Responding To Jeff Wittek & New David Dobrik Footage - Frenemies # 26

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27 dager siden

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Talia 10 minutter siden
It was painful to watch Jeff's video. He is extremely immature and blamed Trisha and the reporter instead of taking any accountability. The whole time I was just like "oh my god, shut up". That reporter seemed amazing in bringing the story to light and I feel like the way she was speaking in the videos Jeff showed to try to "expose" her is like the way you do when you know a customer or stranger is just being unreasonable and you want them to get out of the store, so you smile and nod until they leave.
Lily Litwinko
Lily Litwinko Time siden
We're going to cut this out *doesn't cut it out
alexangel 2 timer siden
This video honestly should have the LiveLeak logo in the corner
madkitty 4 timer siden
I think it’s messed up that Trisha left the party instead of doing something to stop what was happening. Ppl are glorifying this girl now but she’s still a horrible person and a narcissist who tries to bring ppl down if they bruise her ego. Things aren’t as black and white as we’d like them to be. This girl is just as bad as every other toxic you tuber.
raising mex
raising mex 4 timer siden
Emma Karla
Emma Karla 5 timer siden
damn he really fucked himself over with this interview. Made everything a million times worse for himself. What an idiot
Tanner S.
Tanner S. 7 timer siden
If this is what David was comfortable having recorded and posted online, is it surprising that the people who surround him are terrified? I wish people would start to question why they would be terrified in these situations. It's the same theory I've started to have with Shane and Jeffree. I think Jeffree possibly has receipts to bury Shane, most likely illegal things. I get the same vibe from this a**wipe and David. I'm not worry to end any friendship in my life, because no one has anything on me. I'm not going around committing heinous acts and acting like it just comes as part of living. If these people are afraid, they should be. These grown men who can't respect women should maybe start standing on their own feet and stop banking on that clout from Daddy David.
abyie123 9 timer siden
Vlog Squad are a group of narcissists, dangerous combo!
Jenna Graham
Jenna Graham 10 timer siden
I’m sorry but...this guy really does sound stupid. He’s not making any sense with his story like at all. It pissed me off so much
Emma Parker
Emma Parker 17 timer siden
e m a e
e m a e 18 timer siden
can we just say sexual assault? SA is beating around the bush and if we really want to talk about the problem, say the words. Survivors relive this everyday and saying "the incident" or "SA" isnt being up front. I know this is ab the drama side but bottom line, this girl went through soemthing that night. while ik yall are getting paid and sexual assault may be a demonetization word but if this is really an issue you want to bring light to, say the words. If not, maybe tag a link for survivors, tag a link for a reputable source for information or donation. Yall have an amazing opportunity with this platform. I love the poddy and i love yall! just giving some perspective from the other side.
Rock girl
Rock girl 19 timer siden
everything about the article is true and they are all guilty.
Goth Girl Clique
Goth Girl Clique Dag siden
It makes me wanna cry that when the vlog came out I thought it was funny because I didnt know all this 😔. I hate the fact I used to like david dobrik 🤢
sweetbunny777 Dag siden
Omg "his truth" is so mopey, playing the victim is not a good look bro, ew
Blanca Guerrero
Blanca Guerrero Dag siden
Jeff is definitely all our last 2 brain cells lol
Blanca Guerrero
Blanca Guerrero Dag siden
Why did Jeff turn the tables on Trisha! You can tell he just wants to move away from the subject of him buying super guilty about everything
Sarah N
Sarah N Dag siden
I think “complicit” is the word everyone is looking for.
Nathaniel Roffel
Nathaniel Roffel Dag siden
I can barely remember what I did a week ago, and I always remember things wrong... I can't imagine getting grilled like this over something I wasn't really concerned about 3 years ago! Obviously I'm not defending anyone in this situation, because it's not my place and assault is bad, but this interrogation is crazy. Ethan and Trisha don't seem to realize that not everyone has super memory... It's this dude's fault for putting out a bad apology/attack video, but he sounds crazy paranoid. He should've just never opened his mouth
Thor Dag siden
This is the most incriminating thing I've ever watched
carly hankins
carly hankins Dag siden
am i the only one wondering wtf trisha is wearing, all love tho lmao
Fairy girl
Fairy girl Dag siden
A designer shirt Ethan made fun of it one episode so she came in wearing it shortly after
ByebyeMcfly Dag siden
Idk y’all weird
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Dag siden
M K Dag siden
My name is Jeff
Joseph Mata
Joseph Mata 2 dager siden
Is that trysha pastas?
