Film Theory: Diagnosing The Grinch! (Dr Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

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2 måneder siden

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The Grinch is a Christmas classic in all of it's iterations. From the original to the Carrey to the newest 2018 version, the Grinch has found his way into our holiday traditions. In a previous theory I talked about the problems with his heart growing three sizes. Today, I'm here to figure out if the Grinch was RIGHT to be angry at the Whos. You see, I think there was a reason we all missed - a medical reason. Get your earmuffs ready, Theorists, we're about to get LOUD!
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Credits:Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Puppygirl 15 timer siden
8:20 The AVERAGE sled may travel around 19 mph, but remember, the sled the Grinch is on is filled with a WHOLE LOT of christmas stuff. All that weight is gonna do slow him down. That would mean that he is closer and the Who Noise could actually be VERY bothersome.
Cara Furry
Cara Furry 18 timer siden
Me and the grinch are similar... Music is what bothers me the most, also the hum of a car, and the tick in my room, I don't know we're it's coming from... But I hear it... 👀
Ollie Protz
Ollie Protz Dag siden
Demon Lullaby
Demon Lullaby Dag siden
1:32 is no one gonna talk about how skinny his arms are but then his stomach.... Also my favorite Christmas villian is Oogie Boogie 😂
24Solar24 Dag siden
Me after that amazing poem from MatPat -claps-
Drawlikethewind :D
Drawlikethewind :D Dag siden
Bro Disney hates u matpat Zootopia: very very very famous Mat pat explaining why zootopia is about crack Zootopia:very very very hated (U should watch the one about zootopia)
Renae Malia
Renae Malia Dag siden
The zany david phylogenitically shelter because bowl spatially confess underneath a changeable barbara. ashamed, shy cyclone
Adriana R
Adriana R Dag siden
I'm in Orchestra and I play the viola
The 13th Googler
The 13th Googler 2 dager siden
Huh, so that's why I go crazy at the sound of a shoe scraping off the floor.
Jayden Isaac COLLINS
Jayden Isaac COLLINS 2 dager siden
Yes Matthew I love the sound of the subscribe button.
Jayden Isaac COLLINS
Jayden Isaac COLLINS 2 dager siden
It's the sound the children make when I put there costumes on *COUGH* *COUGH* what was I saying?
Sara Rosenstengel
Sara Rosenstengel 2 dager siden
Anyone else wish he kept the rhyming thing going the whole episode?
mr no name
mr no name 2 dager siden
I suffer from that and know one believes me and I also get frustrated from those open mouth sounds
Discord MOD
Discord MOD 2 dager siden
I have this and am so glade that i know the word for it and i have lots of family member who are loud eaters and i would get mad and yell at them to chew quieter but they would keep going to the point where i would scream at them then i would be in trouble for it. Thank you matpat i showed this to my family and they are more understanding.
Aoife. E. D.
Aoife. E. D. 2 dager siden
Just seeing the images of people eating loudly mad me spaz out, it’s incredible
Oremire Egbele
Oremire Egbele 2 dager siden
yes, actually. i played guitar
Heather Brown
Heather Brown 2 dager siden
I played the piano
- .K9. -
- .K9. - 3 dager siden
I feel like sound can be really irritating as I constantly hear a buzz in my head. I’m pretty sure it’s tinnitus but I haven’t got tested ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
YoPro000 3 dager siden
I also have misophonia . To scratching sounds even when I write with a pen or pencil that little sound also makes me so angry.
The The
The The 3 dager siden
WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY MENTAL ILLNESSES?!!!?!?? (depression,anxiety, misophonia, this isn't a mental illness but, I feel like i'm about to throw up almost every day.)
Daenor 3 dager siden
Or he just has bad memories from when he lived there triggered by the sounds
Sleepyhead Alec
Sleepyhead Alec 3 dager siden
I used to play the recorder...
QuinnyNotFound 3 dager siden
Time to draw a depressed Grinch fanart Even though it's not even Christmas!
