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● Item Sorter Design by Gnembon
● Item Sorter Tutorial by Mysticat
● Fire Trucks www.planetminecraft.com/member/captain_jek/
● Shashwammy - nopost.info
● Beef - nopost.info
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Keralis Måned siden
Wanna buy a Keralis Plushie? makeship.com/products/keralis LOVE YA FACES!
Phila Nhlapo
Phila Nhlapo Måned siden
@Albin B of course
Phila Nhlapo
Phila Nhlapo Måned siden
What do you mean
pan pizza
pan pizza Måned siden
@Albin B he is polish but live in Sweden for most of his years
Albin B
Albin B Måned siden
Are you danish
Phila Nhlapo
Phila Nhlapo Måned siden
I know this is not related to the plushies but why don't you buy hwf wrestling
ceruchi Dag siden
I clicked the link for the firetrucks. My god. It's not just cars and trucks. That guy can build any vehicle in Minecraft and they're amazing.
a q
a q 2 dager siden
Ashley YT
Ashley YT 9 dager siden
One of my favorite hermitcrafters ❤️
Ian Cheline
Ian Cheline 19 dager siden
I have to rewatch sooo many over and over because it is such good quality
Ankhayra TV
Ankhayra TV 23 dager siden
Thank you for reminding me of "I promised myself" (by Nick Kamen) ... Such a wonderful song, a career too short. Maybe.
Eric Belanger
Eric Belanger 25 dager siden
Thanks to you I have to watch Fifth Element again... Aziz Light!
J Miller
J Miller 25 dager siden
man the voice
Rohit D
Rohit D 28 dager siden
imagine hermitcraft season 8 is in hardcore
Chayde Jensen
Chayde Jensen 28 dager siden
The moo when beef called killed me🤣🤣🤣
I’m Me
I’m Me Måned siden
Anyone know what the sign at 5:18 is about?
Bode Meleski
Bode Meleski Måned siden
I need a Karalis plushie
KhillikiaLea W
KhillikiaLea W Måned siden
Love the fire station
Mouse Måned siden
Those fire trucks are genius! And the fire station is beautiful!
Steven Weyhrich
Steven Weyhrich Måned siden
Another amazing build!
Daniel Lahey
Daniel Lahey Måned siden
When he was doing the vehicle time lapse the flags moving made it look like they were idling. Really cool effect.
Alberto Måned siden
5:17 Well now I wonder what's behind the right eye
John W
John W Måned siden
not sure how many people caught the Fifth Element reference, but... "Aziz! Light!"
taki torrejos
taki torrejos Måned siden
19:21 you're welcome
Major Highlander
Major Highlander Måned siden
This is my first time watching a keralis vidoe and is this his real voice? Sorry but lmao
kiddailey Måned siden
Lol @ the 5th Element movie reference. Nice!
Tuup feft
Tuup feft Måned siden
0:27 Creeper
Maddie Måned siden
A lot of people are commenting on how X came in and changed one repeater timing and fixed the whole system. I just want to let those people know that, yes, that's exactly what real-world programming is like.
Esteban Gabriel Zaccardi
Esteban Gabriel Zaccardi Måned siden
It's been months already and you still get me with the delayed "Bloop!"
Jérôme Sauter
Jérôme Sauter Måned siden
„Light Aziz, Light!“ XD
Sandy Behrens
Sandy Behrens Måned siden
Keralis! Don't forget to put a firemans pole in the station! 😉
Ethan Hechter
Ethan Hechter Måned siden
You can tame a pillager and put clothes on them
Pengy Måned siden
Seriously no lie Keralis’ time lapse music is 10/10
ADAMTKO Prince of lunarios
ADAMTKO Prince of lunarios Måned siden
I try to see all the hermits to See what’s going on it’s been a inspiration Since season 6
I love your fire station,it's soooo goood
christina kay
christina kay Måned siden
Yes the 5th element quote lol
The Reluctant Chef
The Reluctant Chef Måned siden
Your vehicles are just always amazing and you have THE best time lapse music of all the hermits... and really any other youtuber that I've watched. Thank you for that! I love your face and everything else you do.
poofidy Måned siden
‘spank you very very much’
Tadeo Angheben Martin
Tadeo Angheben Martin Måned siden
You’re absolutely crazy, each building you make is better and more amazing than the previous one. You rock 😍🙌❤️
BobCCLIV Måned siden
I love the storage room! Inspired me to finally make a proper one in my world, although I fear the redstone as much as you do.
