NEW *TOP 150* FUNNIEST FAILS in Fortnite! (You WILL Laugh)

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Fortnite Top 150 Funniest Fails - Funny, Laughing and MORE!
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Today we'll be watching the FUNNIEST Fortnite moments in Fortnite! These funny moments will include fails and moments that are the FUNNIEST in Fortnite! The Funniest Moments in Fortnite are from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 - So the Funniest moments from ALL of Fortnite!
► Original "TOP 100 FUNNIEST FAILS IN FORTNITE" videos:
Thanks to @Red Arcade for letting me react to their video!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

Saniyah Syed
Saniyah Syed 2 dager siden
he already laughed like 20 times what the heck
James James
James James 2 dager siden
Iol lol lol
Melissa Abney
Melissa Abney 2 dager siden
i made the henchman one i was the henchman f**k
Adriel lopez
Adriel lopez 3 dager siden
I have 5 lives
Innovix ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Innovix ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 4 dager siden
Renagade rator CUz ITs nOt RecOn ExPert lol
Irfan TNSG
Irfan TNSG 4 dager siden
3:47 Female galactus skin lol
Dylan Bond
Dylan Bond 4 dager siden
I did not laugh at all because I am serious
Robin Studebaker
Robin Studebaker 6 dager siden
At 16:39 he called the recon expert the renegade raider
Hudson Crosby
Hudson Crosby 6 dager siden
Code Ali-A in the fortnite item shop
Jackson Gordon
Jackson Gordon 7 dager siden
Eric Feliciano
Eric Feliciano 7 dager siden
Lol lady galactus skin
Sami Amin
Sami Amin 8 dager siden
AliA saying renegade raider to r econ expert 16:37 Me: ???
Candice Massengale
Candice Massengale 8 dager siden
he said female galactus
LaToya Sims-Walker
LaToya Sims-Walker 8 dager siden
They don't push
LaToya Sims-Walker
LaToya Sims-Walker 8 dager siden
They pull ok
LaToya Sims-Walker
LaToya Sims-Walker 8 dager siden
LaToya Sims-Walker
LaToya Sims-Walker 8 dager siden
His website don't work like that dude
LaToya Sims-Walker
LaToya Sims-Walker 8 dager siden
throaty_pager hh
throaty_pager hh 8 dager siden
FemAlE GaLacTuS SkiN
conzor Cross
conzor Cross 9 dager siden
I lost
India Taylor
India Taylor 9 dager siden
XPARAD1GM 9 dager siden
10:02 that was a renegade raider
PARSHVA 9 dager siden
Alia said the Recon expert the renegade raider 🤣🤣🤣
Scott Fletcher
Scott Fletcher 9 dager siden
I have gold ice king and omega
Jace Anderson
Jace Anderson 9 dager siden
It's a dipudokeyes
PacificalFN 9 dager siden
Matchu 10 dager siden
Broo these vids
Christof Lechon
Christof Lechon 10 dager siden
dude why does he keep saying ZMDE's name but he never comments Hopefully he does here
Trevorflipper15YT 10 dager siden
Morejstu Fan
Morejstu Fan 11 dager siden
I have ice king
Alice Williams
Alice Williams 11 dager siden
I deid
Exaiver Brewington
Exaiver Brewington 12 dager siden
Galaxy_ Lyone
Galaxy_ Lyone 12 dager siden
16:38 why everyone is changing the renegade raider with the reecon expert??
