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My instagram: manny

Twitter: Manny_Official
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Blackest Hole
Blackest Hole 23 dager siden
Not even trying to be rude but if it’s an investment how do you get your return
Gaming With Ryan
Gaming With Ryan Måned siden
Me: OMG A WALKOUT Manny: skips walkouts Yo what’s good my man btw just saying love ur vids and keep it up bro it’s working 💪🥶✌️
giuliano mamane
giuliano mamane Måned siden
you have over 7kk what's the difference if you open packs with coins or fifa points?😂😂😂 you have to buy players, like you don't have enough fifa coins to buy who ever you want😂
a human being
a human being Måned siden
I love the honesty of this man and not that he is just facking it
Little_Spirit Måned siden
Can I get your opinion on Oscar I use him and u love him and its amazing to see a pro/creator using him what do you think of him
Monsef Fahim
Monsef Fahim Måned siden
Your club value defo over 1 billion
FRIXIO Måned siden
Man plz stop skipping walkouts I would like to see you’re reaction to the pack
Baran Guclu
Baran Guclu Måned siden
I openend 1 75k pack i packed neymar
just football stuff
just football stuff Måned siden
Manny do you think i should get some fifa points like 15£/€ for Christmas
Arjun Nair 99
Arjun Nair 99 Måned siden
i packed a hazard mum 5:10
Cadarn btw
Cadarn btw Måned siden
Wow wow wow
Malek Crews
Malek Crews Måned siden Wisdom Follow Jesus Christ, he rose from the dead! Obey him before its too late. He is the only way to get to the Father John 14:6 And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him; Hebrews 5:9 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Hebrews 12:14 He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy. Proverbs 28:13...
BEN HUXLEY Måned siden
Across these 2 vids manny made over 2 mil coins just varanes and vvds
Calvin Dsouza
Calvin Dsouza Måned siden
I got Kroos, gomez and so many more 86’s . Not the best pack luck, but for me on a RTG that’s gold
Ethans vlogs and gaming 3. 0
Ethans vlogs and gaming 3. 0 Måned siden
Opened 1 and got puskas always chance your luck lads
BBG Jose
BBG Jose Måned siden
you should make a video selling all the players you packed and showing how many coins you made
Adnan Yusuf
Adnan Yusuf Måned siden
We are working on it
Weeman Måned siden
Got my account rinsed they discarded most my players and transferred my coins , they left my potm son untouched tho😂
Zed Gaming
Zed Gaming Måned siden
Nothing better than being on the red list
Ben Pannell
Ben Pannell Måned siden
got about 2 mil in varanes alone
Cian Jones
Cian Jones Måned siden
Why does the description say he’s playing nba 2k16
Harryfoulger_7 Måned siden
‘You won’t pack anything better than garrincha for a while’ *packs record breaker mbappe* Guy that said that 😐
VVD fifa
VVD fifa Måned siden
This man could've had the double amount of coins if he didnt discard all those players
Byron Cotton
Byron Cotton Måned siden
Me packing son running round my house 20 times
Adnan Yusuf
Adnan Yusuf Måned siden
Well you’re a nerd
Yurgirlsimp4me Alvarez
Yurgirlsimp4me Alvarez Måned siden
yo why arent you in the sdmn vids???????????
Zac Xuereb
Zac Xuereb Måned siden
Nice packs
burgoosh Måned siden
anyone else wish packs were like this or just me?
Aldair Avellaneda
Aldair Avellaneda Måned siden
Bruhhh ea finally gave me something good today a bergkamp lmao
Nicky Kems
Nicky Kems Måned siden
Manny can sing a song going through his transfer list with the names of the players
KnifedByAKangaroo Måned siden
do a lfc vs utd series vs tobi , can only play packed lfc or utd players . so for example you have 30mins each video to pack as many lfc for you vs tobi utd players each player from lfc or utd is 1 point , play a game each time , each goal is also 1 point the one with the most points at the end of the series wins and the loser does a 12000 point fifa giveaway
F9. CLIXZY Måned siden
Seeing manny discard these players is giving me anxiety
Adnan Yusuf
Adnan Yusuf Måned siden
Well you’re a nerd
Liam Ementon
Liam Ementon Måned siden
how many videos did manny record in 1 day the number of varanes keep going up😂
FromTheHip Måned siden
challenge: For every dollar spent on fifa packs, a dollar goes towards food for kids during the pandemic. or Pound i guess cus UK.
