The Journey for the Rarest Item in Demon's Souls

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[1-1] Small room past Ostrava, where 2 soldiers come out
[1-3] Off to the side of the courtyard where the Primeval Demon spawns in black world tendency
[1-3] Up a ladder before flaming boulder
[2-2] On lava island next to the bear bugs
[3-1] Past human ball in a locked cell under a chair
[4-1] Graverobbers Bilge Cell
[5-2] All the way up the scaffolding, on a sneaky platform to your right
[1-2] Third Tower Second Floor by the winch
[1-3] Up some stairs where 3(?) crossbowmen attack you in a tight courtyard. You have to drop down off a ledge to your right
[2-1] Boxes near 3 dogs at bottom of ramp.
[3-1] Side of fools idol tower
[4-2] In the Patches pit
[5-2] Boxes behind dirty colossus

00:00 There is an item...
02:36 Coin Locations
04:37 Despair
06:00 The 11th Coin
06:25 The Rusted Key
06:55 My Scuffed Journey
10:30 THE ITEM
11:26 The 12th and 13th Coins...
12:29 Audible

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VaatiVidya Måned siden
Two more Ceramic Coins have been found, bringing the total to 13! This means you can get the reward in NG+, so we've probably found them all now. These are so well hidden lmao, I love it. Added them with YT links in the description.
Juk3D4Doo52 Mrtz
Juk3D4Doo52 Mrtz 18 dager siden
@306oldboyful yeah did it last night with a friend. Not really sure why my characters are duplicating rn though. But anything I send to storage disappears. But I can manually move things over. And only duplicates what I join the world with. So I get summoned. The host drops what they want duped. I white stone out. And then get summoned again. Drop the items. Save and quit out of their world. Boom. Not entirely sure why it happened. Just know it started after the coin glitch. I’m guess grabbing the coins that shouldn’t be in the game put it in a glitch state. My friend was able to dupe but we can’t seem to do it again with his. Going to see with a fresh character with no coin glitch.
306oldboyful 18 dager siden
@Juk3D4Doo52 Mrtz does it still work, I thought they patched it?
Juk3D4Doo52 Mrtz
Juk3D4Doo52 Mrtz 18 dager siden
Did the coin glitch. Now my character duplicates any item I drop. pure stones +5 weapons ect
306oldboyful 20 dager siden
@RE-L Mayer oh nice one, I didn't know that. I thought just pure white so that's what I did first playthrough. I also wondered what that statue was for in nexus but it slipped my mind to look it up. Thanks for letting me know mate, appreciated
RE-L Mayer
RE-L Mayer 20 dager siden
@306oldboyful they will only show up in fractured world(you need to pay 25k to the statue in nexus and then get into fractured,and you either need to be in pure black world tendency or pure white world tendency( look that up and how to manipulate it) there is 6 in pure black and 7 in pure white,its very easy to mess up world tendency so its delicate,character tendency is different and doesnt need to be changed for those coins
Anita Cobani
Anita Cobani 12 timer siden
I own a ps5
Ian Ray
Ian Ray 22 timer siden
@VattiVidya, your voice is a dead ringer for Neil Gaiman's. You should reach out to Audible and ask them if they'd like a new Sword and the Stone narrator.
Pain Dag siden
i got the gear
Paul Raymond
Paul Raymond Dag siden
wow when i finally get a ps5 and play my copy i have waiting on my ps4 i dont think ile do this to much work lol armour looks cool but na.
Light Gamer
Light Gamer 2 dager siden
I already did NG++ for that platinum.. don't think I'll do it again for this armor, although it does look amazing
SoraKami6 2 dager siden
Yeah no Fck that. I found this game to have very little NG+ replay value over just making another character. Lol but ty for the info
Gautham Thomas
Gautham Thomas 2 dager siden
Raven heart is my fav of David gemmel.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 2 dager siden
I was able to get a PS5 but this is an impossible task for me lol
Misc Misc
Misc Misc 2 dager siden
Attilio Maselli
Attilio Maselli 2 dager siden
The Pure Bladestone is the rarest item in demon's souls, I grinded an entire day to get that piece of shit
TheNewKG 3 dager siden
I enjoy this Adless content so much i genuinely thank you
Pitch2d 3 dager siden
This video made me want a ps5 so bad
Cavan Nugent
Cavan Nugent 3 dager siden
good video
Ouch my nuckin futz
Ouch my nuckin futz 3 dager siden
this type of shit is so goddamn awesome and a major reason i love video games. devs take note
DANK DRACULA 4 dager siden
demon souls looks like its great, but I dont have a ps5 are any of the other souls games good like this?
Taddz 5 dager siden
This will never be on PC and im soo sad :(
Brandon White
Brandon White 5 dager siden
Still bullshit it's not on PC I'm not buying a playstation just to play one game
soundsearadio 6 dager siden
I went on my own coin hunt a few days ago, and just this morning found my 26th coin. It was an amazing experience. Even though by now most players are duping the coins with a work around, doing it the legit way was very satisfying. Umbasa.
b smoove
b smoove 6 dager siden
wtf is that a runescape soundtrack
Hero57 6 dager siden
Dude, i said this and I'm gonna say it again: this was best video you've made ever! XD loved it!!
