My New Favorite Tik Toker

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Cody Ko

12 dager siden

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My New Favorite Tik Toker
Cody Ko

Lauren Cummings
Lauren Cummings 10 minutter siden
Dhar Mann of tik tok
Pj Harper
Pj Harper 28 minutter siden
Good OLD Cody!
Kalil Cobian Duenas
Kalil Cobian Duenas 49 minutter siden
your old
Dj Time siden
Fuck I forgot about the channel since I hadn’t been getting any notifications. Glad I can now watch all the videos I’ve missed this last 6 months or so.
ellie von duyke
ellie von duyke Time siden
hear me out, cody, mullet
3rd one. "Your not you when your hungry" commercial.
Dragon Fire3
Dragon Fire3 Time siden
its not the same anymore bring noel back
Milana Michalsky
Milana Michalsky 3 timer siden
Ur old man
Justin Paul
Justin Paul 4 timer siden
Nice video. Jeans high and tight. Keep up the good work and go full throttle.
Sujal Mehra
Sujal Mehra 4 timer siden
Have a look at the vibe crew
Shani 5 timer siden
Yes. Good vdo yes yes.
Curtis Cutler
Curtis Cutler 7 timer siden
Kody stop being old
Agnese Vārna
Agnese Vārna 7 timer siden
Go Latvia! 🇱🇻
Apurva 7 timer siden
I was gonna type a joke about Cody and dednahype being classmates, but Cody said no and my parents told me to respect the elderly.
Official Nik The King
Official Nik The King 8 timer siden
Cody looking like he gave up on life and shit. Bro...60s are the new 40s relax
Finderland 2087
Finderland 2087 8 timer siden
It’s nice to see an old mans dream come true good job with the Taco Bell sponsorship
joe toutai
joe toutai 9 timer siden
Dawg you old
Emily a
Emily a 9 timer siden
12:30 has me dead-
chocolat13angel 9 timer siden
People are fearless on here still talking about Cody's age despite his warning 😂. Y'all need to respect your elders.
Cris Ortega 326
Cris Ortega 326 10 timer siden
Bro you should react to India TikTok, theyre so cringe. They’re gold for your videos
Joao Pasta
Joao Pasta 11 timer siden
I wish Cody was my grandpa
Joao Pasta
Joao Pasta 11 timer siden
Cody looks like a surfer grandpa
Isaiah Stephenson
Isaiah Stephenson 13 timer siden
Imagine if he used the pennies to buy him an empty box.
_theyLuvJordon_ -_-
_theyLuvJordon_ -_- 13 timer siden
Hey Cody u should react to the video (dhar Mann)!! It has to do with Karen lmao 😂. Thanks man
Red lightning
Red lightning 14 timer siden
Hey , Cody you're OLD ( ×100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
GodOf Gaming
GodOf Gaming 15 timer siden
The reason I don’t like tik tok is because people say I’m addicted to tik tok and I’m like no your addicted to nicotine
Sahar 15 timer siden
You are so funny love ya
Sahar 15 timer siden
Christoph Luger
Christoph Luger 16 timer siden
Cody K-Old
Helen A.
Helen A. 17 timer siden
not cody saying 0.05 is minimum wage
PainfulRage 17 timer siden
Cody ko is what happens in an alternate universe where homelander doesn’t have powers and becomes a youtuber
Triharde 19 timer siden
Cody could be that guys dad
Joanna 20 timer siden
Cody clearly just felt threatened by another aged creator finding success
Amazing Blake
Amazing Blake 22 timer siden
After he dumped the soup the guy should have punched him unless he is just a really nice person
peter pisani
peter pisani Dag siden
Love your channel man keep killing it
peter pisani
peter pisani Dag siden
Cody looks like generic American version of 2007 era Keith urban
Beast Tv
Beast Tv Dag siden
YO WHY ARE THERE HATERS COMMENTING TF if you don’t think he’s funny your humor is broken
Joanna 20 timer siden
Love seeing fellow senior citizens support each other
Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez Dag siden
Grandpa I think you forgot to take your brain medication again
lily stout
lily stout Dag siden
Don’t say old just say boomer!
Michael Buffington
Michael Buffington Dag siden
Kody kinda old tho 🤨
Aubrie Browne
Aubrie Browne Dag siden
You NEED to react to a Barbie movie ASAP
dee dee
dee dee Dag siden
I just realized how much his hair has grown out,,,
Riley Glazebrook
Riley Glazebrook Dag siden
cody plz watch more of the hollywood fix videos checking in with the hype house is one of your funniest videos and its done better than any other video on your channel since the first awkward dating show
Kate Malo
Kate Malo Dag siden
cody you're young (old)
Ethan Hoffman
Ethan Hoffman Dag siden
Cody looks like 21st Century Paul Allen
Abby Jones
Abby Jones Dag siden
Calling Cody old? Knock it off
Geri Thegg
Geri Thegg Dag siden
how can u not get it ? the lesson is that the dad gets him a cake only because thats all he has so with what he has which is not a lot of money and the son doesnt want that he wants something way better a better gift
Insanepanda99 Dag siden
You need to react to Caleb Presley’s videos from barstool. They are hilarious
badruins Dag siden
Cody is just the quiet kid who hit puberty and became the jock of highschool.
JannikThomas Dag siden
"Do not offend old people!" Cody: 🙂 😑 😑 😑
Heavenly Controller
Heavenly Controller Dag siden
Love seeing fellow senior citizens support each other
Cringe_Boi 707
Cringe_Boi 707 Dag siden
bruh lmaoooo
Valters Janevics
Valters Janevics Dag siden
