using BIG BRAIN ACTING strat to clear suspicion...

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Cadence Marie
Cadence Marie 2 dager siden
Ahhh for your outro you should do lily pichu X corpse (goraphobic night)
p a i g e
p a i g e 2 dager siden
Sykkuno: "This is our big brain plan to make ourselves look innocent, GENIUS!!" Also Sykkuno: "Let's stand in the vent to look extremely suspicious"
Rochelle Lobo
Rochelle Lobo 4 dager siden
No one. Absolutely no one. Sykkuno: I'm a genius
Sophia Galang
Sophia Galang 7 dager siden
Abe trying to run away just got me bro LMFAOOO
Alex Merserr
Alex Merserr 16 dager siden
Toast always sells out his impostor mates🤦‍♂️ I hate it so much , wtf???
Lyrical Miracle
Lyrical Miracle 21 dag siden
lilac wang
lilac wang 28 dager siden
The statuesque flower comparably pedal because mayonnaise correlatively clip apud a tested buffet. messy, bright path
Lixa Måned siden
Glad ya doin better.
Savin Lakruwan
Savin Lakruwan Måned siden
Sick 🤢 uno
Nikola Maharani
Nikola Maharani Måned siden
Sykkuno intro is so esey to remember just "what is up guys? ITS SYKKUNO HERE" and done :) :q
Chalie Serrano
Chalie Serrano Måned siden
LOL I love you sykkuno me and my dad always watch you I once saw a live stream you are amazing
Xxmidnight StarxX
Xxmidnight StarxX Måned siden
Idk why but I love your intro and I always say it and my mom thinks I’m crazy
ifcourse Måned siden
yeah sykunno wouldn’t survive in public lobbies
Alexander Brenes
Alexander Brenes Måned siden
I love this animation in this video
Simplyy Hazel
Simplyy Hazel Måned siden
I really had to replay that to make sure he said hazel that’s my name :)
Adrienne Brown
Adrienne Brown Måned siden
when it is Toast and Sykkuno Toast is like " KILL" and Sykkuno is like " I DON'T WANT TOKILL MY FRIENDS"
Becky Beach
Becky Beach Måned siden
His intro can make satan smile
Xkazmarx Måned siden
8:02 probably the best toast moment I have ever seen. So much conveyed with that smile.
Dayanariverraa Måned siden
Thanks Edison 😂
youdybozo Måned siden
The fact that he always gets imposter in his videos
Darren Colianni
Darren Colianni Måned siden
The real big brain play is making the vid exactly 10 minutes for monetization
Stephanie Raub
Stephanie Raub Måned siden
Zander Bacon
Zander Bacon Måned siden
69k likes lol
Natalie Gregory
Natalie Gregory Måned siden
Who else gets this feeling that sykkunos gonna break down into a musical when ever you hear the intro 😂
Gerrard 114
Gerrard 114 Måned siden
Sik Uno Sikuno
Hopsing98 Måned siden
I have created a discord server for those that wish to play proximity chat with others. All welcome download link and instructions to install are in the server!
BryanMrqz Måned siden
3:10 "I got the BangBros" - Edison
chxerrymotion Måned siden
everyone else: 🗣🗣 Sykkuno: *hmmm*
Omar J.
Omar J. Måned siden
Abe: next round I'll provide info *Close up to Toast's face* *Ave Satani plays*
Raccoon Forever
Raccoon Forever Måned siden
Anyone else love the edits sykkuno does like omggggg there so clean
Jihaan Allies
Jihaan Allies Måned siden
Can we appreciate the editing 😍
cj the musical fan
cj the musical fan Måned siden
KC 4
KC 4 Måned siden
Sykkuno reminds me of Undertale when he's imposter
ayovoid ッ
ayovoid ッ Måned siden
people who dislike his videos???
