Erased David Dobrik Footage Proves Trisha Was Right All Along - Frenemies #21

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14 dager siden

Trisha's channel - @blndsundoll4mj
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Valkyrie War
Valkyrie War 13 dager siden
They literally started the episode talking about how David Dobrick was left off the hook because yall we're talking about AB and Ethan in the comments and yall here doing it again.
luisa r
luisa r 5 timer siden
@Camryn I sure hope Hila, well let's just say, I sure hope Hila.
Genesis Andrade
Genesis Andrade 2 dager siden
@San Pav Lyly mydeA
Gdffyu Ffyy
Gdffyu Ffyy 3 dager siden
@Magicstar7777 m I’m mkkko O
Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis 4 dager siden
Who is AB?
Hey its me
Hey its me 4 dager siden
@Magicstar7777 their opinions are more important/controversial than David’s doing ?
Kerrie Hill
Kerrie Hill 13 minutter siden
why does trisha never want her extensions to match😭
Tina 53 minutter siden
DAVID REFUSED TO PAY SETH AFTER THAT TOO?! ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME. How and why is anyone supporting david and Jason anymore
Lyx Time siden
Hila is 100% fatphobic
Zach G
Zach G 2 timer siden
I find it kind of hypocritical for Trisha to dismiss the fact that AB was having a hard time with all the hate and death-threats and so on by saying "you put yourself online...don't be on camera or have a youtube channel", as if to say that if you can't handle whats to come then don't be online or public in that way. Isn't that just reversing the whole reason as to why you were mad at him by saying what he said in the first place? He could say the same thing about you and how he felt and his take when watching the vlog squad videos. At the end of the day, for Trisha, AB, or anyone at all, if you can't take it when people share their opinion about what they see in reference to you or what you have made public, then, as she said herself, don't be on the internet. That's straight from Trisha @ 8:00 mins. But ofc, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even those in this comment section who may disagree with me.
Meme REVultion
Meme REVultion 2 timer siden
Seriously, NOpost, you're recommending me more drama? *Sighs* I hope the new FNAF release could stop any kinds of drama in NOpost due to its possible trend.
Radial Shaq
Radial Shaq 3 timer siden
"You also don't know what gravity is so..." ::eternal pause:: "Mmmm. Yeah."
Simon 3 timer siden
1:53:09 who let one go?
bae rona
bae rona 3 timer siden
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Sachie Engelberg
Sachie Engelberg 7 timer siden
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Oasis Reverie
Oasis Reverie 11 timer siden
Ethan and Trisha are so cute. Who would have thought they would be in laws one day?!
Kyatzu 11 timer siden
what if lizzy the girl in the sip podcast just using her time to expose the witches and go to h3 podcast to expose them
Lucas Lockard
Lucas Lockard 12 timer siden
"Like hey were gonna be this fit couple" ethan: don't say that ,lmao
Laura 13 timer siden
Dude, I fucking love "with peace and love" lmao
drifty XD
drifty XD 13 timer siden
Brittany 13 timer siden
trish it’s not a lost cause! keep speaking out. i’m not on social media very often and am just learning about this now!
Ariel Birdwell
Ariel Birdwell 14 timer siden
I'm glad Ethan is such a good friend to Trisha. She really needed it.
annika green
annika green 15 timer siden
i am obsessed with the fact that trisha talks at the exact words per minute that i listen at 😭
Kelly Bergstedt
Kelly Bergstedt 15 timer siden
Trisha talking about how she felt on the phone with Ethan and after he called her a friend..... that’s meeee
Kelly Bergstedt
Kelly Bergstedt 15 timer siden
Wow. I had no idea about any of these sketchy pranks by Jason and David, and not to mention the serious gas lighting. I’m so happy Trisha got out of that toxic relationship with Jason. What a creep.
James Wyatt
James Wyatt 18 timer siden
Like, like, like lol
Wez dud
Wez dud 19 timer siden
With covid happpening, is really safe/responsible for you to be sharing food with another person? Just seems a bit scummy for you to talk about how serious covid is, then do this. Its weird why no ones commenting on this dawg, like c'mon....
