera case lumantad; kampo ng biktima may apela | TV Patrol

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11 dager siden

Umapela ang kampo ng nasawing flight attendant na itigil na ang victim-blaming. Lumantad naman ang isa sa mga suspek.
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Josefina Cutillon
Josefina Cutillon Time siden
Finlan Asuno
Finlan Asuno 4 timer siden
Wag mag judge na lalaki padin sila.gagao imbistigahan nyo
Abra Martinez
Abra Martinez 5 timer siden
Para sakin bakit po,Hindi ipina Alam sa magulang bago xa balsamuhin,,.isipin din natin, hospital ba o PNP.
OLD-Perez, Vincent_3PT
OLD-Perez, Vincent_3PT 10 timer siden
Di tuloy nila natuloy balak nila
jovejoy Vasquez
jovejoy Vasquez 11 timer siden
Pinainom yn nang party drug
beberly gumapac
beberly gumapac 11 timer siden
Tama yan sir lalaki parin sila
Raeg Suluco
Raeg Suluco 18 timer siden
Pag na hindi sya na turn on sa babae baka na turn off sya kay kristin. Dahil boyfreind ni Valentine si Gregorio de guzman kaya baka cpr nya tinuluyan daw turn off kay kristin dahil laging magkasama si kristin at valentine. Siguro baka selos at na turn off sa babaeng c Kristin si gregorio.
Jennefer Decena
Jennefer Decena 18 timer siden
h&h&hh&&&ouh51 Lagi baby ko
roger acebuche
roger acebuche 21 time siden
tama ser mabohay k ser
Franklin Ramos
Franklin Ramos 22 timer siden
To po #ko 09519025104
Marianne Senobago
Marianne Senobago Dag siden
Tumutulo Ang bibig mo ?bakit? Baka nmn luha.
Hazel Lumain
Hazel Lumain Dag siden
Bkit nka pag report pa itong abs cbn dba paso na franvhise nito shit
R s
R s Dag siden
mharvin Abalo
mharvin Abalo Dag siden
Brylle Jeff
Brylle Jeff Dag siden
Drug test na yan.
G E Dag siden
Sana maayos na ‘tong case ni Dacera. Balikan naman yung ... -Mag-ina na nabaril -Nawawalang P15B sa PhilHealth -Yung nagpakamalang holdaper na nabaril Sige lang po, feel free to add some issues na hindi ko na-mention dito. I don’t have any grudges sa inyo (for you to know ☺️). Let your frustrations be heard about the current state of our country and let the people heard you 📢 CTTO original owner.
Kahit Saan
Kahit Saan Dag siden
Halatang balisa at hindi siya mapalagay
Yhaniieza Tv
Yhaniieza Tv Dag siden
Wlang Laban Kasi Mataas sa Afp tatay Ni Christine tapos mukang pera nanay niyang c Sharon gumagawa kwento para makuha Lang Ang 2MIL. Nanyo ! Sinisira niyo buhay Ng ibang Tao para Lang sa pera sa insurance Ni christine .. !!!
roger acebuche
roger acebuche Dag siden
dapat wagpakawalan ekolong
madeline levy
madeline levy 2 dager siden
This is a drug related incidents! With the bruises that christine dacera had, It shows that there is exactly a foul play or she was sexually assaulted. The main suspects would rather be the friends of friends of dacera and if that is the case all of her actual best friends are held liable and guilty.
Gemma Sarillana
Gemma Sarillana 2 dager siden
tanggalin na ito at e doposit na sa kulungan
Melita Manalo
Melita Manalo 2 dager siden
why you go to many boys
rawr 2 dager siden
Moral of the story: Never drink to much and don't trust anyone when partying and when you feel drunk go home already.
lhady bozzz
lhady bozzz 2 dager siden
Sabi nya sya nagalis sa bath tub para icpr?pero sabi nung rommel sa isang interview sya ang nagalis sa bath tub...sino ba talaga sa inyo???🙄🤪
bianca💙 2 dager siden
May mga words sya sinabi sa interview .. nung HINA at GINA.. namin sya.. di nya tinuloy.. ano yung HINA AT GINA.. MAy mga netizens nagsabi hinalay at ginahasa.. omg
Iza Tatak
Iza Tatak 2 dager siden
crush ko si manong pulis! 😙
Maxi Heince
Maxi Heince 2 dager siden
Who's psychologist here? can you read him?
rjrex8 16 timer siden
Tess Leonor
Tess Leonor 2 dager siden
Sana kc bigay nu na po ang sap
Zee Why
Zee Why 2 dager siden
May na leak na daw na-video about dyan ih. Pinanuod ko kanina.
