The (Mostly) Complete Lore of Hollow Knight

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It's been three years to the day since Team Cherry's Hollow Knight was first released on PC. Join me as I chronicle the lore of Hallownest from the very beginning to the multiple endings. If you're a long time subscriber, thank you for the ongoing support. If you're new here, I hope this video captures your interest.
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Video Chapters:
00:00 Spoiler Warning
00:10 Introduction
04:12 Wyrm Reborn
06:36 Before Hallownest
12:33 Hallownest Established
24:20 The Infection Appears
27:26 The Void and the Vessels
34:57 The Three Dreamers
40:58 The Radiance Sealed
42:57 A Kingdom in Ruin
51:45 Visitors to Hallownest
55:44 The Part Where The Game Actually Starts
57:14 Base Game Endings
1:07:35 Godmaster Endings

Ken Clarke
Ken Clarke 25 minutter siden
I literally don't have the time/money/eyesight/ computer to play all these great games coming out. I just like the story and mood and mechanics and aesthetics. Someone tell me this is alright???
Norowareta Kage
Norowareta Kage 2 timer siden
3:11 hmm yes I hope this info will help me beat the bosses from here on out
Neo2266 2 timer siden
56:08 Oh really? *Remembers Divine*
Adonias Aguiar
Adonias Aguiar 3 timer siden
Poor Bill, he is allergic to flowers...
Rikirosso9 Dei Rocini
Rikirosso9 Dei Rocini 6 timer siden
35:58 where the hell is this room?!
ZebraSnot 9 timer siden
3:11 Saving this timestamp for later. I need to research this.
Olivier Lids
Olivier Lids 9 timer siden
Dude.. You cracked me up a few times in this video, but damn.. The one at 19:09 really made me lose it
Lukas Saxegaard
Lukas Saxegaard 12 timer siden
bruh I found Waldo
Spinyfurball 75
Spinyfurball 75 14 timer siden
3:10 the most important lore for rimmi- Hollow Knight.
Alek Tolentino
Alek Tolentino 14 timer siden
56:09 is the best. 😂😂
Kevin Kerwin
Kevin Kerwin 17 timer siden
This video brought to you by Dominos Pizza and fridge cheese
The Pancake Mann
The Pancake Mann 18 timer siden
-You're like Hollow Knight's Redgrave, eh? (Bloodborne lore guy, look him up)- My big issue with Hollow Knight is Dark Souls 1. It absolutely spoiled the world building in this game because Hollow Knight, intentionally or otherwise, basically completely mimes the story of the first Dark Souls. You've got scattered lore depicting a dying land blighted by a curse. You've got the agent of darkness bringing an end to the reign of light. You've got a charming array of NPC's spread around the levels commenting on, or oblivious to the decay of the world around them. It's charming and features bugs, sure. But I've heard this one before, told too similarly. *Okay... I had a whole bunch more shit written and NOpost deleted it. Fuck it, I like Hollow Knight but I wish it was more original. edit: 5:54 visage breh. Visage. Play Super Metroid for fucks sake. edit 2: strikethrough because not even close.
yungston 19 timer siden
Metroidvania is a portmanteau of Metroid & Castlevania as they are both influential to the “Metroidvania” gaming genre.
Mythic Styx
Mythic Styx Dag siden
I know I'm not the only one to spot the title of the article at 3:10
James Blankenship
James Blankenship Dag siden
3:10 how to eat a$$? I don't remember anyone eating butt in my 1st playthrough....
Weekend Calcium
Weekend Calcium Dag siden
3:10 how to eat a$$
Mataeus Dixon Steele
Mataeus Dixon Steele Dag siden
Did this man just Rick roll us
Mataeus Dixon Steele
Mataeus Dixon Steele Dag siden
Did this man just Rick roll us
Marcio Demirci
Marcio Demirci Dag siden
Çok güzel bir video olmuş hazırlayana emeği için teşekkür ederim. Türkçe çeviriyi yapan arkadaş ismini yazmamış ama ona da çok teşekkür ederim.
