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iDropZ Måned siden
I want to buy joe gomez but i dont know if i should im scared his price is going to drop down to 90k again and lose 40k
Paulo Castro Neves
Paulo Castro Neves Måned siden
Most of your deals are losses and your coins are always up. Maybe it's a bailout plan from your "mod's account" ?
Jake Taylor • 12 years ago .
Jake Taylor • 12 years ago . Måned siden
Decent totw already have Paulinho and kimmich in my team so wouldn’t mind them in the player picks. Not gonna happen tho gonna get Arnold and Arbilla
Alex Portillo
Alex Portillo Måned siden
When should I buy my team
H2 Trappz
H2 Trappz Måned siden
Today before the meta players rise or when a mad sbc drops that blows the market
Eric Rhino
Eric Rhino Måned siden
I like the fut champs games count toward rivals. I don’t play champs and I don’t have time to play rivals so it helps me get higher rewards
Thomas Davenport
Thomas Davenport Måned siden
Will fodder rise or drop tmo?
Jackson's Life
Jackson's Life Måned siden
yo i just packed RB mertens do i sell him now or wait for tmmr?
ben Måned siden
I have 10x andre at 60ish with a shadow mans was 70+ all week ill be surprised if he doesn't rebound with how hard they're to pack
dracul74 Måned siden
I’ve always played weekend league (for years), but this week I am going to just play all my div rivals. I think my overall rewards won’t be that different. Should be interesting...
Aimane Måned siden
You think salah Will go up ?
Sergio Valdovinos
Sergio Valdovinos Måned siden
I'm on division 2 I play the most 10 games Thursday then the rest weekend league and im good ranked 1 rewards
RTV_Luicho Måned siden
Bruh where is valverde
Zach Siebs
Zach Siebs Måned siden
Yo Nick! New to your channel but was wondering about your crazy profit... how did you make all your coins early on? Did you use fifa points to get a boost or did you straight up just start trading right away?
Andres Gourmet
Andres Gourmet Måned siden
Alaverga no aguanto más ya quiero que salga el totw
Andres Gourmet
Andres Gourmet Måned siden
Alaverga no aguanto más ya quiero que salga el totw
Alex Hutcheson
Alex Hutcheson Måned siden
Cheap 84 golds. Mark. My. Words.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Måned siden
There's just no reason to want the UCLs right now. Identical igs to gold, their price is driven purely by UCL SBCs
Sam needham
Sam needham Måned siden
I wish they would hurry up and update ucl mbappe price
Pranay Goel
Pranay Goel Måned siden
when u sell auba guys plz help
Lukas H
Lukas H Måned siden
should i buy cr7 today or on thursday
iamdlxviii Måned siden
Haaland just isn’t good enough. Too clunky and 3 star weak foot is trash.
BartSoprano Måned siden
100% agreed with your raged bout Division Rivals. EA is such a shit company
Erik V
Erik V Måned siden
Love these videos Nick!
Raphaël Lepycouche-Paumier
Raphaël Lepycouche-Paumier Måned siden
Guys btw I have a tradeable Renato Sanches I bought for 70k, when is the best time to sell it since there are none on the market. Will Ea increase the price range?
Thomas Davenport
Thomas Davenport Måned siden
Miguel Soto
Miguel Soto Måned siden
If Joe Gomez gets an inform will his regular card go up in price?
Dombrovschi Catalin
Dombrovschi Catalin Måned siden
Today I quit my devious trading tactics. I used to buy items for cheap and sell them expensive. Sounds familiar? Bought myself all the meta players twice, just by profiting of the weak minded, which unfortunately are quite a lot on this game. I want to apologyze to everyone, I believe it's unhumam to profit of your lack of knowledge of the game.... yes, the game.. A game. Remember when we used to play fifa as a game? Only way of having fun with a game is playing it like a kid. I don't remember having graphs or watching trends when I was 10. I believe this kind of behaviour is what is worse with the community, reason for which i will unsuscribe and play this game as it comes, and maybe start feeling like i'm playing a game, rather than feeling that i'm going to work. Sniping and fliping virtual footballers cards? Wtf guys, just get a job on the stock market... you are NOT PLAYING FIFA ANYMORE, you are workin for them... for free
Martinelli FC
Martinelli FC Måned siden
Late stream tonight? 👀
URI _6
URI _6 Måned siden
You just need 10 games of rivals on Thursday and play all your fut champs games
Darren Tubbs
Darren Tubbs Måned siden
Lookin at how ur transfer list looks I can TELL u use fut millionaire trading bot or something similar. Kool videos tho bro helps me on minez 😉😉😉😊 Keep it up
marijn Gulpen
marijn Gulpen Måned siden
Nick! what to do with renato sanches IF ???
