Which Link is strongest? (Ranking the Links from Legend of Zelda)

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Which Link from the Zelda series is the strongest?
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Zeltik År siden
Who do you think is strongest? This video is obviously just my opinion, based on playing the games! Edit: the red ring in Zelda 1 works like the red mail from ALTTP, it doesn't double your damage! My bad :P Edit 2: I obviously discounted ALTTP and Skyward Sword Links having the full Triforce! That's no fun for anyone else :P & Wolf Link should've got a mention for senses and agility, but any other Link would cut him up pretty quickly. Hero of Twilight is still a tank tho
miksa 76
miksa 76 3 måneder siden
@Super Inkling Boy rip last 5 min of the video
miksa 76
miksa 76 3 måneder siden
I would go with the hero of time
Flaxen Plane
Flaxen Plane 11 måneder siden
Hero of time: *laughs in fierce deity*
G. David Turnblom
G. David Turnblom 11 måneder siden
@Andric376 Yes. He did, which, in my opinion, boosts the argument that he is one of, if not the, strongest Links.
Andric376 11 måneder siden
Didn't ALTTP Ganon have the full triforce meaning Link didn't have the triforce?
TheGabberoono Hammry
TheGabberoono Hammry 48 minutter siden
Ok so i couldnt comment on zeltiks comment so ill just say it here i think the new hero of hyrule is the best for the simple fact that he has the best game gimmick merging into walls is the best thing to ever come out of a zelda game besides if hes fighting thats an insanely op tool as you can just turn invincible also his gold master sword and super sword spin do way too much damage to not win people over
TheGabberoono Hammry
TheGabberoono Hammry 55 minutter siden
You forgot the super sword spin that the new hero of hyrule has shouldnt that count as sword skill and shit loads of damage?
Raden Robin
Raden Robin 4 timer siden
but I guess we will have to see
Raden Robin
Raden Robin 4 timer siden
What about Breath of the Wild link now. because now that we know more about Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity and it's past And the sequel I wonder what more of his abilities will be.
Jason Todd
Jason Todd 4 timer siden
Dudes I didn’t watch this vid yet but wouldn’t deity link be the strongest?
Suzanne Martinez
Suzanne Martinez 14 timer siden
If you saw the link parrys a lynel video you would put hero of the wild on the top
Lucas Priestley
Lucas Priestley 17 timer siden
I agree, although I was rooting to the Hero of the Wild and the Hero of Twilight but that might just be my bias.
Charley 18 timer siden
I don't want to imagine a ganon in a world that needed a fierce deity link.
M C Dag siden
i think that the "goddess's chosen hero" went on to become the "fierce deity"
LocoDude Gaming
LocoDude Gaming Dag siden
A Link to the Past is only a Link to the Future if we choose to repeat it.
J3diSt3v3 [J3]
J3diSt3v3 [J3] Dag siden
Alright, before I watch this I have one question... Does he allow botw link to eat in the middle of a battle
J3diSt3v3 [J3]
J3diSt3v3 [J3] Dag siden
Hmmm. So I won't say botw link is the strongest, because he most likely can't compete with time freezing and invincibility powers. However, it seems that he can get a feirce deity set which, though probably not as good as Majora's mask, does increase his attack. Ofc I'm not sure what can count for canon but if we are counting the feirce deity set (gained through scanning amibos), then I want to propose one of the dlc weapons. Assuming botw link is in a one on one (due to charges) link has a one hit kill melee weapon. However he only has one heart so it would be a battle to who would gain the first hit. Botw is probably not the strongest, but including dlc, amibos, age of calamity, and whatever may await us in breath of the wild 2, this link could probably place top 5 easily (honestly probably 4th or 3rd.)
J3diSt3v3 [J3]
J3diSt3v3 [J3] Dag siden
So, I'm not sure what is canon when it comes to age of calamity but it definitely adds something to his power. I mean, he parry's a FALLING ROCK, is able to hold his own, albeit for a limited time, against all 4 upgraded blights alone, and before that shadows of the champions. Once I finish watching I probably have one last thing to say, I just need to see why the fierce deity mask is considered so strong
Rahian Candelario
Rahian Candelario Dag siden
The best link is yunobo - front facing phineas
Kevin Hampton
Kevin Hampton Dag siden
Wait so the hero of hyrule isn’t also the hero of legend
Jevil Deltarune
Jevil Deltarune Dag siden
I give it to the hero of time
Zvoosh25 Dag siden
Hero of the wilds moves up in the list due to Age of Calamity, he's a beast in that game
J3diSt3v3 [J3]
J3diSt3v3 [J3] Dag siden
He parry's a falling rock Not his biggest feat but still HE PARRYS A FREAKING FALLING ROCK
tmbottegal Dag siden
You forgot one. The Hero of the CD-I.
