Sacha Baron Cohen responds to Rudy Giuliani’s claims about ‘Borat’ scene l GMA

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Good Morning America

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Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova, who plays his daughter in “Borat,” speak out on “GMA” about the movie’s headline-making scene featuring Giuliani.
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H AH 5 minutter siden
never new that Sachs Baron Cohen is an English man,I thought he is a Brooklynite,his movies are very entertaining.Sacha is a Galaxy.
Arminder batth
Arminder batth 3 timer siden
The black lady was the only person to tell him selling his daughter was wrong. Everyone else went along with it smh great America lol
Mason Baker
Mason Baker 7 timer siden
I’m lost in the reporters eyes 🤤
tfs202 12 timer siden
Why not expose all the Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking among the Left? Oh!!! Because its already been exposed, and now they can cover it all back up for 4 more years!!! When u are only allowed to think one way, and it has to be the same as everyone else around you, whats coming actually happens, unfortunately.
Archangel Azrael
Archangel Azrael 18 timer siden
Rudy Giuliani (an idiot) is advising another idiot (Trump)
Lee Paxton
Lee Paxton 19 timer siden
How much dis he pay for the girl
Lee Paxton
Lee Paxton 19 timer siden
What a liberal pos this guy is
Party Tomorrow
Party Tomorrow Dag siden
what do butchers do????
Party Tomorrow
Party Tomorrow Dag siden
soo this is why the system is fucked as well
Party Tomorrow
Party Tomorrow Dag siden
it was near it but it wasn't on it at all
Party Tomorrow
Party Tomorrow Dag siden
Manipulating and fabricating
theflyingninja1 2 dager siden
Anything can be edited to look a certain way. Cohen is one of the worst things to come out of England, and we gave the world James Corden.
Martin PK
Martin PK 2 dager siden
You’re lucky this is NOpost and downvotes don’t do anything
Dylan Alexander
Dylan Alexander 2 dager siden
Wow Sacha is such a good dude. The way he smiles while she talks.. just looks at her so proudly
Veglord 3 dager siden
I used to like Sasha Baron Cohen, but man does he do every slimy trick in the book. I would be mostly ok with that if he wasn't so slimy and self-righteous about it afterwords like he is doing journalism and uncovering any true event instead of being upfront about the outrageous staging and editing for shits and giggles.
adad 3 dager siden
Borat 1 was more real and funny. Borat 2 became commercial. They wanted to please the women.
Furious_DC 3 dager siden
Sacha has such a dignified english accent in real life.
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell 3 dager siden
Have no right to video him no say rights it wrong not funny would not do to my cousin Vinny
Matthew Doty
Matthew Doty 3 dager siden
I love it. I will be watching this on Thanks Giving day with the family.
Mr Ginga
Mr Ginga 3 dager siden
Off to watch in now
David Cohen
David Cohen 4 dager siden
Borat for president! :-)
Badgerspvcoach ellis
Badgerspvcoach ellis 4 dager siden
Well, I won’t be watching Sacha Cohens movies anymore. Cross another off the list for me. I loved Borat, loved Talladega nights. But turns out this guy is part of the woke, lying, cancel culture. Good riddance! Just take a look at the likes and dislikes
Badgerspvcoach ellis
Badgerspvcoach ellis 23 timer siden
@Parsa , no I agree with you. I’ve always been in the middle. But lately I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the left, the lies, the cancel culture. I guess we will see how the right behaves over the next 4 years.