Kat B
Kat B Dag siden
I kinda think Zote story is meant to reflect the knights. He sets out to save hallownest, but he’s not the chosen one, it’s the MC in this case much like the hallow knight to the MC. That’s why they share a very similar design and cloak. They are both looked over and tossed aside and later prove their own worth (although zote proves his worth to himself cause he delusional) Plus zote references his father so they both have daddy issues
Sampel Dag siden
Lets all be honest The knight looks male Even though he is the Genderless child (Twitter Void Twitter Void) We have all called the knight "HE"
Saz DC
Saz DC Dag siden
Maybe the pale king added the buzz saws after moving the white palace to the dream realm in order to hide the memory he shares with the HK. If you look at it from the perspective that this is the thought that tarnished the HK's purity, then it makes sense that the PK would wanna cover it up to hide his shame. Yeah, there's buzz saws all around the palace, but that would explain why the Path of Pain is as particularly difficult as it is.
Joseph Raiano
Joseph Raiano 2 dager siden
silksong is comin t h i s m o n t h .
aliel Dag siden
uh what
BB- 8
BB- 8 2 dager siden
Look closely at the documents at the beginning
Stephen Starr90
Stephen Starr90 2 dager siden
10:14 I can answer that one, It's because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
Vincent Bullock
Vincent Bullock 2 dager siden
I think maybe what it means to be hollow is to have no personal desires, to be completely selfless. Maybe the reason the hollow knight could not contain the Radiance was that he longed to be with the Pale King. That would explain why protagonist who is clearly capable of thought was considered hollow. It also seems like the void just wants to be left alone and wants nothing. When the readiance is destroyed it just lays to rest. This also fits with the idea that the void is by nature selfless.
LukaRama Videos
LukaRama Videos 2 dager siden
1:10:00 Is Vaati Vidya speaking
Indycowboy2 2 dager siden
Laughed several times within the first 3 minutes. This got my thumbs up]
A person that’s using their Brain
A person that’s using their Brain 2 dager siden
Is there someone who can reference me the full part of the communist manifesto he mentioned?
Noah Kleppolsen
Noah Kleppolsen 2 dager siden
You know The rules And so do i *S* *A* *Y* *G* *O* *O* *D* *B* *Y* *E*
Awonder 2 dager siden
i've learned that i can't only listen to the video, i have to actually watch the video for the funny parts first video from mossbag that i ever watch and maybe not the last wooooo
bejais 2 dager siden
This game is about nature!
Velruth Lach
Velruth Lach 2 dager siden
My theory on the silksong intro with Hornet in the cage, I see the Godmaster Ending (Not with the delicated flower) is the possible true ending, The Hollow Knight fought Hornet and ruled Hallownest, we can see that she was going to be taken in some sort of prison, I speculated that they thought it was Hornet's fault on the Shade Lord's birth.
Shurry GP.
Shurry GP. 2 dager siden
Well, The Great Void Aggregation actually doesn't seems so interested in Hollownest, I think the void just wants to be the calm being as it was before Pale King messed it. So he simply eliminated possible threat to ruin peace, like Radiance or Pale King, and probably returning where they belong.
Asher Ginn
Asher Ginn 3 dager siden
What if you, Wanted to rule Hallownest again, But a hollow boi said, "........"
Raja lakshmi Renganmaruthai
Raja lakshmi Renganmaruthai 3 dager siden
12 Ri
12 Ri 3 dager siden
48:36 how do bugs smile if they have a fixed mouse shape.
Josephine Christopherson
Josephine Christopherson 3 dager siden
Just recently, I was going through the Queen' Gardens, minding my own business, when suddenly I was hit 3 or 4 times in a row by those stupid spider guys. I lost more than 7k geo. Now I'm sad. :(
Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz 3 dager siden
I watched this as soon as I finished the game game, wow this definitely didn't feel like an hour.
CasePompano1106 3 dager siden
So, should I give the Godseeker a delicate flower or no?
Bobby 3 dager siden
I like the covert abortion references
Feco 3 dager siden
This is the fourth time I'm watching this video. You just did a masterpiece documentary here @mossbag.
Sean Maloney
Sean Maloney 3 dager siden
Maybe the real hollowknight lore was the friends we made along the way
Zafra Zafra
Zafra Zafra 3 dager siden
So basically it's all because the Radiance felt jealous of people leaving his club to join the Pale King's
Scatman BoJangles
Scatman BoJangles 3 dager siden
Metroid knock offs lol......or......maybe just jellyfish? 🙄
Filthy Casual
Filthy Casual 3 dager siden
Feminism is a religion confirmed
realdanidivito mama
realdanidivito mama 3 dager siden
I love this man. Hes giving a dark souls teir item discription on this whole game. Straight pimpin'
Fabian Wegerer
Fabian Wegerer 3 dager siden
„Did Ogrim give Isma a dirty Sanchez?“ dude ur killing me
김재욱 3 dager siden
이 영상을 보면 당신이 얼마나 이 게임에 대해 연구를 했는지 알 것같아요. 대단해요!! 한국어 자막도 감사합니다
VendettaCalls 3 dager siden
TheData Thief
TheData Thief 3 dager siden
Pause at 3:11
Over sight
Over sight 3 dager siden
3:11 That's all you need to know
AdamPlayzz 3 dager siden
Why am I scared about a game about fucking bugs.