Ali Marie
Ali Marie Måned siden
okay but like what is the music at the end of his videos it always sounds so nice
Keenan Convery
Keenan Convery Måned siden
“You guys actually ________” “You guys actually ________” “You guys actually ________” “You guys actually ________” “You guys actually ________” “You guys actually ________” STFU Sykunno I’m so sickunno of your shit. Stop playing coy. Fucking learn some new god damn words.
Fajr Al-rashidi
Fajr Al-rashidi Måned siden
Big brain toast and Sykkuno
Legendary Mori
Legendary Mori Måned siden
What is up guys it sickkuno HERE!
Fuji_lew Måned siden
why do you keep holding your nose? its very annoying... but great game!
Xtyles GD
Xtyles GD Måned siden
I made that sabotage thing before. (It didnt worked cuz i messed up)
Janine Beb
Janine Beb Måned siden
I'm calming my nerves while watching you and listening to your beautiful voice and drinking coffee
Olivia Oli
Olivia Oli Måned siden
Sykkuno: this is my big brain plan! It will work...
Scarツ Måned siden
I love your smile!:
Bonkatsu12 Måned siden
Aww Sykkuno so excited about the big brain play he has no idea everyone is taking about Toasts murder room at the end.
• нɨkarʊ ɛ-ɛ •
• нɨkarʊ ɛ-ɛ • Måned siden
Sykkuno: we are gonna act Innocent! Two seconds later *I got caught*
Anti Alpha
Anti Alpha Måned siden
9:27 "toast turned on me" if u think and swap the words me and on it sound sus at 😂
MelTheGamer Måned siden
i just saw corpse’s tiktok-
Supreme Eddie
Supreme Eddie Måned siden
6:12. I activated my sabatoge menu ... where were you going with that loooll
Justice4 JohnnyDepp
Justice4 JohnnyDepp Måned siden
Eddison simping for Sykunno😂❤️✨
Loki Måned siden
Why does toast have such a beautiful yet murderous smile 7:11
Odette Brown
Odette Brown Måned siden
The way Toast smiled when he killed Hafu-
xX Ava_Pikachu Xx
xX Ava_Pikachu Xx Måned siden
This is how many people love Sykkuno’s content XD. Edit: OMG 1K LIKES :O |
Sheni Mao
Sheni Mao Måned siden
We're here for you Syk
Wanni :3
Wanni :3 Måned siden
I hope you are feeling better now
Mhn.Kaydoe* Måned siden
Sykunno: “big brain play to look innocent” Also Sykunno: “im gonna stand on this vent to look sus”😂
Macr 0
Macr 0 Måned siden
i love your videos so much whenever i’m sad i watch your videos and you make me happy! thank you for the good content!😌👌
Forc3 Måned siden
Even if Sykkuno medbay scanned everyone would still think he’s sus.
It_Milky Mlky
It_Milky Mlky Måned siden
See the video when edison impersonates sykkuno
JJ Brutus
JJ Brutus Måned siden
Best duo is corpse and him
Judah Hill
Judah Hill Måned siden
What’s the song at the end?
Judah Hill
Judah Hill Måned siden
I just listened to an hour of Corpse saying what up baby
AtotehZ Måned siden
It would be funny to just talk over the crewmates when they try to decide who to vote for. It's not possible to drown their communication and it shouldn't be, but they have to realise they'll need to type it in chat.
Shane Saber
Shane Saber Måned siden
The editing in this vid was on POINT
ShmolKid Måned siden
I love how sykkuno sounds sus and sarcastic all the time
aubrey :p
aubrey :p Måned siden
toast and sykkuno are the best plays when there I’m poster
Reddusk Ironsky
Reddusk Ironsky Måned siden
Thanks Charlie for finally saying what no other creator outside OTV dare say😂gets a little boring knowing they know its Toast and 100% let him win bc yay😂
Kenny Nestor
Kenny Nestor Måned siden
me: *sees* sykkuno: *is cute and plays among us* me: wants corpse and sykkuno to play together more*
Rayaine Oh
Rayaine Oh Måned siden
Akhiprayag Prayag
Akhiprayag Prayag Måned siden
what's the outro song?