Mamaserye Vlog
Mamaserye Vlog 2 dager siden
Ano yong word na " Gina? 2:18 listen nyo po muntik na syang ma buking sa sinabi nya
Pinoy Creative Channel
Pinoy Creative Channel 2 dager siden
Pag natapos to ,, yung philhelth nman dapat pagusapan
ChloexPlayz YT
ChloexPlayz YT 2 dager siden
gina, what-!?
super geyme
super geyme 2 dager siden
mr. G
mr. G 2 dager siden
"di namin siya iniwan. inalagaan namin siya." inalagaan saan ? sa drugs ?
Jumar Yamot
Jumar Yamot 2 dager siden
drugs ang eh ikinimatay jaan sa girl party drugs yan ayaw laang nila mag salita ng party drugs kc mapahiya sila overdose yan ang kinimatay nyan
Betty Wee
Betty Wee 2 dager siden
Lotto Pch0 T0dy
Cassie 2 dager siden
Oh, you look cool though.
myrs Kie
myrs Kie 2 dager siden
Hina....ginah...binuhat. Anu ba tlga
WAG I CHANGEPASS 2 dager siden
2:18 naalala daw nya nung gina! Warm pa nga naman.
Boardickz Unlimited
Boardickz Unlimited 2 dager siden
Ang isang suspek ay mananatiling inosente hanggat hindi nahatulan ng korte. Tama ba?
Boardickz Unlimited
Boardickz Unlimited 2 dager siden
@Cassie Thank You very much. Hope to create more videos about Inspirational & motivations. Good Luck to me.
Cassie 2 dager siden
I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???
Pilipio Fungi
Pilipio Fungi 2 dager siden
Manyak mukha mo balbas sarado
Mommy Timstar Vlog
Mommy Timstar Vlog 2 dager siden
Kung inaalagaan Nyo dapat dinala Nyo Na Sa hospital nagsuka suka Na eh. Nanghina Na si Christine.
Mikey Canvas
Mikey Canvas 2 dager siden
Well, who cares about my opinion but I will put it out there anyway.. The skeptic in me casts considerable doubt as to the veracity of the suspects' account of the incident that led to christine's tragic ending. From my perspective, it seems only half of the real story was revealed depicting a scenario of a mere death that simply took its course without a cause that warrants a suspicion of a foul play. By putting it plain and simple so that any speculation of a felony can be ruled out, the suspects hoped for the public to buy their version of the story so they all can get off the hook easily, walk away freely, and get on with their life without being held accountable.. Hmmm.. BUT THIS CASE AIN'T OVER JUST YET. They probably thought they could just get away that fast huh!!! The public needs to know the whole story to find answers to christine's tragic end. Something fishy is lurking in the dark that demands further probing and to drill down deeper into the core to uncover the hidden truth that lies beneath the surface until a valuable lead or evidence is found that could be the missing piece of the puzzle and helps connect the dots to solve the mystery surrounding this case. Although, their side of the story may have some truths to it, we cannot discount the possiblity of sugar coating coupled with fabricated LIES inorder to cover their asses. Valentine probably knew something as he too was in the room 2207 w/ christine when he went to pick her up. He's probably just too scared to spill the beans for fear that it could open a whole lot of cans of worms that may implicate personalities whom they're trying to shield from the public's wrath and prying eyes...JUST HANG ON FOLKS and DON'T LET GO! Just like in any mystery novels, the plot starts to thicken, albeit gradually, but we've yet to see the there might be a SURPRISING TWIST at the end 😲.. Kindly hit the "THUMBS UP" 👍icon below if you agree with me and thanks for reading my comment 😁.