Khaled Abdurhaman
Khaled Abdurhaman Måned siden
Forget 😂
my mom time
my mom time Måned siden
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts Måned siden
he out here looking like the transfer market
Behizy Måned siden
EA should make it soon when you list an item, you can list the lowest price on the market with one button
CaliDere Måned siden
Decided I ain’t going to spend any more money on fifa points ever just gonna start buying coins enjoy watching manny opening packs now I won’t be
William I
William I Måned siden
Can you please try baby Ronaldinho and tell us what u think about him
James Beasley
James Beasley Måned siden
Makes me sad I’m sitting with 3,000 coins and untradeable Ian wright from my base icon and no team 🤣🤣
Alfie Sandham
Alfie Sandham Måned siden
I’m calling it manny’s gonna have a mad year for NOpost in 2021
Adam Mian
Adam Mian Måned siden
I opened both icon upgrades spent about 600k for both and packed Eusabio and maradonna... my luck rn 🔥🔥🔥
Beazt Orbz
Beazt Orbz Måned siden
Manny spent way more then £12,000 on fifa points
Javi Rios
Javi Rios Måned siden
I have mad respect for his brutal honesty yeah my dude is giving EA thousands but he’s not promoting them or to buy packs, he makes good money and he invests for his channel which brings in revenue, unless you’re making money from spending the money please don’t burn your money it’s really not worth it🙏🏼
J Zed
J Zed Måned siden
Have you got videos which you just play games but different ones which aren’t related to football?
daniel football
daniel football Måned siden
Man really spend £3,500 in 2hrs
Louis Pascoe
Louis Pascoe Måned siden
i love manny’s honesty. anyone who criticises the money he spends clearly doesn’t see the way his content creates revenue
Bro. Michael's first choice
Bro. Michael's first choice Måned siden
KD KIAN Måned siden
I packed normal Mbappe whilst his record breaker was out
tvvdom47 Måned siden
Manny butt crew gonna complain about manny spending his fp on 75k packs and not save his fp
Slaydit Gaming
Slaydit Gaming Måned siden
Great video, bro! FYI, I spent 36k fifa points and my best pull was Pogba. Last yr I packed Mbappe and two 2 Icons, Nesta and Hagi in 12k fifa points. This yr the pack weight is much worse. But to be fair, after spending 700k fifa points and packing two icons with Messi, Mbappe, Kante, and 37 Varanes is quite mad!
James Måned siden
“My best pack opening in a while” Spends 700,000 fifa points in one sitting
Henry98 Måned siden
manny getting 8 pages of walkouts🤣😭
Muhammed Ibrahim
Muhammed Ibrahim Måned siden
Manny isn't that good in fifa just because of his team he wins the matches if he has a normal he can't win
Dalair Khalil
Dalair Khalil Måned siden
How much coins if you listed every player you got
Hákon Logi Arngrímsson
Hákon Logi Arngrímsson Måned siden
Give me a decent club
Albanian Fifa Player
Albanian Fifa Player Måned siden
Imagine if you get your discards and sell them 😳
Harry Graham
Harry Graham Måned siden
Manny you should sell everything in your club and make a sick team
Harry Graham
Harry Graham Måned siden
Honestly listen to manny because I spent about 90-150 pound on the game and got absolutely nothing. So keep your money and spend it on something like a new pair of shoes or some clothes
Nathaniel Watson
Nathaniel Watson Måned siden
This has to be the best pack opening ever respect manny
Adnan Yusuf
Adnan Yusuf Måned siden
We try our best
TNG Fixdom1
TNG Fixdom1 Måned siden
Mmt is the best thing to watch. Especially when u had a long day
TNG Fixdom1
TNG Fixdom1 Måned siden
@Adnan Yusuf how
Adnan Yusuf
Adnan Yusuf Måned siden
Well you’re a nerd
Sensei Icon
Sensei Icon Måned siden
But Manny mmt is going broke💀😹 best pack opening in a while ma guy.🔥
Ulyases Môme
Ulyases Môme Måned siden
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Origin -_- Muath
Origin -_- Muath Måned siden
People: STop spending ur fifa points. Me: what do you think they are there for. OPENING PACKS IDIOTS.
