Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
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Sifat Anwar
Sifat Anwar 2 minutter siden
NO! It can't end here!
Rylin Mariel
Rylin Mariel 13 minutter siden
So I'm interested in a bit more detail: do baby stoats learn to hunt from their mums? If so, how will these young cuties learn to hunt for food in the wild? Or is hunting an instinctive activity that they'll just know how to do? Thanks
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches Time siden
whisper screams
Dominic Hughes
Dominic Hughes Time siden
What type of milk was she fed?
Matthew Lazenby, Jigger
Matthew Lazenby, Jigger 2 timer siden
...'Thank You Brother', and all the Very Best out to you, Thank You for taking care of those Little Souls as you did... Love and Respects...Inlak'esh...~ Jigger
Miss Debra
Miss Debra 4 timer siden
How can there be so many dislikes. Who doesn't like someone trying to save helpless baby animals? I sure appreciate those who do care for the amazing creatures God has created.
BacktheBlue 5 timer siden
I would have a hard time letting them go. I'd be so attached and worried about them!
jjstratford 6 timer siden
Let it go so she can find a bird to ride!
jjstratford 6 timer siden
Is a stoat the same as a ferret?
Hunter Rule
Hunter Rule 7 timer siden
So cute!!!!
Bing Cat
Bing Cat 7 timer siden
Awww :3
Sophie M
Sophie M 10 timer siden
and they were roommates
Eduardo Pereira
Eduardo Pereira 11 timer siden
That's some next level cuteness right there.
LillyPlaysRblx 13 timer siden
Talia Sloman-Moll
Talia Sloman-Moll 14 timer siden
"yeah she's calming down a bit now" whisper: "WHAT ARE YOU??!? WHO ARE YOU?!? WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE ME??!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM??!?"
DJ Libby
DJ Libby 15 timer siden
Anyone who doesn’t find this heartwarming has no soul.
Elizabeth Meneses
Elizabeth Meneses 15 timer siden
Are they a good for pets pets? I have a ferret and I love my baby🥰
dwsquirtle 15 timer siden
Never seen a stoat before but this was really cool and they are very cute
Kamila Fontanez
Kamila Fontanez 15 timer siden
Aww 🥰 so cute 🥰
Ashelyn Rodriguez
Ashelyn Rodriguez 16 timer siden
They're so CUTE!! 😭😇🥰
Dawn Gale
Dawn Gale 17 timer siden
I love you for this and wish I could help.
Rayshon Vialva
Rayshon Vialva 17 timer siden
Fire ferrets lol
John Denzel
John Denzel 17 timer siden
Stoats 🤔 are freaking adorable 💯
Ben 17 timer siden
The best part is that they are vicious hunters; eating mice, voles, chipmunks, and will even take down rabbits!
Ruby Barnett
Ruby Barnett 18 timer siden
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Chelcia Elders
Chelcia Elders 19 timer siden
Can you take nursing mother cat and a gray cat who had 5 kittens but one esvaprd and my big dog attacked it?
Ayodele Mike
Ayodele Mike 19 timer siden
God bless Dr Umoru on NOpost who cured me from herpes with his effective herbal products. I will forever be grateful sir.
Jodi rebecca
Jodi rebecca 19 timer siden
Cutest animal ive ever seen 😭😭😭
claudermiller 20 timer siden
Just Doyle, Great Classics 989
Just Doyle, Great Classics 989 20 timer siden
I was today years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes & seconds old when I was introduced to a... crap, I forgot what they're called because I was so focused on all the time references. Whatever they are, the look like ferrets. 🤔 Think I'll rewind & then research them. 😊 🇺🇸
Sam Green
Sam Green 21 time siden
Being that I'm across the great pond, I'll confess I didn't know what the heck a stoat was. In any event you're awesome for helping them. I was hoping these little fellas never run into a feline, but apparently stoats are robust and able to dispatch critters as large as a rabbit. Hardly cute and defenseless.
Linwood Richards
Linwood Richards 21 time siden
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jano laco
jano laco 22 timer siden
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Lets Talk Tiger Media
Lets Talk Tiger Media 22 timer siden
Why 2.6 Dislikes? What did he do to earn 2.6 Dislikes.
ThatRandom Limey
ThatRandom Limey 22 timer siden
*FAT* little *TUMMY* .
De Bee2020
De Bee2020 23 timer siden
I am curious about how they will make it without being fed by a human? When they were in the outside enclosure did they find their own food?
Aigyoo! lmaoʕ•ε•ʔ
Aigyoo! lmaoʕ•ε•ʔ 23 timer siden
Reality in the wild: They got eaten by snakes or wild hungry animals sad truth😥
Muhibbul 23 timer siden
stoat: wtf is that smell..... smells like nature hooman : boops*
Lockman Cyrus
Lockman Cyrus 23 timer siden
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Leah Smith Miles
Leah Smith Miles Dag siden
So precious 🥰🥰🥰
Vince Thomas
Vince Thomas Dag siden
May they both live long happy lives so cute love them
Bu Radley
Bu Radley Dag siden
Nifty little guys. Do they make nice pets?
soulsimplistic Dag siden
How could anyone dislike this video?
dumratz Dag siden
wtf is with those orange bubbles
Rick Scovel
Rick Scovel Dag siden
I love it
Lullaby Love
Lullaby Love Dag siden
Omg I'm in love
Siva Faza
Siva Faza Dag siden
Diego Aguilar
Diego Aguilar Dag siden
Baby stoat do do dodo dodo
APM Scootering
APM Scootering Dag siden
Brilliant job mate..