Ardie Montesa
Ardie Montesa 2 dager siden
Nasubrahan lng Yan sa inom at wag na pahabain pa Yan parang Rico Yan Lang Yan
Alexandria 2 dager siden
kung yung views dito napunta nalang sa mv's ng SB19 HAHAHAHAHA
Tobias burinaga ensio Jr Tobiasburinaga ensio jr
Tobias burinaga ensio Jr Tobiasburinaga ensio jr 2 dager siden
Saakin hindi ka bkla
Tobias burinaga ensio Jr Tobiasburinaga ensio jr
Tobias burinaga ensio Jr Tobiasburinaga ensio jr 2 dager siden
Ikolong nlang sila lahat pag nag dusa Yan aamin din Yan
Viole Sapalleda
Viole Sapalleda 2 dager siden
Bt nagkaganun c cristine..
Viole Sapalleda
Viole Sapalleda 2 dager siden yan.
Viole Sapalleda
Viole Sapalleda 2 dager siden
Tama ang pulis ..lalake cila..
Viole Sapalleda
Viole Sapalleda 2 dager siden
Cgurado yan.hinde parang...
Viole Sapalleda
Viole Sapalleda 2 dager siden
Viole Sapalleda
Viole Sapalleda 2 dager siden
Kilangan kong kaibigan kayo bt pinabayaan nyo?
It's me Paulo
It's me Paulo 2 dager siden
Kinaumagahan Tapos Tanghali?.ANO UN Kakalito ang report mo BOY reporter DAPAT Kinabukasan ng Tanghali 12nn
Marivic Taguinod
Marivic Taguinod 2 dager siden
Dapat makulong ang mga yan
Sponge Cat Lady
Sponge Cat Lady 2 dager siden
Sayang sa oras
Dolly Dalton
Dolly Dalton 2 dager siden
Sunungaling si Gigo! May pinagtatakpan
Celia Ramos
Celia Ramos 2 dager siden
Magkakasabwat , alam ng lahat yan , lalaki yan sana kung tt yan ,
Oliver De Guzman
Oliver De Guzman 3 dager siden
Bat ganyan kau ***
jen Matas
jen Matas 3 dager siden
I feel fishy ky deguzman ng iisip pa cya kng ano ang sasabihin
Frank Singua
Frank Singua 3 dager siden
Marie Jan Vlogs
Marie Jan Vlogs 3 dager siden
this guy looks so guilty..
soinu foig
soinu foig 3 dager siden
Hey!! Great vid!!
Perla Gallego
Perla Gallego 3 dager siden
Tama lalaki pa rin sila.
Perla Gallego
Perla Gallego 3 dager siden
Gay lang po kayo pero may pusong attracted ka pa rin sa mga sey at maganda.
Ehm Brondial
Ehm Brondial 3 dager siden
ang talino talaga ng pulis nakakainis..hindi lahat ah pero nakakainis tong pulis na to
soinu foig
soinu foig 3 dager siden
Hillsview-royalle 3 dager siden
Pareparehas ang tube ng music parang yung sinasaulo na may script
My TV 3 dager siden
2:18 naalala ko "gina... " Muntik madulas😂
rjrex8 16 timer siden
Pansin ko
Jaimealdueso Jr
Jaimealdueso Jr 2 dager siden
gina? ginahasa?
Angela Taghoy
Angela Taghoy 3 dager siden
Grabe nmn mka judge bka sabi lng nya gina means naalala namin na “ginawa” u know he was nervous so ganun talaga ngkaka stammer pero it doesn’t mean guilty sya. Let’s wait and see,,. Kita naman sa video na masaya sila, baka nilagyan lang drugs ung ininom ni Christine pero d inakala na mamamatay xa. Like me before nung nag inoman kmi ng friends ko, ung drinks ng friend ko may nilagay ako pro not drugs it was mix with beer, whiskey, wine sa beer can nya like it was lots of different varieties of alcohol, Tas my other friend told me na wag ko gawin uli un kc delikado daw meron daw kc iba inaatake pg grabe ung mix ng alcohol. Malay natin ganun din ginawa nun kai Christine tas Namatay negligence un sa sino mang naglagay ng drugs. Kc drugs with alcohol delikado:
Nexus CS:GO
Nexus CS:GO 3 dager siden
Baka yung wine o alcohol may deprensha
Kiah Aye Torreliza Manalo
Kiah Aye Torreliza Manalo 3 dager siden
2:18 confirmed!