Rguy Gaming
Rguy Gaming 13 dager siden
football master
football master 13 dager siden
I have gold ice king username Finn300wins
Deirdre McCrudden
Deirdre McCrudden 13 dager siden
Javier Ramos
Javier Ramos 13 dager siden
Sajada Tanweer
Sajada Tanweer 13 dager siden
you mean ......... THE DIPLODOCLAS
Joan Edwards
Joan Edwards 14 dager siden
I never laught
Ja'Khari Wing
Ja'Khari Wing 14 dager siden
the quald lancher one it was a rocket lacher amoo
Bradley Gunter
Bradley Gunter 15 dager siden
Cincinnati Sandel
Cincinnati Sandel 15 dager siden
Ali my suprise
Queen Kimaya
Queen Kimaya 16 dager siden
That car glitch happened to meh before I was driving through retail and all of a sudden my whole died except for 1 person in our squad that wasn't in the car lucky for us they collected our reboot cards XD
Kathy Souza
Kathy Souza 17 dager siden
last night i was going crazy lisinig to your intro music love you ali
Arsh 17 dager siden
i want a new skin plssssssssssssss
Dean DeAngelo
Dean DeAngelo 17 dager siden
he side renaged rider lol
Tina Parker
Tina Parker 18 dager siden
Tina Parker
Tina Parker 18 dager siden
Yes I Can
Cadens Phone
Cadens Phone 18 dager siden
did you hear him say a female galactus skin around 3:47
Mandeep Ahluwalia
Mandeep Ahluwalia 19 dager siden
was it just me or did he say rangade raidar
Pouya NorouziASL
Pouya NorouziASL 19 dager siden
ツツGingy Playz
ツツGingy Playz 20 dager siden
3:47 Alia: female galactus Me: Your so bad it’s a galaxy skin 3:)
Ft Freddy
Ft Freddy 20 dager siden
You2 im3
Amanda Greene
Amanda Greene 21 dag siden
cake princeroyce garbage bush drstoneop ihascupquake
FaZe Izzbizz
FaZe Izzbizz 21 dag siden
6:40 renagade raider
Kesha Newman
Kesha Newman 21 dag siden
Wufo 8
Wufo 8 22 dager siden
Ddngnnjfr red song me k
aarav barot
aarav barot 23 dager siden
CrazyWolF3000YT 23 dager siden
Why did you say gelaktis but it's Galaxy girl skin btw rip tack
Bodhi 23 dager siden
Bot 2
FluffyRedPanda09W 23 dager siden
"Female Gulactus skin." 3:46
roblox gaming
roblox gaming 24 dager siden
16:35renegade raider?
Deborah Loucas
Deborah Loucas 25 dager siden
wow, i thought it was a dinosaur for a second. (AliA math kids)
among us pro
among us pro 25 dager siden
I still had 5 lives lol
Helena Perfetto
Helena Perfetto 26 dager siden
Instead of bot it should be Ai bro
Maria Romo
Maria Romo 26 dager siden
Who else just laughed at ali not of the video
Lofton Playz
Lofton Playz 26 dager siden
When he said I thought it was a dinosaurs it reminded me of the dipliodonculis dinosaure
Fxs_ Clan
Fxs_ Clan 28 dager siden
The subscription button??????
Tai Edwards
Tai Edwards 29 dager siden
Zander Ganser
Zander Ganser 29 dager siden
He called a female galactis skin
Seth Concepcion
Seth Concepcion Måned siden
Doom's Henchmen in the video: trash aim Doom's Henchmen when its in my game: AIMBOT
Ryan Dills
Ryan Dills Måned siden
AliA is the best youtuber
Minato Shigeta
Minato Shigeta Måned siden
Dear Alister, I know you’ve had some controversy from time to time, but I honestly think you seem like a really nice dude and I love your content keep it up man!
Yeet Man 48
Yeet Man 48 Måned siden
Alyea subscribe to me
Thomas plays
Thomas plays Måned siden
alia your a cheater
Pastaplays 5677
Pastaplays 5677 Måned siden
Elvia Mendoza
Elvia Mendoza Måned siden
I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emi Schade
Emi Schade Måned siden
2 times ha ha
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez Måned siden
Please stop micksing up your words
MMM Player
MMM Player Måned siden
I made to the end with two lives left
Steph Webb
Steph Webb Måned siden
Renegade raider??
Lincoln Rees
Lincoln Rees Måned siden
Pro Films
Pro Films Måned siden
The car one in tited tower happed to me
Gaylene Hendrix
Gaylene Hendrix Måned siden
I had 1 life left
Christina Mitchell
Christina Mitchell Måned siden
kaid x
kaid x Måned siden
Renegade raider its a recon expert lol
Russell Ngonga
Russell Ngonga Måned siden
I will do it
Russell Ngonga
Russell Ngonga Måned siden
I will
Jonathan Rasscon
Jonathan Rasscon Måned siden
I have 5 lives
inelson82 boyx
inelson82 boyx Måned siden
Imani N.
Tall Dad Jason
Tall Dad Jason Måned siden
You sed the word
Tameem Hassan
Tameem Hassan Måned siden
Tameem Hassan
Tameem Hassan Måned siden
Jack Villa
Jack Villa Måned siden
Meghan Dix
Meghan Dix Måned siden
season 2
Philippe Bourque
Philippe Bourque Måned siden
Number two
008 Vortex
008 Vortex Måned siden
3:05 he thought it was a diplodonculus
Jamie Tuitele-Lewis
Jamie Tuitele-Lewis Måned siden
when he said i thought that was a dinosaur he shouldave said its a diplodoculus
Sandro Agius
Sandro Agius Måned siden
Miquel Gonzales-Thomas
Miquel Gonzales-Thomas Måned siden
The flow
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