Should Your Boyfriend Get a PS5 or Xbox Series X?

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The next generation of video game consoles has arrived...and immediately sold out to the scalper who stole Christmas. But we managed to get both so cry about it and watch this review of the PS5 and Xbox Series x!
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Girlfriend Reviews
Girlfriend Reviews Måned siden
Which console won your sweet lil gamer heart? Did you get one yet or are you waiting for the holidays?
M D 4 dager siden
I got my ps5 and a cx
M D 4 dager siden
@Kakashi hell yeah
OTRON 14 dager siden
I have always been an xbox guy, but this time around I have a very powerful pc and TONS of xbox games includeing my main man halo are on pc so demon souls for 400$ still f***ing pissed about that. Still want ps5 more though...
Cortex 20 dager siden
Ryzen 5800X
Sagara Sousuke
Sagara Sousuke Måned siden
Sandor Enckell
Sandor Enckell 15 timer siden
I agree Xbox Series X is a terrible name. I have a PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and more, and even I get the Xbox Series X and Xbox One X confused. I don't feel the need to get either new console yet, but the big factors will come down to libraries and price. I got the Xbox One before the PS4 because the console and the third party games were cheaper. If the Xbox Series X becomes cheaper than the PS5, I might get one. Otherwise I'll only get the PS5, and that is if I feel like it has games that I actually want to play. I prefer the PS2 and PS3/Xbox 360 games over the PS4/Xbox One games, so we'll see. But it'll probably be at least 5 years until I get either one.
Simon McCauley
Simon McCauley 21 time siden
Subscribed because of the Milford Man
Danny., Dag siden
Got my series X 👍👍
BlooperSnooper 2 dager siden
Nah series x is me
Nono 2 dager siden
PS5 or Xbox series X? PC.
Snow Stark
Snow Stark 3 dager siden
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed 3 dager siden
I love the first 3 xbox
Kusuri 3 dager siden
Even. I'm shocked.
J_Igbo _
J_Igbo _ 3 dager siden
Christa Kwon
Christa Kwon 3 dager siden
?? He only know about it BECAUSE of me. We are both playing it...
James Kocks
James Kocks 3 dager siden
my argument with buying the xbox to play games is a pc. buy the ps5 for the sony only's and play the rest on pc. i do not work for sony.
idk lol
idk lol 3 dager siden
i’m going to bet 3 Venezuelan bolívar that microsoft will make a xbox series E and everyone will make a funny meme about it
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 4 dager siden
Demon souls could run on a ps3 at 30 fsp
Leo Mariano
Leo Mariano 4 dager siden
Round 360 was a great touch
Timo Kampwerth
Timo Kampwerth 4 dager siden
I love how microsoft acts like they invented backwards compatibility. Them FINALLY putting it in their system is something many gamers have been asking for for over a decade now. I'm gonna remember that they were the first ones to put it back where it belongs, but I also won't forget that they left it out to sell their new hardware for several console generations.
MrLavtwn Music
MrLavtwn Music 4 dager siden
Not gonna lie I'm kinda ticked off that the PS5 didn't have backwards compatitbility cause I mean god damn it I have so many games that have a collection edition with 3 games in one. I'm not paying more money for a remake or new edition. So yeah Xbox wins on that part.
B B 5 dager siden
StanRyker 6 dager siden
Quit making it seem like the series S is a bad machine. This is ignorant, and unless you have an 4k or 8k TV, it really doesn't matter. Maybe you have the money (or in your case, get it for free) but not everyone does. The Xbox Series S is a good machine for the price. Maybe the point you should have made is that getting an Xbox One X instead of an Xbox Series X would be a lump of coal, because I'm sure a lot of people had that happen.
Lil vids
Lil vids 7 dager siden
If your a PlayStation fan and your a girl well I got an idea how to do both Sony and Microsoft consoles Why don’t you females marry Bill Gates and tempt him to buy Sony then everyone will live happily ever after
Brandon Posthuma
Brandon Posthuma 12 dager siden
6:26 Okay, that chain thing is actually pretty cool
Samuel Marquez
Samuel Marquez 13 dager siden
It’s been really rough for me the last few weeks, very few things have brought joy or a smile to my face so thank you for helping to laugh my ass off during this video. You two are awesome!
