BLACKPINK - '24/365 with BLACKPINK' EP.3

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blink 3 timer siden
My channel about Blackpink content. Go see it. If you like it, don't forget to support me with a subscription. Thank you very much blink
Sneha Desai
Sneha Desai 14 timer siden
Why they all are so cute😍😍😍
Harry Mark
Harry Mark Dag siden
Love her cuteness Jennie
Harry Mark
Harry Mark Dag siden
Jennie too stylish
Harry Mark
Harry Mark Dag siden
Jennie my love
Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray Dag siden
Funny thing,I order the korean beef 🍖 ribs everytime I eat in a japanese restaurant
Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray Dag siden
Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray Dag siden
Reveal. Yes. All things
Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray Dag siden
Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray Dag siden
Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray Dag siden
Jonah Ray
Jonah Ray Dag siden
HRXF Dag siden
17:16 the absolute devastation on Jennie's face when Jisoo said dumplings 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Camila Evellyn
Camila Evellyn Dag siden
jisoo is the best LOL i can't
Layan- Khalashi
Layan- Khalashi Dag siden
BP Fan블링크
BP Fan블링크 Dag siden
9:00 헠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
TASHER- FF Dag siden
I love you Blackping 💘❤️👑🙈🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞Likee
chuuu Dag siden
little princess anthonette layam vlog vlog
little princess anthonette layam vlog vlog Dag siden
para si rose ay lasing
Amanda Hafiza
Amanda Hafiza Dag siden
Thank you blank pink rose jennie jisoo lisa
Rita Lee
Rita Lee 2 dager siden
17:17 🤣🤣🤣Lisa’s shocked face !!
arti ananya
arti ananya 2 dager siden
did anyone notice that this is older than last ep. cuz Rose's hair is already silver in the last ep. and even Jennie's and also Lisa's hair is still long here, so this before the comeback
임희주 3 dager siden
Ariunchimeg Khuyag
Ariunchimeg Khuyag 4 dager siden
Lol when jisoo said “hey there NEWBIE”
OFIA AGUSFINA 4 dager siden
ohhh jisooo you so cute wkwkwkwk
Meghna's Bossom Buddies
Meghna's Bossom Buddies 4 dager siden
Eynie Montefalco
Eynie Montefalco 4 dager siden
bangpink story
bangpink story 4 dager siden
Basta si jennie director lahat ng video nilang apat crack head hahahahahaah
Mây SAD 5 dager siden
A KL 5 dager siden
Did YG crew even realize they were shooting a brilliant satire on the company? Well played, girls. 😆😆😆
Sana Hyun
Sana Hyun 5 dager siden
ليسا: ستيب باي ستيب 🙂👊
Sana Hyun
Sana Hyun 5 dager siden
فديت الكياته
Sana Hyun
Sana Hyun 5 dager siden
سارام ايسييووووو سارام هانغنه اتستىيتيويوي شعبالكم ترة اعرف اغني هههه 😂امزح
Jennie_ BLINK
Jennie_ BLINK 5 dager siden
I love you BLACKPİNK 🥰😘😘😘😘
Zulfatus 6 dager siden
YAK SUB indo dong
Sophy Chung
Sophy Chung 6 dager siden
Jennie: I'll exclude myself I don't like feeling things... she's such a lil scaredy cat lol
Lily V-yan
Lily V-yan 6 dager siden
Blackpink 24/365 episode 3 Jennie Song What is the name of that song?
Blanko Undangan Pernikahan Vista
Blanko Undangan Pernikahan Vista 6 dager siden
Hallo K-POPERS, lagi nyari kaos k-pop atau mau custom kaos idola kalian...? SATU SAJA BISSAAA.... ajukan pertanyaan dan desain kalian segera...!!! order lebih nyaman dan aman lewat shope 📷
Shan Shan
Shan Shan 7 dager siden
Nafisa Hassan
Nafisa Hassan 7 dager siden
subtitle is even funnier than jisoo!
عبد العزيز القحطاني
عبد العزيز القحطاني 7 dager siden
Hritwik Som
Hritwik Som 7 dager siden
Omg. Jisoo owned this. ROTF laughing, she turned a tree to a chicken leg 🍗 😂😂😂
Eshiekell Chen
Eshiekell Chen 7 dager siden
I definitely want to work with Jisoo. We're going to have so much fun dissing our seniors 😂
난나옹이다옹 7 dager siden
ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 무도 패러디인가? 츄사원 바보 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
oppo A37
oppo A37 7 dager siden
Anamayzeber Lusanta
Anamayzeber Lusanta 8 dager siden
Jenlisa is so sweet
이칙폭 8 dager siden
When Jisoo called obviously looking like a bear a dumpling I died 🤣🤣🤣lolol
이칙폭 8 dager siden
Jisoo is the funniest and cutest loophole in the game 🤣🤣
yung _
yung _ 8 dager siden
10:24 did lisa was about to say wtf lmao
ฐิตาพร เฉียวกุล
ฐิตาพร เฉียวกุล 8 dager siden
나는 리사를 좋아한다
Kevin frost
Kevin frost 8 dager siden
I just watched it today! I am so jealous of the fun they had!! they look so happy!!