ƈσʂɱιƈɾσƈƙҽɾ Dag siden
The hero of YTP's
Irishman from England
Irishman from England Dag siden
Hero of Legend, or maybe Hero of Time. Legend considering he has 2 magic canes, 3 magic medallions, a magic cape, a magic hammer, magic powder, 13 magic rings (of which he can use 5), the Master Sword, Mirror shield, Lantern, Boomerang, Red/Blue Mail, Pegasus Boots, Titan's Mitt, Zora's Flippers, Bow and Arrows, Hookshot, Bombs, Fire/Ice Rod, Shovel, and Flute. Time mainly because of the masks, but also he has the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Lens of Truth, Bombs, Deku Nuts/Stick, The Goddess Spells (Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love), Bombchu, Boomerang, Slingshot, Hookshot, Mask of Truth, I'm getting bored of this. Look it up yourself if you like ( zelda.gamepedia.com/Category:Items )
Owen Kelly
Owen Kelly Dag siden
The hero of twilight is a complete BEAST huh?
JT Young
JT Young Dag siden
The Hero of Time.
Maximus KARAMZALIS 2 dager siden
Might want to change the botw link since he has been on two adventures now
Consta Star
Consta Star 2 dager siden
18.58 what she’ll 5 points he can stop a full speed 4 ton linnel with one shield bash without moving ( he’s more powerfull than twilight link )
BlueStriker101 2 dager siden
I feel overall, BOTW link is the most powerful without having busted stuff like the fierce deity mask or phantom hourglass.
dhilip raj
dhilip raj 2 dager siden
Hero of time is more powerful than any other links
P K 2 dager siden
botw link should have so much more for arsenal he can equip so much strength boosting gear and can wield over 100 damage weapons
David Staub
David Staub 2 dager siden
The only thing you passed up on the hero of time is, he had the mirror shield both fire ice and light arrows and Epona!
Wesley Baldwin
Wesley Baldwin 2 dager siden
Def breath of the wild link
Monica 2 dager siden
Botw is good
Thesandwichbuddies 2 dager siden
I think it would be the botw link I mean he could probley kill Ganon with a shoe
Laura Schantz
Laura Schantz 3 dager siden
I knew when I played Link's Awakening DX that the Hero was something special. :)
J. Chrystal
J. Chrystal 3 dager siden
And now look at BOTW link still getting bodied by lynels even after defeating dark beast.
Tyla Luanna
Tyla Luanna 3 dager siden
are we just going to ignore the hero of twilights wolf abilities?
GrizzlySlasher 3 dager siden
21:06 Do you guys know what book that is from? Please answer in the comments I would love to get it thanks!
Hygotem 3 dager siden
Can't have more physical strength than a goron can't be better In water than a zora and can't be faster than a deku scrub. Child Link wins hands down. Also song of soaring lets him fly in a sense.
João Couto
João Couto 3 dager siden
I tink is the hero of legend
Rölph 3 dager siden
Uhmm kinda late but didnt link parry a giant rock ( hero of the wild )
Daruk 3 dager siden
link from wild is best he got through my slap in the back without a sheild okay out of the jokes botw link is one of the best link bcause he has the power of champions and sheikah which makes him insanely powerful and he as a little boy bested adults, believe me or not thunderblight was hard but link defeated it he had every ally turned up against him, you think he got it back by some fairy, no! This link did not have a single companion but bested every beast, link was so resistance that even after a laser from a guardian did not make him fall, and the master sword was badly damaged then what he needed to go thru, link mastered every kind of weapon, his experience was added after 100 years more....this hyrule was more dangerous, like yiga members appearing every moment after Master Kohga is defeated, he has a good amount of power a sheild can not parry automatically but link parries a guardian, nearly everything. This link according to others is a little silent and emotionless thats it
MooseReady 3 dager siden
Personally I think the hero of the wild should be higher, he’s able to use 5 different arrow types at his disposal, can just casually stop time and eat to regenerate health, slow time mid air to aim arrows, slow time again to rapidly attack, and not to mention his infinite arsenal of bows shields and swords, along with the stamina to climb entire mountains, and lastly the health to survive whole laser beams from literal robots, and survive fire balls from the strongest enemy in the game, along with the shieka slate powers, infinite bombs at his disposal, the ability to literally stop enemies in time, turn water to ice in an instant, summon a motor bike, which by the way you don’t see in other games don’t you? And to finish it off, he killed 4 mini ganons, gained the ability of 4 legendary champions, and has arrows that can literally suck enemies into black holes
ted wasanasan
ted wasanasan 4 dager siden
Toon link is by far the strongest, if you've played any zelda game for more than the title screen you know this is a fact, and if you wanna say fierce deity link, just switch to that costume in smash, and you have fierce deity toon link. Duh. Waste of a video thumbs down
Alexander Ho
Alexander Ho 4 dager siden
The breath of the wild is strongest
Lowo 4 dager siden
botw link has shown to have the best reaction time and is the fastest as shown when you use a bow and arrow in mid air
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston 4 dager siden
Don't forget the Oracle Link can straight up punch rocks and demolish them, the same ones needed bombs to blow up. Also is easy to get at the beginning with RNG manip. Oracle link by far largest arsenal, all the rings. Also he can punch Gannon to death. ALso the 3 animal companions, and able to manipulate time whenever. You really just ignored the fact about manipulating the environment to any season and a different time line that affects the future... The main items in the oracle games.
