Strongest PUNCH Wins $1,000 w/ World's Strongest Kid

  Ganger 2,733,079

FaZe Jarvis

15 dager siden

Strongest Punch Wins $1,000 (ft. World's Strongest Kid) featuring 18 year old prodigy @Tristyn Lee
@FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Kay - Strength TEST WITH Bradley Martyn next?
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Felix Chien
Felix Chien 30 minutter siden
jarvis, the quarter repper on the leg press, can't punch either. Nikan punches like a fairy.
Noah Anthony
Noah Anthony 2 timer siden
5:55 lol on the score it said Tristyn got 917 instead of 817.
Hedges Maddux
Hedges Maddux 7 timer siden
Did it not say 900s when they said 800s???🤔🤔🤔
Erica Leigh
Erica Leigh 8 timer siden
strongest kid in the world anime guy phhhffff 900 somthing hahahaha
Otaku Chan
Otaku Chan 16 timer siden
TakoChi 18 timer siden
Tyler Tobias
Tyler Tobias 18 timer siden
There going to get covid dude wear a mask faze guys
TSM Toaster
TSM Toaster 19 timer siden
Faze fell off so hard lmao
James Boamama
James Boamama 21 time siden
Ahhh han ar svenk
Cristina Cucuruz
Cristina Cucuruz 21 time siden
Hahahahaha yu gat Band in Fortnite
Germo pikani -vanatua
Germo pikani -vanatua Dag siden
why not to hit without run?!😃 it would be honest!
Marwan Essayed
Marwan Essayed Dag siden
Should've brought faze sensi
envi FN
envi FN Dag siden
It is kind of funny how the strongest kid is super short. It is cool to see that size does not matter
Jay Tiwari
Jay Tiwari Dag siden
When you started weight training you look so short and strong 💪 ha you did not grow tall
Prince TyTY
Prince TyTY Dag siden
me when i get 822score. My friends:DIS GUY WOKS OUT!!!
Sally McLean
Sally McLean Dag siden
What’s the point of watching h we all no who will win
NickyRB YT
NickyRB YT Dag siden
9:32 number emergency. Right? He needs to go to the hospital to call an ambulance.
Johannes Larsson
Johannes Larsson Dag siden
Is teeqo a swed?!
alxx 999
alxx 999 2 dager siden
OMG...totally didnt expect the pro boxer to win
Safwan El moumni
Safwan El moumni 2 dager siden
That trystan guy doesn’t know how to fight
TENTACION GAMING 2 dager siden
My best pubg player ❤❤❤❤❤❤
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 dager siden
Jarvis: Scrapes the ball The machine: 0.1 strength
frederic carlos
frederic carlos 2 dager siden
Tristan cant get a 900 cuase hes too small gor the machine
Exotic Thrilz
Exotic Thrilz 2 dager siden
Yes faze Kay is a pro boxer
JIAN PAUL GONZALES 2 dager siden
ban in esport, cheater, worst streamer
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 dager siden
Really amazing
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 dager siden
Ey Tiko hur mår du?
OWEN MARRIE 3 dager siden
At 5:54 pause and look to the very right, I don’t think that’s right.
Daryl lim
Daryl lim 3 dager siden
if saitama was there,im 100% they wont even stand a chance against him
Gamer Tag Ten
Gamer Tag Ten 3 dager siden
I’ve hit 976
Ducky 3 dager siden
I typed this with my nose
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 dager siden
Im 14 and i got a better score then everyone
Rexxy Sexy
Rexxy Sexy 3 dager siden
Final* not finale
vinm1210 3 dager siden
Smokey’s life
Smokey’s life 3 dager siden
Ok no offense but there is no way he is 18, he looks like H1ghSk1 height and looks very young.
Ileen Meeks
Ileen Meeks 3 dager siden
My brother is 15 and he hit 1009
kyon cole
kyon cole 3 dager siden
My name on fortnite is ACEKyole657
kyon cole
kyon cole 3 dager siden
Yo Hello Javis
NotRawa 3 dager siden
He got 911 I guess there must be a terrorist attac
Antonio Arcuri
Antonio Arcuri 3 dager siden
I'm glad you got banned from fortnite
Crisp Gifts
Crisp Gifts 3 dager siden
these are fucking hilarious
Jonte Boy
Jonte Boy 3 dager siden
Ey Tiko hur mår du?
Logan Yates
Logan Yates 3 dager siden
Everyone standing still and the pro boxer putting all his force into it while running 🤔🤣🤣
بدر العتيبي
بدر العتيبي 3 dager siden
Ultra_hmood _gaming
Ultra_hmood _gaming 3 dager siden
Daily Uk media
Daily Uk media 3 dager siden
Im 14 and i got a better score then everyone
LULUPOP 3 dager siden
Well, Jarvis is a shit Sorry my brother took my phone and wrote these shit
THEOLDFIREFLY 4 dager siden
Tristan is just so short.
Anthony bernal
Anthony bernal 4 dager siden
I hate the thumb nail
Pedro Cisneros
Pedro Cisneros 4 dager siden
Me when he said this is for the kids boi I’m 9 and I punch harder than all of you I can nok. Out each an every one and you.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 4 dager siden
Faze: Strongest PUNCH wins $1000 Mrbeast: Strongest PUNCH wins $20000
Gg Garcia
Gg Garcia 4 dager siden
Every one is standing still when punching the machine while this dude running and then punching like come one buddy
Gg Garcia
Gg Garcia 4 dager siden
