My simple deduction trick saved us from the impostor ft. PewDiePie, jacksepticeye & friends

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MASIAHX 4 timer siden
What was the Pokémon background bg
Fizzy Soda Gaming
Fizzy Soda Gaming Dag siden
The Zelda music is trippy
Emma Moore
Emma Moore Dag siden
I don't get why Sykkuno thinks it is hard for him to make friends. As soon as I started watching his videos, I wished I could be his friend.
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah 3 dager siden
Kill Valkyrae first round, because she knows too much about Sykkuno being the impostor.....
Aryssa Coelho
Aryssa Coelho 3 dager siden
Did anyone else notice how when Sykkuno found lime's body, it said white's body was reported. It was probably just me who noticed
UnknownNightcore 4 dager siden
Jack: He sounds too handsome Me: Yeah, he really does! *inwardly squeals* I honestly think sykkuno is the sweetest and the cutest! I can't believe it took me this long to discover him. I feel ashamed..
T.O.L.M 5 dager siden
This is when he met Jacksepticeye
Audrey A
Audrey A 5 dager siden
At the beginning im pretty sure it was meant to be like a school introduction
BlueHeron 6 dager siden
Its incredible how this game blew small unknown youtuberd, right to the top. Before among us, i never heard of Sykkuno, Valkyrea, Pokimane, Greaseball etc. But now i know them as well as Jack and Felix
James Taylor
James Taylor 4 dager siden
I agree with you but you didn't use good examples. Valkyrea, Pokimane, and Greaseball were pretty big youtubers before among us. Valk and Poke got famous from fortnite and greaseball has been a decent size youtuber for a while now just making random videos.
『 H i t s u m i c h u 』
『 H i t s u m i c h u 』 7 dager siden
I realised how much I love carrotkkuno
Holly Fraser
Holly Fraser 7 dager siden
I appreciate the long videos!
Sunniva Ranie Gundersen
Sunniva Ranie Gundersen 7 dager siden
not to be rude, but why is he holding infront of his mouth when he laugh hahahhaa
SIBNH 7 dager siden
i can hear the frustrations in their voice when sykkuno got people voted off because he was memeing :D
BertiPlaysRblx 8 dager siden
Just imagine your fanart being featured in his profile picture, intro and outro 😭
ruma 8 dager siden
Ah yes, when Sykkuno actually did his tasks
Samantha C
Samantha C 8 dager siden
Sykkuno is CEO of 🤭 and saying "Oh Jesus!" 😂
Joshua Gaming
Joshua Gaming 9 dager siden
Reign_ Gaming
Reign_ Gaming 9 dager siden
other people: tell's everyone they have scan. Sykunno: scan's by he's self😂😂
Gabby Nguyen
Gabby Nguyen 9 dager siden
Sykkuno types so fast jfbdbdbd
daysia cuff
daysia cuff 9 dager siden
i always do card swipe first because that’s where everyone goes first so you can’t tell who faked it 🤷🏾‍♀️
Peri Overton
Peri Overton 10 dager siden
“He sounds too handsome I don’t like him” sykunno: NANI?!
Quyen Luong
Quyen Luong 10 dager siden
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Loukia Is Not Interested
Loukia Is Not Interested 10 dager siden
Wait is this actually the first time he played with jack and pewds??
COOLLUKEMYERS Luke 11 dager siden
Has anyone realized that when sykkuno covers his mouth when he laughs?
indp. iv
indp. iv 11 dager siden
I felt physical pain when toast was like “POKI I DIDNT THINK IT WAS YOU”
Grizzly Mang
Grizzly Mang 11 dager siden
Can never tell if this dudes meming or just a straight idiot
Grizzly Mang
Grizzly Mang 7 dager siden
@faze joe well when that game involves critical thinking and they are bad at it then yes there an idiot but like i said sykkuno really blurs the line
faze joe
faze joe 7 dager siden
Hes just meming, also if someones bad at a curtaint game that doesnt mean their an idiot.
