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Taking a look at one of the most successful FIFA 21 players so far. Breaking down his gameplay and finding his keys to dominate Weekend League.
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Toe Knee
Toe Knee 6 dager siden
Ronaldo neymar mbappe ... this why he wins
Hej Du der
Hej Du der 8 dager siden
He is from my country🇩🇰🇩🇰
kaz9781 10 dager siden
Hes obviously cheating not everyone is legit i dont care how good you are, 0 losses? Yea not buying it.
SmallPPGang 14 dager siden
I've not lost a single FUT Champs game either, where's my video?
José Ricardo
José Ricardo 16 dager siden
Hope Step overs get nerfed really soon, not because of this kid, but because it is just stupid that bullshit skill moves have the effect of making your defenders look like retards. And no matter how many times I lose bc of that I'll never join this trend of stupid skill moves
Blablabla blabla
Blablabla blabla 17 dager siden
0 lose now to
GangsterNG 17 dager siden
Who’s here after 350-0??😂😂😂
holamoco17 19 dager siden
BorasLegend the L1 pass was registered at 7:37
Francisco Gallegos
Francisco Gallegos 21 dag siden
He recently lost in a tournament and began to cry.
Jonathan Henry
Jonathan Henry 23 dager siden
If you can analyze so you have all the keys to beat him now. We waiting🙂
Football TV
Football TV 23 dager siden
MixrAU 24 dager siden
Everyone: ... Me: I am afraid of nothing Also me: But that thing... It sacres me Stepover: ...what???
John Doe
John Doe 25 dager siden
He’s probably just using that dark red ball that no one can see lol
vmerinoc 29 dager siden
Kind of feel sorry for him...i mean he will earn money and shit....but you know hoy many hours this kid is un front of a tv....the things that he is missing at his age....partying, a few fights, getting laid.....dont know man.....
Maxx Evens
Maxx Evens Måned siden
Bubba bump shrimp lol
L P Måned siden
HE lost thank God i hope he ll get some fresh air now
gareth mellon
gareth mellon Måned siden
Who’s getting recommended this after he lost😂
Alex Måned siden
He hasn’t lost that was a tournament!
Trance Voyage Sessions
Trance Voyage Sessions Måned siden
Currently 300 - 0 on squad battles..
Nice. fifa street
Paulo Cesar Sousa
Paulo Cesar Sousa Måned siden
He vs tekkz? Who wins??
XD09 MUKKY Måned siden
Boraslegend dropping his links in his NOpost video is so lovely ❤️❤️
Jørgen Tangerud
Jørgen Tangerud Måned siden
So step-over obviously needs a nerf.....
Kwadwo Gaming
Kwadwo Gaming Måned siden
watch my FIFA 21 fun video
Jose Bordón
Jose Bordón Måned siden
Hi, I'm not a FIFA player (just played with my friends on exhibition match sometimes). How do you get legend team with Zidane and those players? You have to pay with real money? Or you can pick whoever you want?
Kenz Måned siden
damn this kid has doubled it and is now 240-0, what a absolute machine
Phil DEAN Måned siden
So this 14 year old uses Pope Semedo and Sissoko like I do and I’m trash with these players and this kid over here is 120-0 wtf
PowerLiam123 Måned siden
So basically he just does step overs all the time like a little twat
Dev Patel
Dev Patel Måned siden
His team isn’t even a 90 which is insane
andres felipe
andres felipe Måned siden
Did he wont all the matches on the las fut champions? I have seen him before play in another context and also have a really good team
T K Måned siden
This is just stupid. I have no respect for this bullshit. What the .uck are these teams by the way with 99 stats players. Is this football or dance club? Those (R) button skill moves should completely be banned to have a proper play.
Ryan Hesketh
Ryan Hesketh Måned siden
This is what it looks like with no dog shit wifi
Marlos Stanfield
Marlos Stanfield Måned siden
i bet is EA CEO son.
Do You Like My Meat
Do You Like My Meat Måned siden
Not hating on the kid but of all the matches I've seen of his there is one constant clean gameplay
daniel bueno
daniel bueno Måned siden
How did they get responsive game play 150 times??? What's the secret to play 30 games on Friday or to only play at 4 am??
X X Måned siden
cringe step over spam. how can anyone take this game seriously
J B Måned siden
I wonder if he’s an athlete in real life too. Kids should be playing real sports not so much video games
Christopher Yap
Christopher Yap Måned siden
I think you should analyse his build-up play as well as how he plays out of the press in normal games. How he balances control of possession with direct counter attacking. What he does versus high press or low block teams. Otherwise this whole video is just stepover stepover stepover. Needs more analysis and not commentary.
Henry Procter
Henry Procter Måned siden
Yone Måned siden
You made him famous
Dreamingbig Måned siden
Plays just like me
fun snaps
fun snaps Måned siden
what an amateur, i havent lost my whole entire life (havent played a match but still)
Long Lost Puss
Long Lost Puss Måned siden
I just cannot get over how bad the leg animation is on this game. The physics in this game are also laughable.