Erol Küçükkeleş
Erol Küçükkeleş 6 dager siden
Vaati, you obviously weren’t involved in the search for the key to this secret door, why are you making a video about it as if you headed the search for it, you did none of the work but you make a video about it? disrespectful AF to the actual players who played for hours and hours looking for the solution, seriously uncool
garett baltia
garett baltia 6 dager siden
i didnt platinum the original because the 2 weapons upgrades were drop % based.
Philipp Strasser
Philipp Strasser 7 dager siden
Vaati using 'Lofi to study to' song as BGM hahahhaha
CHIEF 111 7 dager siden
Sideral GT
Sideral GT 7 dager siden
Fantastic video man. Thanks for sharing!
blazeaglory 8 dager siden
Why does demon souls look better than most new games? Look's awesome!
Jay J
Jay J 9 dager siden
Hhhmmm.... I mean I wouldn't use heavy armor (time for rolling) but now I wanna do this. Maybe if I do a second game plus...Almost done with my first game plus. Would be farther ahead if I didn't have a gf lol
zxkredo 10 dager siden
Looks underwhelming to me
Cosmic Aesthetic
Cosmic Aesthetic 10 dager siden
I hope you were being a sarcasm Andy, Dist2 is awesome
Lucas 10 dager siden
Vaati if you narrated a book and it was on audible I will subscribe
Kasper GdF
Kasper GdF 11 dager siden
you sound like internet historian
Jake Adams
Jake Adams 11 dager siden
what was the sword you were using?
Plazma 12 dager siden
i dont like the spike on top
Gan Over
Gan Over 12 dager siden
yeah l mean its not that bad to get considering that l farm for the cosmic wings in diablo III lol
Morlun91 13 dager siden
Funniest part is that this mystery didn't even last a week...
tristan nierop
tristan nierop 13 dager siden
8:50 did someone say sea shanty 2???
josh waterman
josh waterman 13 dager siden
Community insane to figure this out that fast
josh waterman
josh waterman 13 dager siden
The closed door in bloodborne leads to cleric beast. I’m sure you knew already though
Grim Reaper Overlord
Grim Reaper Overlord 14 dager siden
The penetrator armor set for all this work? How disappointing.
Lanny 44
Lanny 44 14 dager siden
I’ve been thinking about trying a souls type game and this makes me want to start
Broken Is Cute
Broken Is Cute 15 dager siden
Awesome video as always, but... damn that set is ugly as fuck...
Princesmilez 16 dager siden
Jeez LOL
Bambeh Deluxe
Bambeh Deluxe 16 dager siden
How can something be rare when there’s a 100% chance you will get it?
quietstormNC 17 dager siden
game plays way too slow for my tastes. just remaster Bloodborne how about it?
Mad Jester
Mad Jester 17 dager siden
Wh- audio books, damn that how you're so calm all the time; i listen to the most hardcore tracks from doom to get an unhealthy psi in my veins!
Anomaleee 17 dager siden
The log out when you found the item literally traumatized me. Like, why!!!? lol Well done! Wow. Great video!
Jose Dinsmore
Jose Dinsmore 17 dager siden
I enjoyed the RuneScape music
robotzombie9 17 dager siden
Glorious journey. Umbasa.
Aiden Fenton
Aiden Fenton 18 dager siden
Who remembers this mans ds3 vids
tom zafool
tom zafool 18 dager siden
I got the game, a ps5 controller but no PS5...
Jeremy Dobbins
Jeremy Dobbins 18 dager siden
I was hoping that behind all this trouble, exploration and tribulation, the reward would be something epic... like Vaati's Mum!
Антон Пронин
Антон Пронин 18 dager siden
Bullshit secret. It dosen't worth efforts.
lerch400block 18 dager siden
Valin Rose
Valin Rose 18 dager siden
Umbasa my friends. 🙏
Mike STantz
Mike STantz 18 dager siden
All David Gemmell's novels are fantastic that whole series is probably my favorite
Marina The Octoling
Marina The Octoling 19 dager siden
I expected more then just the armor
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 19 dager siden
Whelp, my journey starts now!
HywolfGaming 19 dager siden
Vaati has the best bed time videos on YT. i love watching the lore videos ect. before going to sleep. its like im being tucked in with a nice fantasy book to listen too
apex tiger gaming
apex tiger gaming 19 dager siden
Love that sea shanty usage! :)
Alan Smith
Alan Smith 20 dager siden
I’ve been trying to get a ps5 so I can play the new demon souls but all of these damn skulkers are still making it almost impossible. Kinda wish there was also a pc version.
Pierce B Ren
Pierce B Ren 20 dager siden
Good job Vaati, just what we'd expect, quality coverage ^_^
Cjham 20 dager siden
I can't imagine farming for 79 gold coins
Star Gunner
Star Gunner 20 dager siden
Ew, ps exclusives.
