I hired e-girls in Rocket League and then pitted them against each other

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I hired 6 e-girls and e-boys from epal.gg and pitted them against each other, then played with @Rizzo @MERTZY and the gold army.
This video was inspired by MagikarpUsedFly: nopost.info/throw/uMyWdq3W3p-qYtE/video
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SunlessKhan 6 måneder siden
You can run from 2020 or you can embrace it. Enjoy. Btw, I didn't tell the golds to be sexist, they really went for their role as the villain in this. Maybe they were the real simps this whole time...
ThatRandom Guy
ThatRandom Guy 16 dager siden
Yaboy's car is a peregrine TT
ur opp
ur opp Måned siden
The golds was trash is this video
watlat 2 måneder siden
@Nahtyk Bowman mhmmmm, and if you're a sweat
Nahtyk Bowman
Nahtyk Bowman 2 måneder siden
Rocket League Stereotypes 5: If ur a gold, ur a simp.
watlat 2 måneder siden
you asses, it's with the dancing simps.
Vunami 5 dager siden
Where's Karma
Der Boy der G Ggg
Der Boy der G Ggg 5 dager siden
She sounds like someone wh8 has an expensive onlyfans Account, but only posts pictures from her dog.
Aloo 6 dager siden
dez n*ts
Gonçalo Cravo
Gonçalo Cravo 6 dager siden
«The Turns have tabled» -SunlessKhan
NotTrix 10 dager siden
10:57 season 14 grand champ?
Ben Snyder
Ben Snyder 11 dager siden
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 12 dager siden
Baphomet 13 dager siden
14:33 Nuclear Explosion
Postapug 14 dager siden
Dji 15 dager siden
I never knew I needed a Simp coaching video. Now I know !
Kahrum 16 dager siden
Didi for Empress!
lxcxy _on120fps
lxcxy _on120fps 19 dager siden
The turnes have tabled completely *SunlessKhan 2021
Nicolas Closson
Nicolas Closson 19 dager siden
4:55 that french "oh la la" was amazing haha
Krispy Chikken
Krispy Chikken 19 dager siden
i want DIDI in my Team xD
badlydrawnjolteon 20 dager siden
"Hey, would you be-" nah nah nah nah nah "Hey would you want to-" no no "Hey, wanna-" nope "Hey" fuck yeah
guided gorrila
guided gorrila 21 dag siden
I gotteded egirl pittededed them indeded 1v1
xz8 _Jay
xz8 _Jay 23 dager siden
Is the girl on the thumbnail tanner aka lazer beams sister
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 24 dager siden
I heard the letter e so I clicked
Supersimon Rabbit
Supersimon Rabbit 27 dager siden
sunless more like: simpless
QueenTurtle 28 dager siden
• GaxchaUwUxCatz
• GaxchaUwUxCatz Måned siden
*E-pal u can order E-bois & E-girls.* me: *Hello? Can I get a cheese E-boi & a Pepperoni & cheese E-girl?*
Shannon Cruz
Shannon Cruz Måned siden
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DERPYpenguin Måned siden
9:10 Sunless: I'm doing it right now, nothing you can do about it. Mouse: oh yeah
神城リゼ Måned siden
Bro. Sunless be like. I hired egirls. Meanwhile. Hires eboys as well. Clickbaiting prick🤣
In404nI Måned siden
who else clicked off the video cuz the intro was so complicated
Foursh Måned siden
the clickbait with the absolute masterpiece of a female is too strong. Couldnt resist..
Tenp Wz
Tenp Wz Måned siden
What are the wheels that Didi is using
Brooklyn Mya
Brooklyn Mya Måned siden
I can do speed flips there hard
the_puzzlax Måned siden
No One
No One Måned siden
How u get the golden cars?
Caleb Levy Johnson
Caleb Levy Johnson Måned siden
I think I played with ya boy in a game before 😦😧😯😦
ROGUE_yT Måned siden
Didi is better than sunsless
Pine Wood
Pine Wood Måned siden
Thank god Sunless lost, he's the most annoying content creator. Only here for Rizzo.
Angel Bruno
Angel Bruno Måned siden
Gold with alpha beta nugget and tw octane
Christian Gallagher
Christian Gallagher Måned siden
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Roland Ko
Roland Ko Måned siden
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Kythe Måned siden
so many things in one video, much content'
JoemomXD Måned siden
Yaboys car is the peregrine TT
Jordon S
Jordon S Måned siden
Who had the German accent bc 🙂😍😂😂
Giovanni Genovese
Giovanni Genovese Måned siden
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Xx_Zenzo_xX Måned siden
He said The turns have tabled
Barry McCockinner Fifth
Barry McCockinner Fifth Måned siden
Girl scores: Sunless: Another dish! sEeMs A bIt SeXiSt
diggoran Måned siden
10:38 Math is hard... :P
mary blank
mary blank Måned siden
Magikarp is watching this I'm sure of it
INFAMOUSO5ONE -_- Måned siden
Great RL content
Gentry Haney
Gentry Haney Måned siden
Rizzo:...8 ping, how th XD
LiamGamz Måned siden
4:45 Am I just high or is that the Angry birds font
Jamal Jama
Jamal Jama Måned siden
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Arya Namazie
Arya Namazie Måned siden
0:52 sunless just absolutely overthinking how to dm someone
IrrelevantPulse Måned siden
it’s 1:43 am i could be asleep or on rocket league but i’m here watching some amazing content
Tamás Tóth
Tamás Tóth Måned siden
Who is she in the video's cover photo?:D
Epic_Gamer_Pro 08
Epic_Gamer_Pro 08 Måned siden
Wow Diddii was actually very good
Sammikins Måned siden
This was a lot more fun than I was expecting it to be.