Aa B
Aa B 13 dager siden
Round 360 😂😂😂 reasons why I love this channel
Daniel Combs
Daniel Combs 14 dager siden
This is why I got both of them...😎
Mweisho Nene
Mweisho Nene 14 dager siden
Totally impartial review 😂
MMC Montillla
MMC Montillla 14 dager siden
Love The random Office and Seinfeld references!
ジョジョシワ 15 dager siden
During this entire episode I was pulling on the collar of my shirt every time they said something negative about the Xbox or positive about the ps5 going like “oof there goes that advertising deal”
Silly Farmer Billy
Silly Farmer Billy 15 dager siden
You're so good at this. I love America.
Laow Martinez
Laow Martinez 15 dager siden
Was waiting to get a ps5 so I can see this and not feel bad 👀
t_ark370 _
t_ark370 _ 16 dager siden
i dont know but you cant really complain about beeing called "payed by the industry" if you suggest people should go and buy both for a total of almost $1500
Jack Kerins
Jack Kerins 16 dager siden
Simple answer wherever your friends play on
Paulo Oshiro
Paulo Oshiro 17 dager siden
This video made me laught more than anything I can remember. Sending It to my GF so she knows what to expect when I get a PS5. Bright side is: I already played DS 1, 2 and 3 and I gave up Sekiro long ago. ... But there's Elden Ring coming.
Justin Hackstadt
Justin Hackstadt 17 dager siden
SGT Foley
SGT Foley 17 dager siden
I call my PS5: Seto Kibstation 5
PhysiquedSage 18 dager siden
Ngl Sony just copied the Xbox Controller and painted it white. Come at me.
Shaffer Kropke
Shaffer Kropke 20 dager siden
6:07 I know it was a joke but ps plus isn’t ps version of game pass it’s there version of games with gold a better comparison would be ps now even then they’re completely different
Abobakr Mostafa
Abobakr Mostafa 20 dager siden
I think I will wait for the kfconsole
Mistress Millenial
Mistress Millenial 23 dager siden
They should do PC gaming.
Arthur Drury
Arthur Drury 23 dager siden
Games is all that matters. So at the moment PlayStation win. No Bias. I've had both in the past and I have neither of the new ones. But I know if I was to get one it would be the PlayStation, cause Halo ain't comin till fall 2021!
Craig Franklin
Craig Franklin 24 dager siden
Still trying to buy either 😕
illsahill 24 dager siden
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee got eemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm E
Micah Knapp
Micah Knapp 25 dager siden
Hey could you two do a review of hades please?
arbknight12 25 dager siden
Me: “Hey babe, which console do you think I should get?” My girlfriend: “If you ever want to have sex again, neither.” Me (To myself): “New console....or sex? Tough choice.”
25 dager siden
03:40 LOL wtf is this video?? i love this channel already!!
Luke Andrews
Luke Andrews 26 dager siden
An Ant & Dec meme. Nice.
im trying
im trying 26 dager siden
James OKeefe
James OKeefe 26 dager siden
Shelby goes operatic... Daaaammnnn
Alex 27 dager siden
The title should be “should you get a ps5 or Xbox Series X.” This video is perpetuating the false misogynistic stereotype that gaming is only for men.
RyanJay 707
RyanJay 707 27 dager siden
I have a Xbox and I still don’t know which one it is
Dom Zim
Dom Zim 28 dager siden
Can you do a review on cyberpunk 2077
Dan 28 dager siden
PS5 any day
Colter 29 dager siden
The point of the S and X is exactly that. People purchase the console for someone else unknowing it's the wrong console, but they buy it because it's what's on the shelves.