Tactical Lechon
Tactical Lechon 3 dager siden
Theory that Matpat didn't say why "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" got of of Nexflix: He was working to had about the movie, not the reason....SO YOU SHOULD SUBSCRIBE
Tim Stoffers
Tim Stoffers 3 dager siden
I’m only 12 so I’m still growing up... but I know how to play the recorder and a couple short songs on the piano. (That are from my favorite movies btw)
Mya Couse
Mya Couse 4 dager siden
Well know I know I have mesiphonia.
Girl For everything
Girl For everything 4 dager siden
The truth is, the click of the subscribe button and the ring of the bell actually sound pretty satisfying!
Cat is disappointed in your recent actions
Cat is disappointed in your recent actions 4 dager siden
Y'know, I always played the guitar when I was a tot. My playing was *worse* than the *Great Big Electro-Who-Carnio-Shnook.* Did I mention the only song I was good at was Seven Nation Army?
Themintybaker 4 dager siden
I play lots of instrument 🎸 hahahah
Caroline Blakewell
Caroline Blakewell 4 dager siden
Matpat: tells me to subscribe Me: *im three universes ahead of you*
TheAsslessChap 4 dager siden
As a person with extreme mesophonia, hearing someone talk about it and spread the word is an amazing feeling. It’s really hard to deal with, so I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.
Skelly 4 dager siden
I feel all that Mrs. Stephany said... on a personal level. I have that and Asperger’s syndrome... very much an outcast for it...
Londonsbro Kamacho
Londonsbro Kamacho 4 dager siden
matpat: decimal levels ca- me: i was in when you said subscribe
hanıye bahrami
hanıye bahrami 4 dager siden
Bird like yeah when like animal like I realise that I started text me talking like a jerk and telling my mum to stop screaming and around nose sink stop and I was like really mad with sometimes you feel this really like when there's a lot of noise is around you you don't want to hear it like I had to actually scream saying stop ok I'm almost about to break my own phone and I called this thing sound brain damage so it's more of when I should have a laugh out loud sounds like the TV by you mean up singing thing stupid songs and movies together greatest that's called magnetism then only goes around my Roger kit it's one place when I drink some stuff with like bringing a meal with my face or just punching someone in the face or just throwing the TV and the window it creates this madness in my body that I don't use to do but we've always make a lot of loud noises I use that logic punch one in actually put one is your own water so it's more like a situation where out no sometimes I get mad and just hit someone for no reason and yes the logic just kicked in doesn't want a noise so I rather break glass with my foot there's not a glass scratches or something with my foot was fine not getting that kind of thing is just asked him like I start to go crazy and like screaming and other people's hits like it's just something like Dad add just kicking in sometime but I am medially tell him to not miss out ok but she's still not with nobody actually listens I just like to this so yes SS0 yes that's my story buy comment from the boy the actual uses my mum I'm just like that is a NOpostr exactly but yeah I just
Alissa Brown
Alissa Brown 4 dager siden
And I feel Panicked
Alissa Brown
Alissa Brown 4 dager siden
I think I have that but with wind chimes and also bells
Ashley nael Martinez Ashley Nael games
Ashley nael Martinez Ashley Nael games 4 dager siden
Hoooooooooooooow bad can i be then you will see the lorax
Oliver TH Gibson
Oliver TH Gibson 4 dager siden
How come every grinch episode has him have a medical condition
Kraze ms4
Kraze ms4 5 dager siden
Im sry my sis has misaphonea too and i feel rlly bad when i eat and it hurts me when i see her getting disturbed by just me eating and it makes me very sad so i understand also i played the clarinet last year
Hello mfkr
Hello mfkr 5 dager siden
this is the same video from 2 years ago
Jasmine Linares Amezcua
Jasmine Linares Amezcua 5 dager siden
Grinch: *”how much emotional eating have I been doing”* Me: *I feel you bro quarantine got me gaining weight*
Carter Nesbitt’s Cartoons
Carter Nesbitt’s Cartoons 5 dager siden
MatPat, I think you overlooked the fact that they actually told you how large Mt. Crumpit is in the original movie / book when you were calculating how long the distance between Mt. Crumpit and Who-ville was. Slap on a foot or maybe 15 and you get how far the Grinch is from Who-Ville!