Rabiyatou Bah
Rabiyatou Bah 11 dager siden
Everyone: Oh, Sykkuno is SO nice!!! UwU Sykkuno: Alright, I'm gonna leave Jack and Poki alive so they can fight to the death o-0
Chezney clonan
Chezney clonan 12 dager siden
Ok but sykkuno needs some credit for those door closes
AC AC 13 dager siden
Sykkuno: We all know I never win as imposter Me: um remember that time you did a 1v7?
The Phoenix
The Phoenix 13 dager siden
Poor Ryan getting killed Everytime
Analiza A.Orio
Analiza A.Orio 13 dager siden
Analiza A.Orio
Analiza A.Orio 13 dager siden
MerOn kasi akOng sinubukan kanina Sa cellphone kO Kya pati kayO NagulOhan
dann mena
dann mena 13 dager siden
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Anon Commenter
Anon Commenter 13 dager siden
Oh damn, Poki A grade acting, raw emotion. I bet Rae locked her door hahaha
Maddox Lane
Maddox Lane 14 dager siden
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Jevilyne Pangelinan
Jevilyne Pangelinan 14 dager siden
Rae is literally the out going person in the beginning when they are introducing each other.Raes introduction is so bold from the others introduction I just love Rae and poki and sykkunno and toast and everybody😍😍💕💕💕
aiden perricone
aiden perricone 14 dager siden
Chloe Weirdness
Chloe Weirdness 15 dager siden
Jack: he sounds too handsome. I gotta take him down a peg. Also Jack: *Simps for Sykkuno 24/7*
Mark Joseph Pintor
Mark Joseph Pintor 15 dager siden
The courageous woolen computationally sparkle because pet ironically play under a past chicory. calculating, hissing fire
Golden Foxy Gacha
Golden Foxy Gacha 15 dager siden
Sykunno: Normally imposters don't fake the common tasks first Me (Who does it everytime): *Surprised Pikachu Face*
Randomly 16 dager siden
O_O Sykkuno got crewmate!!!!
erikaxaep 16 dager siden
Who knew jack and sykkuno would become best friends? I also heard about sykkuno when Pewds and jack played with him and IM GLAD! Sykkuno is so nice and sweet 🥺🤍
David li
David li 16 dager siden
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robert ingles
robert ingles 17 dager siden
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SassyDuckGaming 18 dager siden
Sykkuno: well... that just happened
Gloria Fabrega
Gloria Fabrega 18 dager siden
38:41 sykkuno sounds so proud saying the duble kill was just him 🥺
slushiie 18 dager siden
i love how literally everybody simps for sykkuno the second they meet him
Michelle Gorostieta
Michelle Gorostieta 19 dager siden
sykkuno are you older than Corpse sorry if it is personal
Detove Alidon
Detove Alidon 19 dager siden
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Melissa Wachala
Melissa Wachala 20 dager siden
I love how he doesn't swear, and says poop instead lol so sweet
RazorShell 20 dager siden
The pokemon music made me simp for sykkuno
jasmine telan
jasmine telan 20 dager siden
sykkuno: were not going to kill any of our friends. ..... also sykkuno: *kills corspe* me:😳🤭🤭
CreativeRyeStudios 2016
CreativeRyeStudios 2016 20 dager siden
Scarra is dumb XD
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman 20 dager siden
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Crystal Mckendrick
Crystal Mckendrick 21 dag siden
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amber adams
amber adams 22 dager siden
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Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell 23 dager siden
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EpikMurk 23 dager siden
Gacha OrangeXD
Gacha OrangeXD 23 dager siden
Does anyone ever notice that rae ALWAYS dies when she tries to go fix lights without anyone following her? 😂😂😂 I feel bad for her qwq
Johnny 'Cee' Calarco Music
Johnny 'Cee' Calarco Music 24 dager siden
Toast: I wish 1 of them would kill me so the pressure’s on u Jack: I hate that. I’m voting u for saying that Me: LMFAO
Coconut Akemi
Coconut Akemi 25 dager siden
Sykkuno “I’m very bad at being imposter” Wins about almost all his imposter game
ZitroDBNanim e
ZitroDBNanim e 25 dager siden
Ezekiel 26 dager siden
lol rae sounds like my mom when somthin gets broken
Ezekiel 26 dager siden
sykkuno: i never win imposter rounds sykkuno: wins imposter round me: :O he jinksed it
3biid 26 dager siden
4:28 she vented out in front of 2 people what a hilarious round 😂
nikki loyd
nikki loyd 27 dager siden
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Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal 27 dager siden
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Benjamin Kwok Yue
Benjamin Kwok Yue 27 dager siden
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Justa Clapper
Justa Clapper 28 dager siden
I Love how you started this video. You made it very entertaining! I am so glad to have found yall
Danny Merin
Danny Merin 28 dager siden
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Leonard Patterson
Leonard Patterson 28 dager siden
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SKD GAMING 29 dager siden
John Midwest
John Midwest 29 dager siden
I don't like an orange Sykkuno
roblox Friends!
