THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)

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7 måneder siden

First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

Tarun Kanth
Tarun Kanth 5 minutter siden
Batman's character is about justice and all. Making his character into vengeance and revenge guy. I doubt if that clicks. 🤔
KNZ 19 minutter siden
Pattinson is a huge miscast. I can't imagine that boy as a billionaire slash head of huge corporation slash the world greatest detective. He looks more fitting as Robin.
Kensington 7700
Kensington 7700 21 minutt siden
Is this "Soaked in a bleach" trailer?_)
R M 29 minutter siden
The emo man trailer 2
Durkle Georgeson
Durkle Georgeson 38 minutter siden
im not sure...
Ayush Jha
Ayush Jha Time siden
i was just reading legends of dark knight #6 and i realized who the villian is....
Vik Thor
Vik Thor Time siden
Soyman and black gordon. Because everything have to be fucked up and raped what is already done greatly. I prefer the Nolan version. F this shit.
Brian Charles
Brian Charles Time siden
Who are hell you suppose to be? ULTRAAA COMBBOOOO!!
Poppydom Time siden
No clue why the riddler looks like that but if we’re gonna see a lot of him in this film I’m down
Sabrina A
Sabrina A 2 timer siden
The bad guy looks like Hush....
Hermy Elf
Hermy Elf 2 timer siden
no doubt he will suffer from chronic whiteguilt :) reeeeeeeee
Ethan Duggan
Ethan Duggan 2 timer siden
fuck bro this shit might not come out until 9091
Death Defender
Death Defender 2 timer siden
DC is dead after man of steel it went downhill
saubhagya Bammi
saubhagya Bammi 3 timer siden
When ??
Bahadir caner
Bahadir caner 3 timer siden
Batman should be in gotham. No superman No flying any idiots and etc. Just Batman and realistic Batman Universe. And joker of course !
ANIMEDIA 3 timer siden
Dont lie you are not first time here watching this masterpiece
Gunslinger I Lv
Gunslinger I Lv 3 timer siden
How many batman movies can you people milk
Games na Brisa
Games na Brisa 3 timer siden
Batman without mask looks like bully maguire kkkkkkk
Gypsyghoul 3 timer siden
I’m looking forward to it🤍
DrBlueAL 4 timer siden
is dc trying every actor to see who can fit batman best? try some badass women maybe they can do a better batman.
DrBlueAL 4 timer siden
@GEAR HEAD well i guess dc universe is still going downhill maybe if they sell their franchise to marvel will probably do better
GEAR HEAD 4 timer siden
They tryed that, it was pretty lame.
The1976spirit 4 timer siden
Someone should tell Batman not what, but who is blue flower really is. To quote Count Dooku, the 11 sons of Franz Kafka are just the beginning
HOLLY KELLEY 4 timer siden
Taylor Hensel
Taylor Hensel 5 timer siden
If I had to guess at the plot, it’ll be a composite of “Year One” and “The Long Halloween” with a dash of “Hush.” The Riddler is going around killing mob cats like Holiday, meanwhile Catwoman is waging her own war against Carmine Falcons, her illegitimate father. Riddler and Batman will wind up having a childhood connection; maybe this incarnation will be the son of Joe Chill, who murdered Bruce’s parents, and who also abused lil Eddie, explaining why he’s targeting criminals. Or, like in “Hush”, they’ll be former childhood friends, and Riddler killed his own parents to try and be more like Bruce, only it backfired.
Regi Primakusumah
Regi Primakusumah 5 timer siden
Its sooo emoo
J Mueller
J Mueller 5 timer siden
Westworld 2016: Jeffrey Wright: "Doesn't look like anything to me" Batman 2022: Jeffrey Wright: "Does this look like anything to you?"
Gonzalo Chervet
Gonzalo Chervet 6 timer siden
no please not nirvana
OoJoshioO 6 timer siden
Boy this looks nice,cant wait to see
Angus MacDougall
Angus MacDougall 7 timer siden
if anyone doesnt know the song playing is by nirvana
bluestar4u 7 timer siden
I love everything about this trailer
Niall Sheridan
Niall Sheridan 7 timer siden
Should have kept Ben Affleck but ah well
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis 8 timer siden
1:35 When the Nostalgia Critic disses your favorite childhood movie.
Shane 8 timer siden
Not enough people are talking about how good the actor playing Commissioner Gordon seems based on this trailer.
