I knew W2S was IMPOSTOR in just 5 seconds for this to happen afterwards...

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Seán Kirk
Seán Kirk 9 dager siden
Big Sidoger
Arhameritis AKA The Fonz
Arhameritis AKA The Fonz Måned siden
Let’s hope talia doesn’t find out what happened behind that rock
Mini Messi
Mini Messi Måned siden
5:26 behz’s character is shorter than Simon and Josh’s
JSmellerM Måned siden
Simon actually lost that round for them. When the lights are out you still get a report button but Impostor can't sabotage the reactor anymore.
eekling Måned siden
the title is ropes lmao
Suneeth Mathur
Suneeth Mathur Måned siden
Aheli Banerjee
Aheli Banerjee Måned siden
big boys behind the rock
Eman Måned siden
Why am I getting this notification 6 days later?
Xanninja 2 måneder siden
After being at the rock every round with Josh & Ethan.. 8:34 "Josh has done it, Josh has done it" bro, where's the IQ. can they try to use braincells fam, Its like they're paid to be 3rd imposter, how could it have been Josh? 😂😂 And last vote after saying Ethan Josh & Simon all stayed at a rock 7:19 Josh and Randy go "unless Simon did it, could be Simon tbf" When 2 people died that round?? This lobby's been drunk/high swear bro 🤦🏽‍♂️
instxnt 2 måneder siden
class rebrand
instxnt 2 måneder siden
sick rebrand btw
Filip Brnelić
Filip Brnelić 2 måneder siden
Simon is a donkey
Juliza Mendoza
Juliza Mendoza 2 måneder siden
Big Sidoger
Matthew 2 måneder siden
Simon: I don't like it when people take a game of Among Us so seriously Also Simon: sprints towards the button to grass on Harry for a technicality
JSmellerM Måned siden
Once a snake always a snake. At least he stayed true to his GTA days.
Jackson Temple
Jackson Temple 2 måneder siden
this thumbnail lol
Isaac 2 måneder siden
Simon should've just pressed the button. Should not of gone to lights.
your ordinary guy
your ordinary guy 2 måneder siden
i mean that is easy and i knew this before hand but we are different so its alright.  。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Red Was Not The Impostor.  。 .     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . 。
Ismy fire
Ismy fire 2 måneder siden
First 13 aecinda
FatySimulator 2 måneder siden
Keep up the great videos Simon
Mike Line
Mike Line 2 måneder siden
2.10 onwards on the stack is big sidoger 🤣🤣🤣
ImDProfessor 2 måneder siden
That’s the biggest throw I’ve ever seen
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed 2 måneder siden
rip maradona
Apoorva Goel
Apoorva Goel 2 måneder siden
Upload your impostor game with vikk where you double killed twice PLSSSS!!!!
UddinProductionz 2 måneder siden
Ok but why didn't Josh hit the button after checking vitals
lara panara
lara panara 2 måneder siden
Diego Maradona died 😭. RIP Legend
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace 2 måneder siden
why hello there
bananaisgood 2 måneder siden
tbf if it wasn't Randy it was obviously gonna be callux
matic ticar
matic ticar 2 måneder siden
R.I.P Maradona
sunita goel
sunita goel 2 måneder siden
Tolga Sayman
Tolga Sayman 2 måneder siden
is it just me or does simons laugh just piss you off
McWhip 2 måneder siden
Let’s go
Kenneth Obiri
Kenneth Obiri 2 måneder siden
To the rock!
Mark Johnstone
Mark Johnstone 2 måneder siden
This may jut be the longest title ever. Better than clickbait I guess
Luke Bellamy
Luke Bellamy 2 måneder siden
Both my friends got impostor and they got voted instantly for trying to fake keys like that 😂
GroovyGorilla17 2 måneder siden
2:20 big sidoger
daniel oxford
daniel oxford 2 måneder siden
“As your company grows... you NEEEED lucid chart”
Oron Binyamin
Oron Binyamin 2 måneder siden
Anyone else saw the Big Sidog....er....er?
VOLT SPORTS 2 måneder siden
Is Among Us still popular ?? I don t play this game for 2 weeks lol
Slyko _
Slyko _ 2 måneder siden
TJtheNerd 2 måneder siden
Know what I thought of at around 2:35 ? EMOSH IS BACK BITCH
YungJamaican 2 måneder siden
Why does Tobi rarely play?