Sean Omight
Sean Omight Måned siden
enjoy the time lapse. What if I always enjoy your time lapses? lol.
《Pawz Planet》
《Pawz Planet》 Måned siden
How did you nail the Swedish names in the odea store?! 😂 I'm quite new to your channel, is there something I've missed out on?
Duck Duck Dumb
Duck Duck Dumb Måned siden
keralis and xiuma helping each other is the most hwolesome thing ever
NanashiAlfarr Måned siden
25:35 keralis was been possessed by crash bandicoot meme WOAH!
Darren Toh
Darren Toh Måned siden
Iskall: I use gold blocks as scaffolding Keralis: I use iron blocks as scaffolding Mycelium resistance: Uses diamond blocks as scaffolding because they are so rich after stealing the throne
Siltrage YT
Siltrage YT Måned siden
I den videon där du spelade world of warships för 7 månader sen så sa du att du är från Skåne.... Jag också. Det var endå ganska bra spelat.
Punnamaraju Vinayaka Tejas
Punnamaraju Vinayaka Tejas Måned siden
At 7:08 Beef does some cursed stuff by rotating his head and body in opposite directions.
Ryan Pernell
Ryan Pernell Måned siden
I love these episodes with the building and cool music!! Please never stop doing these videos
Ashton Armstrong
Ashton Armstrong Måned siden
Anybody else see beefs head and body turn opposite ways, 7:08
Half Divine
Half Divine Måned siden
Well you could put it on the back blocks and then have a slab for each floor for when you want to get off? I dunno just an idea..
SironNFuries Måned siden
I am so impressed X was able to find the redstone fix so fast! That was huge! And he just found it! Amazing!
Dog love 24 BOYD
Dog love 24 BOYD Måned siden
great job getting to that many sub we all love you we are all your fans never give up on you dream sign your fans
Ronin777 Måned siden
You know what is actually the worst part of 2020? Not being able to get a plushie of any of the hermits because your birthday is mid December...
Michael Måned siden
you should make the item frames on the fire trucks invisible.
shrider180 Måned siden
I got to say. Your time-lapse music is probably my favorite ive heard on youtube 👏 👏 👏
Jackson Campbell
Jackson Campbell Måned siden
I would love it is Keralis made some flying machine elevators!
palestiw Måned siden
I have given up on all other yt your the only one left keep it up bro
Darcy Louise Tangney
Darcy Louise Tangney Måned siden
Stair case, hell no we need a firemans pole made out of honey blocks.
IfYouBuildIt Måned siden
A golden town bell connected to a fast clock might make a good fire alarm.
Kasper Buyens
Kasper Buyens Måned siden
The fact that mumbo went through the trouble of making (or asked someone to make) a website is hilarious to me
V aple
V aple Måned siden
I thought he answered the phone with. "Keralis Färdtjänst". ;-)
Brian Zhou
Brian Zhou Måned siden
I paused the video towards the beginning, and when I got back it was just Keralis squishing the plushies rear end and saying 'Look at that juicy butt!' I love your face, keep up the great work!
Rafael Mendez
Rafael Mendez Måned siden
Its not the size that matters. it's the motion in the ocean. -Keralis
Backdraft Måned siden
Be careful with the shulker box unloaders, you don’t want them to get sucked into the system when you break them!
Cas Måned siden
When Keralis doesn’t have an Iskall85 plush 😳
Nutty Nuts
Nutty Nuts Måned siden
He says that the base grinding episodes aren't very entertaining, but they're my favorite parts of his episodes!