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson Måned siden
When he mentions 604 as a lot, he means 604,000. For me 604 coins is 10% of my club value
Mac Boulden
Mac Boulden Måned siden
KC Sniper
KC Sniper Måned siden
why would gomez get an inform he didnt even keep a clean sheet and Jota scored in both games
Sebas 18
Sebas 18 Måned siden
Nick please open my first and probably only elite 3
Cobi 26
Cobi 26 Måned siden
Dont play 30 games of Rivals on a Thursday - play 5-7, get around 4,500 - 5,000 points plus 12,000 from WL, 16,500 will definitely get you rank 1.
Charlie Daley
Charlie Daley Måned siden
No because if you play 7 games of rivals you cant get 12,000 from champs
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez Måned siden
When should I sell my gold Lewa?
Liam Jones
Liam Jones Måned siden
Hey guys I packed IF rashford yesterday, do I sell tomorrow @ around 700k-800k or hold him until he becomes more rare?
H2 Trappz
H2 Trappz Måned siden
Tomorrow defo cos he 600k right now is he's going up tomorrow cos he's out of packs☝
Niall McGrath
Niall McGrath Måned siden
I mean I’m not complaining it Gomez does get a totw becauee I got 17wins but can someone tell me why would he, what did he do ?
XJokermanX Måned siden
Totw more like team of the leak
Jamie Stanley
Jamie Stanley Måned siden
Hi guys I'm nick, I'm gonna put the word leak in my title but not show the leak and then talk nonsense for 10 minutes so I can monetize my video. Peace.
Marc Waine
Marc Waine Måned siden
You do realise you don’t need to play all 30 the Thursday right, you could just play 5
s Piso
s Piso Måned siden
Expected price of Werner if after going out of packs?
Andrew Coates
Andrew Coates Måned siden
Do you think Timo will go up in price?
Jake DeBoer
Jake DeBoer Måned siden
What are we saying about meta golds? Invest and sell tomorrow?
Andrew McLaren
Andrew McLaren Måned siden
I’ve got 500k to invest, what are some good 85 and 86 rated cards to invest in?
angry apple
angry apple Måned siden
Invest in 86+ fodders because pl potm and ligue 1 potm are coming out soon since mbappe could be potm and son so invest into players like verratti,sommer,ter Stegen etc all those players good luck!
Mustafa Jasim
Mustafa Jasim Måned siden
I love the reviews bro. Make more! Much love
Trey Wilson
Trey Wilson Måned siden
Shahzad r9
Shahzad r9 Måned siden
Past totw is risky as ea can release a totw pack at any time
Little Haseeb
Little Haseeb Måned siden
What time does totw 5 come out
William Aviles
William Aviles Måned siden
Yo nick, you should try playing co op rivals. Shit is mad fun and it still gives you those points without suffering too much
Han Måned siden
tomorrow at rewards, will prices be high or low? Is it better to buy a team now for weekend league or tomorrow morning?
Edin Malic
Edin Malic Måned siden
The blue cards are actually great to sell its just u going for the wrong players anywhere between 79 rated to 83 rated u can make bank at least 2k per card
Matt Foukal
Matt Foukal Måned siden
Do you think that rule breakers team 1 investing won’t be worth it because everyone will lose interest the second team 2 drops?