HollyJ 20 timer siden
i would just like to say i love how pure ethan is when he calls their costumes/cosplay “dress up” it just reminds me of being a kid 💕
Bookish Natie
Bookish Natie 20 timer siden
Can't wait to see a tag team of Ethan and Trisha going off on James.
itszsonasty j
itszsonasty j 20 timer siden
The way they just continued after that ugly-ass sneeze, lolol
itszsonasty j
itszsonasty j 20 timer siden
The way they just continued after that ugly-ass sneeze without acknowledging it, lolol
Julesy Lane
Julesy Lane 20 timer siden
I love u guys
Dixie Fogarty
Dixie Fogarty 21 time siden
This David Dobrick sounds like a real creep What a freak
Cris Power
Cris Power 21 time siden
Used to hate Trisha thought she was crazy, but like now I find her wise in a way and it super more attractive
Joseph McDonald
Joseph McDonald 22 timer siden
Ethan and Trish have genuine love for each other. Seeing them grow is seriously inspirational and shows the growth that people are capable of. I love the shit out of this podcast. Frenemies forever 🖤
Keighley Allred
Keighley Allred 22 timer siden
Who is SA/essay?
Jazmine Williams
Jazmine Williams 7 timer siden
Sexual abuse
Emily Good
Emily Good 22 timer siden
I’m a lesbian and I thought the lesbian comment was very funny
Allisa HelenKeller
Allisa HelenKeller Dag siden
>Ethan trying to hate on Zac Efron for being 5'8 "I, like, big boys. Itty bitty boys. Little 5'8 little piece of shit boys. 5'8 little mousy boys that live in the wall and crawl around for cheese"
Gianna Almonte
Gianna Almonte Dag siden
people would probably believe Trisha if she wasn’t immature about situations
Gianna Almonte
Gianna Almonte Dag siden
Why does she follow someone who is apart of her “trauma”...
Melissa Sayers
Melissa Sayers Dag siden
David is super disgusting 🤢
Giudy Sss
Giudy Sss Dag siden
Trisha do you mind speaking a lil bit slower ? 😂 English is not my first language lol
meowzy Dag siden
32:52-32:58 please😭🤚🏼 trisha: “oh she died in the attic?” ethan: “well, she was taken from the attic.” trisha: “by WHO? the nazis? _gaspppppppppppp_ “
Amsie Dag siden
I always thought there tagline was "they said it would never last" i thought that was said deliberately at the beginning of every episode @H3podcast
L Wo
L Wo Dag siden
All that stuff with her refusing to acknowledge what AB went through, people can be wrong, stop being so arrogant. You're right, he wasn't there, but he is allowed to have opinions on things even if those opinions are malinformed, at least he admitted he was wrong (like ten times) and apologised. Get over yourself
Shauna Sunshine
Shauna Sunshine Dag siden
My Guuuurl Trisha Reppin' the Bruins is my favorite thing I've seen her wear on Frienimes!! Well except for the Sadboy merch 😍😍
Shauna Sunshine
Shauna Sunshine 14 timer siden
Loooove you Trish 😘😘
Pey hey
Pey hey Dag siden
It is not okay to call people that don’t identify as lesbian, a lesbian. It makes that a derogatory term that can effect the lesbian community negatively.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Dag siden
Ethan: “You’re pretty sharp though! You also don’t know what gravity is... so there’s that” Trisha: “Mmm.. right...”