Ash Dag siden
When they swim 😍😭😍
Chris Neufeld
Chris Neufeld Dag siden
Their probably dead not that you let them go out in the wild most likely lost each other to
Graham Exton
Graham Exton Dag siden
That's lovely.
Hannah Louise Cottee
Hannah Louise Cottee Dag siden
A real treat for the day to see, thank you for restoring a little faith in people.
Barnett stephenson
Barnett stephenson Dag siden
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pappagetti 2009
pappagetti 2009 Dag siden
Him...I would not shoot. That little guy is actually kinda cool.
Maureen Ruiz
Maureen Ruiz Dag siden
The plant pear cytochemically cheer because february covalently improve round a cute undershirt. impolite, bent freezer
Илья Dag siden
Очень милые шкурёныши ☺️
Emilia Dag siden
i would have such a hard time letting these go
You8Sleep Dag siden
V my C and listen to great music -)
Ivette Vaughn
Ivette Vaughn Dag siden
Wow! I’ve never seen stouts before, they’re beautiful! Thank you for recording this 👍😎
Lyn beats
Lyn beats Dag siden
nobody absolutely nobody My brain: RELEASE THE CUTENESS
Kathryn Quin
Kathryn Quin Dag siden
Aww lovely
Kelsey L.
Kelsey L. Dag siden
Omg, I need one. If one can't go live in the wild, I will take care of it.
Novice Price
Novice Price Dag siden
I want one they are soooo cute.
D R Dag siden
Sooooooo cute.
Bailey Copeland
Bailey Copeland Dag siden
Sad thing is that they're pests in nz and illegal to keep as pets
Guitar Time Travel
Guitar Time Travel Dag siden
TheConcertCruizer Dag siden
What’s a Stoat?
Linwood Richards
Linwood Richards Dag siden
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Foxdropper free pest service
Foxdropper free pest service Dag siden
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson Dag siden
*she scream*
lee Roy V
lee Roy V Dag siden
They spent a week near their enclosure before getting marked by a hawk.
Wayne Thurman
Wayne Thurman Dag siden
Really nice! God bless!
Cole McLeod
Cole McLeod Dag siden
You've got to open a Pub called 'Stoats Inna Bag'
Beysarj Dag siden
lexxypexxy Dag siden
is this a possum
rp fl
rp fl Dag siden
Im old and how have I never heard and or seen these??? Adorable. Kinda like a ferret weasel?
Jesus died for you! Proof: John 3:16
Jesus died for you! Proof: John 3:16 Dag siden
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson 18 timer siden
Jesus can suck my dicc
longfootbuddy Dag siden
i dont know if biting it in the ass is the best reaction it could have had
Mochiika Dag siden
stoat can kill big mammals too but they are so heckin cute-
Miana Demers
Miana Demers Dag siden
so cute yassssssss
MegaFafnir Dag siden
I know they're natural born killing machines when it comes to rabbits, but darn it, if they aren't adorable here! :D
Maurice Tucker
Maurice Tucker Dag siden
Cute, thanks for sharing! God bless you all !!
Oh My God!
Oh My God! Dag siden
I don’t know why this was recommended to me or even what a stoat is but I loved it!
thebluego Dag siden
Troppo carino
Lucas C. Martins
Lucas C. Martins Dag siden
coisinha mais linda 😍
So cute 😍
Costina Dulaū
Costina Dulaū Dag siden
So adorable 😯❤️❤️
robert b. howse
robert b. howse Dag siden
Ermine, the royal collar of coronation robes, is the fur if a winter stoat.🥺
Hikaru Hibiki
Hikaru Hibiki Dag siden
How he can find the difference between wisper and stuart???
God is Good Girl
God is Good Girl Dag siden
Jesus loves you just the way you areee
God is Good Girl
God is Good Girl Dag siden
Give your life to CHRIST
God is Good Girl
God is Good Girl Dag siden
JESUS IS COming soon
Stuart Rowe
Stuart Rowe Dag siden
I feel offended... I'm not a girl..
Liz Moore
Liz Moore Dag siden
Ok hands down you are the nicest guy for spending all this time with these adorable little stoats!
J T Dag siden
cute little killers.
Johnson Thomas
Johnson Thomas Dag siden
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Thunder Nugget
Thunder Nugget Dag siden
It is made of candy
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Dag siden
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Sara Ogden
Sara Ogden Dag siden
I think it's interesting that men like them can take care of a tiny animal like that but they can't even help people from a different race
gigglesisadino 0620
gigglesisadino 0620 19 timer siden
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