Szymon Kowalczyk
Szymon Kowalczyk 20 dager siden
Anyone wants to help me find them?
heavyxhand 21 dag siden
I liked when I heard the OSRS tune
Knavery 21 dag siden
The amount of work to get this is NOT worth it at all.
Reluctant Halo
Reluctant Halo 21 dag siden
Would you like to know the lore of the land?
ЭmиL 21 dag siden
yeah, ok, I’m not doing this for sure 😂
Toirdealbach Bartoium
Toirdealbach Bartoium 22 dager siden
Wait, this isn't pure bladestone
Patty 22 dager siden
There is more to that key
PudelMitFoen 22 dager siden
12 hours hunting for coins? Try 20 hours farming for a pure bladestone. But seriously, thanks for the insight. What a journey.
Anonymous Friend
Anonymous Friend 22 dager siden
Man your an actual legend. Good work.
Real Engine
Real Engine 23 dager siden
Why did you name this channel "Vaatividya"??
Skyler Hales
Skyler Hales 23 dager siden
Can somebody explain how to reach white world tendency if I’m already slightly black tendency? Can I help others kill bosses as a blue phantom and increase my world tendency / get closer to white tendency?
Daniel Ryslink
Daniel Ryslink 23 dager siden
No a PC port, please, so that I don't have to buy a console just to play a handful of games. Chop, chop!
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts 23 dager siden
Watch this be like a 1 time thing and be removed shortly after the biggest restock of the ps5
MrLinkolin 24 dager siden
I love this stuff. Truly remarkable to have developers continue to create these layers of mystery and speculation that used to exist only in old school games. Thanks for going through that gauntlet and sharing with us! I was feeling heartbroken when you got stuck in the wall, and even more so when the item was gone... SO MUCH DRAMA!!! Great stuff man!
Theni super cool mom
Theni super cool mom 24 dager siden
Very beautiful share my dear friend good one i like it dear friend
Vicente Geonix
Vicente Geonix 24 dager siden
That's it?... That's the reward? Meh.
F3NX 24 dager siden
Can we talk about how that was the best ad built into a NOpost video I’ve ever seen? Audible felt like part of the quest itself!
Bytemare 24 dager siden
Got my PS5 for Xmas, now I know that to do! :D
Hunterkai 24 dager siden
I'm so sad I didn't get to help discover anything in this remake. I LOVE the souls games so much.
N0buddy 25 dager siden
Honestly I only was part of this a day before they found the armor. But Jesus. What a fan base from software has
iron1528 25 dager siden
I love this community.
Marcus Gaytan
Marcus Gaytan 26 dager siden
I'm sorry....But, How can there be a knight on a body on a bench?? 🤣🤣
Very Concerned Jesus
Very Concerned Jesus 26 dager siden
Lmao why not just take a shit ton of photos and then just pic it up, no one is gonna complain about a thumbnail pic
DynamicClipster 26 dager siden
Y sony did u make it only ps5 so stupid of a game realese
TheMrLiquidPixel 26 dager siden
coyote1337 26 dager siden
Would be way more fun if the coins would brake if you die xD
Cobblegen1 26 dager siden
Wouldn’t cheesing this be as easy as modding the game to give you the coins whenever you press a certain key?
LCL 26 dager siden
Maybe well find out what the pendant does in ds 1 now
Hymaungdr _
Hymaungdr _ 26 dager siden
@LCL Oh I couldn't tell my bad.
LCL 26 dager siden
@Hymaungdr _ it was a joke, i do admitt that it wasnt a particularly witty or funny one
Hymaungdr _
Hymaungdr _ 26 dager siden
Didn't Miyazaki himself say the pendant did nothing?
Erick Berrios
Erick Berrios 27 dager siden
I’m sorry but you’re an idiot for not picking that item up over a thumbnail 😂😂😂 I would rather have it and show it off with the various pictures I had already taken smh
Reaper 27 dager siden
This is even better if you know about the shadow of the colossus remake story. Blue point who remastered this game also remastered shadow of the colossus. They put in a final secret to that game cause there was this group of people online who always searched the original game for a final secret. So it’s rather fitting for them to add something like this into the game.
Esgaldir 27 dager siden
Saving this for when I have the game and a ps5
ddubmomo 27 dager siden
Eventually, I might retain just one fact of any sort from one of Vaati’s vidyas is not that day. His dang voice is so dreamy that my brain shuts off an-wait, why am I naked?
Probably TheBest
Probably TheBest 27 dager siden
Alright I'll come back to this video when I do my first playthrough
ZombieZebra3 -
ZombieZebra3 - 28 dager siden
LOL! Love the Audible plug.
x c
x c 28 dager siden
Fuck that! Well done tho
Elden Ring
Elden Ring 28 dager siden
I've finally gotten my PS5 a few days ago! I've been absolutely loving my Demons Souls playthrough. I've got so many ideas for builds atm. The PS5 makes this experience even better. PS. Merry Christmas!
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