Trump Humiliated In Worst Interview in History

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David Pakman Show

5 måneder siden

--Donald Trump is interviewed by Axios' Jonathan Swan and it is potentially the most embarrassing interview Trump has done, particularly on the topics of coronavirus and voting by mail
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Trump Carries Newspapers to Pretend He Reads
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Broadcast on August 4, 2020
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Brenda Martel
Brenda Martel 35 minutter siden
Lesha Clark
Lesha Clark Time siden
......and that is why he didn’t get a second term!!!!.......PERIODTTTTTT!
Dirtydanz 3 timer siden
But thank God you seen sense and have a chance to turn it around😁🇺🇸😁
Dirtydanz 3 timer siden
In 4yrs this man turned the most powerful country in the world into a embarrassing laughing stock!!!! 😣🇺🇸😣
dorian wolf
dorian wolf 4 timer siden
Worst potus eh poltus in history thicko
Justin Jones
Justin Jones 4 timer siden
The interviewer comes over as a cocky smart ass. He jumps in on every single answer that Trump attempts to make. He may not like Trump but that should be neither here nor there. The commentator is no better. This combatative form of journalism is no better than the tactics used by the regime these folk clearly detest.
Entity 2 timer siden
No the journalist is right on this. You have to push back on every bullshit claim he makes or you end up sounding like some of his points have merit.
Steve 7 timer siden
The only reason why Trump thought this interview would be safe is because he underestimated Jonathan Swan. Trump: Jonathan who.... piece-a-cake. Big mistake. Hats off to Jonathan Swan
Super pixel Warrior
Super pixel Warrior 7 timer siden
I like how he just keeps talking when he’s corrected
Barbara Whitney
Barbara Whitney 9 timer siden
Trump doesn;t know how to tell the truth.. one time on tv he told people to put bleach in their arms.. as a treatment for Covid.. Now we fine out he had no plan for the covid at all! he was winging it the whole time.. Iknow he sold the innoculations for people to a foreign country.. thats why it all dissappeared.. Supplies, medicine, all of it..
GunnySonics 10 timer siden
To be honest I think you were pretty unfair during this interview, some lego, a chalkboard and maybe some crayons to relax him would've helped progress the interview without upsetting him,. Yes I appreciate his figures made no sense but equally upsetting i did hear from a pal of mine that one this same day he lost at least 6 of his star wars figures had been hoovered up by staff in the Whitehouse and when he rocked up for his midnight snack the jelly was missing from his donut, the midnight snack fairy was apparently a North Korean refugee and was sacked on the spot. Also Tony the breakfast waiter was sacked due to the lack of sugar on his cornflakes, i have limited evidence to support this that say working in the Whitehouse before these actions was GGGrrreattt
Carolyn Mote
Carolyn Mote 14 timer siden
This nuthead is out of the office, what a relief, thank goodness...he doesn't know how to governed,....Period!
Grahame Heatlie
Grahame Heatlie 20 timer siden
@David Pakman I share a lot of your views BUT! I think you are helping to keep America divided by taking part in the Left V Right info/Opinion War. I get it that there's high demand for Media that rips the piss out of the right (and vice versa) and I am sure your earning a fortune out of supplying it. But i think there will be consequences to it.
Ma G
Ma G Dag siden
What a relief he’s out of the White House. What a circus that was!!! The last four years felt like a constant argument, he against everyone and anyone who questioned him about his stupid policies. He really didn’t have a clue how to run the U.S.
Nicolas Rose
Nicolas Rose Dag siden
A delegation of representatives from another star system arrives , all of them are considered by their civilization to be the absolute best minds they have to offer and who have stressed that we compliment the high esteem in which they are held by presenting nothing less than an equally exalted and revered delegation of our best minds with the stipulation that they must be leaders of nations........😂
Home girl white
Home girl white Dag siden
It is like watching dumb donkey
Conrad Meyer
Conrad Meyer Dag siden
im amazed that your leader is being trashed by a NOBODY.
Arch Syntropy
Arch Syntropy 22 timer siden
Somehow I feel like you might not have followed either American history or Trump's barreling train wreck of a life very closely.
Soozee Law
Soozee Law Dag siden
Omg!!! That 74 million people voted for this buffoon for 4 more years, is beyond me. Luckily, over 80 million voted him out!
