Can you make PROFIT on Pokemon Hidden Fates Tins?

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Randolph Pokemon

4 måneder siden

The Hidden Fates reprint is here! And today we open some to try and see if you can make profit!
My Card Store:
How I grade my PSA Pokemon cards:
Video uploaded by Randolph/Randolph Games
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Randolph 4 måneder siden
NOTIF GANG! I’m recording the podcast but will be back to reply to your comments later :) enjoy the vid
Ollie Stear
Ollie Stear 14 dager siden
Pokémon packs is the equivalent of gambling
Liddz 3 måneder siden
I’m looking to start pokemon collecting what should you recommend to start with
ice_ninja_aiden 3 måneder siden
Hungry4grime 3 måneder siden
I went on the site and everything is sold out lol. Restock that bro
JMLGames Gamed
JMLGames Gamed 4 måneder siden
What can you do with the codes that you get?
New Age
New Age 19 minutter siden
I just need someone to buy for me I can never decide
respinoza89 7 dager siden
Did you know that snake is ekans backwards?
Fup. e ツ
Fup. e ツ 12 dager siden
Ollie 26 dager siden
I’ve bought 2 swsh packs to see if I enjoy opening it. Will probably turn into an addiction
Niels Fuentes
Niels Fuentes 27 dager siden
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Jacob Pellow
Jacob Pellow 27 dager siden
I pulled a hyper rare and a gold card in the same tin
BertGH Måned siden
"You're making a 3pound loss" brush that doesn't even make sense....
mooseAf Måned siden
I’m just starting to get into Pokémon love the videos keep it up (been watching a fair while but haven’t been subbed sorry)
Rondel Tuzon
Rondel Tuzon Måned siden
Peter Murray
Peter Murray Måned siden
I would think you should add the grade cost, 10% eBay fee, and packaging/ shipping. It adds up!
Tyle Maker
Tyle Maker Måned siden
Tyle Maker - NOpost
Banana juice
Banana juice Måned siden
Cool vid pls do more
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Måned siden
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TLC Company
TLC Company Måned siden
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Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson Måned siden
JSR_Gamin Måned siden
Hey guys, me and some buddies opened some Pokémon cards for fun and uploaded it on my channel. It would mean a lot if you could watch it and leave a comment saying what you think. We wanna start making more videos and would love your opinion. Thanks guys.
bryanlhw Måned siden
Open 3 tins, sylveon and black charizard . HAHAHAH
Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez Måned siden
I preordered a bunch of tins from gamestop and I think they forgot about me 😂😰😷
Lol TheLux
Lol TheLux Måned siden
I have about 47 tins of hidden fates haha
S. Seagull
S. Seagull 2 måneder siden
Ekans = Snake
UnTapped Heroz
UnTapped Heroz 2 måneder siden
Arbok = kobra backwords my guy! ;P
Maksiuwariat 2 måneder siden
Is it worth to buy a hidden fates tin with raichu promo for 35 dollars?
AwBlinky 2 måneder siden
just bought 3 tins for $30 worth it?
Gannon 2 måneder siden
Ekans snake backwards MY GUY
Alexis The Poet
Alexis The Poet 2 måneder siden
Oh man that ekans thing is pretty annoying lol
Kevin The legend
Kevin The legend 2 måneder siden
Should I sell or keep my first edition charmander card? Pls your genius
devyn 2 måneder siden
Love this series Randolf!
shamseer vv
shamseer vv 2 måneder siden
lycanroc is my favourite pokemon
Lloyddpowell 2 måneder siden
I got mew and mewtwo tag team gx is it worth anything?
Fer Arroyo
Fer Arroyo 2 måneder siden
Na... I'll give you 5 dlls
NewRetroGaming 2 måneder siden
I’m thinking about buying some of these! Love those shinies!
No Caption
No Caption 2 måneder siden
The value would come by keeping them sealed
NewRetroGaming 2 måneder siden
No Caption absolutely! It’s all a cluster! Lol
No Caption
No Caption 2 måneder siden
@NewRetroGaming true tho, the whole investing world is a gamble tho isn't it
NewRetroGaming 2 måneder siden
It’s a gamble, it’s just a matter of who is doing the gambling haha
TheRealYoungSam 2 måneder siden
Just subbed from this video thanks for the info
WhySoEpic 2 måneder siden
Hidden fates packs are looking pretty good lately what yall think ?
Brosetta Stone
Brosetta Stone 2 måneder siden
gardevoir only 35? I sold mine for nearly 60 like 2 months ago
Matt Morris
Matt Morris 2 måneder siden
says Ekans snake backwards but doesnt say Arbok is Kobra backwards! #KobrasLivesMatter
Matt Morris
Matt Morris 2 måneder siden
anddddd... Yes im aware its spelt Cobra but you get what i mean lol
xoxsupercavexox 2 måneder siden
Where do you get your cards graded? I have been looking online and there has been a few dodgy websites come up
Mikey Garasic
Mikey Garasic 2 måneder siden
How much is it to grade cards is another factor
INeverPlayedB4 3 måneder siden
not sure how i'm just discovering channel but glad i did. Gold content
Imran A
Imran A 3 måneder siden
Logan Paul ruined everything
Imran A
Imran A 3 måneder siden
I say: "arbok Kobra backwards my guy"
Jake Brooks
Jake Brooks 3 måneder siden
I bought 12 tins and valued all my cards and I’ve made £700 profit so far
LEWIS 3 måneder siden
Just bought a Promo Charizard for £4 on eBay, looked like it was in very good condition, I’ll definitely keep you updated though! 🖤
K1Official 3 måneder siden
When will the tins be available again on your site ?