Mallory Dotson
Mallory Dotson 2 dager siden
Way to go Trisha and Ethan!! This dude is trash!!!! I want him canceled along with everyone there that night and James Charles!! MY BLOOD pressure is up so high right now, I am literally screaming at my computer!!! Fucking get this trash bag off of my screen now!! He doesnt deserve anymore of either of you guys time!! I love you both so much, Ethan and Trisha and I am so proud of how you both handled this entire situation. Peace and Love!
benjamin k033
benjamin k033 2 dager siden
im kind of team jef he did very litle wrong only turned a blind eye in his search for succes and fame
Sydney Thomas
Sydney Thomas 2 dager siden
Lowkey have become a complete Trisha stan. She betttta go head and stand up for herself 👏🏾👏🏾
ryan 2 dager siden
They've got a full staff but can't figure out how to put chapters in, or how to add relevant links to the description.
Panna Doll
Panna Doll 2 dager siden
Right so he’s apologising for discrediting Trisha while continually discrediting her because of her mental health.... makes sense
Linatrina 2 dager siden
Omg Ethan is in full detective mode
Olivia Conroy
Olivia Conroy 2 dager siden
1 minute in and... "At least in Scotty's he's like 'Hey guys, you know... I'm uh... I'm a dumbass!'" I fucking LOST it! 😂😂😂
mossy ignore the email name
mossy ignore the email name 2 dager siden
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 dager siden
those girls by making them a part of his video, rewarding them with screen time and clout. That’s why he’s being called out.
Idrisa TARDIS 2 dager siden
Calling rape a “failed bit”
The Egg
The Egg 2 dager siden
Jeff is scared to go back to prison but also want to cover for his friends, he is not the brightest......
swarley30 2 dager siden
This was like watching a live hearing. With peace and love, Jeff you destroyed your own career.
*・゚ pup asmr ・゚*
*・゚ pup asmr ・゚* 2 dager siden
i LOVEEE ethan actually calling out his lies and not letting anything slide. i love seeing people being held accountable
Porcupine Tv
Porcupine Tv 3 dager siden
why would he agree to come on live bruh, how could he think it's gonna go over well
Bob Burger
Bob Burger 3 dager siden
That photo at the end of the night doesn't look like a group of guys who knew their mate just raped someone imo. It looks more like a crew waiting to wrap things up. The initial 5 chicks going in was clearly fake as well. No doubt one of the girls was raped, but when that photo was taken only the rapist knew.
Maddy Maier
Maddy Maier 3 dager siden
Holy jeff is literally pulling shit out of his ass left and right
Kuajuakuajua kajaujaujaakauja
Kuajuakuajua kajaujaujaakauja 3 dager siden
Taylor Cordero
Taylor Cordero 3 dager siden
Taylor Cordero
Taylor Cordero 3 dager siden
jeff constantly being caught in his lies is sooo hard to watch. so frustrating
Hemb Sons
Hemb Sons 3 dager siden
He’s just so Conveniently “Not There” for all the bad parts of the night of anything incriminating.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 dager siden
The confidence he had in the beginning vs the end was DEMOLISHED
Anthony Razo
Anthony Razo 3 dager siden
Should the New York times not be creditable because they charge for the news paper. now that's what I call check mate.
George&Candy Alaniz
George&Candy Alaniz 3 dager siden
Jeff just shut the fu....up
UGLY BISH IN YOUR DM'S 3 dager siden
Lol Ethan was getting annoyyed at the end he just wanted to wrap it up lol
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph 3 dager siden
I've watched this video at least 15 times. It doesn't get old. Golden moment for Trisha
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 dager siden
1:25:32 3 dager siden
When Trish was sitting there in the beginning 11:38 watching herself explain what she's been through with the proof alongside...
Eddy127 3 dager siden
Anyone knows what condition ethan has that when he looks at his wrist it turns
-v- 3 dager siden
i think his Tourettes (?) its a tic
pjebb -
pjebb - 3 dager siden
isn't he as innocent as trisha in that situation?