Cyan Lebleu
Cyan Lebleu 29 dager siden
I got that sweet sweet Magic Mike reference ;D
NRX25 Måned siden
I've seen Sims 2 in the Box :D
Zaid Lacksalastname
Zaid Lacksalastname Måned siden
If you're willing to pay 1500 for a ps5 just get a pc at that point _if you can find any parts_
Broly's Little Bro
Broly's Little Bro Måned siden
I see Uncle Iroh, I sing "Leaves in the Vine"
Frostyblade 88
Frostyblade 88 Måned siden
That ERB reference was glorious
Awveen Tashfiq
Awveen Tashfiq Måned siden
the script is just too smart
Necip Demirbuga
Necip Demirbuga Måned siden
tbh Microsoft is doing a great job with their community. I am honored by them as a ps guy
Cortex Måned siden
"Thousands of games that gamers already paid for across 4 generations". PC gaming feelsgoodman
MrEvilDucky Dag siden
Yeah PC is objectively better in every single way
Kemalisawasteofspace 4 dager siden
@Cortex Well you look at that. A level headed pc gamer who can understand why not everyone prefer pc. On the topic of exclusives, personally I'd love it if in a gaming utopia we'd get all the games on one platform but I understand that it's a necessary evil kinda since it pushes big publishers to fund studios to make really ambitious games (mostly single player) to sell their consoles. Makes it more competitive and less stale. Pretty sure games like god of war, uncharted, halo etc wouldnt exist if it werent for exclusives. Hey man it's cool. Its a pc comment on a video about ps5/xbox. Bound to get heated.
Kemalisawasteofspace 4 dager siden
@Dean pretty sure it was broken on release though. Hey that's your preference and mine is vice versa. 60fps nice to have but i dont mind 30fps really
Cortex 4 dager siden
@Kemalisawasteofspace and that’s completely fine! I personally love pc gaming for the flexibility(also been doing some coding + cad which I need that for. The comment on exclusives was an answer to the comment that pc doesn’t have any exclusives. In my opinion exclusives in general is a really bad practice and just puts people against each other(same with the console/pc war) which is just not necessary. I personally enjoy multiplayer games quite a lot more then single player games which makes consoles not that great for me (both games and the pay for online) but for some people (such as ur self) a console will be better for you then a pc. Gaming is gaming no matter what platform your on :) Also I don’t know how this thread got so hostile I tried to be wholesome :(
Dean 4 dager siden
@Kemalisawasteofspace horizon port to PC was great. You obviously didn't play it. I'd rather wait for 2 years to play it on PC than play a shit console version at 30fps eg. GTA V.
Banana Hammock
Banana Hammock Måned siden
you got a thumbs up for adding Uncle Iroh in there
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Måned siden
New subscriber to your channel, the constant Seinfeld references are phenomenal. Brilliant content overall too
Von Andrade
Von Andrade Måned siden
I'm actaully confused which xbox is prev gen and next gen X? Y? Z? or S? ABC no?
Marshall Islands G
Marshall Islands G Måned siden
This is just a 13-year-old boy pretending to be a "girl/girlfriend" talking about his favourite consoles right?
Phantom Lancers
Phantom Lancers Måned siden
When i ask my wife " should i buy ps5 or xbox?" My wife said "u already have 3 kids. just buy switch for me, my 3ds is done for good" True story
Ivan_ Dr
Ivan_ Dr Måned siden
Do a video on Immortals Fenyx Rissing! P.s. I love your vids
Ispyr GameDev
Ispyr GameDev Måned siden
Very entertaining vid! Liked/subbed & bell friggin' rung! 🤙🏾
cat Lord gamer
cat Lord gamer Måned siden
tflops means jack shit
Lost Puppy
Lost Puppy Måned siden
I just spent $1000 to play demon souls with my kids. It is worth it.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Måned siden
I grew up on Nintendo, expanded to Xbox in adolescence and college, but have recently looked to PC and PlayStation for the next gen. With PC being a little outside my price range, it looked between these two, and honestly I think I’m back to Xbox, which I didn’t expect at all. Playstations exclusives don’t seem that compelling yet and Xbox just seems to have more for the moment
The Cowardly DM
The Cowardly DM Måned siden
you guys are cool
Kevin Hodges
Kevin Hodges Måned siden
So you have both, both most people can't get either. Makes sense.
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez Måned siden
So xbox can play old games but ps5 can't? Don't tell me I'm gonna have to switch teams at the end now. Backwards compatibility should be a given always, c'mon.
Michael Suarez
Michael Suarez Måned siden
What’s the scene of the guy freaking out in excitement?
Bryan Elder
Bryan Elder Måned siden
4:30 Oh! So *that's* why it's called Sackboy. Sack = 👊🏻 Keep up the great content, Girlfriend Reviews!