Soozee Law
Soozee Law Dag siden
This is what happens when you don't read.. What an embarrassment! He just doesn't get it. Never did and never will.
Cynthia S
Cynthia S Dag siden
I am glad that I no longer have to hear " China virus" any longer.
NaruIno is Canon in an Alternate Universe
NaruIno is Canon in an Alternate Universe Time siden
It came from china. Are you getting tired of hearing about the spanish flu as well?
Cool Katz
Cool Katz Dag siden
You can see why he got the Moron Vote.
Exo Django
Exo Django Dag siden
5 months later and this is still a blast tho Hallelujah that he’s gone now. A black day for comedy. A good day for America. God save the queen, best wishes from Germany 🇩🇪
Lisa Bowes
Lisa Bowes Dag siden
Maybe b/c he was involved in matters. Funny. He wanted to drain the swamp though he was swimming well deep in it.
Dai Lee
Dai Lee Dag siden
If it wasn't for lies Trump wouldn't have much to say. Her "boyfriend" weren't they all friends? Her boyfriend reportedly introduced him to malania? Her "boyfriend" is the friend that was identified by a 13yr old child, as the person that watched as DTrump reported raped her. Why is he acting all brand new? Hopefully that much older child can finally hild him accountable?
Richard Poulin
Richard Poulin Dag siden
That interview is very interesting to watch now that the election is over and Biden is the new President. And David is right: the "paper ruffling all over the place" bit was one of the funniest and scariest. Funniest: obviously. Scariest: because it exposes Trump's mental limitations as clear as crystal. His brain is so laced with saturated fat that the few intact neuronal connections left cannot grasp the key concept of 'relative incidence' or 'relative death rate'. It has been argued that he's pretending not to understand because he's too shrewd to be led by the interviewer to admit a truth he already knows. In fact, Bernstein's taped conversations with Trump indicate that this could be accurate, which makes it even more despicable. We'll never know, but it still stinks.
Michael McGuinness
Michael McGuinness Dag siden
Send the votes in by Stelve so the Donald is the only one to see them😆
Phaedrus25 Dag siden
Man these are fun to go back and watch ❤️
KurtissDee Dee
KurtissDee Dee Dag siden
You don't have to convince us my friend. Everything he says is devoid of any real information," ignorance is bliss" I think would apply here...
rob burdack
rob burdack Dag siden
a small fyi for those that didnt know .... jonathan swan is an australian whos father is and has lead the way in getting the word out as to what covid is and the best ways to maintain and treat pre vaccine here in australia ! hes very outspoken and honest so i expected no less than this from his son ! his farthers name is dr norman swan
Edward Von Richtoven
Edward Von Richtoven Dag siden
Trump is the kid trying to argue why he should have the sweets after stealing the entire packet of sweets
Rob Blues
Rob Blues 2 dager siden
Regardless this election had millions of illeagle votes! The virus was was proved to have the same as the death rate was as the flu! The flu dissapeard! Hijacked by a Cabal to get rid of Trump! Period! So you are wrong!
Sharon McCool
Sharon McCool 2 dager siden
Lower than the world! Lmao. A president; who’s cognitive impaired!
NaruIno is Canon in an Alternate Universe
NaruIno is Canon in an Alternate Universe Time siden
lmao have you looked at biden?
NaruIno is Canon in an Alternate Universe
NaruIno is Canon in an Alternate Universe Time siden
lmao have you looked at biden?
john john
john john 2 dager siden
He isn't a professional medical graph analyzer of course he's going to not know what he's talking about, he came into office hoping to fix the economy aka make more money for him and his family but also give some shit to poor people so nobody riots and he has something to throw at your face just in case you call him out on not doing anything for the poor and only the rich.
R C Thomas
R C Thomas 2 dager siden
Just Sam
Just Sam 2 dager siden
Great video. There has never been a better way to educate the masses about what true psychopathy and narcissism look like than seeing it flaunted by the most dangerous and powerful man currently on earth. Mostly because he poses a clear reflection of the nature of a society who voted this guy into such power in the first place. May the USA never make the same mistake again. Surely the Trump years will go down in the history books sitting squarely beside such injustices as Hitler and Bin Laden.
Enrique de Ezcurra
Enrique de Ezcurra 2 dager siden
I am feel so sorry for the people of America, its a shame the president they had.