Cassidy Nolan
Cassidy Nolan 3 dager siden
jeff changed his story so many times and kept deflecting. this really shows how little he genuinely cares. he's trying to make people think little of kat and trisha by saying he "donated to SA charities" implying that because he did and they didn't that he's the good guy in this situation. just because someone is making money off bringing light to a situation doesn't mean they're non-credible. yet not once does he think david is at fault.
Brandi Brown
Brandi Brown 3 dager siden
Actually I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to be around while minors are getting intoxicated, even if you didn’t supply the alcohol.. It’s amazing that they’re literally deflecting blame when EVERY legal adult above legal drinking age was breaking the law.
J 3 dager siden
jeff in this call was like *gaslight gatekeep girlboss ♥*
badfish5447link 4 dager siden
Ethan is doing great things shining light in sexual assault and rape victims but he has really become a bully in a lot of ways from his original content on H3 criticizing small creators, the way he treats his crew on the podcast, to having recurring guests on just to use as a joke. They sort of attacked the only person willing to talk about it who they said themselves was barely in the article, asked him questions he can't possibly answer and then interrupt him before he can reply. He even apologized for many of his mistakes he made but they even called him dumb when he was just trying to be genuine which is pretty rude. They literally called it abuse at the end of the interview because they knew they were rude to him. Ethan talks about doing their research first when in many cases he himself admits he doesn't know anything and is too lazy to do any research on the topic. It feels like the H3 community went from poking fun to just being toxic and supporting Ethan's toxic side.
Lisbeth Samboy
Lisbeth Samboy 4 dager siden
One of the most ICONIC thing i saw someone do on and interview, "so you said that you were there 30 minutes" "So I have here this photo..." 1:39:50 OMFG! I was living for that part.
Giovanni Avalos
Giovanni Avalos 4 dager siden
this chanel creates snowflakes
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 4 dager siden
Giggles adorably
Andy White
Andy White 4 dager siden
5.5 million views and Trisha with this shirt, glasses, no extension, no makeup 😂 and talking to Jeff the best looking from the vlog squad. Is kinda everything.. no 💩 given 😂
Brandy C
Brandy C 21 time siden
Why would she care? Not everything is about appearance
Sierra Moser
Sierra Moser 4 dager siden
A Z 4 dager siden
i hope “okay ethan” is soundbited now
Elaine Gillman
Elaine Gillman 4 dager siden
Elaine Gillman
Elaine Gillman 4 dager siden
@sehhi vooty I just liked how Trish said Hacked
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 4 dager siden
handled it though. Both Ethan and Trisha stuck to the topic and didn’t let Jeff take them off on his tangents.
the pink one so terrify
the pink one so terrify 4 dager siden
jeff avoided almost every single question and then proceeded to bring up Trisha's past... literal trash
the pink one so terrify
the pink one so terrify 4 dager siden
trisha is so calm and collected in this podcast I'm so proud
the pink one so terrify
the pink one so terrify 4 dager siden
ethan didn't let him get away with any of his lies wow
Sierra Moser
Sierra Moser 4 dager siden
Jeff: “Watch the whole video so nothing is out of context” Also Jeff: I didn’t read the whole article but I’m gonna bitch about it anyway
marlow eve
marlow eve 4 dager siden
this whole thing is so frustrating to listen to as a survivor of SA, jeff sits there and constantly contradicts his statement of not wanting to invalidate this poor girl’s experience while continuously invalidating it. it is not hard to understand that by discrediting witnesses, by discrediting the author, by discrediting the article, and by discrediting the publications “motivations” behind the article, is invalidating her story. and then to get offended when people naturally assume you are either dumb or just lying is ridiculous. yes dom is obviously the perpetrator of the assault but to shift blame away from yourself, away from david, away from todd and everyone else there that night he shows a complete misunderstanding of what the bigger issue is, which is that this was a r*pe culture deeply imbedded into this groups mentality wether they or he were aware of it at the time, that allowed this assault to happen in the first place and then be posted to millions of people for them to witness this girls trauma for years before it got taken down. i remember watching the video on david’s channel, this poor women had her assault publicized and monetized for years and she has to live the rest of her life knowing that millions of people witnessed her assault and nothing was done nothing was said, and to sit there and actively try to take away from that and to hide blame from the people involved is disgusting and 100% makes you guilty. no one is ripping you apart, the ego it would take for that to be your only takeaway from watching the live is insane. also i would like to point out that according to jeff, trisha is crazy, kat is money hungry and unreliable, the victims stories aren’t and evidence aren’t accurate but david is just an innocent naive vlogger and todd just likes whiskey and he’s being unfairly blamed and has lost so much. it reeks of deep rooted misogyny that i really don’t think he is intelligent enough to self reflect on or even be aware of. and you notice that is a trend in everything this group does and says, as trisha has said before the women in the vlogs were always props and their “characters” as jeff put it was always of sex objects who could be paid or coerced to do whatever sexual acts david wanted. and the second one spoke out, they are called crazy and silenced as usual.