This dude cheated
jeremi lukom
jeremi lukom 4 dager siden
The akatsuki shirt tho
Ari Zei
Ari Zei 4 dager siden
This The Moment When Jarvis Is Getting The Poopy Zero 0
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 4 dager siden
It always looks like its 900 and something but is 800 and something
Salih Sert
Salih Sert 4 dager siden
I am so much stronger than this guys try it against me
Mark Revels
Mark Revels 4 dager siden
Tristin fr looks 14
Vincent Lin
Vincent Lin 4 dager siden
Miss Shirley
Miss Shirley 5 dager siden
Is it just me or does Niko punch so funny😂
stefanos___ndoni 5 dager siden
bruh im 14 yo and i can do 872 lul
Syed Muhammad Fahmi
Syed Muhammad Fahmi 5 dager siden
Hypoteneuse88 5 dager siden
Imagine if Bruce Lee punches it
Hugio Master
Hugio Master 5 dager siden
Midnight Gamer - 6 Fingers Claw
Midnight Gamer - 6 Fingers Claw 5 dager siden
1:58 why does he look like the villian in gow 😬 and feels tha same too
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 5 dager siden
Why they hating on Wu bruh, they didn’t say “running start” was a rule
Beata Lakatosova
Beata Lakatosova 5 dager siden
Im 14 and i hit 934
Shia Knox
Shia Knox 5 dager siden
Still band man
Louis Conyer
Louis Conyer 5 dager siden
Im the type to hit the metel part
Jairo Mena
Jairo Mena 5 dager siden
It always looks like its 900 and something but is 800 and something
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 5 dager siden
Swedish power
Mr Smith-Jones
Mr Smith-Jones 5 dager siden
NOpost is messy this video said brawadis viewers watch
Ibrahim Jama
Ibrahim Jama 5 dager siden
5:54 the short guy had 917 and a few moments later its 807 someone plz explain
Lxs1ng 5 dager siden
Gg TvT
Jay:Gx Player
Jay:Gx Player 5 dager siden
But 1 thousand dollars isn’t enough th
Nights Edge BombSquad
Nights Edge BombSquad 5 dager siden
Muscles will not help in MMA or Boxing, it's form momentum and trajectory that helps.
3 strikes strider 1 Trigger
3 strikes strider 1 Trigger 5 dager siden
Ngl I thought Jarvis was gonna win he started with a big 0 that's got to be the top score
Nytherz 5 dager siden
Plot twist: Tristyn was only using 10% of his power...
Safwan El moumni
Safwan El moumni 2 dager siden
That guy doesn’t know how to fight
Barnabás Forczek
Barnabás Forczek 2 dager siden
@* yea it was funny
* 2 dager siden
@Barnabás Forczek Ever heard of a Joke? Or a Plot?
Barnabás Forczek
Barnabás Forczek 2 dager siden
lol no
Reuben Rawlinson
Reuben Rawlinson 5 dager siden
Faze Jarvis you got band from fortnite for cheating
David Njogu
David Njogu 5 dager siden
Jarvis world’s strongest kid Tristan 18years old am I a joke to you
Abid_2011 5 dager siden
This is the first time I hear teeqo speak swedish
Black Water
Black Water 5 dager siden
Tristyn didn’t get 917 did he?
Jay Animations
Jay Animations 5 dager siden
First punch of Jarvis lets die in a roblox game OOF
sigge n
sigge n 5 dager siden
Teeqo skåning
Tore Thorell
Tore Thorell 5 dager siden
Swedish power
barry 916
barry 916 6 dager siden
Wonder what TEEQO would get if he ran up an punched the machine
Aimee De Luna
Aimee De Luna 6 dager siden
imfamues wu hes from tiktok
BB_Twitch92 6 dager siden
On first go
NoLimit CJay
NoLimit CJay 6 dager siden
Next time you should bring saitama😂😂😂
JxshhBtw 6 dager siden
Imagine getting punched by Wu
Oscar Solis
Oscar Solis 6 dager siden
Let king Ryan to come do this
ewads 6 dager siden
nikan is way to tall for that small tiny machine
Clash OfClans
Clash OfClans 6 dager siden
i feel like i could hit 800 with my normal heavy cross prolly more honestly
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 6 dager siden
I hit up Kay said I’m insane got me feeling like Jarvis
SpareChangeMa'am 6 dager siden
Nikan form was a no no
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 6 dager siden
The “boxer” has a running start lmfao...what a clown.
Hector Palma
Hector Palma 6 dager siden
Alban Anime
Alban Anime 6 dager siden
9:32 CALL 911 FAST!!!
christian shani
christian shani 6 dager siden
va han kan svenska
Evamarie jensen
Evamarie jensen 6 dager siden
Brugte den
TheDomGoll 6 dager siden
Why if it says 708 u say it is 708 buy if its 930 u say 830
Alshahriar Bijoy
Alshahriar Bijoy 6 dager siden
Hey Jarvis you got banned from fortnite bit why don't you start playing cod mobile ? It's a globally popular game that's growing fast and I think you will probably get good at it . So start your new career bro .
Death Of Insidious
Death Of Insidious 6 dager siden
18 yrs is not a kid though
Aleksandar Brkic
Aleksandar Brkic 6 dager siden
Fabio selimi
Fabio selimi 6 dager siden
hi bro i am your new fan love from albania🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱
Not bad at all
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