Rocco Topliff
Rocco Topliff 4 dager siden
this video is a peacie of art
Young Zanage
Young Zanage 4 dager siden
“This video contains a few spoilers”
Jos Gonzalez
Jos Gonzalez 4 dager siden
The radiance: *comes to destroy the knight and probably infect more people* Mossbag:lets check on our friend!
Bonnie Z
Bonnie Z 4 dager siden
I hope we can see some other vessels in farloom
karstsn gaming
karstsn gaming 4 dager siden
Haha rick roles 19:09
JustAqua 4 dager siden
I’ve watched this in full 3 times this year
Andrei Buenafe
Andrei Buenafe 4 dager siden
When it’s my turn to pick the movie
Simon 101
Simon 101 4 dager siden
This video is honestly amazing. The way it was structured was awesome. It was funny. And you explained the lure so well. Awesome job.
mossbag 4 dager siden
Thank you so much for the kind words :)
Mediocrity 5 dager siden
I think it's fair to say that The Nightmare Heart, The White Lady, The Pale King, The Lord Shade, and whatever gardener in some far off place made the pale flowers are all pale beings. Also I think that the far off person, or whatever greater power the flowers are part of, I'll just call it flower dude, I think flower dude might be sort of a pale being two, like getting to some stupid Dragon Ball Z bullshit, one flower took like 1/5 off it's power to completely OBLITERATE The Lord Shade, most of the flower is still there afterwards, and that's one flower, of like 10 on a bush that took like 5 minutes to grow, wherever that far off land is is on a completely different level from everything in Hallownest. The Lord Shade is undoubtedly *_the_* most powerful entity in the game and it's just snapped away like nothing by the flower.
launch ze stonks
launch ze stonks 5 dager siden
so you can tuna god but you cant tuna fish
Jeremy Catches
Jeremy Catches 5 dager siden
The vania in Metroidvania refers to Castlevania.
SerrEwE Dag siden
It was a joke
Jeremy Catches
Jeremy Catches 3 dager siden
@Windows Command Line - CLI Tricks & Tutorial I know it is obvious and everyone knows , but he said in the video "Super Metroid is basically the Granddaddy of all Metroidvanias, that's why they are called MetroidVANIAS." He emphasised Vainia like it meant something That It Does NOT. Oh, I just noticed he even underlined the word Vainia as he said it. So maybe he is too young to know about Castlevania. He said Metroid was before his time as well.
Windows Command Line - CLI Tricks & Tutorial
Windows Command Line - CLI Tricks & Tutorial 3 dager siden
No it refers to call of duty. /s
Pietro HAAS
Pietro HAAS 5 dager siden
bred Boi
bred Boi 5 dager siden
Just got the platinum today feels good!
ChicagoMadePunk09 5 dager siden
This video is genuinely so good. Funny and informative. Fantastic job!
Chris be bacon
Chris be bacon 5 dager siden
Me realizing that mender bug 1 is reylea and mender bug 2 is rusty
Uriel Arellano
Uriel Arellano 5 dager siden
3:10 yo I didn't notice this the first time I watched this lmao
Thomas Abel
Thomas Abel 6 dager siden
@redtreevortex did it better change my mind
Sum Dorlusca
Sum Dorlusca 6 dager siden
Honestly I think the pale king did evolve into those little pale dragon bug things it would explain some things...
The Doc
The Doc 6 dager siden
Thankyou for this
Suzanne Leyden
Suzanne Leyden 6 dager siden
Voldy356 6 dager siden
What if all this happened like a day before the knight returnes to Hallownest? Maybe everyone's memory was modified by the Radiance or something to make them think that it happened ages ago?
Jonah Clements
Jonah Clements 5 dager siden
The White Lady, who is not infected, does talk about how the time since the kingdom of Hallownest has actually been longer than the duration of the kingdom. So a lot of time has passed.