FLXMA 3012
FLXMA 3012 2 måneder siden
That title hahahaha
Wesner1th 2 måneder siden
That was pointless to turn on the lights
Iby 00
Iby 00 2 måneder siden
That last game was a hard Simon throw fml. That was annoying Lmao
Caleb Asirifi-Bonsu
Caleb Asirifi-Bonsu 2 måneder siden
Among us!!!
ahmed wael
ahmed wael 2 måneder siden
Click bait it's actually 9 seconds. smh 🤦‍♂️
Deepesh Kumar Pandey
Deepesh Kumar Pandey Måned siden
4 seconds doesn't matter to me
Exotic Veeroritz
Exotic Veeroritz 2 måneder siden
I watched this game on Harry’s stream he was killed first 4 rounds in a row
Withrow Portugal
Withrow Portugal 2 måneder siden
as soon as callux said "harrys imposter parter right now" i knew he was the other one lol
Arham Jamil
Arham Jamil 2 måneder siden
Jehanzeb Ahmed khan
Jehanzeb Ahmed khan 2 måneder siden
If they all just followed lux spamming report they'd have won He would have had to kill one the other would report
Scuffed Pixel
Scuffed Pixel 2 måneder siden
Are we gonna ignore callux just 1v8?
VTEC GAMES 2 måneder siden
can someone just sub to me for no reason
Mc.Nialler 2 måneder siden
First up we are at Happy Place Turf Moor 🤗 Settle in for MNF, with two live Premier League games coming up on Sky Sports this evening! 🏟️
Qais 2 måneder siden
Simon: we knew if it wasn't rand it has to be Callux also Simon going to lights: josh done it Josh done it Josh done it.
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 2 måneder siden
SAMARxOP 2 måneder siden
Sad for Harry always get bullied in this game 🥺🥺
supbro Smoke
supbro Smoke 2 måneder siden
Poor harry :( woe just wow
Richman Adeniyi
Richman Adeniyi 2 måneder siden
There's absolutely no fuckin way they just lost that😭😭😭 Josh saw dead body on vitals and didn't call botton. Honestly thought he was special 🤦🏿‍♂️
Teancum Tuiaki
Teancum Tuiaki 2 måneder siden
Big Sidog's biggest throw ever 😆
Lou Al-Sayegh
Lou Al-Sayegh 2 måneder siden
Damn im tired , among us is like the only game everyone’s uploading fuck
Aidan Gold
Aidan Gold 2 måneder siden
Noah Hilmann
Noah Hilmann 2 måneder siden
Love how you give harry the bucket hat in the thumbnail 👍🏻
My Nan
My Nan 2 måneder siden
Big sidoger
Nicholas Piccinich
Nicholas Piccinich 2 måneder siden
Can’t believe no one caught Josh’s joke 7:03
Vinay Kumar Singh
Vinay Kumar Singh 2 måneder siden
Vikk: i hv done a key today. Ok.
Aleena Khan
Aleena Khan 2 måneder siden
poor harry gets killed every game
saz19s8 2 måneder siden
If Simon didn’t leave the stack they would’ve won
ImDProfessor 2 måneder siden
Even so Josh should’ve called a meeting after checking vitals
Marcos Enriquez
Marcos Enriquez 2 måneder siden
when are you playing with talia's mum
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments 2 måneder siden
Among us still staying strong
AlaminNinja08 11 dager siden
@Matthew Polvere no one cares
AlaminNinja08 11 dager siden
Well this aged well
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 14 dager siden
You getting 2k views with that many subs how tf is that possible
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 14 dager siden
Bro this game made ur channel
Elani Elani
Elani Elani 2 måneder siden
If it dies down. I'm crying
karan jha
karan jha 2 måneder siden
na na, they threw it, they could have just voted people out at random and still won
Larissa -
Larissa - 2 måneder siden
Of course Harry has keys
Lisa Donovan
Lisa Donovan 2 måneder siden
Who else agrees that Harry should just give up when he is imposter
capxsam 2 måneder siden
Fair play to lux for the dub but idk whether to laugh or be annoyed at the end lmao
Jimbo’s Fever dreams
Jimbo’s Fever dreams 2 måneder siden
Proofing that Simon is the biggest Brian’s of the sidemen
Arthur Meyers
Arthur Meyers 2 måneder siden
as soon as callux said "harrys imposter parter right now" i knew he was the other one lol
HuBo 2323
HuBo 2323 2 måneder siden
Simon threw it
Cleon Ryder
Cleon Ryder 2 måneder siden
What's the noob thing on the bottom of the screen for
fiorella Cassolino
fiorella Cassolino 2 måneder siden
To cover the game code
Tijil Joseph
Tijil Joseph 2 måneder siden
Bad play from Simon
Alfie Brown
Alfie Brown 2 måneder siden
Ngl Freezy's right, you had a stinker - shooting for Randy straight away, and then leaving the rock.
