Who would win: Sunless's Wife vs Fluump's Wife

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SunlessKhan's Wife vs Fluump's Wife. The greatest battle of our time.
Obviously a huge shoutout to our participants, Lynelle and Audra!
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Creative 6878
Creative 6878 13 timer siden
This is like my brother playing and he’s 2
ITSDJgaming 22 timer siden
I love how sunless says in other vids "ah musty flick double tap meh that's pretty bad" Sunless in this video: celebrating when his wife scores a light open net tap in 😂
Aqua Poptart
Aqua Poptart Dag siden
Sunless is married?!
rumcajsz Dag siden
Fluump’s wife Season 9 Grand Champion
Eggz Dag siden
If they got ranked they would be aluminum 3
CKO_x_Playz _
CKO_x_Playz _ 2 dager siden
Is flump fucking spiderman
Bhflakzy 2 dager siden
Fluump's wife looks older then himself
Maxtronyyt19 2 dager siden
Yo khan's wife be better than me 😳
NinjaBreadCrumb 3 dager siden
at first i thought the title read who would win: sunlesskahns wife vs fluump
Dark Cast
Dark Cast 3 dager siden
This is leagues more entertaining than any pro player 1v1s
omar.daghis 3 dager siden
This is rocket league
Frozty10k 3 dager siden
"Good good...bad" AHHAH
Suse Walter
Suse Walter 3 dager siden
Its not the best, but the funniest gameplays
Nickolis Grant
Nickolis Grant 4 dager siden
Hey sunless who knew u actually have a wife
Oğuz Kaan Cüni
Oğuz Kaan Cüni 4 dager siden
You could use their names that would be better i guess
Ben Simpson
Ben Simpson 4 dager siden
Diamond has never looked so good
Juanpi Miño
Juanpi Miño 4 dager siden
Fluumps wife more like fluumps mother
NOT_Twizzler 4 dager siden
Athena wouldn't be able to compete Khan's and Fluump's wives
Hound 4 dager siden
Sunless's wife looks like a female kwebblekop. No hate tho.
zebub 5 dager siden
this is fake, they just showed a replay of a bronze 1 1v1
Visa-Schengen WF
Visa-Schengen WF 5 dager siden
imagine watching this video after watching RLCS 2020 Grand Finals. my brain's like : STOP THE TORTURING, PLEASE
Ayden Stevenson
Ayden Stevenson 5 dager siden
It’s both entertaining , and painful to watch😂
Echo 6 dager siden
Sunless' wife actually looks like a esports pro
SpaZzio On Mars
SpaZzio On Mars 6 dager siden
This is actually so wholesome
Braydan Kergil
Braydan Kergil 6 dager siden
i think sunless's wife is about to cry lol
ツUF0 6 dager siden
Vídeo resume hahahahhahahaaaaaaaahahahahahagaaaaaahhahahahaha
OWE Swabbie
OWE Swabbie 7 dager siden
Fornite kids when they first play rocket league
drewfla 7 dager siden
The cut eye form your dog was so funny 🤣🤣🤣
Michael 7 dager siden
6:18 FLuuMP's Wife Season 9 Grand Champion Yes
thys gamer
thys gamer 7 dager siden
Pro gamer tip: watch out for women in car in real life (they drive worse)
Crazygamerboy -CGB
Crazygamerboy -CGB 7 dager siden
Sunlesses wife the entire time: “I DONT KNOW HOW TO TURN”
turdle frog
turdle frog 8 dager siden
Hall of moans 3:45 5:57 9:34 10:11
Ligar 5 dager siden
Judah Pollack
Judah Pollack 8 dager siden
yEaH fLuMp! yEaH JaReD!
BabyYoda Playz
BabyYoda Playz 8 dager siden
It’s like a bronze 1 1v1
Pokémon Brock
Pokémon Brock 8 dager siden
Sunless’ wife is like the only one not laughing and having a good time
Chris Cookie
Chris Cookie 9 dager siden
i now finaly understand how bronze is a rank
Hi There
Hi There 9 dager siden
this is just painful
Huge Scheer
Huge Scheer 9 dager siden
The clever cable functionally expand because beast proportionally strip inside a exciting exclusive beet. few fierce, profuse pasta
BABO Fikret
BABO Fikret 9 dager siden
Its hard to watch this
M 93
M 93 10 dager siden
what are the rims from fluumps wife called ?? please help
Christopher chrisss
Christopher chrisss 10 dager siden
12:49 "no, every time i boost it goes overboard"
Antonio Gallegos
Antonio Gallegos 10 dager siden
This is my new favorite NOpost video
Sabastian Arrington
Sabastian Arrington 10 dager siden
Still better than my teammates
Roemon .C
Roemon .C 10 dager siden
No life
No life 10 dager siden
How about Team glasses vs Team no-glasses
להב בר
להב בר 11 dager siden
Youre wife playing like all of my teammates
leo stewart
leo stewart 11 dager siden
Finally some1 I'm better than
Sage Mollenkopf
Sage Mollenkopf 11 dager siden
Sunless your wife is worse than me on a shitty laptop and keyboard I am gold 2
Nostic Games
Nostic Games 11 dager siden
No offence but never seen someone with black zombas play that bad lol
Help 11 dager siden
dam they are prob SSL
Ok Nice
Ok Nice 11 dager siden
Gonna tell my kids this is nrg jstn
Chris Dooling
Chris Dooling 12 dager siden
Call me wrong but sunless and his wife are definitely the tryhard while flump and his wife are just lile laughing so much 😂
Kaninmtions & more
Kaninmtions & more 12 dager siden
Is it me or does fluump look like tom Holland
lorik dion
lorik dion 12 dager siden
in the thumbnail sunless's wife kinda looks like kwebbelkop
Alexius 12 dager siden
This is top tier gameplay
Choppy_gamer123 YT
Choppy_gamer123 YT 12 dager siden
This guy isn’t a gamer Gamers don’t get gf ;-;
Ondřej Smejkal
Ondřej Smejkal 12 dager siden
Poof IS lame. I hate it. :D
Sushi -_-
Sushi -_- 12 dager siden
Is it just me or was I really irritated on how trash they are
BlueNightDream Gaming
BlueNightDream Gaming 13 dager siden
BlueNightDream Gaming
BlueNightDream Gaming 13 dager siden
Me: dang they suck them: 1v1 me. Me: loses 7 to1
BlueNightDream Gaming
BlueNightDream Gaming 13 dager siden
Skyes like f u
Katrisha Haskell-Huddleston
Katrisha Haskell-Huddleston 13 dager siden
This may be old but my first time seeing his face and honestly, he’s exactly what I imagined he’d look like
MusEdits 5
MusEdits 5 13 dager siden
okayyy i wasn't this bad when I started
KP - 04CS 835132 Treeline PS
KP - 04CS 835132 Treeline PS 14 dager siden
Flumps wife was better no offence
another asher
another asher 14 dager siden
Fluump’s wife really popped off at the end in training.