Dark Waters
Dark Waters 8 timer siden
Emo batman looks stupid. Plus he looks like he's still getting used to throwing a punch.
trev 8 timer siden
Wdym “emo” he always wears eyeliner and this movie actually shows it for once, plus it’s year two Batman so he’s supposed to be younger and new to the job
Lyda Joy
Lyda Joy 8 timer siden
Ummm I think Pattinson got even more handsome as he aged :D
Not your Dinner
Not your Dinner 9 timer siden
Aaaaaand that's why Batman is the best superhero
James Jones
James Jones 9 timer siden
Jane Foster
Jane Foster 10 timer siden
dark dark dreary dreary - drama and good visuals need light and dark otherwise its just relentless crap
a b
a b 11 timer siden
No one beat Christian Bale as a Batman
Niba Lamp
Niba Lamp 28 minutter siden
Adam West was far superior
User Unknown
User Unknown 11 timer siden
You people ruined the Batman franchise I'm black myself but a black James Gordon??????? And the Batman outfit,come on
Tacitus Feeniks
Tacitus Feeniks 12 timer siden
Matt reeves should go all the way and make this R rated. no holding back.
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus 12 timer siden
Lol this looks like garbage just like the last 10 batman movies. Same shit different actors
Tacitus Feeniks
Tacitus Feeniks 12 timer siden
This version of Riddler is gonna be way better than jim carrey i can already tell
BoxingHacker 12 timer siden
So they finally have the riddler as the bad guy in a movie
Maverick Hunter
Maverick Hunter 12 timer siden
Why they do yo like that? He got served, handed, hoed, gah damn. Is this the DLC challenge map Joker’s Carnival from Arkham City? Because oooooo that looked like it hurt.
duncan maclachlan
duncan maclachlan 13 timer siden
Drearily dull and lifeless dribble .
Majestic Grunt
Majestic Grunt 13 timer siden
I keep coming back to watch this trailer... I'm telling you all, this will probably be the best Batman movie we have gotten yet.
Matthew Kallaur
Matthew Kallaur 14 timer siden
This is the SJW batman for SJW's....I loved water for elephants and he needs to stick to those kinds of movies, his scrawny ass is no batman, he would of made a great Riddler. Christian Bale or nobody!!!!!!!!
Mel 5 timer siden
he’s literally the same as bale was. what are you on.
teo 5245
teo 5245 8 timer siden
How is he sjw Batman ?
NikTek 14 timer siden
How to deal with bullies Google: Seek help from an adult Bing: 1:38
Pedja Migrant
Pedja Migrant 16 timer siden
HAHAH im so messed up , i thought that the actor that plays batman is gonna play joker. lol -
phexus 16 timer siden
What rock have I been living under for the last 7 months?! I'm just now watching this and it looks glorious.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 17 timer siden
The agonizing calculator immuhistochemically live because gun importantly confess regarding a nice bolt. dashing, creepy engineering
JackUHU 18 timer siden
C'est la rythmique des coups de poings dans le jeu vidéo... On tripote vos synapses, vos cervelets pour vendre du jouet et du jeu en plastoc..
akekawee akekawee
akekawee akekawee 18 timer siden
Do not F with Batman he will beat your @$$!
Alexis Francisco García Brabata
Alexis Francisco García Brabata 18 timer siden
Big Crime
Big Crime 19 timer siden
Never ask a man his salary A woman her age Batman what the hell he's supposed to be
Elizabeth E
Elizabeth E 19 timer siden
El Batman
Marcus 20 timer siden
1:37 😂
David Duncan
David Duncan 20 timer siden
whats with the skinny 140 lb boys playing the role of badass beat the fuck out of everybody men? is it part of the liberal 'because feelings" era right now?
Mel 5 timer siden
he is young bruce wayne. keyword. young. bruce isn’t supposed to be huge when he’s young. bale wasn’t big either because he was playing a young bruce. nothing to do with whatever era
I'veSeenBetterFilms 20 timer siden
Is his secret identity The Crow?
Jay Clay
Jay Clay 20 timer siden
The movie looks good but what i hate is no Batman movie has designed his cape that covers his whole body when hes neutral. Then the cape suppose to be like floor length? Um pretty sure those top teir costume designers can work that in there somehow. I think that would look really good live action.
Pen Man
Pen Man 20 timer siden
Waste of money
josh wasinger
josh wasinger 21 time siden
WTF? why do they hire idiots who never read batman or people who can NOT read into Hollywood? Batman wouldnt talk like a 5 year old brat.. what the f is wrong with you people who support the writer and director on this movie? please stop hiring idiots who dont even know the playing field to do a movie that has structure. BATMAN would not say half this spoiled idiot script.. damn the younger idiots taking over the legend that was once great.
Mel 5 timer siden
director of this movie tweeted out an entire list of comics he drew from for this movie. there’s comic references from in the tiniest details even in the trailer. it’s obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about and just want to hate something based on a 2 minute trailer. lol.