Omg wtf, hes latvian Im from latvia
Deven Lords
Deven Lords Dag siden
Wade doesn’t burn
Marta Biķe
Marta Biķe Dag siden
kad Latvija
the priscila
the priscila Dag siden
The first video i genuinely thought it was an old man wanting to date a younger dude who wanted him for money or as a sugar dady.
Laca 2eebla3
Laca 2eebla3 Dag siden
he is just making an advertisment to that guy cause the tiktoks are cringe and he reviewed that tiktoker in a older video
Rizi Musique
Rizi Musique Dag siden
Cody's hair got me simpin'
hulk hoagie
hulk hoagie Dag siden
Although those were some pretty good tiktoks, Cody kinda ruined the whole vibe by being in them
Jillian Meister
Jillian Meister Dag siden
dhar man vibes
Gcost18 Dag siden
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Dag siden
rule #1 never tell a boy to cut his HAIRRRR
Mikaela Insinger
Mikaela Insinger Dag siden
Is this the first video Cody’s couch hasn’t been covered in things?! He really is getting old
Guido 64
Guido 64 Dag siden
F for Cody's barber...
fairyggu Dag siden
i only understand this video completely because i’m stoned
Lionore Alves
Lionore Alves Dag siden
I don't like the guy either but come on.. the first one was very obvious
морея черночаева
морея черночаева Dag siden
а дед то реально на хайпе
Cadence Spencer
Cadence Spencer Dag siden
Isn’t Cody like 40
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Dag siden
views, what I'd give for that...
C J Dag siden
Ur unyoung
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Dag siden
Awwwwww are you a little mad Codyy
Rory Underwood
Rory Underwood Dag siden
straight tiktok is so fucking weird smh
Jayden Ownes
Jayden Ownes Dag siden
I think it’s funny how this was sponsored by Taco Bell but I kept getting taco bueno ads
Stealth Prime
Stealth Prime Dag siden
Do another couples cringe of eboys!
Tamara T
Tamara T Dag siden
Damn nice bob dude
sydneyarts Dag siden
cody roasting a fellow senior citizen for once, it was getting weird that he was always focusing on people way younger than him??? like pack it up "how do you do fellow kids"
DayTripperCrack Dag siden
Keep it up bro
DayTripperCrack Dag siden
Bro holy shet you’re the funniest g and my favorite NOpost or of all time I watched you on vine a lot back in the day and I clicked on one of your videos recently and I think I’ve watched every single one in a week laughing at work😂
Joshua Weekes
Joshua Weekes Dag siden
hi there
hi there Dag siden
i work in an old folk's home so as a highly educated individual on the subject i can inform u that nobody is meaner, to each other or younger people, than old people themselves
Taylor Falk
Taylor Falk 2 dager siden
did he rlly think we were gonna stop calling him old
Faith Sluggett
Faith Sluggett 2 dager siden
cody you look like a middle aged white mom with a bob please please cut you hair
버그준 2 dager siden
Cody I'm so disappointed in you, you didn't learn anything from BLM please take responsibility like what Noel did. You are not getting support from me and stop tarnishing Noel.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 2 dager siden
Awwwwww are you a little mad Codyy
sike not
sike not 2 dager siden
We get it 10:00... you cleaned up
Ttv Urboijish
Ttv Urboijish 2 dager siden
Bryan Conway
Bryan Conway 2 dager siden
9:20 eat a snickers because your not you when your hungry
Clark Mcalin
Clark Mcalin 2 dager siden
Cody actin like he didn’t roam with dinosaurs
Christy Dao
Christy Dao 2 dager siden
cody really lookin like john b from outerbanks
G4merkid29 2 dager siden
You should look at cosplay tiktoker
Emmett McDonagh
Emmett McDonagh 2 dager siden
Cody not knowing how to push a sponsor that isnt square space: "Just hit the link and use it"
Xirtz 2 dager siden
It gets even more hillarious and weird at the same time for me, since i recognize some of the locations some of those tiktoks are filmed in. I`ve noticed this tiktok profile before, since they are based on the same country, and even the town i am living in. I honestly don`t know if i should feel proud or ashamed by this.
carlos caro
carlos caro 2 dager siden
Cody looks like he’s about to kill off all you younglings
Christi Marie
Christi Marie 2 dager siden
The monster also has a wedding ring, so he can't be that lonely lmao
soinu foig
soinu foig 2 dager siden
Lessons: 1. Feed monsters so they'll back you up if you get jumped. 2. Sons are bad. 3. Soup lets old men teleport. 4. Girlfriends are bad.
amit daphna
amit daphna 2 dager siden
mello 2 dager siden
"do not offend old people" *cody nodding to it admitting he's old
Nirjhara Kaushik
Nirjhara Kaushik 2 dager siden
This monster low key reminds of indian tik tok joker
Bro leave me alone
Bro leave me alone 2 dager siden
Ok boomer
soinu foig
soinu foig 2 dager siden
loving the 1 video per month upload schedule you fuckin SKOOZY
stiften 2 dager siden
I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them and then complains about someone "not being a man" when it's convenient!
SandCastles 2 dager siden
“Bad boys treat” lmao
Portia Nemeño Art
Portia Nemeño Art 2 dager siden
wow you're old
Doktor Schmand
Doktor Schmand 2 dager siden
That dude is latvian
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