Gloris Flores
Gloris Flores Dag siden
Trasha is so annoying. So sad that Ethan is listening to this disgusting trash you will be sorry Ethan. And Moses must be so proud of his soon to be wife. Oh and I'm sure her future mother in law just can't wait to meet her.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Dag siden
This is my first time hearing/seeing all of this. I don’t think ur crazy trish. Keep speaking truth ❤️
Alayna Bowen
Alayna Bowen Dag siden
did it bother anyone else that the food sat there getting cold
krystal ordaz
krystal ordaz Dag siden
Bruh like what hasn’t Trisha done 😭 she be putting make up on dead people too
Tasiana Collins
Tasiana Collins Dag siden
I only watch this podcast when Trisha’s on it but let me tell you , I love it 🥺❤️
Alexa Landry
Alexa Landry Dag siden
*me going to check the thumbnail of this vid to make sure they made trishas head size equal to Ethans
Nina Woodman
Nina Woodman Dag siden
I wish Trisha had Ethan during her relationship with Jason because she deserved to be validated the way Ethan does. He is her healthy voice and encouragement
Leo Digiosia
Leo Digiosia Dag siden
god i never know wtf theyre talking about
Justice Stephens
Justice Stephens Dag siden
So is Ethan and hila Trisha’s Ted
Bethany Renee
Bethany Renee Dag siden
So weird I was watching David’s vlogs a few weeks ago and they were from different times and I would notice people showing up in some vlogs and then never being seen again and then I watch this and it makes sense 🤭
Anna Victrix
Anna Victrix Dag siden
Just want to point out how now Trisha stops and listens to Ethan. In the beginning, she would keep talking, talk over, etc. But he listened and validated and acknowledged enough that she feels safe to do the same.
Lorren Raven M
Lorren Raven M Dag siden
Apparently when it's a 'bit' or 'joke' it's ok to s.a people, that's like going up to a girl, pulling her skirt down& smacking her ass in public. It's s.a....theres no jokes behind any.sort or levels of sexual assult.
_.sensei.neko._ Dag siden
dude I loveeeee this podcast so much!!!
GBE Antichrist
GBE Antichrist Dag siden
My favorite part about this podcast, specifically this episode, is Trisha acting like AB can’t change even tho she’s been cancelled dozens of times for the same stuff she stands for these days
coco xoxo
coco xoxo Dag siden
Trishas love for Adam Sandler is so strong
coco xoxo
coco xoxo Dag siden
Ethan: do you wanna fuck elves? Trisha: ummmmmm... no Me: *is offended* 🧝‍♀️
Michael Loyd
Michael Loyd Dag siden
Congrats on the million plus views for your podcast videos. Props.
alelig Dag siden
This is my first time hearing/seeing all of this. I don’t think ur crazy trish. Keep speaking truth ❤️
Jodi Lurie
Jodi Lurie Dag siden
“Zen-die-a” please😭😭😭 please tell me that’s not how u say it
Greta Hansen
Greta Hansen Dag siden
It is! I was shook in her interview 🥲🤩
Emily Sanders
Emily Sanders Dag siden
I think the "pig out with trisha" thing is more because she doesn't judge people for eating and make them feel insecure about their eating habits
Kathleen Thornton
Kathleen Thornton Dag siden
Ethan, bleach your hair, tone it, and do a light purple loook CMON
Jemzzie Dag siden
The guy constantly cracking up in the background is my favorite thing
Jade Gonzalez
Jade Gonzalez Dag siden
My great grandmother and grandfather were German Jews and met in a concentration camp!
Havana Fowler
Havana Fowler 2 dager siden
You can say he looks like a lesbian it’s OK
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
man that woody allen shit is fucking gross
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
OMGGGGGG TRISHA PAYTAS ON A REALITY SHOW????? YESSS MA'AM !!!! it's so long overdue !!! we needed that like yesterday
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
trisha: "do you remember the movie matilda when she tried to tip over the water with her eyes?" ethan: "so ... can i drink your water?" THESE TWO WILL LEGIT BE THE DEATH OF MEEEEEEE
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez 2 dager siden
lmao ethan fell of just like trisha they are just trying to get clout when david asked seth he never said no
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
trisha: "can we turn this podcast into a drama channel?" ethan: "go ahead am just eating my french fries" AM ROLLING asgadsgfsdaGDFHAGSFah
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
trisha: "he looks like tyler oakley!" ethan: "so he looks like a lesbian?" ASDHABSCBAKJASFALSHFKLEFNLJSBDCLSUDGASHFDSDHIAO