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce 4 dager siden
Trisha is such a girlboss, I truly love her
Arland Nunya
Arland Nunya 4 dager siden
LMAO noooo fuck these kids. They all knew what the vlogs were all about. If you watch the vlogs the kids would do anything to get on them. And if she was under age. Blame the parents.
Ruby Morrison
Ruby Morrison 4 dager siden
I think jeff is more scared of going back to jail than what his friends did. I think in his head if he agrees to going to get the alcohol with todd, knowing the door was locked, being there the whole time etc. He would get sent back to jail because in his head he is guilty by association,. I think he just doesn't want to serve time again. I agree he needs to take accountability and tell the truth. HE LOOKS MORE SUS WHEN HE IS MAKING UP A DIFFERENT STORY EACH TIME. I bet when he got charged with weed he said 'idk how it got there' 'it my friends weed I had no clue what happened. THey could've smoked you I was not there'
Pony Pony
Pony Pony 4 dager siden
My GOD it's like watching a crime show where a police interrogates a criminal who is lying...
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume 5 dager siden
Ahhhh so david pressured him to make a video defending him, told him what to say and now he looks like a complete dumbass and is too afraid to go back on what he said... is that what im getting here?
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume 5 dager siden
The best thing in the world one can do when you know someone is lying is giving them enough rope to hang themselves with. Figuratively of course lol basically, just sit back and let them dig their own hole because they always will.
Demitrival 5 dager siden
Ok Ethan please use this
Lucy Mullen
Lucy Mullen 5 dager siden
I really don’t like Jeff. He’s claiming to want to help victims of sexual assault and says he’s not trying to invalidate the victims, but then at every opportunity he gets he claims that he, David and Todd were not involved, which directly contradicts the victim’s accounts. It seems highly likely that every single person except Dom and the victims left that party and came back at the end of the night for that photo. And Jeff is pointing his finger at Trisha when that’s not what he’s there to talk about. Really impressed by how Trisha handled it though. Both Ethan and Trisha stuck to the topic and didn’t let Jeff take them off on his tangents.
Rania I
Rania I 5 dager siden
I think we all can agree that jeff is dumb
Khazlyn Lim
Khazlyn Lim 5 dager siden
"i dOn't wANna disCreDit aNyOne.." "I cAN OnLY spEaK fOr mYseLF" "Y iS thEre pAywaLL" "im InNocEnt in aLL Of tHis" honestly it SEEMS like he only agreed to do this to wash himself clean, ok so you donated to SA's but you still didn't do anything to hold the people responsible. You just washed your hands clean and covered for your buddies dafaq
Trent Burbish
Trent Burbish 5 dager siden
"How Not To Handle Controversy"
Leia Greene
Leia Greene 5 dager siden
This guy is just gross / a lair & gaslighter. Trisha handled this so well.