ConfusedTableCat 5 timer siden
Every country has that one leader
NostradamusJr. 2 dager siden
You can tell Trumps brain is starting to hurt and he doesn’t understand shit. His lips curl up even more and the pitch of his voice goes up quite a lot. Listen to his voice right here. 5:36
Thor’s #1 fan
Thor’s #1 fan 2 dager siden
I just vividly remember thinking that it must’ve been,” April fool’s day,” when I heard he’d be running for POTUS.... but, then being utterly horrified that he’d won...
MissBunni 7 timer siden
The day it was announced he won felt like an altered reality. My mind and body felt strangely joke!
GOSTOFHITCH 2 dager siden
my LORD !!! a president who can;t even read a graph !!! really !! people of America you have elected THAT !!!!
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 2 dager siden
Trump is an embarrassment to himself, his office, and the USA. And, he compounds his ignorance by repeatedly making undefendable assertions. Being rid of him is a blessing to the USA, the Presidency, and all people who possess unassailable good common sense. His defeat is indeed a blessing.
Richard Bambenek
Richard Bambenek 2 dager siden
That was the first time Trump looked at those charts. During that whole interview Trump was begging for praise for his perceived great job he has been doing.
Alan Calow
Alan Calow 2 dager siden
it's the best Comedy interview I have ever watched . Sorry but was it from a Spitting Image clip
Alan Calow
Alan Calow 2 dager siden
How Ignorant is that . Because a little kid as a runny nose they call it covid19 Virus ,the President of the USA stated that on national TV . Just shows how Pathetic he really his .he Humiliates and Embarrasses your Country . if feel so sorry you all in America except the far right Nut jobs .
cc boss
cc boss 2 dager siden
He s a con artist. That's a talent (not a quality) that serve him well in the pass. He's tryning to do the same here. It works for him in the pass only, because he didn't have the world's eyes on him.
frank hugers
frank hugers 2 dager siden
And now we have Biden a fossil as president, so is that better?
The truth Shall not be hidden! Silva
The truth Shall not be hidden! Silva 2 dager siden
Ya ok shill. I’m not for any political agenda. But you have nothing here but gas lighting. You think COVID is real. How stupid you seem to be fear porning death when there is pre- existing conditions have killed these old people not bullshit like COVID. Keep being a shill
rick tham
rick tham 2 dager siden
he's clearly not tethered to anything other than his own thoughts
Edward Qiu
Edward Qiu 2 dager siden
Trump: Don't we get credit for that? Me: What? Lies? Fake News? We got nothing...
Terry Gaunt
Terry Gaunt 2 dager siden
Trump is not human ! The people who support him obviously have brain cells missing.
Lee Baldwin
Lee Baldwin 2 dager siden
At least he can do an interview without a teleprompter or earbud
Yara Serrano
Yara Serrano 3 dager siden
I need to show this to my son when he doesn’t want to study
Bruce Furlong
Bruce Furlong 22 timer siden
@Danny boy o is that why Trump is the richest president in history , who is often considered the first billionaire president. Trump was a real-estate developer and businessman who owned, managed, or licensed his name to several hotels, casinos, golf courses, resorts, and residential properties in the New York City area and around the world. ,So not bad for what you so claim an uneducated person. So just ponder on those facts.
Danny boy o
Danny boy o 2 dager siden
Problem is that Trump never studied....and became President of the Unite States!
CoopyKat 3 dager siden
THIS interview alone should have resulted in using the 25th Amendment - to remove him from office immediately - he's not capable of leading the country: He was an incompetent president. He has NO clue about what he's talking about. He practically has a panic attack at the fact that it's hard for him to hide the fact that he's CLUELESS about facts and he has a desperate need to LIE to Americans about the truth regarding COVID-19 cases/deaths. He's incredibly child-like in this interview, like a kid desperately lying to their parents about something they did wrong.
This Too Shall Pass
This Too Shall Pass 3 dager siden
Some people love him some people hate him... but no one can deny that Donald Trump is the DUMBEST president the U.S. has ever had.
EDWARD CONE 3 dager siden
I also watch the show for David's shirts !
J.C. Adams
J.C. Adams 3 dager siden
Trump: "we have this new phenomenon, it's called mail in ballots" Johnathan: "new!? It's been around since the civil war"
Linda Dinubilo
Linda Dinubilo Dag siden
@Lee Baldwin lol... you people are so ignorant
Nick Van Tinteren
Nick Van Tinteren Dag siden
@Lee Baldwin haha you can't bear that people who dont agree with you still get to vote.