Respect Halo
Respect Halo 4 dager siden
Age of Calamity made the Hero of The Wilds OP so ya he is the best lol
•• 4 dager siden
he clearly doesnut know what pain is
BloodSpider050 4 dager siden
I think we need a new god-like Link
Unknown Strange
Unknown Strange 4 dager siden
I like hero of time
Dot7724 4 dager siden
woah come down botw link u pulled out the master sword as a child
NRH // Hydra
NRH // Hydra 4 dager siden
You should update this. With Age of calamity’s canonicity implemented as the “prequel” to BOTW, it opens a new window of the hero of the wild.
Patrick Simonsen
Patrick Simonsen 4 dager siden
It’s then link from breath of the wild
Wayne Christian
Wayne Christian 4 dager siden
Zebru gmre
Steven Choza
Steven Choza 5 dager siden
Might want to boost the experience stat for the Hero of the Wilds.
LoudWaffle 5 dager siden
Huh, I just realised that even in the official art for the BotW Link (shown on his stat page in this vid), he's drawing the arrow on his bow wrong, with the palm facing outward. So it wasn't just a careless mistake with his in-game model; that was how he was designed to draw an arrow. It was still probably done unintentionally, without knowledge of proper form by whoever made this decision, but still interesting.
marinus18 5 dager siden
14:50 But why does he only have 6 points in physicality? With him being so far above all the others in that department I would think it's a 10.
Nathan Vs Everything
Nathan Vs Everything 5 dager siden
Hero of time for me
Al N
Al N 5 dager siden
LMAO I KNEW HERO OF SPIRITS WAS GONNA BE THE WEAKEST (still love him because Spirit Tracks was my first Zelda game)
ok Buddy
ok Buddy 5 dager siden
for hero of the wild you forgot about how how he has different amour that gives him buffs. Also he has food to buff his stats, you kinda under played his power lol.
Warm Ice
Warm Ice 6 dager siden
34:59 My brother liked this so much he started dancing on the floor.
Terry Yale
Terry Yale 6 dager siden
Hero of time only got second, while he can literally become a god, plus defeat majora, which majora can rip a soul from it's body(the deku kid), and stop THE MOOOOOOON from destroying everything, and he has the ocerina of time which can literally turn back time and do so much more, and yes this is basically just a complaint on how he only got second, also the hero of the wild should be higher up, because he has the one hit obliterator, ancient stuff, plus he's over 100 years old
Terry Yale
Terry Yale 4 dager siden
SCREAMING 4 dager siden
@Terry Yale prove it
Terry Yale
Terry Yale 4 dager siden
@SCREAMING But the ocerina is the most bestest one of them
SCREAMING 4 dager siden
@Terry Yale just like 90% of all other magical instruments in Zelda
Terry Yale
Terry Yale 4 dager siden
@SCREAMING yes but I think that the ocerina is actually secretly the most powerful iteam in all of legend of zelda. Yes more powerful than the fierce deity mask. Think about it, if it can summon storms, turn time, and activate magical dungeon mechanics, and heal people's souls. This is still only like 10-15ish songs. There could be even more powerful songs out there for the ocerina.