Daniel Thorne Bille
Daniel Thorne Bille Måned siden
He should get a pc
gabriel rocha lima
gabriel rocha lima Måned siden
as always, Xbox service is better, playstation exclusives are better (also I hate so much Sony services, it's like they don't give a shit about their customers)
zperdek Måned siden
What she looks like?
999999SkyGuy Måned siden
Like a human - i guess
Arod 974
Arod 974 Måned siden
Just don’t know how I never seen your channel but know I can’t stop watching!!!
Mr. cat
Mr. cat Måned siden
Why you always call him 'my boyfriend' It's kinda cringy just call him by his name
Rexxx Måned siden
The better nintendo have god of war and demonsouls
cth Måned siden
this channel is awesome
WhirlWindTech 15
WhirlWindTech 15 Måned siden
xbox is prrobably better for multiplayer games because your not being spied on, but ps5 is better for exclusives
Alex Spa
Alex Spa Måned siden
Great review, just bought an Asus 1660 Super for 350$ on 6 equal installments so no need for a console. The games are pretty expensive too.
Louhimself Måned siden
Gamepass shouldnt be compared w/ PS+. Gold should be compared to that. and for as long as i can remember M$ has been giving us shitty Lego games as the Gold freebies.... and PS+ usually gives some AAA titles... Gamepass should be compared to PSNOW... where it also gets dominated for only having 200ish games of shovelware.... wherein PSNOW has 800ish quality titles. I'm no fanboy of either side, i'm a customer and a gamer, and i'm evaluating the best way to spend my money. Sony is just delivering more quality across the board right now.
Louhimself Måned siden
@don c theres a hell of a lot more quality on the psnow. idc if you think thats fanboy or not. your opinion is just that... yours. and there's nothing wrong w/ ps3 games.
don c
don c Måned siden
@Louhimself idc if you think gamepass is trash or not but saying ps now has 800 quality titles is just wrong and fanboyish. psnow has some decent games but a lot of them are shovelware or are ps3 games.
Louhimself Måned siden
@don c sigh... can you read kid? Doesn't matter, think what you want. I'm just annoyed for having wasted money on Gold and getting shit games in return. Gamepass has always been trash IMO... even when Xbone was all i had. Expressing dismay over money wasted does not equate being a fanboy.... but keep antagonizing...i'm sure it'l get you far in life.
don c
don c Måned siden
You are definitely a fanboy lmao
92brunod Måned siden
5:08 brace yourselves for the blatant selling out
Xenatas Måned siden
PS5 is honestly the best choice because if you have a decent PC as well most of the Xbox library will be on PC via XBX-gamepass or simply multiplatform release.
Wolf K
Wolf K Måned siden
without even watching video, it's ps5 or nothing
Smail Lux
Smail Lux Måned siden
You should play Skyrim
Mauricio Pita
Mauricio Pita Måned siden
Haha good luck getting one in the first place
Victor Huff
Victor Huff Måned siden
3:25 This is what I love this channel for.
Victor Huff
Victor Huff Måned siden
I appreciate the Fable soundtrack in the background of the Xbox segment in round one.
Kind Old Raven
Kind Old Raven Måned siden
So... ehm... I took your advice... ...have you got any financial advice as well? My bank account mentioned something about ''never having felt so empty inside'' and I'm concerned
Graeme Cracker
Graeme Cracker Måned siden
Guys... I think that Shelby and Matt... KISS. EW
MrEde77 Måned siden
Kudos to the editing...but give us a real answer! Maybe address the fact that XBOX X is not compatible with current AVR capable 2.1 HDMI whereas PS5 is? I think this would be an interesting fact to point out.
Heshbones Dempsey
Heshbones Dempsey Måned siden
I love my ps5 the controller is a game changer
valitsaki AVG
valitsaki AVG Måned siden
So in other words, ps5 wins if you already own a pc
Sir Dude
Sir Dude Måned siden
Should your boyfriend play PS5 or Xbox? Ninitendo you degenerates.
OmNominus Rex
OmNominus Rex Måned siden
What's it like having a girlfriend who actually likes and plays video games and how do I get one of those for Christmas?
Alexander Franco
Alexander Franco Måned siden
3:55 😆
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