Tobias Gross
Tobias Gross 6 dager siden
nothing is worse than illumination grinch, sorry not sorry
Brainless Raven
Brainless Raven 6 dager siden
14 min video for a 30 second explanation
HarleyQuinn5510 7 dager siden
I- MATPAT YOU JUST MADE ME REALIZE THAT I HAVE MISOPHNIA. I thought it was just a weird pet peeve that I had! Ever since I was about the same age as Stephanie I've had the same problem- I remember the teachers calling my mom almost everyday at lunch time, because I would literally throw up from just hearing kids eat. I thought I had some can of weird anxiety tick (especially cause I have braces) about eating, to this day I will eat in my room or after my parents are done because it bugs me so much. (as Stephanie said, its rare that she is angry, I was like SAME) another thing that drives me crazy is the sound the squeegee makes, when someone is cleaning mirrors. Or sometimes we will be in a restaurant and everyone will be jamming out to music thats playing but sometimes I can't hear it over everyone talking.
Morgan Hines
Morgan Hines 7 dager siden
That ryhme was so good!
Iniya Nizamdeen
Iniya Nizamdeen 7 dager siden
Nice rhymes
a weeb with a consle
a weeb with a consle 7 dager siden
Matpats partner would hate Japan it is eticat there to slurp
Hannah Robbins 🐦
Hannah Robbins 🐦 7 dager siden
My cousin has this condition! He had downs as well and perceives the sound of dog barks as extreme pain- like being stabbed in the ear with a hot nail. He also has outbursts around dogs because it causes him to panic.
Charlie The Chair
Charlie The Chair 7 dager siden
my mum: why won't my kid do their homework? me: i am depre- my mum: it's a mystery
spector JZ
spector JZ 8 dager siden
Forcing my wife to listen to asmr for 24 hours gone wrong
TSUBASA HIROSE 8 dager siden
me to bud
MegaChickenfish 8 dager siden
Reminds me of the Beowulf movie where we see that the horrible monster is just pissed off that the local town is partying like animals every night and keeping him up with his sensitive hearing, so he did the only logical thing, _rampaged through town eating people._ #Relatable.
Allison Jimenez
Allison Jimenez 8 dager siden
*we* hate Christmas
hamster 8 dager siden
can you tell zamanason to make a fifth minecraft fnaf song
Catherine Lawrence
Catherine Lawrence 9 dager siden
I played guitar
bbxgxh 9 dager siden
misophonia? oh I thought I was just an asshole
Jimin’s Jams
Jimin’s Jams 9 dager siden
As a person with Misophonia some noises are really painful to listen to for me lmao
Henri Denis
Henri Denis 9 dager siden
The Grinch be like why you bully
gamer tag
gamer tag 9 dager siden
Me and my brother both have Misophonia, mine sends me into spurts of anger when hearing squishing noises.
Sleepy Potato Sem
Sleepy Potato Sem 9 dager siden
Alex Vance
Alex Vance 9 dager siden
What I thought it was small heart syndrome
Trumpets for Life
Trumpets for Life 9 dager siden
Well now I know why I hate nail filers or any sounds with sand and I thought the same thing
LERIKS 175 10 dager siden
jonathan lee
jonathan lee 10 dager siden
Yo crazy dude I’m the same way with hearing other people eat I feel your pain!
Bill_CypherTwo 10 dager siden
Trumpet and elec bass
Atarashi 10 dager siden
has anyone heard of other theories? There is one where the grinch is even more evil than he seems, and this theory has research so, if u go to horton hears a WHO then the whos have to make a bunch of noise to not die, and essentially the grinch does not want the noise, and if u connect that to horton hears a who, then the grinch basically wants his whole species wiped out
wolf weeb
wolf weeb 10 dager siden
grinch is always on netflix in uk
Daugirdas Švitrigaila
Daugirdas Švitrigaila 11 dager siden
No of the android alarm tones used to made me panicked and angry untill I changed it .
Sabastjan Adams
Sabastjan Adams 11 dager siden
I have Misophonia as well, with eating sounds, but another thing is loud crying, or screaming, if people yell at each other, or a baby starts crying loudly, I get either, angry, or I get ridiculously anxious Which sucks, becauce I love kids
vicby puppycouch
vicby puppycouch 10 dager siden
I have it too lol
Nature_Ramune QwQ
Nature_Ramune QwQ 11 dager siden
So the grinch has small heart disorder and misophania? Now I feel like the townspeople are the villain.