Tha Cort
Tha Cort 9 dager siden
Maryplays _Roblox
Maryplays _Roblox 9 dager siden
Idk have vlog of blackpink i think is there only on vlive but in youtube too :)
Juana Huinác
Juana Huinác 9 dager siden
blinkk tv
blinkk tv 9 dager siden
Blackpink ❤❤❤❤❤❤
ela şekercan
ela şekercan 9 dager siden
Jisoo is the most fun girl
Umme Mariya
Umme Mariya 9 dager siden
Lisa and rose is best🥰🥰
trisha saa
trisha saa 9 dager siden
rose` is a caring, sweet, friendly and a shy person but sometimes she is funny person if she have a boyfriend/ husband soon the boy is so so lucky to have her because everything is in to rose` and all of them I love you blackpink
Nature Princess
Nature Princess 10 dager siden
*WHaT iS TonGPanG GAme?*
h o n e yシ
h o n e yシ 10 dager siden
*lisa really threw it back though*
isa belle
isa belle 10 dager siden
I can't when Jisoo basically drew it all wrong. This is so hilarious😂
Dollyn Mae Galve
Dollyn Mae Galve 10 dager siden
all of them are cute
Hara Isabel Lesmes
Hara Isabel Lesmes 10 dager siden
vsoo Alain
vsoo Alain 10 dager siden
Saya na saya si jisoo malinpala siya
Glenn Ginting
Glenn Ginting 10 dager siden
No blacpink
Nancy Munsad
Nancy Munsad 10 dager siden
Asdvhg tjf 👍🤣Cmdb
yobel iriarte
yobel iriarte 11 dager siden
I love Jisoo, is so funny
잉훈 11 dager siden
지수가 감각이 없구나~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 겁나 해맑네~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
56- Mithila
56- Mithila 11 dager siden
Something is really in jisoo!how can she make me laugh the whole vedio? Love u blackpink! I like the enjoying vdos of themselves😍
Yvonne Joy Fano
Yvonne Joy Fano 11 dager siden
Guuys... let's str3@m HYLT MV until MAMA2020 or this year ends! If you want them to win BEST MV OF THE YEAR :)
Margarita Caliboso
Margarita Caliboso 11 dager siden
Rosé ❤️ I love you too 😭❤️😘😘😘🖤💗
슬이 12 dager siden
리사 언니 틱톡 했었어??ㅇㅅㅇ
Dragon Boii Playz
Dragon Boii Playz 12 dager siden
I feel bad that the BlackPink Members bullied jisoo’s drawings.. 1 like = 1 ❤️ ⬇️
Atik Tika
Atik Tika 12 dager siden
Jisoo omg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Eihsor ilipac
Eihsor ilipac 12 dager siden
Laughing out loud here haha
Watcharin Adsana
Watcharin Adsana 12 dager siden
you make me smile...Thank You Blackpink I Love You.
maeyan grace
maeyan grace 12 dager siden
2:55 so Jisoo gave us spoiler for Pretty Savage 😂
Hi Na
Hi Na 12 dager siden
Jisoo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
GIOVANNA rapahela
GIOVANNA rapahela 13 dager siden
I love Blackpink
Natty Angel
Natty Angel 13 dager siden
La risa de Jennie tan encantadora
NDA Yummy
NDA Yummy 13 dager siden
already watch it 10 times but still laughing... blackpink overdosis charm aura
Angel DC
Angel DC 14 dager siden
Kept laughing at Rosé reactiom on their drawing game 😂😂
Tsunami Productions
Tsunami Productions 14 dager siden
this is the most hilarious episode uptill now
senaine khan
senaine khan 14 dager siden
Me and my brother in the night adding extra ✨ riffs ✨ to songs for absolutely no reason: 7:45
Julius Gromeo
Julius Gromeo 14 dager siden
Rewatching all episodes because the quarantine gets me bored af.
Princess Joy Rodriguez
Princess Joy Rodriguez 14 dager siden
Hahahaha 3:17
MJLD Realty
MJLD Realty 15 dager siden
i wish my hands were as lucky as jennie's hands at work lmao.
Banun JENLISA 15 dager siden
When I miss them my way is to watch each episode of them over and over again 😁😘💕💕
Büşranur Sarı
Büşranur Sarı 15 dager siden
Cok komiksiniz😅😅😄😄I love you Blacpink❤❤
Hans Cristian
Hans Cristian 15 dager siden
Esa Jisso, jajaja me mato de la risa. 😂😂😂
Blackpink Fan
Blackpink Fan 16 dager siden
i have a youtube channel and i upload daily and i love Blackpink and i want to see Blinks happy
Muhd Aidiel
Muhd Aidiel 16 dager siden
Merisha Basumatary
Merisha Basumatary 16 dager siden
Blackpink can't get over Really Really and so do i😂🙌🏻❤
Phoemela kate Emocling
Phoemela kate Emocling 16 dager siden
Hahaha jisoo make me laugh everytime but the bear goes to
Mary Angelic Pamintuan
Mary Angelic Pamintuan 16 dager siden
8:47 nini said "HALA!" its a tagalog word which means oh no
jojojo blink
jojojo blink 16 dager siden
Died laughing. I love these girls.
kim stay !!
kim stay !! 16 dager siden
kim stay !!
kim stay !! 17 dager siden
kim stay !!
kim stay !! 17 dager siden
Roseofblackpink 17 dager siden
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