Mario Mills
Mario Mills Måned siden
the stepover has some kind of force field that allows him to just breeze through a jockey defense. let see how he does after the new patch
mvcorse1 Måned siden
The next great fifa mechanic abuser. Your community is a joke and fading very quickly
Tristan Van Kerckem
Tristan Van Kerckem Måned siden
Whats the big deal i also havent lost one Havent played it but thats a detail
Misch Måned siden
I have a question. It says that I have -13 hours- to qualify for the fut champions. What happens if I not do it? Will the qualify points reset? Pls help
Joseph Green
Joseph Green Måned siden
Can he do it with a bronze team though 🤣
Richie Rifle
Richie Rifle Måned siden
He literally just does step overs and ball rolls, then relies on Ai marking in defence as he just rushes at people and doesn't cut passing lanes/ throw balls. I'm pretty sure he must have a really good connection to the servers. The kid must have a good understanding of the game but he isn't anywhere near the skill level of someone like Tekz who's only real losses are getting disconnected in FUTChamps.
Fayssal Plâtre
Fayssal Plâtre Måned siden
A very beautiful site that makes a lot of the quarter through the games FIFA 21, register on the site and start winning
Anthony Chavez
Anthony Chavez Måned siden
He must have his console directly connected to a server
Atreus Kronos
Atreus Kronos Måned siden
Your forest gump reference 😂
capitol records California
capitol records California Måned siden
Now I can trade and transfer now because my EA was unbanned through *kleiocode* on îñstàgràm without much time
capitol records California
capitol records California Måned siden
Now I can trade and transfer now because my EA was unbanned through *kleiocode* on îñstàgràm without much time
Calvin Vi Brittania
Calvin Vi Brittania Måned siden
He clearly never had bad gameplayi mean he's definitely good but you can't beat bad gameplay vs good gameplay
Florian Gashi
Florian Gashi Måned siden
If he play with me not have chance for wining👍
Johnny Peña-Gomez
Johnny Peña-Gomez Måned siden
He plays with an 82 rated GK? WTF
Damion Cinimon
Damion Cinimon Måned siden
How is this possible 130-0 if I play 130 games for sure ea granting me 50
Big Maz
Big Maz Måned siden
keep the content coming bro thanks
Tiziano Pinna
Tiziano Pinna Måned siden
do you know that my cousin "Stefano Pinna" is the best fifa player in the world? 😛
Jasper Gerrits
Jasper Gerrits Måned siden
Did he play just 4 matches or did he hack?
Ah Zizi
Ah Zizi Måned siden
Applause to him play so well.. but.. no lag? That is so not ea.. plus, have all that meta players also a bonus.
Cole McKinnon
Cole McKinnon Måned siden
Not to be negative, but I have a feeling he'll lose one or more in this next FUT Champs right after the update comes out nerfing the stepover speed boost.
Mario Mills
Mario Mills Måned siden
abuse broken mechanic is the way to go, he find some other ones np
Mark Bullock
Mark Bullock Måned siden
All this proves is just how completely broken this game has become. It's no longer a football simulation but an arcade hammer the buttons load of nonsense. May as well be Tekken or MK
Ken_Chu Måned siden
@Mark Bullock I haven’t played it for more than an hour in general. But having taken a dip into the world of fighting games, I was humbled to say the least. Probably the hardest games out there competitively.
Mark Bullock
Mark Bullock Måned siden
@Ken_Chu I've not played it since the 90s! Lol
Ken_Chu Måned siden
Tekken at a competitive level is actually ridiculously difficult. Fighting games ain’t a mashfest man
sw0rpz Måned siden
And now he is 210-0 :O
vinessen vins
vinessen vins Måned siden
This guy is 14 yr and will and is wasting half of his life and time playing fifa . He is adicted shame on ea . 30 game cost you precious moment in your life . Ea doesn't understand it.
Oscar Dominguez
Oscar Dominguez Måned siden
How do people have STACKED FUT teams like that so early? Do they spend mad money of packs?
vinessen vins
vinessen vins Måned siden
No this guy is rich and daddy use his credit card to buy coin for him. Ea will never ban him because he is ea content creator. You win a match you get 700 coin . This guy and pros have 8 million team . Where do they get these coin
elpankus Måned siden
this scripted game fifa is helping him. nothing spaciaal about this
Neykov Master
Neykov Master Måned siden
Hunter on Mbappe ...
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson Måned siden
I get my fifa21 account with the help #claw_crackers on Instagram very perfect in his job deserve proper recommendation
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson Måned siden
I get my fifa21 account with the help #claw_crackers on Instagram very perfect in his job deserve proper recommendation
sopes247 Måned siden
Is it possible to be a top tier player at 39 as that’s my goal been playing 3 years and haven’t passed gold 2 yet I want to progress in fifa but I’m stuck at this level.
yoel cher
yoel cher Måned siden
what camera settings is he using?
Sean Parr
Sean Parr Måned siden
Why doesnt he have to tackle people 3 times before having a chance to win the ball?
