Warzone Season Two is INSANE! - NEW Guns, Zombies and MORE!

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Call of duty Warzone Season 2 is live now. Taking a look at the Zombies, Cargo Ship, New Guns, FARA 83, LC10, Battlepass and more. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Become a member - nopost.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner

cryhavoc38 11 dager siden
Rank 9! "PROMOTED!!" :)
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs 15 dager siden
Well this video aged like milk.
cryhavoc38 16 dager siden
Jack what is the white dot on your screen in the middle. Does the game have an aiming dot option?
BoneDrizzBone 7163
BoneDrizzBone 7163 17 dager siden
That LC10 is really good... I really like it
FN swifty YT
FN swifty YT 19 dager siden
My twich is lil rooga if u like warzone
Jack Thom3
Jack Thom3 20 dager siden
I never seen so many people drop at one ship best thing I've ever seen yet on call of duty war zone 😱😱😱🤣😂👍👌😈🤘🤙🤟
Jack Thom3
Jack Thom3 20 dager siden
Hey what's up Jack I really like that saint Patrick color heavy-duty hundred round weapon that you ended up getting that was pretty cool 👍👌✌️💚😱
bombsforzombs2 22 dager siden
Been watching from bf3 and love u.
David Codreanu
David Codreanu 28 dager siden
The zombies are so hard to kill
niet biggi doen g beste voor je tanden
niet biggi doen g beste voor je tanden 9 dager siden
Just shoot em in the head
Alkan Tasdan
Alkan Tasdan 29 dager siden
yeah! insane bugs. insane balancing. insane cheating. warzone ecosystem is insanely toxic...
Ian Matthew Kline
Ian Matthew Kline Måned siden
I like how Brits ask, "You ruined?"
John Hughes
John Hughes Måned siden
Very enjoyable to watch well done JF!
85 Aces
85 Aces Måned siden
' A Giant Egg'! xD
Travis P
Travis P Måned siden
single handedly ruining this game by skewing the creativity of the game in favor of sheer advantage because of lack of skill. And the worst part is you suckers worship this horseshit.
OkaeDen Måned siden
The reason they keep releasing new guns is because they removed half the content before releasing their game. They wanted to drip feed their content because warzone is more successful
Alexander Alexander
Alexander Alexander Måned siden
The needless raincoat elderly cheat because decade joly tip about a hapless march. actually, nutty bull
Alexander Alexander
Alexander Alexander Måned siden
The wrathful alarm endogenously shop because barbara collaterally arrive afore a ugly penalty. calm, fearful fearless representative
Krazy killar47
Krazy killar47 Måned siden
The s2 battlepass is sick .
Follow The Grow
Follow The Grow Måned siden
Thats not an egg its a counter balance thats used in skyscrapers to reduce swaying. Idk why its in a mountain.
Commander Keen
Commander Keen Måned siden
Although I do not have any authority here, none at all; I am gonna say this was illegally entertaining!
Devin Jackson
Devin Jackson Måned siden
K S Måned siden
stay blessed
Liamation Spice
Liamation Spice Måned siden
Oh no nonono
Breezy Smith
Breezy Smith Måned siden
Gonna try JACKFRAGS when i get home
Panais95Ultras Måned siden
Check my channel brothers.I made warzone videos too
Murder Of Crows
Murder Of Crows Måned siden
Am I remembering things correctly when I claim that Shillelagh is pronounced She-lay-lay..?
heyhyohhay Måned siden
This title is CAP
Stephen J.
Stephen J. Måned siden
Yeah Cold War definitely shit the bed. Wish they had decided to support MW sooner. Already deleted my game, not sure I'll be back. Cold War meta sucks.
Oscar Dolloway
Oscar Dolloway Måned siden
is it tho
adam floyd
adam floyd Måned siden
He’s cheating. Using recoil mods and aim abuse mods. Watch the way it jumps to people. He’s using Cronus max or zen
Henry Andrew
Henry Andrew Måned siden
jesus why do you keep saying illegally? i like it
Hwhshe Bshehshcbd
Hwhshe Bshehshcbd Måned siden
Jack u like cheese pizza R37
Fosters Pets
Fosters Pets Måned siden
They weren't there for Philip, they were back up camera crew really. We know the truth toasty don't try to fool us lot.