Roko Hrstic
Roko Hrstic Måned siden
I dont think so cuz team 2 is always worst in every promo
Pop Pop
Pop Pop Måned siden
If Joe Gomez bout to be absolute filth
Abdulrahman Alyahmadi
Abdulrahman Alyahmadi Måned siden
Anyone knows when Renato's price range is going to change?
Joacim Lidman
Joacim Lidman Måned siden
The clickbait title carries
P o o P o o H e a d
P o o P o o H e a d Måned siden
bro just get to the team of the week ffs no one gives a shit about your 7 page transfer list
Duck Måned siden
You say it kinda jokingly but for real this rivals shit is fucking absurd.
Jason James
Jason James Måned siden
Nick got the sixth sense. The whole week I've been eyeing icons for about 300-400k I think there's mad people in my spot so traders, if you got it, time to get busy
PMO Phillip
PMO Phillip Måned siden
If renato extinct ...
Tai Tran
Tai Tran Måned siden
Haaland moves like a truck, with 3/3. Didnt enjoy the card, can see y hes going down in price.
kangaroobollocks Måned siden
@mo hamada I’m talking about how you type like a 10 year old, nothing about addressing me...
kangaroobollocks Måned siden
@mo hamada address? Can you even speak English?
mo hamada
mo hamada Måned siden
@kangaroobollocks you are called kangaroobollocks. I adress you how I want BREH
kangaroobollocks Måned siden
@mo hamada can you speak properly and not roadman please?
mo hamada
mo hamada Måned siden
@kangaroobollocks bruh what is your psn ill send mine now in pm. Im not with you clowns where you at
TMP Baggie
TMP Baggie Måned siden
Hey nick when do u think cf to cam will go up to the 5k they were previous fifas
Victor Araújo
Victor Araújo Måned siden
E essa badge do Fluminense kkkkkkkk
TMaier16 Måned siden
EAs div rival system sucks, but you don’t need to play all 30 before WL to get rank 2 or 1. Even if you play 5-10 rivals before WL you can get rank 2 comfortably
Mario Letizia
Mrmoneyforfun Måned siden
So does IF Lewa rise or drop if he doesnt get a 2nd if?
Mrmoneyforfun Måned siden
@Roko Hrstic he rose you moron
Roko Hrstic
Roko Hrstic Måned siden
Obv drop
Fusion044 Måned siden
I picked up some Kamara earlier today heopefully I see the rise again cause I bought them at 57k and sold 6 of them at 69-73k within 5 hours of buying so I’m going back in
Boberino 5
Boberino 5 Måned siden
Serie a players need an sbc, we haven't gotten one in 3 weeks
R Johnson
R Johnson Måned siden
I think they'll get an SBC or an objective by Sat. I actually think an EPL one might hit too--to intentionally blow up the market.
ReD Richie
ReD Richie Måned siden
Hes definitely right about the rivals system. Its stupid. No person who showers is playing 60 games of fifa in the space of 4 days
Max H
Max H Måned siden
Had a roast turkey sandwich with melted cheese and lettuce for lunch, quality
Adil Islam
Adil Islam Måned siden
I had rice and chicken
UltimateFifaPage Måned siden
The amount of class is beyond me
50,000 subscribers with 0 videos
50,000 subscribers with 0 videos Måned siden
Nice one. I just had beef, gravy, mash potato and onions.
Erik Romdhane
Erik Romdhane Måned siden
@King Euro at least you got sleep
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Måned siden
@Conor McQuillan pack of juicy fruit
Gabriel Rack
Gabriel Rack Måned siden
Dude why not play like 5 games Division rivals U dont need to play 30 games
Johhny Tarantino
Johhny Tarantino Måned siden
I play 10 games of rivals on thursday. And get 8000 from champs along with the 9000 I already have. That's a guarented tank 1 or 2
dylan mannick
dylan mannick Måned siden
What about rento Sanchez price range update? bought him for 70k should I sell or hold?
Shahzad r9
Shahzad r9 Måned siden
10 dislikes already c'mon guys why
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Måned siden
Its a sign that he's the man. Everyone who knows the FUT market knows there isn't a better YTC. So any dislikes is simply backlash from ppl who wish they had the voice and platform he has, and deserves to have.