Lee Baldwin
Lee Baldwin 2 dager siden
Absentee ballots ?yes,otherwise your required BY LAW to vote in person, but of course we'll make an exception in this case so the socialist can pull off their fraud..
TOWBAR 3 dager siden
I don't know him he didn't come to my inauguration narcissistic bastard
Elana Marie
Elana Marie 3 dager siden
Now it’s 3,000 to 4,000 a day!
J.C. Adams
J.C. Adams 3 dager siden
And the only thing Trump was worried about is stealing an election
Judy Mahabir
Judy Mahabir 3 dager siden
He doesn't listen and understand.
Cliff Elliott
Cliff Elliott 3 dager siden
Trump is now the worst U.S. president in history. I knew that the moment he was elected. The real question is, what the heck is wrong with our democracy?
Lee Baldwin
Lee Baldwin 2 dager siden
For starters,idiots like who who don't know this is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC,not a democracy
Vee Vendetta
Vee Vendetta 3 dager siden
Funny...The Donald told his supporters not to use Mail in Voting then blames The Democrats from stealing his Election. LOL.
Diane Vessels
Diane Vessels 3 dager siden
Thank goodness he is only in office a couple more days. Trump is not very good with facts.
Fionan O'Higgins
Fionan O'Higgins 2 dager siden
Lets see how good he is with figures when he has to confront the ITS!
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 3 dager siden
Tell me the truth please.. is this the dumbest person in the world.. my grandchildren are smarter..he is to stupid to be stupid this clown..f k.
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards 3 dager siden
Kevin Parratt
Kevin Parratt 4 dager siden
...... ..... ffs
Mihaela Ursuleac
Mihaela Ursuleac 4 dager siden
Manipulative, delusional sociopath, his interview and statements are following the same pattern of Ted Bundy's answers during interviews,
Oliver Rodriguez
Oliver Rodriguez 4 dager siden
Trump: "i dont know!! I dont know!!! I dont know him!! I dont know anytging!! Thetrs is a lot of deaths!!!... But everything is under control!!! 😅😅😅😅😅😅
chum702001 4 dager siden
Sure made America grate now didn't he
lucky boy
lucky boy 4 dager siden
Out of his depth as president.
KurtissDee Dee
KurtissDee Dee Dag siden
First you have to have a frontal vortex that functions...
Eric Sinsara
Eric Sinsara 4 dager siden
this is like watching one of the three stooges
Eric Sinsara
Eric Sinsara 4 dager siden
theirs no point in discussing Trump he's already maid a fool of him self two many time to laugh at besides he's out of office now
Serge Somborac
Serge Somborac 2 dager siden
No offense, but you made a fool of yourself when you used the word "maid"....
tsunami3240 3 dager siden
I would like to correct the spelling for the last reply before they call him stupid like they do Trump. there’s no point in discussing Trump, he’s already made a fool of himself too many times to - etc.
Bill Nason
Bill Nason 4 dager siden
Trump is the most ignorant person I've ever known hahaha
Jacques van der Hofstede
Jacques van der Hofstede 4 dager siden
And this man was voted into power.... and stayed there almost a full term
KurtissDee Dee
KurtissDee Dee Dag siden
I know right, how is this possible today...
Corinne Hill
Corinne Hill 4 dager siden
We have had mail in ballots in Oregon for years...
Julia Davis
Julia Davis 4 dager siden
Paula Mccreery
Paula Mccreery 4 dager siden
Whoever said he. Mr trump couldnt work at mcdonalds he should never even been a dog catcher
roberto gonzalez
roberto gonzalez 4 dager siden
Brother I don’t need you explanation, just leave the interview, is more interested like that ,
seng2008steven 4 dager siden
A bad ASS.
Jennifer Kline
Jennifer Kline 5 dager siden
The world is laughing at us. Donald Trump is a train wreck.
Ruby Rollocks
Ruby Rollocks 3 dager siden
Olga Boučková
Olga Boučková 5 dager siden
Takový marxisté si nezaslouží prezidenta jako je Donald Trump.