Parsa Dag siden
@Badgerspvcoach ellis Welcome to the world, They are both corrupt, saying "I hate the left so the right must be the good ones" is just idiotic and you guys keep forgetting that
Badgerspvcoach ellis
Badgerspvcoach ellis Dag siden
@Parsa , I don’t give a crap. I’m not invested in Gulliani, and there is absolutely no proof. The left makes me stick to my stomach with the lord and the way they try and spin shit. And you dummies eat it up
Parsa Dag siden
@Badgerspvcoach ellis You really wanna believe that Giuliani didn't do anything inappropriate, don't you? So much that you just shut your eyes even when there is evidence. You know it, you just hate admitting it. Sorry but even before all this, Giuliani gave me the creeps by just looking at his smile
Badgerspvcoach ellis
Badgerspvcoach ellis 3 dager siden
@Tanner Downing-McAdams , I know that dumb ass. Mayor Giuliani didn’t do anything, snd for them to act like he did I can’t forgive. Also to join in saying Trump is a racist with no proof, I say fuck him and his movies. And fuck you too
Omar SJ
Omar SJ 4 dager siden
Why is she so beautiful
radby 4 dager siden
The first Borat movie was ok, the 2nd one is total crap... cheaply made, no scene is believable, including the one with Giuliani. Total garbage that will be forgotten in a few weeks. Nobody talks about this movie GMA... stop pushing it because it's a total flop. Borat's not funny anymore.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 4 dager siden
I'd do anything to watch this. Is it on Netflix? Where is it?
Christopher Rada
Christopher Rada 5 dager siden
This was a fantastic prank! On the audience, that is!
Helen Morris
Helen Morris 5 dager siden
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Parsa Dag siden
Let me guess , his method involves sharing this message to 10 other people on the internet?
Steven Phelps
Steven Phelps 5 dager siden
I definitely think Giuliani is in the wrong here, but it really hasn’t got anything to do with Trump.
Obi Wan Shanobi
Obi Wan Shanobi 5 dager siden
He is pretty creepy and low for doing that to anyone, I don't care who it is.
youreallbrainwashed 5 dager siden
She's nervous
Thomas Pesci
Thomas Pesci 5 dager siden
What's the scandal??? The man was removing the mic set up but who cares Rudy is a single man and this girl is 24 years of age. How was it okay for Bill Clinton? Sasha is funny but feel he's doing a bit of political activism with an agenda.
Jack Robbins
Jack Robbins 6 dager siden
No fan of RG but he can’t entrap someone and then blame them....entrapment isn’t permitted in most legal systems so....
Jess Red
Jess Red 6 dager siden
The number of dislikes says-it-all! He tucked in his shirt and they played the same second 3-4 times from 3-4 different camera angles. Maria booked the hotel and put his audio pack IN RUDYS PANTS!! TRUMP WON the press committed suicide ☠️ RELEASE THE KRAKEN 🦑
claire tyler
claire tyler 4 dager siden
there’s 46k likes on this video... biden still won luv
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 6 dager siden
Borat for President!
Mina Aleksandrova
Mina Aleksandrova 6 dager siden
As a fellow Bulgarian, I'm so proud to see a Bulgarian actress playing the lead role of a foreign movie, especially Borat (big fan). Keep up with the good work Maria. Страхотна! 🇧🇬 ❤️
Pro Tzav
Pro Tzav 6 dager siden
Rudy "I had to take off the electronic equipment......nooootttt"
Marilyn Shelton
Marilyn Shelton 6 dager siden
The President's lawyer is as dumb as he is himself. He expects the American public to believe anything. Including that Guliani isn't a fool who fools around.
Don'tMeanToBragBut 4 dager siden
@44004sasha Translation “I know you are but what but what am I” grow up
44004sasha 4 dager siden
Maybe they are both numb , but they are at least 20 times smarter than you.
Lumibear 6 dager siden
With any show where somebody is the ‘sex bait’ in a real situation, it really must be terrifying, so respect to her for managing to stay in character and stick to the plan.
G 6 dager siden
they could show the clip they're just being pussies and also cause kids could be watching
SpikyJohn 6 dager siden
We need a petition so she gets an Oscar. Totally deserved
Andrew 6 dager siden
He dodges those questions like trump tho
YourNatureBoy27 6 dager siden
Sacha really just makes fun of the U.S., anyway possible.
Dan Nicolae
Dan Nicolae 6 dager siden
No humour, just propaganda. Pushing the agenda.