John Conagher
John Conagher Måned siden
Hey it’s me the guy who you played among us with how’s it going
Nicole Zhang
Nicole Zhang Måned siden
no one: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: Sykkuno: Let's stand on this vent to look suspicious! Yeah that sounds smart.
Frost Wolfツ
Frost Wolfツ Måned siden
Does no one else sykunnos intro It’s sykunno here
Shaydy Måned siden
6:43 "Edison chills in this corner cuz he knows it's the two *commits murder* of us and he's our friend. Thanks, Edison. Anyway--"
Jonah Siataga
Jonah Siataga Måned siden
for no reason AT ALL i want CoryxKenshin to play with Sykunno and that for *NO REASON*
summer Måned siden
Sykkuno is sus whether he is a crewmate or an imposter so that’s what makes it difficult HAHA
Minty _clxouds
Minty _clxouds Måned siden
Yes! I love it! The big brain theory!
Natalie’s Life
Natalie’s Life Måned siden
Anyone gonna talk about this epic editing
J C Måned siden
I’m high help me
Meliza Magana
Meliza Magana Måned siden
Alexi Jones
Alexi Jones Måned siden
I love how sykkuno thanks somebody for subscribing in the middle of trying to prove his innocence
Belinda TIME!
Belinda TIME! Måned siden
did anyone else though there audio was broken in the beginning just me?
sweatyhole Måned siden
AeroAce Gaming
AeroAce Gaming Måned siden
Geoffrey Boston
Geoffrey Boston Måned siden
These two are the best. I have been watching these as my role models if I am ever an imposter.
Asahi Gaming mobile
Asahi Gaming mobile Måned siden
fun fact:if u name urself in among us something thats not human u have more chances to be imposter example my bro named himself monster and he got imposter i named myself devil and became and corpse also becomes imposter alot see the similarity?
Sofi the anime girl U_U
Sofi the anime girl U_U Måned siden
pleeeeease dont stop doing among us i love this videos:)
Dying Ontheinside
Dying Ontheinside Måned siden
the editing on this is fire sykkuno
Erebus Måned siden
That was Sick-kuno.
み。 Måned siden
ゲームと関係ないんだけど syykunoの声がとても良すぎる&話し方もかっこいい 絶対日本人から人気出るから日本語翻訳つけたほうがいい🥺 容姿とボイス話し方全部最高すぎる😍
Among Us / LEAGUE Highlights
Among Us / LEAGUE Highlights Måned siden
check my channel for funny among us clips i just started lemme know if u guys want more clips
Among Us / LEAGUE Highlights
Among Us / LEAGUE Highlights Måned siden
Elly Plxyz Gacha
Elly Plxyz Gacha Måned siden
Err.. This is strange but can you make a gameplay where you play with your fans in among us?
로지Rosie Måned siden
oaaaaahh last song is soooo smooth and nice 😌
Harman Ghotra
Harman Ghotra Måned siden
literally no one... Sykkyno's hand on this mouth
Angel Cano
Angel Cano Måned siden
You funny, what took you so long to kill? Toast’s kills in communications were the coolest 😹
Ryan Fazackerlery
Ryan Fazackerlery Måned siden
I’ve always wanted to play around with these guys
IHeartAnime Måned siden
Cute song at the end kinda sounds like lily
Cuauhtemoc Lopez
Cuauhtemoc Lopez Måned siden
Today I was playing among us with your name just to wish everyone a great day and spread the good vibes like you, I wish you would’ve seen the reactions they were happy thanks to you
Claude Leduc Nherile Gairanod
Claude Leduc Nherile Gairanod Måned siden
•{XCheery和SmoothieX}• Måned siden
Nobody: Sykkuno in the intro: We are gonna try to look innocent Also him: Let's just stand on this vent so we look super suspicious
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