Anne Lewis
Anne Lewis 5 dager siden
Trump think this world revolves around him , the best thing is , is not to report anything at all about him nothing , putting somebody in Coventry , not speaking or acknowledging anything about him , would be the best thing , that could happen , it’s just he’s one dangerous dude
Anne Lewis
Anne Lewis 5 dager siden
Well Trump , got as much intelligence as a stone 😂that’s been buried in the ground for thousands of years , my God he’s one stupid moron
Ellie Antar
Ellie Antar 6 dager siden
Trump doesn't understand , really cannot keep up, cognitively challenged , hasn't got a clue - all lost on everything else. So when Trump came to office there wasn't a test because there was no Corona!!!!!! Sadly since this interview, the death rate has increased from 1000 deaths a day to currently 4000..tragic Trump probably doesnt know the story of John Lewis...
Ben Rockabillybilly
Ben Rockabillybilly 6 dager siden
Your a class act pakman. Someone with true cognitive prowess.
5 Star Vids
5 Star Vids 6 dager siden
Would have been good if you didn't keep cutting in no one wants to hear what u gotta say. omg!
5 Star Vids
5 Star Vids 6 dager siden
Just get on with it omg!
Mr. Logic Pants
Mr. Logic Pants 6 dager siden
I freaking LOVE that interviewer. He was awesome holding Trump accountable for all the stupid sh*t that he says. It was awesome!!!
Andy Grace
Andy Grace 3 dager siden
That's how we do journalism in Australia. We don't let the office or status of the person we're interviewing distract us from holding them accountable, simply because of their status. Quite the opposite. Having worked on air in both Australia and America I can honestly say that's a huge difference between the two countries' media. Australian leaders expect a war single every time they front up on camera, but I've seen horror from everyone in the room - including from other press - when a cutting question is asked of someone in a position of authority.
Philip Williams
Philip Williams 6 dager siden
The greatest President ever.
Thor’s #1 fan
Thor’s #1 fan 2 dager siden
Sean Lookchin
Sean Lookchin 6 dager siden
This was the person who was to make america great again😂😂😂
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 6 dager siden
Isn't America already "great"?
Hai B
Hai B 6 dager siden
Biden put kamala on the ticket for humiliating him further and it worked.
John Burke
John Burke 6 dager siden
What a smarmy smart ass so called reporter! If this is supposed to be about Covid then how many folk in the USA under the age of 60 without underlying health conditions have died of COVID-19? Exactly! Do your research people.
Gregor Tesla
Gregor Tesla 6 dager siden
2:26 sec. Mr Cochran mr Cochran (?) Bad interview even worse interviewer!
Frank Escamilla
Frank Escamilla 7 dager siden
Dems have hartases Trump for four years Death to infected
Frank Escamilla
Frank Escamilla 7 dager siden
Mail in voting for dead people and and people in other states. Justifying your cheating
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 6 dager siden
That's how Dubya and Trump got elected. It sounds like the Dems used the Reps techniques to get rid of this defective.
Hai B
Hai B 6 dager siden
Are you still there? 🤣
The Scary Hour
The Scary Hour 7 dager siden
Thanks for being neutral on so many issues and just showing the truth! It helps to have an unbiased look on all this ! I’ve watched 3 or 4 of your videos and you really just hit the nail on so many issues that other people shroud with political bias! Saying things that we want to say but can’t get it to audience sizes like this
Michael Wilks
Michael Wilks 7 dager siden
I would like to know why this buffoon thinks that he did so much for black people. I like for him to point out what, he's a fucking idiot. If he completely had his way he would mow us down in the street like junkyard dogs. If he's not a full-fledged white supremacist KKK etc. He must have extensively studied Adolf Hitler's tactics, he's a terrible, terrible thing(I can't even call him a human being).
Alexa Jessop
Alexa Jessop 8 dager siden
DT is very scary. Jonathan Swann is certainly hitting nails right on the head.
mitchie hiscocks
mitchie hiscocks 8 dager siden
keep your hands still for fuck sake
Shivasgirl 9 dager siden
I have fallen in love with Jonathan Swan after seeing this interview. I've watched this interview over and over again, it's my absolute favourite piece of entertainment. I now only have to see Swan's face and I start laughing picturing his reactions to Trumps idiocy.
David Alexoff
David Alexoff 9 dager siden
Those countries don't have 350 million citizens.
David Alexoff
David Alexoff 9 dager siden
Corona is BS
ניסן אילון קלר וויליאמס פתח תקווה
ניסן אילון קלר וויליאמס פתח תקווה 9 dager siden
He was right
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