Jared Dauer
Jared Dauer 6 dager siden
Uuuhhhmmm what? You think this was purposely edited and made to make guliani look like a creep? You don't think Rudy's actions on their own did that?
Eggspipe 6 dager siden
Stitching Rudi up exposed which side Cohen is on, Rudi should’ve held up hands n said he’ll yeah. Do you drink the chrome Sacha?
G P 6 dager siden
This people dont share the american values, they wanna take ur guns they wanna tKe our jobs and make us look like china or Russia . Open your eyes ! They are attacking our faith attacking our nation and our values. Who cares about this people that arent even american and talk about america??? We shouldn’t allow this. They spread fake news to hurt the American nation. They want only the benefit for THEIR countries. We need to support OUR nation not theirs
G P 6 dager siden
Sasha is a disgusting guy paid by the liberals, you are lying and you know it
G P 6 dager siden
Borat is a shitty movie made by some pedos in the Hollywood industry
Jamie's Life
Jamie's Life 6 dager siden
Omg I love him haaaa
iSustain 6 dager siden
The film is such a revelation. Secret service are not as good as they're shown in most movies.
Flwrfan1 7 dager siden
Maria Baklava should be nominated for an Oscar.
gozxdesastros 7 dager siden
Just watched the scene and im baffled by what dirty liars they all are. Incredible.
Reinier van Ramshorst
Reinier van Ramshorst 7 dager siden
I get the feeling sascha is sleeping with her
TheMiket273 7 dager siden
Sasha and Maria are charming in this interview. They kept attempting to tell very interesting stories and give thoughtful answers to the interviewers questions. Unfortunately the interviewer was absolutely horrible. She kept interrupting their commentary with non-sequiturs, never asking follow up questions after her interruptions. She didn't seem to hear them, show interest, or react to their answers or comments. She just asked her pre-written questions one by one, giving no indication she gave a fuck if they actually answered her, just kept plugging through her list of unrelated questions like an automaton. Terrible interviewer, excellent interviewees. I'd love to see the version of this interview where this tabloid reporter just shuts the fuck up and let guy interesting people speak
Oscar Small
Oscar Small 7 dager siden
Ah, that self doubt from Maria at 7:42- got awkward with the expectation on Sacha to save her, he fumbled a bit but then came won and saved the awkwardness of her saying she exists and then grimacing afterwards in regret
Papa Rooster
Papa Rooster 7 dager siden
Lol you tried to setup Rudy. And you failed. What a joke.
Bugger Lugs
Bugger Lugs 7 dager siden
Where did he fail? Giuliani was almost caught with his pants down. He's nothing but a dirty old man and a 'stone cold liar'
Tony Beech
Tony Beech 7 dager siden
Cant stand this idiot!
jade aye
jade aye 7 dager siden
Tammy Ho
Tammy Ho 7 dager siden
Maria Bakalova is amazing!!! and of course YOU SACHA!!!
Pat Riot
Pat Riot 8 dager siden
Garbage in, garbage out...
Richard Smart
Richard Smart 8 dager siden
How, exactly, can unedited video be "a complete fabrication"? Creepy old bastard. Just saying...
Malakir 7 dager siden
ask people below here. there are actually people defending that shit and making up more excuses than a flat earther about this shit, its insane
L B 8 dager siden
Ms. Bakalova is an amazing talent! Brava!
Steven Hocking
Steven Hocking 8 dager siden
Maria seems so uncomfortable
Ray Roc
Ray Roc 8 dager siden
the fucking ads are becoming rife!
Maya Stewart
Maya Stewart 8 dager siden
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Savannah Shirley
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Dan M
Dan M 8 dager siden
Cohen is a piece of crap.
Ernest Cleveland
Ernest Cleveland 8 dager siden
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MANSA Musa Nelson
MANSA Musa Nelson 8 dager siden
Gosh the interviewer is Hot
Shanobro 8 dager siden
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Jessica d
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Billboard Playz
Billboard Playz 8 dager siden
Rudy got fucking Exposed LOL
Don Jiaye
Don Jiaye 9 dager siden
Everything that Movie 🎥 said about Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 is a Lie and a Propaganda..