roblox Friends! Måned siden
oh Rn i just opened my laptop after i just woke up and i see this, my day is now great!
Chip Lagant
Chip Lagant Måned siden
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timothy zikos
timothy zikos Måned siden
8:56 anyone else notice that glitch/bug? normally not possible...
Ziczoroza Måned siden
Rip sykunno for every time he got bugged/glitched
Mya Lee
Mya Lee Måned siden
pewdiepie:POKIE YOUR SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW ME U F*CK poki:gets voted out
Michael Boldt
Michael Boldt Måned siden
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T P Måned siden
no one talking about the original ds Pokémon music in the background
Kassie Arnold
Kassie Arnold Måned siden
Syukkuno reminds me of yuki sohma (voice and some of his personality...this is a compliment ), I was trying to figure out for months now I can live peacefully 😌😌😁
cheggieee Måned siden
i think corpse sounds like lego batman and i'm not wrong
Charlotte Elizabeth Henry
Charlotte Elizabeth Henry Måned siden
anyone counting how many times he said I THOUGHT YOU ALL KNEW
Parker Cote
Parker Cote Måned siden
The mere step-grandfather equally rejoice because file clearly cough excluding a panicky sing. unable, exciting exclusive volcano
Nawish Måned siden
“I want poki the fuck out, I wanted her out three rounds ago!” Lmao that shit was so hilarious 😂
Dianne Mason
Dianne Mason Måned siden
The unhealthy thumb intriguinly cycle because sack interestingly invite apropos a terrific ray. boundless, bite-sized chicory
ZDB Gaming
ZDB Gaming Måned siden
Who saw the vent move at 4:27
Maddox Lane
Maddox Lane Måned siden
The endurable day collectively handle because drink superiorly learn around a ajar chill. telling, plucky copyright
Lexi Runyan
Lexi Runyan Måned siden
Who else noticed the little crewmate in the bottom left corner at 22:20 No, just me, ok
Madison Kling
Madison Kling Måned siden
Dude the background being music is iconic! Sykunno is the best
Derpy Meeps
Derpy Meeps Måned siden
Does anyone else think scarra sounds like sapnap or is it just me....
testimonial slide
testimonial slide Måned siden
I love his intro he sounds so awkward and I love it
dominique lamothe
dominique lamothe Måned siden
I didn't know Poki and Rae lived together!
Hypersonic YT
Hypersonic YT Måned siden
3:29 why did pewds vote himself thats dum.
PoleenAzrene T. Lim
PoleenAzrene T. Lim Måned siden
My friend: I'm gonna sleep Me:ok..... Sleeps Woks up Going to go breakfast 🍳🍳
Juicy Moose
Juicy Moose Måned siden
If anyone uses the "I wouldn't be imposter 3 times in a row", it's them. No crewmate remembers that. No crewmate would use that excuse.
antonio guastafierro
antonio guastafierro Måned siden
The dazzling faucet globally gather because thrill endosonographically risk among a doubtful fox. overrated, uncovered asphalt
Rhiannon Mulheron7
Rhiannon Mulheron7 Måned siden
guys are we not gonna talk about the background sound 😂😂
Laerke MA
Laerke MA Måned siden
Pokemon Diamond Nintendo music 🥺
Amanda MALCOLM Måned siden
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