Gasu 2 måneder siden
Oh my god I hope Zerka was trolling,that was dumb af
Dilman 2 måneder siden
Josh should have called the body than go to fix reactor
Jodyy Louise
Jodyy Louise 2 måneder siden
When they’re all standing at the Rock and Behz isn’t inline with Simon and Josh I’m just screaming in my head BEHZ YOUR MAKING IT OBVIOUS😂😂
Jade Flynn
Jade Flynn Måned siden
Yeah that's what's making it obvious not the names sticking out the top
Moe The Child Predator
Moe The Child Predator 2 måneder siden
2:00 Big Sidogger
Martin Byrne
Martin Byrne 2 måneder siden
No one: Simon: we can’t loose like this Looses game
James Howard
James Howard 2 måneder siden
Was this a while ago because some people still didnt know common tasks
Pulak Chowdhury
Pulak Chowdhury 2 måneder siden
Not some ppl Only Harry, he's special
Aiman Noor
Aiman Noor 2 måneder siden
I think it's less than a week old
StopMotionPark 2 måneder siden
Big Minter would be a cooler name 😂(I just thought of that)
Madara 2 måneder siden
@Lisa Donovan no
Lisa Donovan
Lisa Donovan 2 måneder siden
Who else agrees that Harry should just give up when he is imposter
Bernie Mac
Bernie Mac 2 måneder siden
Harry had a stinker here
WATCH M E F*CK ME 2 måneder siden
Who else agrees that Harry should just give up when he is imposter
António Costa
António Costa 2 måneder siden
Simon threw
Hellcat Stacy
Hellcat Stacy 2 måneder siden
You guys should try out the proximity mod , Corpse did it , it was sick af
Imthemountie 2 måneder siden
Speed run it
Denis Nazarov
Denis Nazarov 2 måneder siden
0:22 lucky-dating.online
SelfMadeHero04 2 måneder siden
If you stayed at the rock, lux wouldve had to come kill one of you at some point, giving you a free report. Or he has to call reactor when all 3 of you are still alive, also giving you a free report.
Jaiden Stevens
Jaiden Stevens 2 måneder siden
Also the only way for him to call reactor is if he fix the lights but then they can call the meeting while the sabotage cooldowns
ITZ-D4NNY 2 måneder siden
Harry just gets violated for no reason😂
LegendaryAlex 2 måneder siden
9:41 HAHAHAHA cal destroyed u on that one lmfao
LegendaryAlex 2 måneder siden
@Rebuyings lmao yeah dont take everything too serious mate. They are fucking around either way. No reason to stress about it
Rebuyings 2 måneder siden
@LegendaryAlex but you implied that cal “destroyed” him...gtfo
LegendaryAlex 2 måneder siden
@Rebuyings I just thought it was a funny roasting moment. Idc who was right.
Rebuyings 2 måneder siden
No, Josh sold when he didn’t call the button after he saw that Simon DIED on vitals...
Ryder Ferris
Ryder Ferris 2 måneder siden
Wooooowwww on Harry’s birthday too. Should’ve let him win as a present
Ryder Ferris
Ryder Ferris 2 måneder siden
@Roy Bissesseur that is true but just saying lol
saz19s8 2 måneder siden
This was from a stream about a week ago.
Lukman Kaduji
Lukman Kaduji 2 måneder siden
I seen this same game like 3/4 days ago on someone else’s channel I’m pretty sure
Roy Bissesseur
Roy Bissesseur 2 måneder siden
Ryder Ferris i don’t think it was recorded today
Nova Red
Nova Red 2 måneder siden
One day YUNG JEONG will be the biggest artist in the music industry...manifest 💯💫😈📈
PUNIKS PLAYZ 2 måneder siden
Yo Simon
April Matson
April Matson 2 måneder siden
no one: Simon: the rock
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor 2 måneder siden
Simon, can you please play as Covid,
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