Keith H.
Keith H. Måned siden
Oh c'mon, Jack picks up green M60, inspects the gun showing rainbows and clover skin, then gets shot at the jump from the roof and dies and he doesn't state the obvious? They're after me lucky charms! :)
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson Måned siden
Aim assist kill cams are so disgusting. Turn it off for cross-play servers, or just turn off cross-play.
Jadon Clow
Jadon Clow Måned siden
Sheila 🤦
emcee260 Måned siden
What’s your meaning of “illegally “? You guys say it a lot.
David Robert
David Robert Måned siden
Still piece of crap and won’t play with hacks
Ryan Pickering
Ryan Pickering Måned siden
It's pronounced sha-lay-lee
Low Iq player
Low Iq player Måned siden
The ultimate dnt yeeter
Megan Dennis
Megan Dennis Måned siden
This guy seems so sweet
Megan Dennis
Megan Dennis Måned siden
I’m playing solos and watching this haha
HatredGaming Måned siden
I just came back for “the Giant egg” 💀🤣
POGERNAUT 8 dager siden
I think is a sisemic machine
Akshay Shettigar
Akshay Shettigar Måned siden
Heard that way too many times without getting to know the reference. What does it mean?
Pixelated Dom
Pixelated Dom Måned siden
I liked a KH video over this shit
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck Måned siden
ill be glad when you get back to good games
zachary tranvik
zachary tranvik Måned siden
hey jack that dock you guys were talking about around 45 min was already in the game. i remember it because i once walked past it and thought it would be more fun to sit out there then to play the actual game.
Francis OfFilth
Francis OfFilth Måned siden
I love ya Jack but you are way to easy to impress lol this update is awesome? 2 new guns. 1 ship in warzone with zombies. Only decent part is outbreak but cold war is still seriously lacking in content and warzone is stale and falling behind. Come on man dont encourage these lazy updates
Jonathan Gardiner
Jonathan Gardiner Måned siden
gulag is nuketown
ohfz_Aggro Måned siden
the attachments from CW looks so stupid -_- especial scope....
GrimReaper Måned siden
how does every1 have this already and thid guyd only lvl 1 and battle pass 95 to get that gun.... how?
Mees van Straten
Mees van Straten Måned siden
Does this mode just get removed after the event?or will it come back eventually.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Måned siden
Wait is that why I get clapped cause my guns aren’t suppressed FACK
Dani Saputra
Dani Saputra Måned siden
Naga means Dragon
Silenti Måned siden
40 gig update for some new guns, a shipwreck and ground loot - Warzone is a joke untill they design a map. Please design it more like PUBG. And fix the sound lol
Mckenzie .Latham
Mckenzie .Latham Måned siden
When they drove over that cliff my stomach went inside out lol
M N Måned siden
Jaafer x3G
Jaafer x3G Måned siden
You are laundry I love you 😍❤😘💕
Ghost of easy E
Ghost of easy E Måned siden
Is Spector going to destroy damb again.
Kazimir Jinkins
Kazimir Jinkins Måned siden
Read the standing orders and understand them!
killxshotx 1738
killxshotx 1738 Måned siden
You need to convince Jacksepticeye to make more warzone videos with you!!
Kenneth W
Kenneth W Måned siden
So all they did was added a ship with zombies in it? And are the zombies only on the ship?
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan Måned siden
there should be an option to skip the intro
Olsbijack2 Måned siden
Been using Strela as secondary. It may not be the best for all situations or overall a good choice over an SMG, but man is it fun!! Love blasting those cars trying to run me over haha...
Gabriel Mitchel Boyle
Gabriel Mitchel Boyle Måned siden
He Has The CX-9
Fodiyé Måned siden
34:00 😂
Ricky Singh
Ricky Singh Måned siden
So zombies on warzone isn't live yet??? I've done all the cold war zombies objectives
Matt Spears
Matt Spears Måned siden
How did you level up your Battle Pass so quickly ?😱😃
Everett Azoff
Everett Azoff Måned siden
He bought it
0HerroPrease Måned siden
@2:00:00 ‘The loadie is in the hole. I repeat, the loadie is in the hole!’