Bro Action
Bro Action 11 dager siden
We Need More Rick and Morty!!!
DarkLadyJade 11 dager siden
The Grinch doesn't have misophonia, the Whoos in Whooville are just inconsiderately noisy nonstop. As soon as the Christmas season starts they never shut up as long as they're awake, and they're awake from dawn to dark. That would cause anyone who isn't a Christmas enthusiast to become overwhelmed and feel frustrated and angry.
eli afton :3
eli afton :3 11 dager siden
When you described misiphonia I stopped for a second and thought "wait... Do I have misiphonia"
Aglaja Schönenberger
Aglaja Schönenberger 12 dager siden
I'm 15 now and I've been playing the violin for 10 and a half years, by the waaaay🤪
COYWOLF 12 dager siden
i can bare crunching or smacking to
Erica Dyson
Erica Dyson 13 dager siden
I know I'm late but yah I played flute
Carter Foust
Carter Foust 13 dager siden
Dude i have that too
BotMaster 2.0
BotMaster 2.0 13 dager siden
That starting rhyme was great
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller 13 dager siden
How do you feel about the sound of metal against metal? I hate that, and I reflexively want to cover my ears. I feel this one is pretty normal.
MeepyNotSus 13 dager siden
Theory: Cindy Lou Who is in a way the villain! All Grinch hearts are like that. They’re just smaller than a Who’s. So when this Grinch’s heart grew one size bigger than Who hearts, it’s actually a severe medical problem.
Disney Enthusiast Matthew Avery
Disney Enthusiast Matthew Avery 13 dager siden
I play nice trombone MattPat
Jon Whetter
Jon Whetter 13 dager siden
Lucky for me I live in Canada and the grinch is still on there
Angle Angels
Angle Angels 13 dager siden
Yep Recorder Little bit of violin Clarinet
Yo Boi
Yo Boi 13 dager siden
Omg so thats what i have lol
book Page
book Page 13 dager siden
I played the flute
Maheen Ahmed
Maheen Ahmed 14 dager siden
I really hope Steph didn’t have to deal with her parents telling her she’s rude for leaving the table when she was young because they’re gross eaters. I don’t have misophonia, but I hate mouth noises, like when people eat, or when people just make noises with their mouth. Like, they’re just moving their tongue around. Those wet noises. It’s disgusting.
Stop L0vely
Stop L0vely 14 dager siden
Sorry Stephanie for what you have been through
Simply_nugget 14 dager siden
I have misophonia to i hate when people eat near me
Allen Lynch
Allen Lynch 14 dager siden
Ryleigh Odell
Ryleigh Odell 14 dager siden
One time a kid in my elementary school class claimed he went temporarily deaf from falling off a trampoline. Now please tell me why I believed him????
nippu mishra
nippu mishra 15 dager siden
I am like your girlfriend I am also extremely sensitive to such sounds
Lots_art :3
Lots_art :3 15 dager siden
I have misophonia
GamingGamer YT
GamingGamer YT 15 dager siden
Wait? Matpat is 5'10 and 160lbs. I'm 14, 170lbs and 5'4. Weird
googly eye cat
googly eye cat 15 dager siden
3:09 this music reminds me of The Legand of Zelda
CHEERIOS SQUAD 15 dager siden
I swear I have this, every time someone scratches a chalkboard or make a noise like that, I feel like my ears are DYING
RAZOR_BLADE Boi 16 dager siden
Thank god I watched this video now I know I have misophonia sorry if I spelled it wrong
Papaya 16 dager siden
I have mild misophonia when it comes to breathing noises
Holly Becker
Holly Becker 16 dager siden
So what's your girlfriend is saying even get remotely near Hershey with dumb Angry can I put dirt bike a gallon of saliva in a minute
Karizma lps Iniguez
Karizma lps Iniguez 16 dager siden
My mom has music for real because every time me and my daughter doing so she doesn’t like the crunching or the slurping
Oliver Brodie
Oliver Brodie 16 dager siden
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