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 21 time siden
He looks more like The Penguin...
kazik 21 time siden
Rhian Hegarty
Rhian Hegarty 22 timer siden
I have suddenly forgotten all about that role in twilight and I have a hot new crush on Robert Pattinson , especially if he pulls off this role . I hope this trailer isn't better than the film and he exceeds all expectations.
Curtis Foy
Curtis Foy 22 timer siden
I especially like the moist punches after he puts the clown on the ground. You can just imagine cheekbones caving in.
Top5 Marvel
Top5 Marvel 22 timer siden
teo 5245
teo 5245 8 timer siden
Hey buddy you can link to the article so since you didn't I'm 100% sure you're lying
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 19 timer siden
You're such an idiot lol if he is racist then why was he dating a black woman?
Eldaran Mmo
Eldaran Mmo 22 timer siden
I wanted to hate this, but they started with "Something in the way" Nirvana and it went the whole way through. It spoke to me. What a great trailer.
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96 22 timer siden
Wow Pattinson already the best Batman. Arkham style. 🔥
Gus Posey
Gus Posey 22 timer siden
At this point, I'm really excited about this. Let's hope the tone of the trailer is representative of the actual film.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 23 timer siden
At least it's not the ben affleck batman but it's not the christian bale batman
Kumbukani Nyemba
Kumbukani Nyemba 23 timer siden
This guy won me over with Tenet. Boy that twilight stuff wasn't good.
Kayla The Awesome Video Editor
Kayla The Awesome Video Editor 23 timer siden
He's the emo Batman
Danky Dag siden
I like to this this is the sequel to joker
Playboi Dag siden
Guy: the hell are you supposed to be Batman:👊👊👊
Playboi Dag siden
I'm batman
Matt Contreras
Matt Contreras Dag siden
Was that a riddler riddle in the begging?
RazarFang Dag siden
erase this off the internet!
Tomasz Matys
Tomasz Matys Dag siden
I have pretty high expectations for this film, but probably i wont watch it because i wont have how to
Jesse Garin
Jesse Garin Dag siden
Back for my daily watch lol
Marc Biagtan
Marc Biagtan Dag siden
And I thought Batman was going to shine
Cringe God
Cringe God Dag siden
The blyatmann
Muhammad Faisal Fachrurrozy
Muhammad Faisal Fachrurrozy Dag siden
I want a Batman movie where everyone thinks that Batman is a myth
Ethan Gordon
Ethan Gordon Dag siden
since no one knows how to release movies on time it's ?0?2..
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide Dag siden
Stupid question, but this takes place in the new Joker universe right?
Malouco Dag siden
Looks like it's time for my weekly rewatch of this trailer until the movie comes out
Mutniy_shelk 2211
Mutniy_shelk 2211 Dag siden
sameer shrestha
sameer shrestha Dag siden
who notice that the back ground music its the nirvana ❣️❣️👌
Baby Bruce
Baby Bruce Dag siden
Another Batman movie I love it
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe Dag siden
We could've gotten this movie in October this year which is perfect for Halloween we really lost 😐
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe Dag siden
2:08 I can already tell this is going to be my favorite scene
Harley Dag siden
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96 22 timer siden
He turned into a Bat. Dope
Meaty Killerz
Meaty Killerz Dag siden
1:36: who the hell are you supposed to be? Me on my Xbox: Triangle Triangle X X X X X X X X X X X
JT Dag siden
I'll definitely watch this. but considering Batfleck 1 or 2 hits humans in DCEU this seems to be a downgrade.
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 19 timer siden
@JT And you have both
JT 20 timer siden
@Giannis MP96 its not even power but fighting prowess. I care for both.
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96 22 timer siden
Do you care about his power or the storytelling?
RRG.R Dag siden
Batman on Justice League: "Amma stand here and act important." Batman on a solofilm: "I'm BATMAN!"
Aaron2x x
Aaron2x x Dag siden
Wait hold on this not this real ?😭😭😭‼️
Sly Boy
Sly Boy Dag siden
What if it’s just a good trailer but a bad film?
Sly Boy
Sly Boy Dag siden
I thought riddler was hush aka Thomas Elliott because he was taping people just like hush bandaged people. I thought they just changed it.
Toufiq-Ul- Alam
Toufiq-Ul- Alam Dag siden
getting a The Punisher Vibe...
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96 22 timer siden
So Batman vibe.
FILT Dag siden
This batman looks way too young for me and his voice isn't deep or manly enough.
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96 22 timer siden
Lmfao. His voice might be the best live action one.
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe Dag siden
well duh this is supposed to be Year 2 of the Batman, he's just starting out and isn't known yet
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