Felp421 15 dager siden
Worse than my little sister
Julien Schäfer
Julien Schäfer 16 dager siden
When there’s a man and a women in the pfp
Christopher Morrow
Christopher Morrow 16 dager siden
This is how everyone played the day the game came out
jefferson jay medina
jefferson jay medina 16 dager siden
I’m new to this channel and this vid kinda old but make a 2v2 when sunless and plump only try to setup the ball for their wives to make it in and sunless and plump can’t defend also. Anyways amazing video keep up the great work ork
james remer
james remer 17 dager siden
That dog looks disappointed. And sunless said do you want a dabbing reaper
Laurens Woltermann
Laurens Woltermann 18 dager siden
These wifes make me which I had a video like this.
Laurens Woltermann
Laurens Woltermann 18 dager siden
0:25 "waiting for my player" And "player's getting ready" Perfectly timed with the musical drops/rhythm :)
Crummy Bean
Crummy Bean 18 dager siden
FluumPs wife: “This is so hard” 8:40 My brain: “That’s what she said”
Laurens Woltermann
Laurens Woltermann 18 dager siden
Ikr? I lol'ed and sol'ed: that is literally what she said xD
An0n (OrangeGaming)
An0n (OrangeGaming) 18 dager siden
Start of vid: actually dogshit End of vid: bronze one able to rapidly improve
Dane Brown
Dane Brown 19 dager siden
This makes me feel better about being in plat
its benjy MU
its benjy MU 19 dager siden
Faking. Faking. Faking. Faking. (Chat has been disabled for 2 seconds.) (Chat has been disabled for 1 seconds.) Bumping. Bumping. Bumping.
Stankfish 19 dager siden
literally my rocket league skills lol
Owaynie Pinnock
Owaynie Pinnock 19 dager siden
This was pain fun to watch lol
Jango Beast
Jango Beast 20 dager siden
you have to play 2 v 2 and you are with your wife in the team and Fluump is with his wife in the other team!
KostaKYS 20 dager siden
this music is used by my country s football/soccer league
Taydan Tognini
Taydan Tognini 20 dager siden
100% thought the first 5 seconds was an ad for something
jabbsie1001 20 dager siden
7:26 uwu
Tinotenda Gumede
Tinotenda Gumede 21 dag siden
Battle of the bronze
Southampton fc Fan
Southampton fc Fan 21 dag siden
Flump and his wife look like they get on so well and sunless wife just sits there with a straight face telling sunless she doesn’t know how to steer and telling him off
Steve Hall
Steve Hall 17 dager siden
not knowing how to steer is unreal, like, just steer??
Geoffrey Hughes
Geoffrey Hughes 22 dager siden
That was painful...
Studio H.W.O
Studio H.W.O 22 dager siden
The intro song sounds like it should be in a car commercial
Pulse Birdy
Pulse Birdy 22 dager siden
Fluumps wife: oh you can hit the ball
Cameron Regan
Cameron Regan 23 dager siden
His dog was the best part of the video
DH Gaming
DH Gaming 24 dager siden
I don't know how to turn left...sounds like my diamond games
Purple for Santa
Purple for Santa 24 dager siden
Andy An
Andy An 24 dager siden
Saber Tooth Gamer
Saber Tooth Gamer 25 dager siden
The real number one rule of rocket league,don’t apologize for bumping an enemy
Whisty HD
Whisty HD 25 dager siden
1 gold vs both your wives
MTB with Eli
MTB with Eli 26 dager siden
Are they grand champs?
The Fishy Domino
The Fishy Domino 26 dager siden
Anyone thinking they don't suck anymore?
Savage Boi
Savage Boi 28 dager siden
My brain can’t process how bad they are have they even played a game or car game in their life no affence though and you guys know it like it looks like your brains are about to explode
Noah Lytle
Noah Lytle Måned siden
This hurts my head😂
Sahraj Singh
Sahraj Singh Måned siden
they really got lectured from their wives for playing rocket league so much
Sunny_xx_gachas Måned siden
Their wife’s look like their moms
Conner Cohen
Conner Cohen Måned siden
if this was rizzos wife v sunless umm ya
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