GEN MUSIC 9 dager siden
What the F... Sasha an actor was dragged to make political opinions the word become insane 😳
Bri Michelle
Bri Michelle 9 dager siden
He legitimately looks at her like he's a proud father 😭😭
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller 7 dager siden
He does!!! It’s such a beautiful thing
m t
m t 9 dager siden
What an annoying tv host..
T Ghost
T Ghost 9 dager siden
Ruddy and Trump go way back🤣
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 9 dager siden
was sharp and quick witted in the movie and easily kept up with Sacha. I can see her headlining her own movie.
DM Moffett907
DM Moffett907 9 dager siden
Borat was literally Chris Hansen in this scene
Kayla D
Kayla D 9 dager siden
I think we all know who the lair is....what is wrong with people.
Jason 9 dager siden
What color is best for racist family ... Lol
Jason 9 dager siden
" watch the movie it is what it is " yasss!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 9 dager siden
Maria Bakalova is so shy and cute
saylow595 10 dager siden
He actually was tucking in his shirt. It is very clear watching it. Like Sacha sais, it is what it is.
Holly Schoch
Holly Schoch 9 dager siden
lol um... but we aren't going to question him going into a hotel room away from cameras to have a drink with a 15 year old..I don't care if he was tucking his shirt in or fondling himself. He was already inappropriate the second he left the interview area.
cocoflaco elblanco
cocoflaco elblanco 10 dager siden
Goddamn savage😂😂😂😂 u deserve a nobel price
Toby ReineKing
Toby ReineKing 10 dager siden
damn the host is beautiful. what's her name?
Khaled Aljohani
Khaled Aljohani 10 dager siden
I like
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 10 dager siden
Maria: I’m glad he made me feel safe with everything. Interviewer: It sounds like you’re saying you didn’t feel safe.
Smith Jen
Smith Jen 10 dager siden
Sacha Cohen is a disgusting anti-democrat- and a big ugly liar.
Caroline's Here
Caroline's Here 10 dager siden
When did Giuliani take that profile picture? 1970 🤣
HALD-MATALONGOS 10 dager siden
Dave Clark
Dave Clark 10 dager siden
I love her ! So funny !
Malakir 7 dager siden
@dcoog anml are u ok dude? or just mad?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 10 dager siden
All of u trying to destroy america will burn in hell
Tony Parkes
Tony Parkes 10 dager siden
I hate this guy. He’s not funny and he’s an absolute wanker!
Mike Camello
Mike Camello 10 dager siden
So disappointed at Sacha for this. This is an obvious fabrication and it was clear Rudy did nothing.
Malakir 7 dager siden
fabrication, aka unedited footage. Sure bro, also the earth is flat and the reptilians are controlling media
Space Punk
Space Punk 11 dager siden
BLUE FUNNEL 11 dager siden
joe breaking .
K3NZ1E 11 dager siden
Maria Bakalova is so shy and cute
Adriana P
Adriana P 11 dager siden
Something that really upsets me is that in Rudy's tweet he mentioned Sacha. Like, the person who should feel bothered and uncomfortable in that situation would be Maria. The fact that he didn't even adress her is really upsetting, because it shows how he's only trying to justify himself and not adress his actions.
SRVO Dag siden
he didn't address her because it wasn't about her. It's about Cohen trying to force a narrative.
Martin Van Lent
Martin Van Lent 11 dager siden
Are trump turds still crying lmao
DeShawn Brown
DeShawn Brown 11 dager siden
Someone doesn’t want to get sued...
Thomas Richter
Thomas Richter 11 dager siden
A star is born.
Robert Clark
Robert Clark 11 dager siden
Tried to get people from both sides. Sure
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Class Reductionist for the Most Part 11 dager siden
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