DP-Cola Zero
DP-Cola Zero 6 dager siden
The Menderbug is your boy Vaati vidya
UFOANGEL 6 dager siden
That pac-man world 2 music was hitting.
Noz 6 dager siden
warum ist das video in englisch aber titel und beschreibung in deutsch >.
Henrique Erzinger
Henrique Erzinger 6 dager siden
I looked through the comments but found no mention of it. Was I the first one to notice the whole document about eating ass at 3:10? hahahaha Also, the Shining reference at 3:50
old ally
old ally 6 dager siden
i have hollow knight but i'm lost and idk what to do so i'll watch this video and convince myself i played the game
Laugh Out Lorne
Laugh Out Lorne 6 dager siden
I know when older gamers like myself rant about the importance of Super Metroid, we sound like old boomers waxing nostalgic about "back in my day." But I really can't understate how mind blowing it was to play that game during a time when most games were just about walking to the right and completing a level within a time limit. All these years later and games like Hollow Knight are still adding to and perfecting the Metroid formula. I'm glad this genre never died.
Country Spirit
Country Spirit 7 dager siden
0:01 The first time I've ever seen one of your videos and this is what happens immediately😂
GodlyGamer 7 dager siden
lol I haven’t even watched a video on this and haven’t played the game at all, I have it downloaded and I’m planning on playing it. Yet I’m still going to watch this
Heroikon 7 dager siden
I think that Kinght is 100% pure, because he doesn't have his mind, player is in controll of the knight
Bekir Sadikovic
Bekir Sadikovic 7 dager siden
Bruh there is a reason why Herrah didnt have a guardian protecting her. She didnt need one, cus Deepnest is enough of a bitch itself that it is the guardian.
Festadurador 7 dager siden
I can't believe i got Rick rolled in a mossbag video
Tomohawk McGinn
Tomohawk McGinn 7 dager siden
Lore lore lore A WILD VAATIVIDYA HAS APPEARED Lore lore lore
Long Dong McStrong
Long Dong McStrong 7 dager siden
Maybe the Fools did go mad which is why they keep fighting and fighting without ever stopping
plate 7 dager siden
Only real lore question is whether gorb has a mouth or not
plate 7 dager siden
Probably the 15th time ive watched this thing all the way through
Ferran Martínez Mestres
Ferran Martínez Mestres 7 dager siden
3:11 I have seen this vid so many times and i did never realise
TrACToR BeAM 8 dager siden
im fighting the broken vessel
Derek Gowland
Derek Gowland 8 dager siden
Such edgy humour!
Long Dong McStrong
Long Dong McStrong 8 dager siden
so Hallownest is kind of like Ancient Rome?
Yazan AL Marzouqi
Yazan AL Marzouqi 8 dager siden
Anyone noticed what's on 3:10
Marcello Garini
Marcello Garini 8 dager siden
Damn you got me at 19:10 Well played :-D Awesome video! I've just found this gem of a game some days ago and I'm genuinely hooked: it gives me the same lore/exploration vibe of souls game but in a metroidvania setting. Really wonderful.
Lime 8 dager siden
Is nobody gonna talk about how he Rickrolled us?
Calvin Hirschler
Calvin Hirschler 8 dager siden
56:08 lol
Pineapple Belongs on pizza
Pineapple Belongs on pizza 8 dager siden
It’s funny how the game says you killed the Radiance, the source of the plague, but everything is still infected??? Like bitch I didn’t spend 5 hours of my time trying to get rid of those dumbass Furious Vengeflies for no reason
Lünkel 5 dager siden
When you continue to play after you get an ending that doesn't happen in universe or anything. It's just a gameplay convenience. The game basically goes "ok, it would suck if you could not continue playing now, so we're just gonna reset everything." That's also why the hollow knight isn't dead, you're not sealed or dead, the radiance still exists, etc.
[Myth] 8 dager siden
You time travelled, basically
radah radah
radah radah 8 dager siden
Oh god the Pac-Man Adventures 2 music for Menderbug was absolutely perfect. Huge nostalgia vibes kicked in, gotta go get the sega out now
pete andelin
pete andelin 9 dager siden
Would give this video a thumbs up and thumbs down if I could. Really enjoy the depth of the lore, but why, oh why, there always has to be this sarcastic tone and dad jokes involved. Gave it thumbs up, great work.
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