Andrew Schnatter
Andrew Schnatter 6 dager siden
Hero of time is by far the most powerful the ocarina of time alone can make it rain change the sun and move time add in he has the full power of the master sword which most others don't like in BOTW without the DLC and to top it off the fierce deity mask it's not even a contest.
scarlet nolan
scarlet nolan 6 dager siden
P Lee
P Lee 6 dager siden
If we’re talking about brute strength it’s Link in Botw/Hyrule warriors. He literally shield parried a dropping Boulder to save Zelda in hyrule warriors and he can move blocks etc in botw, most of the other links needed the power bracelet to do that, not him lol
Zaide Rihani
Zaide Rihani 6 dager siden
Age of Calamity did come out sooooooo. I don't know. Would that change Hero of the Wild Link's stats?
Nicolas Becker
Nicolas Becker 6 dager siden
Link in AOC its a beast
josh engle
josh engle 6 dager siden
We all know that link would be bad to the bone if he joined dedsec
Lil Mario
Lil Mario 6 dager siden
Botw has rediculous strength and swordsmanship feats in age of calamity
lukoscreyden 6 dager siden
@Lil Mario yeah, his innate skills are OP in comparison to the other Links.
Lil Mario
Lil Mario 6 dager siden
lukoscreyden he fights all 4, stronger blight ganons at the same time and parries a giant falling boulder, flinging it in the other direction
lukoscreyden 6 dager siden
Yeah, AoC Link kinda ruins these things now. That game fits into the extended canon of the series, so he technically has to be counted.
Ishan Hossain
Ishan Hossain 6 dager siden
Bruh I just imagine baby link holding the master sword in his hands and just slices the heck out out of that lynel like it’s nothing. (Wild link)
Zopszsz 6 dager siden
You forgot the most powerful Link in the universe. CDI LINK
Supreme Davis
Supreme Davis 7 dager siden
Link in breath of the wild is 1000’s of years old
Kitten Of the east
Kitten Of the east 7 dager siden
Neptune Planeptune
Neptune Planeptune 7 dager siden
Is Demise stronger then Ganon?
Neptune Planeptune
Neptune Planeptune 7 dager siden
I have to wonder what are the requirerments to gain the title Deamon King? As you said malledas is far weaker than Ganon ore Demise, both being Deamon Kings. So it cant be just strenght alone.
Lepushi 7 dager siden
Lepushi 7 dager siden
Hero of the skies: literally manages to be the only Link that actually kills his enemy instead of just SEALING it average stats
Liam Anderson
Liam Anderson 6 dager siden
*Hero of Winds, who rammed the Master Sword deep into Ganondorf's forehead and left it there:* Am I a joke to you?
Andy Netzel
Andy Netzel 7 dager siden
Link hmm okay
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek 7 dager siden
"It stops time entirely, except for link" Dio: THIS IS NOT OKIE DOKIE
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek 7 dager siden
@Lepushi za warudo muda muda
Lepushi 7 dager siden
Ora ora
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek 7 dager siden
Botw link has 3 qdventures - botw, new hyrule warriors and thee will be a sequel of botw, what i think we can count
Patch theBear
Patch theBear 5 dager siden
@Olek Fijołek no need to be rude. Yes, it is a prequel, but as Iv'e already said, The little guardian guy(sorry i forget his name) goes back in time in the very beginning cutscene, completely altering the timeline, creating a new one. Idiot
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek 5 dager siden
@Patch theBear new hyrule warriors is a prequel of botw idiot
Patch theBear
Patch theBear 5 dager siden
Honestly, i dont think new Hyrule Warrior's counts as botw link because *spoilers* Hyrule Warriors takes place in a different universe because of time travel.
Vale Divinity
Vale Divinity 7 dager siden
22:10 well with Hyrule Warriors age of Calamity, the link of the wilds has a second game and in the future breath of the wild 2 as a third game. Also, I keep on getting adds for age of Calamity, chill adds! I already have the game😅
ThatWeirdGamer 7 dager siden
I think Age of Calamity has now answered
Desmond Carrigan
Desmond Carrigan 7 dager siden
hero of the wilds
Candice Durden
Candice Durden 7 dager siden
I want a Link death battle Royale like they did with mega man
Del 7 dager siden
Also the Hero of Legends can kill cuccous with the fire rod in Link's Awakening. Easily the strongest. Also physics wise, for the strength required to stop a Lynel from charging. The Hero of the Wilds must have the strength to destroy mountains, all with one arm. You gotta give him props for that.
