Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

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Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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Joel Varela Jr
Joel Varela Jr 2 minutter siden
Make mama into a twin size mattress. Bruh thats brutal lmao
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza 10 minutter siden
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A A 12 minutter siden
14 be funny number for portal
Kingrhinojr _
Kingrhinojr _ 14 minutter siden
That’s cool but I bet you Don’t have the of books like me 😏
Giavanna Zellie
Giavanna Zellie 32 minutter siden
Why is a Minecraft fortress hard to find my portal always teleports near one I don’t understand
Mateo Strang
Mateo Strang 35 minutter siden
2:54 why do you build with 50 BLOCKS!!!!!
Craig Culbert
Craig Culbert 39 minutter siden
Jalil Sadeq
Jalil Sadeq 46 minutter siden
He killed the dragon with an axe and that was not mentioned in the guide.
Jack Silver Films
Jack Silver Films 52 minutter siden
Cathy Dolin
Cathy Dolin Time siden
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Kyle Butler
Kyle Butler Time siden
It's the 50 obsidian for me
SwaggyZ Time siden
2:28 i use water to get up things and go down like jumping from a high place
Isabella Jimenez
Isabella Jimenez Time siden
Am i the only one that noticed he used bed to blow things up then when he dies its all back to normal? How can the be? :l
༒go commit lego step༒
༒go commit lego step༒ Time siden
large ass knife noises
Jordi Requeno
Jordi Requeno 2 timer siden
Yo this guys funny 1⁰0000000000likes I subed to
jordan carneal
jordan carneal 2 timer siden
Mojang: “Polar bears were added because his wife liked them” Him: My life is a lie
Travis Jago
Travis Jago 2 timer siden
Umm did you just craft an axe using the left side of the crafting table.... EWWWWW
Amanda Ficarri
Amanda Ficarri 2 timer siden
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Kristen Broedlin
Kristen Broedlin 2 timer siden
Tierra PRime
Tierra PRime 2 timer siden
keith mccray
keith mccray 3 timer siden
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Berti Verduga
Berti Verduga 3 timer siden
You said not long ago mojang made these books then when you went to the nether you said they where completely out of date’ i was like :/
Arctic Elm
Arctic Elm 3 timer siden
Mystery ore MoYaNg
Scout Knightus
Scout Knightus 3 timer siden
I bet with the nether update it’s gonna say to get full netherite gear for the end battle
Ald Kadriu
Ald Kadriu 3 timer siden
If this is the way to complete minecraft does that mean that dream isnt the best minecraft player or he didint beat minecraft?
Cyber Prado
Cyber Prado 3 timer siden
the fuck is a MOYANG
Catboy Lucas
Catboy Lucas 3 timer siden
David Q. Gacias
David Q. Gacias 3 timer siden
is it pronounced moyang or mojang?
Shital Agarwal
Shital Agarwal 4 timer siden
e e e e e e e e e e
Zaydan Khan
Zaydan Khan 4 timer siden
You can wear a carved pumpkin in nether, it really helps. But, not against the dragon only the endermen
Tim Mccord
Tim Mccord 4 timer siden
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Arman afshar
Arman afshar 4 timer siden
The massacre he did before cooking in peace
Nani?! ?
Nani?! ? 4 timer siden
Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended I... Speedrunners: 𝗡𝗢
Brainy007 4 timer siden
Have u really got 200k in 3 vids ? GG
Random Person
Random Person 4 timer siden
f: dig straight down
mEbiGbOt 4 timer siden
I build my nether portal with 237 blocks of obsidian
Mahiya Jesi
Mahiya Jesi 5 timer siden
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I am Murf
I am Murf 5 timer siden
When can we make tables and chairs that we can actually sit on haha?
Jeffrey Vea Jr.
Jeffrey Vea Jr. 5 timer siden
Snowball Is OP Than Bow.jpeg
Clayton Bauder
Clayton Bauder 5 timer siden
OK, snowballs and not arrows. (7:52)
Rebel23 5 timer siden
Dream watching this: 👁👄👁
ItzJayz 5 timer siden
3:54 XD
Nathan Richard
Nathan Richard 5 timer siden
Bro 18 M views nice
Siddhartha Bhatta
Siddhartha Bhatta 5 timer siden
How did he git enchanted before making diamond pickaxe?😅😅😅
Mast Muan
Mast Muan 6 timer siden
DerpDuck 6 timer siden
I had to watch this because I saw this way too many times on my recommended
Sean Nuh
Sean Nuh 6 timer siden
Samag Thakur
Samag Thakur 6 timer siden
I like it 14 the block way
Global Fatmas
Global Fatmas 7 timer siden
This is the best video ever!