DENILSON Shira Måned siden
I saw his videos and he never has delay his gameplay is so smooth every skill move registers . And ofc his team lol
Adam Måned siden
He's an absolute beast, especially in defence but guys, I think something's going wrong. There is this software which allows you to record a combo of skills and stuffs on a usb key, then you plug the key on your Playstation or Xbox connecting this To your controller. Then just press your R3 to perform the combo (you can find the video on the internet, just check). So look what he is actually touching on his controller when he performs skills....just R3. I'm not saying he's cheating, i'm not a hater but prove me wrong, something's going down, in any case he's excellent. What's your thoughts ?
champions Måned siden
why does he use nick pope?
Cole McKinnon
Cole McKinnon Måned siden
He's tall
MARCOPLAYZ Måned siden
Where can i buy fifa 21 coins? PLEASE answer❤️🔥
MoRaX Måned siden
The kid is trash, just mastered the art of having a good teamm and team press lol the fuck you on about? Look at the players he play vs like play against f2tekkz and you will see how he gets 0 goals and tekkz has 7
Grant Campbell
Grant Campbell Måned siden
Me vs him..... me 3 red cards and prob 0 goals haha
NovySan Måned siden
But there is a guy in germany who online lose one Game and thats by an disconnect nobody Talk about hin 😂😂 this world is just to crazy
DODO Måned siden
I literally watched an ad about a kid playing fifa, and I thought it was part of the video
sina s
sina s Måned siden
just let u guys know firs fifa i played was 2003
Lucas Matias
Lucas Matias Måned siden
I see now... They nerfed the stepover because of this kid? wow
nick marmolejo
nick marmolejo Måned siden
Kinda lame ur using another creators content and profiting from that just because he’s young. Use your own content, don’t steal others.
James Arthur
James Arthur Måned siden
With this turtle EA server there is no way u will have all those win except if he as the ea server inside he’s house😁
Emmanuel Chukwunonso
Emmanuel Chukwunonso Måned siden
Lol, step overs, ball rolls... No wonder I quit the game. FIFA 21 reminds me of International Super Star Soccer on SNES back in the day... Absolute trash, worse than FIFA 20. The game came out strong but it's dead, only month from release.
Emmanuel Chukwunonso
Emmanuel Chukwunonso Måned siden
@Agent ### hmm, skill cool down? I think EA should focus more on team shape and both offensive and defensive AI transitions. The AI should know your attacking and make runs but instead I have to manually do it with L1, that affects your team's shape alot. Sometimes I wonder what my LB and RB are doing in Central defence or even in the box, doesn't make sense. I have tried every custom tactics and still get the same result, I don't even use instructions and even when I use it my players are so high up the pitch. There are players that will benefit from this gameplay but my style of play can't.
Agent ###
Agent ### Måned siden
@Emmanuel Chukwunonso but honestly skill moves should have some sort of soft cooldown of maybe a few seconds or a chance to fail and lose control of ball. I think the latter is a good option.
Emmanuel Chukwunonso
Emmanuel Chukwunonso Måned siden
@Agent ### unrealistic, that's the right word. Look at the gameplay bro, unreal. My regret is I bought the ultimate edition , £90 😅... EA f**ked me hard
Agent ###
Agent ### Måned siden
lol they should have a mana system for skill moves. He literally just spams the shit. It is annoying and unrealistic.
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Måned siden
Pavel Lalik
Pavel Lalik Måned siden
I get he's winning, but his gameplay looks really boring. Like don't get offended, but imagine playing 24/7 just the same thing and always passing from defense almost straight to your striker, doing the same move and scoring (and always repeat).
Bertram Doj
Bertram Doj Måned siden
U Can say that he wins hver gang;)
Adam Noble
Adam Noble Måned siden
TEKKZ is better
S G Måned siden
Kann der auch pfötchen geben.
Domenik Valci
Domenik Valci Måned siden
What trash game fifa is. You can run around and do 5 thousand step overs in 10 seconds. Please support pes, the only real football game.
Emirhan Abi
Emirhan Abi Måned siden
I have his tactics
Alfie Silvani
Alfie Silvani Måned siden
Tyron woodley
Tyron woodley Måned siden
Lie ... I’ve beaten him twice!!! Joking 🙃
Simon Pitt
Simon Pitt Måned siden
how does anyone get that squad?
Gorilla Hard
Gorilla Hard Måned siden
Cheater player?
Martin Stojkoski
Martin Stojkoski Måned siden
180-0 lol
Xanotic Måned siden
what kit is that?
LIVE Måned siden
If he play on my console i bet 1000$ he not do gold1! And i swear this is not hate.And btway Tekkz will smoke him.
Paul Mcdermott
Paul Mcdermott Måned siden
Legend as it he's finished fifa 21 in the future unbeaten in fut champs and even tekz is shit scared of him.... 😂 😂 😂
Sjögel Miihels
Sjögel Miihels Måned siden
I can imagine that there is a chinese kid somewhere who hasn`t lost since game 1 of Fifa 21.
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