Hayden Pool
Hayden Pool Måned siden
1:02 your dog seeing you arrive at your house
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi Måned siden
Keralis in a month: KC FC - Chickens Bells, KC FC - Stairway to Chickens ...
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi
Arnold Tóth Isaszegi Måned siden
Keralises Competitive Fried Chickens btw
Jonathan Kinrade
Jonathan Kinrade Måned siden
You’re amazing, Keralis! “Aziz, light!” 😂
DrantYT Måned siden
im just passing by. miss the tutorials and house review. part of my childhood. memories.
Madesh Kondi
Madesh Kondi Måned siden
Hay kerilis how can you build so much stuff
Ned Prendergast
Ned Prendergast Måned siden
Play a different game please
Messiah Debernard
Messiah Debernard Måned siden
Y is the chest filtered like that I hate it
Tony Neufeld
Tony Neufeld Måned siden
Dude i laugh everytime friday plays
Some Person You Have no Association With :p
Some Person You Have no Association With :p Måned siden
What if the item frame was a block? And not an entity?
CalcoLOSKI Måned siden
we need more cities skylines
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones Måned siden
“Pump truck” 😂 I love you Keralis!
Dillion Hassebrock
Dillion Hassebrock Måned siden
Keralis was this new timelaspe music you put in? Very groovy set my man!
Ross Moors
Ross Moors Måned siden
I need a heeero!
Shocktrooper37 The Great
Shocktrooper37 The Great Måned siden
Keralis: we need a staircase going up Me: what is a fire station without a fireman’s pole!
Robert Beste
Robert Beste Måned siden
Keralis in ODEA: She's gone from suck to bubbly!
Loaf Måned siden
You gotta make a fire pole with honey!
Jason Rogers
Jason Rogers Måned siden
You got my like because of the Fifth Element quote also nice sorting system
Tanner Saxton
Tanner Saxton Måned siden
Ha, beef, Moooo😂
Yashua Safadf
Yashua Safadf Måned siden
zombie pigmen fire man? since they are also fire proof
Crash Goblin
Crash Goblin Måned siden
His voice is so soothing
Bedrock Engine
Bedrock Engine Måned siden
Is it me or is Captain Jack the equivalent of Ilmango for keralis
Sackmedt Måned siden
Keralis: Aziz, Light! Luke Perry: (sigh) Aziz, Light...
O Sta
O Sta Måned siden
I missed the plushie sale :( I didnt see this for 4 days
flamangoes !
flamangoes ! Måned siden
i always smile waiting for the ‘bloop’ after the ‘bum ba dum dum’-s 😂
Craoun Måned siden
18:35 It's like when you call an electrician just to find out you forgot to put the plug in the wall :)
Talmiior Måned siden
I donno why... but at the "bLIP" of your intro in every video, I feel like I must hit the like button right when you say "bLIP!"
Z Breaker 6543
Z Breaker 6543 Måned siden
A storage system hidden in a fire station ey? Big brain mode: ON
Josiah Flowers
Josiah Flowers Måned siden
Out of all of the hermits, Keralis has the best time-lapse music BY FAR
Vixy Lix
Vixy Lix Måned siden
Love it!
Leoné Talks Too Much
Leoné Talks Too Much Måned siden
I really wish I could have every single Hermit plushie but I’m broke
Minos Egdelwonk
Minos Egdelwonk Måned siden
Instead of a studio, build an arena! Then ask ZombieCleo to set up an epic armor stand concert scene!
sabedisc Måned siden
where is the fire pole?
Alex Ash gaming
Alex Ash gaming Måned siden
I like trains
The Channing Channel
The Channing Channel Måned siden
Add a fire poll coming from the second floor made of honey so you can actually slide down it
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell Måned siden
The sorting system is way too over complicated ngl
Deanna Brooks
Deanna Brooks Måned siden
Wow! The fire station/ storage area looks amazing!
TYMAC EMPIRE Måned siden
them 30 something hermits , me only subcriber to like 4
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell Måned siden
Jesus loves you brochachos.
TTFNSHADOW Måned siden
Just started watching already LOVING IT
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