Bhabes Busilacan
Bhabes Busilacan 3 dager siden
Marami pong klasing ganyan kaso dito sa japan. Kaya po pinagbabawalan na wag mgbababad sa ofuro or onsen or bathtub,
kenny lomongo
kenny lomongo 3 dager siden
Ako Si Kingboks
Ako Si Kingboks 3 dager siden
Muntik nang madulas s wod na gina______ 😂😂
KEETHAN 3 dager siden
Sabihin ninyo ang totoo
Lemuel Tarucan
Lemuel Tarucan 3 dager siden
Let the NBI do the investigation.
Chona Quibuyen
Chona Quibuyen 3 dager siden
Ma drama pra d halata
Mae Ann Gorreon Balimbingan
Mae Ann Gorreon Balimbingan 3 dager siden
Review sa 2:10seconds. Muntikan siyang madulas. Parang ang word na yun e Hinawakan/Ginahasa pero iniba nalang niya ang salita. Nagdalawang isip kong ano ang sasabihin napatigil siya bigla sa pagsasalita e.
Jovy Quezada
Jovy Quezada 3 dager siden
Dapat mahuli na agad Ang sangkot sa crimen
Jassimboy Paragas
Jassimboy Paragas 3 dager siden
McNair hm, vt. Gikhy
John Carlo Mendoza
John Carlo Mendoza 3 dager siden
Jerico Albao
Jerico Albao 3 dager siden
The police looks like he kept on insisting that they are on drugs. The best way to prove their innocence is to have a drug test, and the suspects should always look for the results kasi we don't know yet the probability that the test can be paid to change the result. For me, the suspects are not guilty based on how they say their side, you can see that they are telling the truth. Also, come to think of it, if those 5 people raped the victim, do you think they will still help her and bring her to hospital? Oh come on! Isa pa bakit ipina imbalsamo agad yung katawan na doon makakuha ang mga evidence. If they really wanted to prove the suspects to be guilty, they shouldn't have done first yung pag imbalsamo. It was just my opinion because that was the biggest loophole I could see.
winterrowd 19
winterrowd 19 3 dager siden
Alice in Borderland: Witch hunt with Ten of Hearts difficulty
rjrex8 16 timer siden
Ganda series nyan!
Peter tv
Peter tv 3 dager siden
Nita Tadiaque
Nita Tadiaque 3 dager siden
Beki? Hmmm may mga lawit pa rin cla at tinatayuan pa rin waaaah mga silahis kumbaga
Marissa Singson
Marissa Singson 3 dager siden
Iyang lalaki n iyang mukha siya nagdrugdrug
Noel Casaljay
Noel Casaljay 3 dager siden
Meron ako napansin sa kanya Yong body language mukhang may alam sya. Tingnan nyo maigi.
arog Tv
arog Tv 3 dager siden
Lawak na ng isyu kasi maganda, how about kung pangit yung tao lalawak ba kaya ang isyo👎
Anna Ong
Anna Ong 3 dager siden
Mitt Obama
Mitt Obama 4 dager siden
2:15 "Naalala ko malambot pa sya, naalala ko nung hina(hawakan)..gina" gahasa ko pa sya ..warm pa sya.
Mitt Obama
Mitt Obama 3 dager siden
@multi stan b Haha I just quoted what he's saying or meant to say but stopped short of. In Tagalog, nadulas.
multi stan b
multi stan b 3 dager siden
Di po siya nirape. Ok???
concern citizen
concern citizen 4 dager siden
Bka ung mga pulis ang rapist
ad urpina
ad urpina 4 dager siden
mayroon din makukunsensya dyan sa hinuli 'kung may ginawa sila
Agnes Brown
Agnes Brown 4 dager siden
Look the way his action nya , i don't trust him , wait for the result.
Jisselle May Montenegro
Jisselle May Montenegro 4 dager siden
We can no longer trust pnp. Andami nang pangyyre puro case closed. Walang maayos na imbestigasyon.