Funny David
Funny David 3 måneder siden
how much is a realistic chazard gx
Maria Vazquez
Maria Vazquez 3 måneder siden
Arbok kobra backwards my guy
David j
David j 3 måneder siden
I don’t normaly commemtnon videos but I will say that I don’t know much about Pokemon but have been a fan of the games growing up. I have enjoyed watching your NOpost Pokemon videos and think there amazing and want me to learn more and even start to open my own packs and definitely will be using your site!!!!!!!
Where are you Timothy ?
Where are you Timothy ? 3 måneder siden
Should I sit on these tins for years and then sell or sell now?
NewRetroGaming 2 måneder siden
Half now half later. These will keep appreciating!
Adam Luke
Adam Luke 3 måneder siden
Hey man, GREAT video. Where can I pick up some tins man?
Smokemon Go
Smokemon Go 3 måneder siden
Great video g 🔥🙌🏽
Chitoge Lin
Chitoge Lin 3 måneder siden
Is it still worth to send a hidden fates card with the issue on the holo foil to psa?
NtRs FeelnFly
NtRs FeelnFly 3 måneder siden
Luis Rob
Luis Rob 3 måneder siden
Luis Rob
Luis Rob 3 måneder siden
kyle southwick
kyle southwick 3 måneder siden
I literally have the WORST luck with these tins bro, I cant be 100% upset about it because everytime I've bought them I got some really crazy cheap deal so I didnt necessarily lose money, I bought 30 tins from Target for buy one get one free during a sale, so I paid $300 for 30 tins, and the other time I got some I bought 15 charizard tins for $17 each, and this time around about a week ago paid $16 per tin for 6 of them from target.. But out of all of these tins I opened I didnt get one charizard, over 50 tins and no zard.. Disappointed me a lot, But I got probably 35-45 shinies that are off to psa and I'm sure for the prices I paid I didnt lose out on money, but still.. as a collector I want that zard!! :D
Branpk 3 måneder siden
Loving all these videos. I used to buy when I was a kid too, had thousands of cards in binders but all got thrown out. Inspired me to start buying and collecting again, keep up the work bro.
The Kid Tatum
The Kid Tatum 3 måneder siden
Found 6 of these tins this morning in walmart
Mikael Olsson
Mikael Olsson 3 måneder siden
You have to say, Arbok kobra backwards ;)
Julian Facchini
Julian Facchini 3 måneder siden
Ok my golden energy switch is ranked 109/108
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 3 måneder siden
U got me addicted to pokemon cards
YT- JDMroach
YT- JDMroach 3 måneder siden
I’m addicted to these vids now
Daniel Paul Music
Daniel Paul Music 3 måneder siden
My local Walmart has the Charizard tin in stock, $44. Does this mean I buy it asap and get the Charizard graded? I need to learn what/when to jump on a pack when its in stock or which ones I should buy
alain lai
alain lai 3 måneder siden
Paul Harsh
Paul Harsh 3 måneder siden
Those box price seem a little high. I just got 4 Charizard boxes for $40 each.
Owen Turner
Owen Turner 3 måneder siden
I beg someone explains this whole psa 8-9-10 thingy
jeff martel
jeff martel 3 måneder siden
paper planes
paper planes 3 måneder siden
Randy it's so hard to understand you my guy. Annunciate my guy lol seriously though bruv, slow down with your speech and sound out each syllable. If you want your audience to understand you then you need to get better annunciation with your words my guy. Just an opinion from a fan point of view sir...
Jj3v4ns 3 måneder siden
I don’t even really like Pokemon but you are so entertaining to watch 👏
mathias vcent
mathias vcent 3 måneder siden
I'm not doing really good
ZAHIN KARIB 3 måneder siden
can i have 500 common and uncommon cards if you can give me more than 500 if you can send it to 25339 Roan Avenue, Warren, Michigan my zip code is 48089 pls send me pokemon cards and my name is zahin karib and i am a big fan of you keep up the good work.
gabriel knemeyer
gabriel knemeyer 3 måneder siden
I was wondering if I was ganna buy a pack and I didn't know what to buy but now I do 😂 also does anyone know how much one tin is
foki 3 måneder siden
Aaron Rose
Aaron Rose 3 måneder siden
Would this be good to go for as a first set? Was going to go for XY evolutions but the booster box are going for £300.