A Poocumber
A Poocumber Måned siden
This Saturday will be the bundesliga league sbc
MATTY-H Måned siden
Team of the leak 5
Harry Hunt
Harry Hunt Måned siden
Are we getting Ultimate Scream this year?
Gaming ‘n’ family
Gaming ‘n’ family Måned siden
Rulebreakers is that
farouk _0603
farouk _0603 Måned siden
I bought werner last week for 249 k now he is 229 is he more gonna go down or is he gonna rise again?
Johannes Maier
Johannes Maier Måned siden
He is going down as he is getting in Packs again
antje 03
antje 03 Måned siden
Talisca has body type "high lean" wich only he and aleksander isak from real sociedad have very unique card.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Måned siden
Any idea what having that particular body type helps with specifically? Agility I'm guessing? I'm literally a coin flip rn deciding to do the SBC or nah
Faris_981 Måned siden
And lots of people love isak so talisca Is similar and he gets a perfect link to paulinho
Ronnie Hotdogs
Ronnie Hotdogs Måned siden
Thanks Nick, loving the content recently keep grinding!
RIP RIP Måned siden
I got 6 Renato to sell. Hope EA update price range
Nuck Chorris
Nuck Chorris Måned siden
Yasssss early for once
Neykov Master
Neykov Master Måned siden
Lost Money on Bale...
Andrew McLaren
Andrew McLaren Måned siden
Opened a Rare Players Pack (objective) and packed 89 Van DER Sar. First icon packed in 3 fifas.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Måned siden
Aw congrats brotha! Really is the best feeling when you break the seal so to speak. Pop the icon cherry lol. Well done!
Andrew McLaren
Andrew McLaren Måned siden
@Massyplayz Z Lool sorry man
My internet Is bad
My internet Is bad Måned siden
@Fruity Fred like his head then
I am Groot.
I am Groot. Måned siden
Got 89 Gerard from the same pack, my first icon ever and I played the game since FIFA 15. I got many good players in untradable packs in fifa 21, those pack seem better than the tradable ones.
blackappleslo Måned siden
@Massyplayz Z icon in the making
Kevin Myrtollari
Kevin Myrtollari Måned siden
Any recommendations on how to make coins I have 50k
Emnol gang
Emnol gang Måned siden
@Emnol gang good linkable leagues/nationality
Emnol gang
Emnol gang Måned siden
@Ryan Bos In what League should you buy non rares
Ryan Bos
Ryan Bos Måned siden
Bid tomorrow on non rares for 300 coins and friday they are all 400 coins minimum friday and at a point in the week they are 500 minimum
Kevin Myrtollari
Kevin Myrtollari Måned siden
Thanks guys
Noah Wingenroth
Noah Wingenroth Måned siden
Why are the rewards tomorrow?
Luca uchiha
Luca uchiha Måned siden
Rash 700k tmr are you mental bro???
Roko Hrstic
Roko Hrstic Måned siden
It could happenz best st in the game under 1 mil and he is 600k its just too low
Ben Mag
Ben Mag Måned siden
Ops on if delaney out of packs?
Football Heritage
Football Heritage Måned siden
IF Gomez + Walker = RIP
KaRa Måned siden
Walker isnt good just go for van dijk if gomez thats the best
Whitty - FIFA Videos
Whitty - FIFA Videos Måned siden
Think I might save my Elite 3 Totw pack for best of totw
Whitty - FIFA Videos
Whitty - FIFA Videos Måned siden
@Dean Rashidzada for red picks it doesn't but the totw pack isn't set to the week you get it.
Dean Rashidzada
Dean Rashidzada Måned siden
Not how it works
Sam Wright
Sam Wright Måned siden
If anyone knows the leaked totw can you share pls
john blair
john blair Måned siden
It’s pretty weak. Zaha will be good.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Måned siden
It’s terrible. If you have Instagram check out he posted it
IcyVeins Nico
IcyVeins Nico Måned siden
Sup boiiiis
Life : ?