Franklinmanrash_ 8 dager siden
What about skyward sword
MR. NEBUR 8 dager siden
I don't know English but I watch this video for half to learn XD barely and I can say a word or two
Link Helix
Link Helix 8 dager siden
Ravio is the strongest "Link"
Joel Helgerson
Joel Helgerson 8 dager siden
Personally I think it’s between botw and ww. I’d like to this video redone with Age of Calamity taken into account. It really shows off the sheer power of that link. Also I think some of the more complex gameplay of botw’s link should be considered as well. I mean he’s been in countless battles and certainly is the most experienced in my opinion. Of course I would consider myself biased toward him as he is my favourite link so far. If you have a rebuttal or something I’m not seeing I’d love to hear your reply!!
Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea 8 dager siden
Breath of the wild link is the most op, he can fucking kill ganon with a stick
ThaChamp07YT 8 dager siden
BOTW link kinda has maybe 3 experiences? because of hyrule warriors age of calamity.
jay izzo
jay izzo 8 dager siden
What should i play first ?
Stoicodo 9 dager siden
Zelda is the strongest version of Link
Kingkarai 0626
Kingkarai 0626 9 dager siden
The experience I think goes to link from breath of the wild cause botw2 botw1 and age of calamity
The real Shadow
The real Shadow 9 dager siden
the hero of philips or the hero of crossbow training are definitely leagues superior than any in this list
Keegan The Vegan
Keegan The Vegan 9 dager siden
When you can’t unlock the JUMP spell
Доктор парадокс
Доктор парадокс 9 dager siden
So wind link is not the hero but still went to save his sister? what a chad
KuroReanimation 9 dager siden
I feel like some stats for the hero of legend were a little over hyped.
Random Boi on YouTube
Random Boi on YouTube 9 dager siden
Wait I thought it was the hero of trains
THE REAL RAGEGAME 9 dager siden
Botw link has a new adventure coming so... ADD UP THAT SCORE CHART BABY!!!!
Weeaboo _OwO
Weeaboo _OwO 9 dager siden
We need to give botw link more credit. He has urbosa’s fury which does 150 base damage and can be used 3 times before recharging, he also has mipha’s grace which revives him after dying and gives him 5 additional hearts, he can also use parries to fully deflect any projectile or ranged attack and he has been zelda’s appointed knight and has been on a journey through hyrule twice, with age of calamity and breath of the wild. He also can cook food that can raise his attack by 50% and he can also make food that recovers his health completely with additional hearts, he also can make stealth food for sneak attacks and speed food that makes him 50% faster, and he has bullet time which makes him slow down time enough for multiple (possibly ancient) arrows to be shot, not to mention in normal mode he has one shot protection from bullet time which makes any fatal move not kill him and instead leaves him with 1/4 of a heart left, enough time to instantly reheal and continue fighting. Also if he does a sneak attack he will always one shot an opponent. He can also get perfect dodges which slow down time and allows link to get multiple attacks in. He also is very physically fit, being able to wield daruk’s boulder breaker and a multitude of other heavy weapons. He also has infinite bombs with the sheikah slate, and he can also use the master sword’s beam attack at full health. He also has the awakened master sword which is always at 60 base damage. Also, did I mention he can jump which makes him more agile than some of the other links. Needless to say I think botw link should be ranked higher on the list.
ExtraOstrich209 9 dager siden
Botw link has the experience of HYRULE WARRIORS AGE OF CALAMITY plus he freed all of the divine beasts so I would prolly rank him height in that but other than that idk why I bugged me so much the video is pretty good
Milher The Phoenix Mendez
Milher The Phoenix Mendez 9 dager siden
Link from the Cartoon is the strongest for Mansplaining Zelda all the time #ExcuseMePrincess 🤪 And Link Zelda CD is the Bravest (and the dumbest) for resisting that "Adventure" 🤪🤪🤪🔫
Milher The Phoenix Mendez
Milher The Phoenix Mendez 9 dager siden
Which Link is the strongest Link?... Get it ? GET IT !? 😜🤪
Sebastian Stanford
Sebastian Stanford 9 dager siden
Zetlink I think that the Mm link is the strongest in strenth, item sword power because he weilds the reuse deity mask witch is the most powerful sword in the legend of zelda series. The deity can woop every single link in just a fist fight. Just young link weilds the fairy sword witch is the 2nd most powerful sword ever the coming 3rd the builder sword and after that comes the razor sword. I also love your videos they are awesome I usually watch them during class in my spare time.
Sebastian Stanford
Sebastian Stanford 9 dager siden
I meant the builder sword , feirce deity , and the feirce deity sword
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