Pandas Pandas
Pandas Pandas 7 timer siden
It 14 bloxs oh my god
Hell Cat_99
Hell Cat_99 7 timer siden
Love it how he said ,,We should get full enchanted diamond armour" like its the easiest thing to do lol
Inigo 8 timer siden
TBH I actually always do a dirt pillar in minecraft
Jordan Peters
Jordan Peters 8 timer siden
Ethan 8 timer siden
Congratulations with 270k subs have a nice jourine
Squeaks 9 timer siden
Squeaks 7 timer siden
@Inferno The Bear ik but im not used to it
Inferno The Bear
Inferno The Bear 8 timer siden
Its technically how mojang is pronounced
Thu Moi
Thu Moi 9 timer siden
1:40 dog: help my please
Horny Nibba
Horny Nibba 9 timer siden
I like how he just casually uses obsidian as a building block.
Vikram Sharma
Vikram Sharma 9 timer siden
MysteryOre:- Do I need to put looting on my snowballs? Me:- 😂😂😂
Thingri T Sangtam
Thingri T Sangtam 9 timer siden
2:57 😂😂
claire bilando
claire bilando 10 timer siden
I Build my portal with 90 blocks
Vashmi Prabhasha Dissanayake
Vashmi Prabhasha Dissanayake 11 timer siden
Bro there are 18m views but only 270k subs sub to him
Marie Newell
Marie Newell 11 timer siden
14 blocks
Ergo Fine
Ergo Fine 11 timer siden
Most satisfying montage ever.
Vince Pancakes
Vince Pancakes 11 timer siden
Drean:ile pretend i didnt see that
Mhike vargas
Mhike vargas 12 timer siden
Fanny PH
Fanny PH 12 timer siden
Snow ball is realy useful
SF car car101
SF car car101 12 timer siden
Imnotguest777 som
Imnotguest777 som 12 timer siden
And did u just said put mama sheep in the wood
Imnotguest777 som
Imnotguest777 som 12 timer siden
Bruh 50?????
Tim Mccord
Tim Mccord 12 timer siden
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Aflah syazani
Aflah syazani 12 timer siden
Alternative title: im trying speedruning minecraft but im following the guide
GB Cute
GB Cute 13 timer siden
you're a SIMP to love your wife and give her everything you can within your power?
NindiePlaysMinecraft 13 timer siden
1:36 Where's the mop?
Adam Beiers
Adam Beiers 13 timer siden
MysteryOre: I might just make a better axe since I have spare diamonds Me: when does anyone ever have spare dimonds
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 13 timer siden
I use 9374.5 block for my nether pordol
Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward 14 timer siden
I make it the speed run way
Gryffin Raden
Gryffin Raden 14 timer siden
I build my portal with 100
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 14 timer siden
Lol I’ve never found diamond with out cheating so never have I made a obsidian portal unless creative
SPIRIT 14 timer siden
Nether looks kinda red
A user
A user 15 timer siden
Moyang 😭😭💀
Kujo48 GD
Kujo48 GD 15 timer siden
Uuuhhh... “Moyang”???
Agt_Max 15 timer siden
Tsukisaur via @NOpost
Riboy Sk
Riboy Sk 15 timer siden
"Let's find this stronghold" Digs straight down Mojang: so you have chosen...death
Austin Adams
Austin Adams 16 timer siden
"moyang" lol
AnteLORRATI 16 timer siden
A fight between a crippled snail and a bird 😂😂
will_ses 16 timer siden
Pop Cat
Pop Cat 17 timer siden
Pop pop
Jacob Dumas
Jacob Dumas 17 timer siden
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TeemoLover 17 timer siden
Who misses the old nether
toothgate Club
toothgate Club 17 timer siden
Can you upload
bryce fowler
bryce fowler 17 timer siden
14 blocks
TrueRadiant 18 timer siden
charles mooney
charles mooney 18 timer siden
It's pronounced mo-yang and not mo-Jang
Coves 18 timer siden
Haydeniscool JK
Haydeniscool JK 18 timer siden
did he just say moyang
Noah Lowery
Noah Lowery 18 timer siden
Can you pls upload more
이종원 18 timer siden
MysteryOre: I made shears, sorry I didn’t make them earlier. MysteryOre 5 minutes later: Imma kill sheep for wool.
BrAnDoLiNplyz 18 timer siden
John Lee
John Lee 18 timer siden
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