AyoooVacz! 2 måneder siden
Sunless: the turns have tabled Me: isn’t it the tables have turned 10:34
Reece Kemp
Reece Kemp 2 måneder siden
Eviana Vazquez
Eviana Vazquez 2 måneder siden
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lastvet 2 måneder siden
The golds were the discord mods in disguise
Miles 2 måneder siden
David Vador
David Vador 2 måneder siden
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Eric_E3T 2 måneder siden
Sunless is....... Very insanely cool.. Guy! :)
Jack Johnsson
Jack Johnsson 2 måneder siden
i just love how the intense psrt of game is who's gonna get the goal lol. not who wins the game
Tavin Bennett
Tavin Bennett 2 måneder siden
10:35 “the turns have tabled completely.”
Prince Vegeta9000
Prince Vegeta9000 2 måneder siden
ugh so i thought i understood your bracket layout but noooooooo
Shazi 2 måneder siden
Hey sunless, I’d like to be in a video Here’s my description: (Silver 3 in duel, gold 2 in doubles, gold 2 in standard) (PlayStation oceania player) Message my Twitter @ShaziNOpost
rex paris miguel canete
rex paris miguel canete 2 måneder siden
Them: The turns have tabled Me: The universe as turned
Harry B
Harry B 2 måneder siden
sunless khan more like simpless khan
James Savadove
James Savadove 2 måneder siden
is it me or does mertzy seem like a complete bitch
Reverse SkyzZ
Reverse SkyzZ 2 måneder siden
Alex Davie
Alex Davie 2 måneder siden
does the king respond ?
Chanter roblox
Chanter roblox 2 måneder siden
6:13 firswt time heard you swear reallly dissapointed
Boss It
Boss It 2 måneder siden
The four frail shingle thessaly zip because light cytochemically scorch above a naughty wrench. ultra, venomous shingle
Nolan H
Nolan H 2 måneder siden
hes a genius
Hx_Mak_This_Ez 123
Hx_Mak_This_Ez 123 2 måneder siden
Why does the thumbnail look like noisy butters?
Gaming Tv Tv
Gaming Tv Tv 2 måneder siden
Didii would lowkey spit on my grave...
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 2 måneder siden
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Jim AmericanMan
Jim AmericanMan 2 måneder siden
Not Sunnlesskhan is talking mad shit for someone using the free wheels lol
MC Stodder
MC Stodder 2 måneder siden
Sunless Khan is trained in woman.. Listen to his master speech skills 5:57 I litteraly didnt hear a word what does woman said. xD
George Yousif
George Yousif 2 måneder siden
When she said I am a ball chaser I don’t think she meant what you think😶😶😶
AltGaming 2 måneder siden
10:35 tHe TuRnS hAvE tAbLeD cOmPleTeLy
Norman Sorto
Norman Sorto 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry but as soon as you lost I left🥲
Christian Gaming
Christian Gaming 3 måneder siden
The Simps have been here
Aquaz RT
Aquaz RT 3 måneder siden
I just finished watching this video and i am still confused on what i just heard and saw
gibly 3 måneder siden
balled by johnsandman
Mika Dennisen
Mika Dennisen 3 måneder siden
She is nuts lmao
dizzy tango
dizzy tango 3 måneder siden
He only put egirls not eboys to get more views cus he knows e girls look nice😂
Fear 999
Fear 999 3 måneder siden
im watching this in 7k hd 70 fps this looks clean !!!
Mike C
Mike C 3 måneder siden
Sounds like everybody involved had a good time. Cool!
Sitēmas Pārbaude
Sitēmas Pārbaude 3 måneder siden
sūds tas rocket league
Cody Hamm
Cody Hamm 3 måneder siden
So you're telling me an e-girl nearly beat rizzo in this challenge. SIGN THE E-GIRL
Carlz7 3 måneder siden
I have a crush on Didi and i have never seen her or meet her...
damian f
damian f 3 måneder siden
e-girl: "Am I allowed to swear" Sunless: "yEaH wHy Do YoU ASk???"
surjaysart 3 måneder siden
12:18 "THIS IS ROCK"
leonis 999
leonis 999 3 måneder siden
[VRGN] i love it
Brandoku 3 måneder siden
0:50 to 1:00 is how my conversations typically go
LordKai1102 3 måneder siden
Awww these girls asking "what are we now?" was soo cute. It almost sounded like they at least wanted to be friends or play more. They didn't really care for the money at this point anymore. This guy answering "now it's over" really made me sad. :D I mean you could at least add them on steam and occasionally play with them as friends. Didi was insanely good and had a really attractive voice. (Watch out sounds like I'm simping already...) Aaaand she's even coming from Nederlands, which is basically a neighbor to me. (And yes I can say most people their are really cool.) Good video overall. :D
Mason Airdrie
Mason Airdrie 3 måneder siden
Why were the golds so toxic?
Zat Man
Zat Man 3 måneder siden
With my wifes permission
Christian Chinaemeremu Ndububa
Christian Chinaemeremu Ndububa 3 måneder siden
Pergnit tt
Kennie 3 måneder siden
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