Edward Bishop
Edward Bishop Måned siden
Can anyone tell me when they say “yeah” in that voice, where it comes from? I can recognise it but it’s driving me insane as I can’t figure it out 😂
craafter Måned siden
I think Stewie from Family Guy.
ChezyBenito Måned siden
which youtuber making videos about weapons and attachments? Jack talking about him in this video. thx
Dhr. Woltemade
Dhr. Woltemade Måned siden
Well that sucks, I grinded my ass off to get the ffar leveled and then they went and nerfed the agency suppressor. What a bunch of wankers
Atlas Bryson
Atlas Bryson Måned siden
Gameplay looks really choppy and teary in parts! Dropping frames like crazy.
cristian johan constantin
cristian johan constantin Måned siden
You shall really tell about the hidden Weapon in the game,which is the Raal lmg,i got it in a couple of games in warzone as a legendary blueprint called rook from splly chests,and it hits like a Track,is just amazing.
Warren Mefire09
Warren Mefire09 Måned siden
Please subscribe to my channel
Karisto Måned siden
what a crap game
Z0mbie Kr0w
Z0mbie Kr0w Måned siden
This is the best stream ever Jack & friends!!! You guys are having so much fun.
Andrea Biga
Andrea Biga Måned siden
for now... worst season ever
noob world
noob world Måned siden
still no new map
Z0mbie Kr0w
Z0mbie Kr0w Måned siden
56:38 Shut the door!!!!!! Shut it!!!!
Anthony Juarez
Anthony Juarez Måned siden
That’s the same layout on the ship as the 3v3 in MW
Mister Scott
Mister Scott Måned siden
Landing the help in the nuke silo was epic, Jack. Thanks for the first look play of S2 and the great content, as always!
Liam Hudd
Liam Hudd Måned siden
Season 2 - hackers from day 1!
RRG Rewind Retro Gaming
RRG Rewind Retro Gaming Måned siden
We beeen scammed again..
alex Måned siden
How the hell did that sniper hit him at 27:00
john house
john house Måned siden
i wish jackfrags was my Dad ...... i love him so much ''mmmmm''
JC L Måned siden
I've been watching your live streams for awhile now. This game you definitely where off when sniping. Your still epic! But them sniper shots some I was shocked you missed lol. Thx for another great video @
Miko Joseph
Miko Joseph Måned siden
Tier 95 gun guaranteed buggy gun. I bet you.
Blake A
Blake A Måned siden
That second game! After seeing how many players dropped on the shipwreck and that your squad came out on top there I knew you'd win that round. The cream always rises to the top!
chaddaniel1989 Måned siden
Cold war ruined this game
N54 power
N54 power Måned siden
They should have made this game with distractable building that way people stop camping in them lol
Colby Smith
Colby Smith Måned siden
Wasn’t there already zombies in war zone? Or am I confusing it with something else? I just recently started playing so I honestly don’t know, I just remember a video where someone dropped into a zombie zone
fireboss59 Måned siden
whats crazy is the 400Gb size
ethan199303 Måned siden
Love how Jack missed the $100 donation 😂
JL D Måned siden
1/2M views already (15 hrs in)... damn
izack vanarendonk
izack vanarendonk Måned siden
I just found out my dog has to get put down and this chaired me up thanks
izack vanarendonk
izack vanarendonk 9 dager siden
@niet biggi doen g beste voor je tanden thanks
niet biggi doen g beste voor je tanden
niet biggi doen g beste voor je tanden 9 dager siden
Ah that's real shitty man my condolences
Duda Cash
Duda Cash Måned siden
“It will be meta” We liked
Lord Puffington
Lord Puffington Måned siden
So what's new that ship... We want a new map
Jose Lara
Jose Lara Måned siden
2:39:00 "What does CDL mean?" I needed this!
Locutus494 Måned siden
1:23:16 SERIOUSLY?!!! That's their solution?!! Because it would make too much sense to just FIX THE ACTUAL STIM-GLITCH apparently... 🤦‍♂️
Dylan Myers
Dylan Myers Måned siden
So here's my question, if a zombie somehow get an impossibly kill on you are you going to call him a cheater? Lol
Forever Family
Forever Family Måned siden
Imagine ruining half the guns in your game 😂😂
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