NewRetroGaming 2 måneder siden
I would go for Hidden Fates over Evolution. I think evolutions is overpriced right now. Everyone going for nostalgia, but HF has all those shinies! 🤩🤩
Murray 3 måneder siden
Grading fees, postage fees, ebay seller fees
Murray 2 måneder siden
@20 Bag Of Smack the title is 'can you' I don't have a website
20 Bag Of Smack
20 Bag Of Smack 2 måneder siden
He doesn’t need to think about eBay fees he sells them on his site
coffin 3 måneder siden
the ekans thing made me want to click off the video
Kimbo YoJimbo
Kimbo YoJimbo 3 måneder siden
You do know Arbok is kobra backwards as well right? And you got me saying snake backwards my guy every damn time I pull him!!!
Kimbo YoJimbo
Kimbo YoJimbo 3 måneder siden
My G!!! You love your spread sheets lol!!! But I just opened a Gyarados tin and pulled a Shiny Umbreon GX!!! I'm SoOoOoOo hyped!!! Lol Cheers Bruv!!!
Kess Finesse
Kess Finesse 3 måneder siden
I’ve seen randolfs channel grow from 220k yesterday to 241k😂
Tyrants Unmasked UK
Tyrants Unmasked UK 3 måneder siden
I opened 12 hidden fates packs and only got one decent card legendary birds trio
Philly Philly
Philly Philly 3 måneder siden
Is this the sun and moon hidden fates tin?
Randy Loubet
Randy Loubet 3 måneder siden
Do you ship to the us mate.
TheMiniME 3 måneder siden
“Only 4 tins” I can’t even afford 1 tin
Wizkadhafi 2 måneder siden
Have 12 now and 3 still sealed :) got them cheap only €25 each tin.
Alexis The Poet
Alexis The Poet 2 måneder siden
@Only Tyler check GameStop online, they’re taking orders for January!
NewRetroGaming 2 måneder siden
G they are like $50-60 around here, since I’ve never seen these on shelves and Facebook/eBay sellers seem to have them all.
Luis Dominguez
Luis Dominguez 3 måneder siden
I feel like hidden fates packs/ tins etc.. have potential tho if u hold onto them for several years. Also everything hidden date related is sold out on his store💀💀
Only Tyler
Only Tyler 3 måneder siden
@Practically Doug yes, only on Randolph store though, it’s in the description of the video, click it then go to tins and you will see it there
Andrew Cossman
Andrew Cossman 3 måneder siden
Etf is on your face
Matthew Clifford
Matthew Clifford 3 måneder siden
When is the next re-stock happening? I'm looking to get some tins for my Birthday in two weeks.
Charlie Newton
Charlie Newton 2 måneder siden
Are you stupid ? This was over a month ago and the tins are obviously sold out
Luke Xavier
Luke Xavier 3 måneder siden
bruh are you serious? did you watch the vid? he says it in the first 20 seconds
Hungry4grime 3 måneder siden
Will these be back in store
Richard Skwark
Richard Skwark 3 måneder siden
tbh i think it would be interesting for someone like yourself to do a ebay hunting video just for us to get a look at things from your pov
DancinDemon6665 3 måneder siden
Randy your fat! JJ hes Fat! Vikk hes Fat! Ethan hes Fat! Simon? perfect example of spooktober
Alfie Gannon
Alfie Gannon 3 måneder siden
Randolph my guy just wondering where do u go to see how much money a card is and also is a Gyarados tin worth it or not
NewRetroGaming 2 måneder siden
I use a combo of TCGplayer and ebay
Ronaldo Reyes
Ronaldo Reyes 3 måneder siden
My favorite Pokémon from when I was growing up was probably lucario cause he just looked so sick
Oscar Quintana
Oscar Quintana 3 måneder siden
Selling on eBay two charzard tins unopened for auction starting $50. I bought 4 for my first time and kept 2. Just type charzard hidden fates in auction section if interested
Ryez 3 måneder siden
restock these please
Lewis 3 måneder siden
Randy any giveaways going on
ACE THE DOG 3 måneder siden
Guys 👀 did you know ekans is snake backwards 👀😂
Richard Birchall
Richard Birchall 3 måneder siden
I got 4 tins from GAME at 17 each. Pulled jessie james FA, altaria, cynthia and the charizard. Super lucky, managed to get the zard for my collection and made 30 profit on the rest of the stuff 😍😍
kevin say
kevin say 3 måneder siden
Love your enthusiasm. Your reaction just makes it fun. Subscribed!
Mark Fare
Mark Fare 3 måneder siden
The Cost of grading be rather expensive compared to the initial money spent
J&J's Collectables
J&J's Collectables 3 måneder siden
Eric LaBuhn
Eric LaBuhn 3 måneder siden
I like this style of video a lot! great content man
numberoneappgames 3 måneder siden
You had me at profit. Thanks for the awesome content.
Aaron Adamson
Aaron Adamson 3 måneder siden
He's made the £2.85 + more from uploading the video so he's definitely in the profit.
OverBoy krizle
OverBoy krizle 4 måneder siden
Goodtimez Gaming
Goodtimez Gaming 4 måneder siden
Awesome video! Recently started ramping up my collection. Very informative. Keep it up! Liked/Subbed.
Joe Vialau
Joe Vialau 4 måneder siden
How much for a master set??
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