Sinner AJ
Sinner AJ Måned siden
Manny you’re a legend for speaking the truth, saying the packs ARE good which they indeed where at least the 75k ones, but then making sure everyone knew it is not worth it to spend the money unless you have money to blow. Respect
Prosper R6
Prosper R6 Måned siden
B U Z Z Y Måned siden
This guy has like 90 Varanes on his transfer list. Just give me one for free
Random Geeze
Random Geeze Måned siden
Ik it sounds like an addicts comment but if he didn’t keep saying dont buy packs id lose sm money. Big respect for that manny🙌
Mohammed Alshaikh
Mohammed Alshaikh Måned siden
Under your name I don’t want you to have to come in and then come back here and I will be in a little while I’m in a hotel room for the only thing in the next two
Ricardo Mollmann
Ricardo Mollmann Måned siden
Anyone can pack Mbappe, just spend thousands and thousands of fifa points. it's easy
Bato 1988
Bato 1988 Måned siden
Or in just your second prime gold players pack like me lol
Hcjef Jdjdn
Hcjef Jdjdn Måned siden
Manny : gets lots of varanes Me : pack RTTFL koudibaly :(
Komail M
Komail M Måned siden
When do you stream
Harry Rutherford
Harry Rutherford Måned siden
kitten univrese anime
kitten univrese anime Måned siden
ITS EVERYONES FAVORITE TIME OF THE MONTH!!!! SPONSOR TIME: Special Cyber Monday deal! Go to and use code PEWDIEPIE to get 68% off a 2 year plan plus 4 additional months free. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! EPIC YEAH #AD
The BEAZT Måned siden
Damn I know manny has hella coins but damn all those players he is discarding he could be selling them for more but that would just waste his time so yeah
Akinfenwa HD
Akinfenwa HD Måned siden
11:35 the amount of times he says I knew it, STOP REPEATING USELF
KSM 129
KSM 129 Måned siden
I have a question hopefully someone can answer, how do you get it so you can see the power bar above you head when you shoot so you know it is green or red times shot. Thanks
Kamu Måned siden
You know it's real when Manny pulls out the belt
Salmaan Ahmady
Salmaan Ahmady Måned siden
In the first pack he literally had every player 🤣
Omario Wilson
Omario Wilson Måned siden
His transfer list more than my club😂 the vids manny
AWildHumanoid Måned siden
you think you know me? *music itensifies*
Muhamed Ajvaz
Muhamed Ajvaz Måned siden
"PACK OPENING" and you just skip every pack 😡
Sonofsmog Goggans
Sonofsmog Goggans Måned siden
Send some of your pack luck!!😤😤
Charlie Willbourn
Charlie Willbourn Måned siden
Tell me you’ve not spent £5600 on FIFA points😂
oh yeah yeah soilder #64
oh yeah yeah soilder #64 Måned siden
75k packs are mad
1000IQ KYE
1000IQ KYE Måned siden
BuT mAnNy....
oscar flores Chavez
oscar flores Chavez Måned siden
I pack mbappe then after I got 94 Messi
mobile gamer
mobile gamer Måned siden
Where do u stream manny
Lisa Henry
Lisa Henry Måned siden
I got inform ngolo from 81+ sbc😳
but manny if you dont agree with packs why do you buy so many
William Hendry
William Hendry Måned siden
700,000 fifa points comes to roughy 4700 pounds I’m just glad he packed a lot of good players because that’s some amount of quiche
mehmet bora tuncer
mehmet bora tuncer Måned siden
I watch you from turkey ı love you man ❤️
Vir Bhutani
Vir Bhutani Måned siden
Manny out here discarding more coins than I have right now
Chris Baxter
Chris Baxter Måned siden
Manny uploads are the best timing get home and relax watching manny 😎
whythelongface Måned siden
Only manny can pack 91 mbappe and have him on the duplicates
Reuben 101
Reuben 101 Måned siden
Just saying manny spent around 4480 thousand pounds on this pack opening, that’s insaneeeee!
Reuben 101
Reuben 101 Måned siden
Just saying manny spent around 4480 thousand pounds on this pack opening, that’s insaneeeee!
J.M Måned siden
Couldn’t ask for more off school for 2 weeks and manny uploading mad vids
Gil Benda
Gil Benda Måned siden
You are the best packer in FIFA 21 I think
Mr MoustacheFB
Mr MoustacheFB Måned siden
His list be a sbc food bank
Ryan Simpson
Ryan Simpson Måned siden
Manny’s packs have been insane recently, even though he opens a lot.
Trixbot Måned siden
@FATAL GENERATIONS I mean if you spent 12000 pounds on fifa points and didn't get cards like that i dont think you'd be happy
Trixbot Måned siden
@Say Less my exact reasoning
@Trixbot why do you have to be like that, shut up man
Say Less
Say Less Måned siden
@Trixbot “even though he opens a lot.”
Trixbot Måned siden
I mean when you spend as much as he does you'd think he'd always get cards this good
Bradley S
Bradley S Måned siden
Respect Manny for the way you always telling people don't but packs 👏🏻
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Ganger 843 k
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