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
trisha saying that she used to be into David Krumholtz was everything lol
dylan 2cool
dylan 2cool 2 dager siden
i think trish should stick to only fans for someone who hates drama she sure loves to talk about it and stir pots and oh yea i think shes missing at least 22 pairs of chromosomes out of the 23 we have sorry not sorry
Shyaka Colimon
Shyaka Colimon 2 dager siden
With all the fucked up things Trish has said to Ethan and eila (ie. Calling them bad parents) it's funny how what AB said is beyond forgiveness it really wasn't that big of a deal he was just playing devil's advocate and then leand into it for entertainment purposes
Ellie Taylor
Ellie Taylor 2 dager siden
Trisha has become the hero NOpost needs but doesn’t deserve
Ibrahim Mirza
Ibrahim Mirza 2 dager siden
h3 - "why was jason mad about trisha not cheating" trisha - "ummmm, ahhhh idk i forgot" bitch just stop your embarassing yourself
BellaS 2 dager siden
Have you noticed that Trisha can admit when she's wrong now. That's a rare sight to behold she's usually so devoted about every opinion she has (so is ethan actually). One of my pet peeves is people not admiring when they are wrong and I love seeing people coming to an agreement on something not up to debate. Like Joel Osteen hating gay people lol
Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh 2 dager siden
What's essay or whatever they are saying? I'm confused?? What does that mean? 😅
alex 2 dager siden
SA- sexual assault they’re not saying it because of youtube strict rules
Hattie Simpson
Hattie Simpson 2 dager siden
Bahahaha🤣🤣🤣 omg Ethan! ‘It’s too much touching and stuff. It makes me uncomfortable!’🤣🤣🤣
liamaes 2 dager siden
trey murbach
trey murbach 2 dager siden
mack 2 dager siden
I wish Trisha wouldn’t dismiss tanking his wiki feet rating🦶 that’s a big blow 😧
Jillian Coulombe
Jillian Coulombe 2 dager siden
hi what does essayed mean lol
Eleanor Pitt
Eleanor Pitt 2 dager siden
Ok i meant that : ) as like a friendly reply but instead it comes off like i love sa. this is not the case
Eleanor Pitt
Eleanor Pitt 2 dager siden
they are saying "sa'd" meaning sexually assaulted! : )
Allenッ 2 dager siden
“Out of everybody in that room you’re the sanest” damnnn
Syd Tha Kyd
Syd Tha Kyd 2 dager siden
Ethan: “and then second of all, shredder is alpha”
lizzie sar
lizzie sar 2 dager siden
Alice Miriah
Alice Miriah 2 dager siden
Maybe NOpost thinks it’s okay because you laughed and didn’t say anything about it. I can go report it to NOpost if it’s still up. I advise everyone else to do the same. That’s so odd that a “prank” like that is okay for NOpost. That’s disgusting. The woman in the video is displaying clearly that it is an issue for her and it’s just sitting online? Doesn’t matter when she said it is an issue. Just wow.
Tosti342 2 dager siden
whats the bleeped out part?
Jaycee Cueller
Jaycee Cueller 2 dager siden
i dont like trisha but i like this podcast
K WVLKS 2 dager siden
Jordan Samuel
Jordan Samuel 2 dager siden
I mean Idk Joel Olsteen but just because someone says the “Bible says something,” it doesn’t mean they have to hate them. The realest Christian kind of mantra is to love others. If people be hating on others they can’t consider themselves accurate reflections of Christianity.
Kenya Hughes
Kenya Hughes 2 dager siden
The whole “daddy” segment had me laughing out loud at work 💀💀
EaSy Adapt
EaSy Adapt 2 dager siden
This is the only podcast that I’m willing to watch
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
me: "my friend never even calls me anymore" also me: 52:58
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
47:47 i need this on a shirt
buttercup 2 dager siden
can you guys please talk about trishas time in big brother house
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey 2 dager siden
E: "me and you are the same!' T: "fat?" E: "YES!" this is why this show is my fav 😂😂😂
M TM 2 dager siden
Dude the Elon Musk/Joe Rogan stuff has gotta stop. They’re wrong IMO but you’re acting like they’re the first people in existence to be misinformed about something. You’re becoming like those SJWs you use to make fun of.
kiana 2 dager siden
I actually would be interested in a podcast of them talking about the holocaust like Trisha said. I really like how Ethan explains things to her without being condescending
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