The Kid LAROI - So Done (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
The Kid LAROI - So Done (Official Music Video)
Directed & Edited by: Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Khaled Rohaim & Omer Fedi
Director of Photography: Michael Stine
Steadicam Operator: Renard Cheren
1st AC: Allan Chavarria
2nd AC: Joshua Borgogni
Edited by: Cole Bennett
Visual Effects: Scissor Films
Color & Finishing: Lookwell TV
Taxi Driver: Sal Tarantino
Female Lead: Tyler Rain
Male Lead: Zack Kramer
Casting: Mill Ticket Entertainment
Costume: Rasheeda Ameera & @superroper
Kid Laroi Stylist: Jenna Demaio
BG Wardrobe: Aunna Kelly
Lead Wardrobe Assistant: Ambre Reed
Wardrobe Assistant: Shirley Chung
Makeup: Shaina Paulson
Production Design: Fusina Designs
Art Director: Rashi Jain
Lead Carpenter: Steve Andrews
Set Dresser: Andrew Caso
Set Dresser: Carlos Hernandez
PA: Asaad Khan
Gaffer: Chad McClellan
Key Grip: Daniel Vlahos
Electric: Arthur Garcia
Electric: Andrew Dorward
Grip: Isaiah Reza-Soto
Grip: Nicolas Ortiz y Pino
Grip Driver: Daniel Cabral
AD: Keilon Thompson
2nd AD: Nathanael Negron
PA: Malachi Barnes
PA: Alex Padilla
PA: Ryan Davis
PA: Lee Wilson
Executive Producer: Sal Tarantino
Line Producer: Krista Worby
Associate Producer: Jake Millan
Production Manager: Cat McCabe
Production Coordinator: Jonah Hart


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LENNY ~ a hidden character representing happiness & good energy

Asem blekete
Asem blekete 47 minutter siden
senam sodon sonam sodon
Irving F5
Irving F5 2 timer siden
drippzyy for pvl
drippzyy for pvl 2 timer siden
same taxi in robbery?
Rebecca Cruz
Rebecca Cruz 2 timer siden
Wow this song hits deep
STV Swervy
STV Swervy 3 timer siden
Nothing hurts more than knowing the love of your life doesn’t even care about you. The feeling of being used hurts so much.😔😞😔🥺🥺😩
Jordon Dixon
Jordon Dixon 4 timer siden
This Is so crazy how when I clicked on this video it had 9.7m views and then after I was done watching it it had 10m that’s 3k views in 2 minutes 😱
david. 4 timer siden
One of the most talented „rappers“ right now
Mason Everly
Mason Everly 4 timer siden
This it too good
Amber Ross
Amber Ross 5 timer siden
I love this somg
James McKinney
James McKinney 5 timer siden
Don't miss.
ismail almaidany
ismail almaidany 5 timer siden
So Done 😞
Santian Sena
Santian Sena 5 timer siden
Leland Metallic
Leland Metallic 5 timer siden
Fireeee 🔥🔥🔥
Arabang Mpete
Arabang Mpete 6 timer siden
We can't lose Laroi
Brad Ayers
Brad Ayers 7 timer siden
It is good for heart breaks
Black_drago1400 Th
Black_drago1400 Th 7 timer siden
Imagine if juice WRLD hopped on this song 🥺
Nylah Payne
Nylah Payne 9 timer siden
Omg omg omg omg 😱 is to
Mates hraje Cz
Mates hraje Cz 11 timer siden
this is underrated
IO 7 timer siden
Mad underrated, got the dopest Kid Laroi remix on my page tbh. 🔥🕊️
Reed is Cap
Reed is Cap 11 timer siden
What do u like better this or slowed and reverb
The Nameless Demi-God
The Nameless Demi-God 12 timer siden
This video reminds me of the movie "The Outsiders" a bit and Laroi actually looks like Ponyboy here too ironic
beefy07 homer simson
beefy07 homer simson 12 timer siden
Gizmo6701 12 timer siden
Is that the yellow cab from juice wrlds robbery
nna burn
nna burn 13 timer siden
Laroi is a goat
IO 7 timer siden
BIG FAX, mad underrated, got the dopest Kid Laroi remix on my page tbh. 🔥🕊️
Stan_h_s 13 timer siden
cant stop thinking he rigged the plane
RealDodo 13 timer siden
me waiting for The Kid LAROY release a bad song... still waiting .
IO 46 minutter siden
@RealDodo Love, thank u so much fr!!!!
IO 46 minutter siden
@RealDodo Love, thank u so much fr!!!!
RealDodo Time siden
@IO Nice remix loved it!
IO 7 timer siden
BIG FAX, mad underrated, got the dopest Kid Laroi remix on my page tbh. 🔥🕊️
JU1C3D 13 timer siden
LAROI gives me breakup vibes with a girl, which i've never had.
ash Baxter
ash Baxter 14 timer siden
This is the best song I have herd he doesn't miss
IO 7 timer siden
BIG FAX, mad underrated, got the dopest Kid Laroi remix on my page tbh. 🔥🕊️
Zeke Williams
Zeke Williams 16 timer siden
IO 7 timer siden
TOO FYRE, mad underrated, got the dopest Kid Laroi remix on my page tbh. 🔥🕊️
Trixxy Sweep
Trixxy Sweep 18 timer siden
Road to 11mil💯🐐
pro youtuber mathe
pro youtuber mathe 20 timer siden
dit is gewoon een niet gehandicapte versie van thijs
GRAVY 21 time siden
protect laroi, ski, trippie at all costs
akatsti 21 time siden
im the only who think in the second 0:34 is like the voice of x ?