Susan Howard
Susan Howard 4 dager siden
Nkikita naman Sa cctv Kahit putul putol Kahit sino mag comm Iisa LNG ang comm Bkit Kasi sya LNG ang babae. Condolences Rest in peace na lng Kahit sino pag friend Hindi sya iiwanan We believe to those Friends. Sympri nkaka Pagud Kya. Khit Kung Ako ang nka Sama niya. My dear iiwanan KO sya. Pero Hindi sya Iniwan . Tunay silang Friends. Ikaw na Yong Tumulong ikaw pa Yong napasama. Now You guys learn your Lesson. Wag na wag Kyong sasama Sa party Ng babae Lalo pa't marami Kyong lalake. Means nag Hahanap Ng damay. Lalo pa't Kung my Problema . Don't ever Ever do that again . My god 🙏🙏🙏 bless You all and help you I believe you guys are Innocent. Pray LNG tyo.the truth we'll come out . Good luck
Azir Madalada
Azir Madalada 4 dager siden
new year nangyari, ang sperms doon sa kanya ay nadecompost na siguro, samples must be preserved since at first for analysis
juan masipag
juan masipag 4 dager siden
Sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, isa lamang ang aking masasabi: Matakot ka sa Diyos at sundin mo ang kanyang mga utos sapagkat ito ang buong katungkulan ng tao. Lahat ng gawin natin, hayag man o lihim, mabuti o masama ay ipagsusulit natin sa Diyos. Ang Mangangaral 12:13‭-‬14 19 Hindi maikakaila ang mga gawa ng laman: pakikiapid, kahalayan at kalaswaan; 20 pagsamba sa diyus-diyosan, pangkukulam, pagkapoot, pag-aaway-away, pagseselos, pagkakagalit at kasakiman, pagkakampi-kampi at pagkakabaha-bahagi, 21 pagkainggit, [pagpatay] paglalasing, walang habas na pagsasaya, at iba pang katulad nito. Muli ko kayong binabalaan: ang gumagawa ng mga ito ay hindi magkakaroon ng bahagi sa kaharian ng Diyos. 22 Subalit ang bunga ng Espiritu ay pag-ibig, kagalakan, kapayapaan, pagtitiyaga, kabaitan, kabutihan, katapatan, 23 kahinahunan, at pagpipigil sa sarili. Walang batas laban sa mga ganito. Galacia 5:19-23 25 Tinalikuran nila ang katotohanan tungkol sa Diyos at pinalitan ng kasinungalingan. Sinamba nila at pinaglingkuran ang mga nilikha, sa halip na ang lumikha, na siyang dapat papurihan magpakailanman! Amen. 26 Dahil dito'y hinayaan sila ng Diyos sa mahahalay na pagnanasa. Ayaw nang makipagtalik ng babae sa lalaki ayon sa likas na kaparaanan, at sa halip ay sa kapwa babae sila nakikipag-ugnayan. 27 Ganoon din ang mga lalaki; ayaw na nilang makipagtalik sa mga babae ayon sa likas na kaparaanan, at sa kanilang kapwa lalaki sila nahuhumaling. Ginagawa nila ang mga kasuklam-suklam na bagay, kaya't sila'y paparusahan ng nararapat sa kanilang masasamang gawa. 28 Dahil ayaw nilang kilalanin ang Diyos, hinayaan sila ng Diyos sa masasamang pag-iisip at sa mga gawaing kasuklam-suklam. 29 Naging alipin sila ng lahat ng uri ng kasamaan, kabuktutan,kasakiman, maruruming pag-iisip, pagkainggit, pagpaslang, pagtatalo, pandaraya at masasamang hangarin. Sila'y naging mahilig sa tsismis, 30 mapanirang puri, nasusuklam sa Diyos,walang pakundangan, mapagmataas, mayayabang, mapagkatha ng kasamaan, at suwail sa magulang. 31 Sila'y naging mga hangal, mga taksil, mga walang puso, at di-marunong lumingap sa kapwa. 32 Nalalaman nila ang utos ng Diyos na karapat-dapat sa parusang kamatayan ang mga gumagawa nito. Gayunman, hindi lamang patuloy sila sa paggawa nito kundi sumasang-ayon pa sila sa mga gumagawa rin ng mga ito. Roma 1:25-30
juan masipag
juan masipag 4 dager siden
juan masipag
juan masipag 4 dager siden
juan masipag
juan masipag 4 dager siden
Filipina Escala
Filipina Escala 4 dager siden
Those bruising did not just appeared without anyone forcing her like she was fighting
Filipina Escala
Filipina Escala 4 dager siden
Anong klaseng party?Someone know something😒
Emily An
Emily An 4 dager siden
Anyone here watch Doc Adam's reaction about Christine Dacera?
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