Emily Sanders
Emily Sanders 4 dager siden
Unrelated but you have a very soothing name
Dashlyn Heinrich
Dashlyn Heinrich 5 dager siden
Also, side note... I think it's cute how ethan sort of looks at and treats trish like his little sister.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 5 dager siden
Trisha seemed to make Jokes aswell as the rest in the videophotage.. so what are here part of the whole thing!?!? Come on please
Dashlyn Heinrich
Dashlyn Heinrich 5 dager siden
Wow this is weird. I'm not even a trisha fan and I've been a Jeff fan for so long but after the way he attacked her for having mental issues has really placed him in a completely new light. Also, you're only reading the parts with your name?? NOT WTF HAPPENED TO THAT POOR GIRL!? selfish much? This is sad. Jeff is a joke. This sucks. How am I siding with trisha wow
Dashlyn Heinrich
Dashlyn Heinrich 5 dager siden
Damn this was wild
phoebe tadrus
phoebe tadrus 5 dager siden
i'm sorry i know this is supposed to be serious but this is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my LIFE. HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE'S SAYING
meg garza
meg garza 6 dager siden
I mean, everyone is angry at jeff for avoiding david’s involvement or actions, which i completely understand, but we have no idea what kind of blackmail david has on jeff that’s keeping him from saying stuff. i honestly think it’s not jeff trying to “be loyal to the boys”, but more like that he’s too scared of what david could do to him for him to speak out or even barely touch on it. it’s really sad how cornered he is. someone isn’t that completely avoidant unless their own livelihood is in danger.
Idrisa TARDIS 2 dager siden
This could be true but he should have just stayed quiet. But instead he discredited Trisha when she wasn’t the only source. He questioned a reporter’s motive for reporting serious rape allegations. He’s more mad at the whistleblowers than the actual rapist and the enabler. Blaming the whistleblowers for ruining his own career when the young women’s lives are truly ruined. Blaming everyone but himself associating with such toxic people. Mindblowing
Kayleigh Young
Kayleigh Young 6 dager siden
Lmaooo i just caught Trisha saying “we could just stare at Jeff” when theyre talking about watching paint dry💀💀
Elli Zito
Elli Zito 6 dager siden
literelli 6 dager siden
Is trish’s shirt sewed into her crewneck?
Mia Perez
Mia Perez 6 dager siden
I love how he deflected his skeletons to discredit Trisha. What a dirtbag.
HalehhMagan 6 dager siden
Trish is the DJ Trump of NOpost, she gets blamed for everything
ines martins
ines martins 6 dager siden
He was definitely not ready for this live. He probably thought he was just going to talk and say his side and how sorry he is and everyone makes mistakes etc etc. but as soon as they start asking him questions and catching him not making much sense and lying .. he starts getting nervous in his answers. You can tell he's trying to be as careful as possible not to incriminate any of his friends which means he knows more than what he says he knows. If he truly felt sorry for what happened and thought what happened was wrong, he wouldn't have cared about his friends and would just come clean about what actually happened that day and what he saw, and take the consequences. But he's just worried that he'll get cancelled and lose money.
Blake CD
Blake CD 6 dager siden
watch the video no sound and keep looking at ethans eyebrows
FreedomYorkshire 6 dager siden
what on earth is she wearing?
Manon Crombez
Manon Crombez 6 dager siden
His thing about "I feel like a rat". Like what, you rather don't say anything about SA and just keep quit because you don't want to be a rat? That sentence alone says it all doesn't it? I hate that he just doesn't see what he did wrong. He is not innocent and by making this video he's just covering his ass and he's covering the others which honestly just makes him look more guilty. He's bringing up shit he that is not even relevant in this situation... He honestly disgusts me, the whole group that was there is guilty.
Eucis93 6 dager siden
The only thing Jeff said that I agree with is that the article shouldn't have been behind a pay wall. The rest is bullshit and it's clear that he doesn't even understand what the issue is. I have never seen anyone accuse anyone except Dom and David, in my opinion knowing who bought the alcohol doesn't even matter. Nothing in the story will change and the people to blame for the assaults wouldn't change. He needs to understand he's making this 10 times worse all on his own and neither Trisha nor Kat is to blame for the heat he's been getting. Had he just accepted and apologized or literally stayed quiet this would have blown over already.
zenitsunzko 6 dager siden
i remember he was on bad girls club and kat was throwing water ... miss my queen
tommy magnuzohn
tommy magnuzohn 6 dager siden
Trisha seemed to make Jokes aswell as the rest in the videophotage.. so what are here part of the whole thing!?!? Come on please
Chance Powers
Chance Powers 6 dager siden
Jeff sounds like he just repeats things that make no sense to just have something to say and hope that no one catches on that he doesn't know what he's saying himself.
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