Murph at the 2016 CrossFit Games

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“When a service member dies in the line of duty, a CrossFit hero workout is created in their name. Hero WODs are an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the fallen, to speak their name and honor their memory ...”
Who is Murph?
The hero workout #Murph made its CrossFit Games debut in 2015 and returned for a second time in 2016. The workout - created in memory of Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy, who was killed in the line of duty on June 28, 2005, in Afghanistan - begins with a one-mile run, includes 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, and ends with another mile run, all with a weight vest.
In 2015, Kari Pearce made her first Games appearance and earned a top-five finish in Murph. The next year, Pearce took her first career event win when she finished Murph in 36:42.42. On the men’s side in 2016, Josh Bridges crossed the finish line in 34:38.83 and took first place in the event.
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Sheila Gardner
Sheila Gardner Dag siden
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Robert Smith
Robert Smith 8 dager siden
2 sets of steps to run up.....
Sheila Gardner
Sheila Gardner 9 dager siden
The happy textbook peroperativly strip because hydrant bareilly walk a a little timpani. like, few fierce flugelhorn
Alena Bichlerová
Alena Bichlerová 10 dager siden
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Onechill Braj
Onechill Braj 10 dager siden
my pain during a workout is nothing compare to how they felt dying... you don't say... absolute idiot
Chunkyy Twinkie
Chunkyy Twinkie 17 dager siden
animals..... respect
roxas the rogue
roxas the rogue 19 dager siden
Yall made a games out of hurting yourselves? Did they just stop at the local crossfit gym and pay these fellas to show up?
bay laçane
bay laçane 21 dag siden
Holy crap hearts of a dragon right there
Samuel MontyPython
Samuel MontyPython 29 dager siden
Murphs are a great workout but those shitty pull-ups..... kind of a disgrace. I counted zero in total
Samuel MontyPython
Samuel MontyPython 20 dager siden
@Maximiliano Cantarutti can’t imagine they’re good for your shoulders.
Maximiliano Cantarutti
Maximiliano Cantarutti 20 dager siden
Those are "butterfly pull-ups"...its a different kind of pull up. Lighter than the regular one
TamaraVonnB Måned siden
Crossfit only acknowledge white men. I've been following for 3 black men in site
B Måned siden
The balled duded has to have the most American voice in history.
Celtic hero
Celtic hero Måned siden
Lmao no wonder cross fit is a joke its cops and us military work out lmao sheep will be sheep.
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith Måned siden
And not one actual pull-up was done that day
APEX16 3 dager siden
@Chandler Smith you know that hundreds of thousands of people do this workout every year right? Those aren't real pullups. No matter what crossfit says.
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith Måned siden
Someone’s mad they couldn’t do this event
Michael Newton
Michael Newton Måned siden
1:40:43 to 1:41:12 Holy Christ!!! I cannot even understand the gibberish that the announcer is saying. You mean to tell me crossfit causes speech problems, too?
Brett McMurdy
Brett McMurdy Dag siden
Mani Matter
Mani Matter Måned siden
steroid games
ADLINKS 17 dager siden
@Derka Derka I'm gonna have to agree with Mani Matter on this one. Enhancements are on show.
Derka Derka
Derka Derka Måned siden
@Mani Matter That is literally all they do, so most of them, yes.
Mani Matter
Mani Matter Måned siden
@Derka Derka u think females are so muscular just because of training?
Derka Derka
Derka Derka Måned siden
someone is a bit jealous. fat much?
Rodger Twigg
Rodger Twigg Måned siden
2000 Kip: I identify as a pullup Everyone: Get lost freak! 2020 Kip: I identify as a pullup Everyone: You are so brave! You are such a beautiful pullup!
D. Jiu-Jitsu
D. Jiu-Jitsu Måned siden
My oldest brother is a former seal, but those are some garbage ass pull ups smh
Samuel MontyPython
Samuel MontyPython 29 dager siden
Bro for real... I counted zero lol
Andrew Brook
Andrew Brook Måned siden
“Big Sheila”
samgao 2 måneder siden
I think it would be more of a tribute if they did it like how Lt. Michael Murphy did it: no cheating/kipping/butterfly pullups. all strict.
Marcus Hamner
Marcus Hamner 2 måneder siden
Thank you Murph! 🇺🇸😊👊🏾🦅
James Anderson
James Anderson 2 måneder siden
The number of ads on this are insane
Mecha-Art 2 måneder siden
Crossfit and Military don't mix....
CrazyScythe Måned siden
@Davion Rivera But at least we don't kip during the ACFT.
Davion Rivera
Davion Rivera 2 måneder siden
The new acft is a cross fit test bro
Christian Fajardo
Christian Fajardo 2 måneder siden
Anyone see Sam Briggs spit in her competitors lane around 23:45
F 2 måneder siden
it was definitely in her lane lol
Mike Barbato
Mike Barbato 2 måneder siden
The deranged sideboard aetiologically cheer because alley unusually settle mid a wary wash. flawless, alleged approval
Bladerunner NI
Bladerunner NI 3 måneder siden
Why is that women doing event on a "bad wheel" what an idiot. Save yourself for another day.
R M 3 måneder siden
much respect to these beautiful warrior women, but imagine if the pullups were performed strictly, and the pushups as well; in front leaning rest position when needing to pause (not dropping to your knees), this would be even harder and more challenging.
R M 3 måneder siden
are these women using 20lb plate carriers? or just empty vests?
C H 3 måneder siden
I think Murph is 14 pounds for women and 20 for men.
Steve Ruppel
Steve Ruppel 4 måneder siden
Great job
misery 4 måneder siden
women: 4:30 men: 1:04:25
Karim nox
Karim nox 4 måneder siden
Thank You!
Emma T
Emma T 4 måneder siden
lol "we didn't talk much about toomey last year" - prepare for that to change for the next 4 years
Micaiah Sode
Micaiah Sode 7 dager siden
Lmao make it 5 bro cuz she is NOT slowing down
Вален Речинский
Вален Речинский 21 dag siden
Ganesha Airlangga
Ganesha Airlangga Måned siden
Rxr D pc c cdxxxrr. R dr
yamkela yama grace diko
yamkela yama grace diko 4 måneder siden
That is very respectful good luck
Player One
Player One 4 måneder siden
Good luck for an event that occurred 4 years ago?
Zeus Fitter
Zeus Fitter 4 måneder siden
Awesome as usual👍🏻
Devon Kensington
Devon Kensington 4 måneder siden
i finaly understand what murph means , thankyou
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