Life : ? Måned siden
No views ; 100 comments
Jangir The Queer
Jangir The Queer Måned siden
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Måned siden
im trying to do some thursday flipping, do i buy players the night before rewards or as soon as rewards are released?
Orange Juice
Orange Juice Måned siden
@Abel Brouwers Thanks for the insight, cheers
Abel Brouwers
Abel Brouwers Måned siden
Night before, on the day of rewards people get money and buy the meta players, the cheaper players get cheapet again cuz they are getting packed and not bought
James Bowden
James Bowden Måned siden
Rulebreakers Lewa had better be good if they’re not giving him a totw, and not just a Kane clone either
kangaroobollocks Måned siden
@Shevchenko3727 so? Doesn’t mean shit...
BaxsStudios Måned siden
Maybe some kind of cam version for Lewa, with better pass and dribbling stats? Would be nice
Shevchenko3727 Måned siden
Lol u trippin they're giving him a potm
Der Peterona
Der Peterona Måned siden
But what do you want him to be if not a Kane 2.0? Maybe 5 star/5star?
Sebastian Leon
Sebastian Leon Måned siden
"the last couple, last couple of...glimpses of time.." lmao dude
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Måned siden
@THEKID6 yeah, constructive criticism is fine, but saying "99% of what he says makes no sense" or whatever a) isn't true and b) makes what you're ACTUALLY trying to be constructive with get lost in translation. The example you gave at 1st, I noticed it. Nick would probably be the 1st to tell you hes not in orator or an English major lol. I have been watching him on a daily basis for a couple years now and he actually has made some very respectable improvement in his delivery and stuff like that. And I think one of the things that people like the most about him is that he is a real person that could be any 1 of our friends, hanging out playing FIFA. He doesn't puff or gloat or anything like that, I just think hes a breath of fresh air and like I said before I can't even imagine posting the amount of videos, and streaming as much as he does... I would hate to get to the point where we stop appreciating what he does because we get used to it
THEKID6 Måned siden
@James Kennedy I see what you’re saying, but watch his videos closely and listen. Mainly the rewards and Icon packs. He’ll say stuff like. “Italian, ST, Inzaghi. Inzaghiii, how we feel about that chat, how we feel? Prime inzaghi, prime inzaghi in a pack.” Like I said I like nick, just a little constructive criticism
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Måned siden
@THEKID6 that's really not fair. Even prefacing it with "I really like Nick but...", it's not fair and it's not cool. The 1st thing you should be thinking about before you write something like that is how many people would lose their SHIT if he didn't post everyday. 2nd of all, the amount of time that he has put into educating This community, which I have been a part of for over a decade, is incredible and there isn't a better person or NOpost account to Check in with everyday to get a perfect overview of what's happening from a market perspective. And that's just the start because you get gameplay tips and You start hearing what's meta. So yes, when you have a following this big, that you have earned rightfully.., I can't even imagine how hard it would be to be on point every single day No matter what end that's how reliable he is. Fucking be thankful. 99% 🙄🙄🙄 dude get lost
Sebastian Leon
Sebastian Leon Måned siden
@THEKID6I have to cut him some slack. I am a content curator in social media (Not in gaming tho, I just love playing FUT) and I understand the struggle of putting out content EVERYDAY. It's draining and sometimes it can be a little bit dangerous because you can fall into this rabbit hole of generic - going through the motions- content strategy and can potentially make something you love doing, boring. That's why I followed him on RAT TO GLORY because he seemed to be having fun and enjoying himself. It's hard to keep up with daily uploads. Nobody asked me but, I think he should spend more time coming up with new ways to curate FUT. He's creative. I bet he can.
THEKID6 Måned siden
I like Nick but 99% of the time if you listen to what he’s saying, he talks out of his ass to fill time
Joe McGonigal
Joe McGonigal Måned siden
Early gang gang! Love the content nick. Coys
YoungBull23 Måned siden
"Yo guys what is going on, welcome back to another video on the channel" is my daily routine
Papiru •
Papiru • Måned siden
nice dude!
Met Wie Spreek Ik ?
Met Wie Spreek Ik ? Måned siden
Love your vids Nick!
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