Jotham John
Jotham John 21 time siden
I don’t fuck with the artist but this song is insane
kay emily miley theo
kay emily miley theo 22 timer siden
This is like my sister ex song
Toguel 23 timer siden
The taxi driver is the same as the juice robbery music! :( Rest in Peace!
Jed Castañares
Jed Castañares 23 timer siden
bruh he got two voices
Awesome Vatsal
Awesome Vatsal 23 timer siden
If we lose this legend imma give up on listening to Raps 😭😭😩🙌
Awesome Vatsal
Awesome Vatsal 23 timer siden
The kid LAROI is dropping bangers, Juice would be proud of you 😭😭
Gregory Ladalia
Gregory Ladalia Dag siden
12K dislikes? Must be bots...
Piet Bloothoofd
Piet Bloothoofd Dag siden
the first im done sounds like xxxtentachion
Sanjay Nathoo
Sanjay Nathoo Dag siden
ONE random person who likes this will have a wonderful life🖤9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣
Josue Ortega
Josue Ortega Dag siden
I love it
Ji'Dajah Daniels
Ji'Dajah Daniels Dag siden
X-ify On yt
X-ify On yt Dag siden
Juice is the best but so is Laroi
Bagdy Dag siden
I don't know if they had noticed but in the verse where you rap in the taxi apart from making the reference of Juice's Roberry, the style when singing reminds me a lot of that of Juice Wrld who used in some songs they don't believe it?
Jr. Shark
Jr. Shark Dag siden
Idk why but I think this should be a radio song
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil Dag siden
its too short thats why. Every song on the radio has to be a certain length
CMS Dag siden
So done
Zenify Dag siden
Loic Tetrault
Loic Tetrault Dag siden
Bob Peterson
Bob Peterson Dag siden
That girl bad af ngl
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Dag siden
Oh yeah yeah
FlynnFM Flynn
FlynnFM Flynn Dag siden
Juice is watching over him and will guide him the right way R.I.P Juice
Evan Gump
Evan Gump Dag siden
Who can’t stop listing to the song
Trending With Wogy
Trending With Wogy Dag siden
Kid Laroi ,little boy that won the world
mithiqn Dag siden
Ernest Littlejohn
Ernest Littlejohn Dag siden
Kid Is very talented
Liz Mendez
Liz Mendez Dag siden
Yo this is awesome
Daba Dag siden
Laroi, I know JUICE is happy and proud as a brother from heaven for u my dude, keep killing it as u do
Insomnia •
Insomnia • Dag siden
Kid Laroi will never be great than Juice. But his ok
turin ramirez
turin ramirez Dag siden
this song is so cool
PredX Gaming
PredX Gaming Dag siden
Guys that’s juice wrld’s taxi from the song robbery
Young GolDen
Young GolDen Dag siden
From Australia to the World
Kane Trujillo
Kane Trujillo Dag siden
Buy Bitcoin, thank me later
esther k
esther k Dag siden
Juice would be so proud
Brew Plays
Brew Plays Dag siden
The ukulele brings us vibes😎
R9 Harry
R9 Harry Dag siden
Sushi Dag siden
Anyone notice that he kinda sounds like X the first Time he said "I’m done"
Sushi Dag siden
@Aces &eights Ik but it’s just smt I noticed
Aces &eights
Aces &eights Dag siden
Idc beacuse he’s not x
Aaditya Desai
Aaditya Desai Dag siden
Yo I just realized the scene where Kid Laroi was in the taxi is the same scene as Juice Wrld in the robbery music video.
Linda Chase
Linda Chase Dag siden
To the 1% of people reading this: I hope you and your family stay safe and have an amazing day.
corado RCD
corado RCD Dag siden
Bathroom Sign
Bathroom Sign Dag siden
Are we going to ignore that she just broke up with him she got another man in 2 second
Jayden Noble
Jayden Noble Dag siden
Damn... three songs on his new Album which is F*ck you goodbye, This one so done, Always do, and Bathroom Skit ALL I CAN RELATE to 100% I fuckin love his music and I will continue to support his shit cause it helps a lot.... I LOVE KID LAROI 💯!!!!!!!!!!!
Zena Dag siden
Imagine this song in a call tune
mama chulo
mama chulo Dag siden
Thought it was yungblud for a sec Anyway love it
mcaa djeje
mcaa djeje Dag siden
Best song
invxrse Dag siden
Just know that juice is proud of u!🤩
Zibbi03 Dag siden
I relate too hard to some parts of this vid
Ashley Platt
Ashley Platt Dag siden
Yah he don't miss juice
It would’ve been cool if the girl had purple hair like the girl in the F*ck Love album cover
killa mane
killa mane Dag siden
Favvy song
drage c-w
drage c-w Dag siden
Nobody: Fortnite montages: yeah thanks I own this now
Jason Fuller
Jason Fuller Dag siden
oH buuteful
Kayden Fraser
Kayden Fraser Dag siden
Cant stop listening to this song Keep it up
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva Dag siden
I love this song
RickyRichReacts Dag siden
Py Slayer
Py Slayer Dag siden
This is mad
zay L
zay L Dag siden
He look like 6ix9ine
JetZoo Playz
JetZoo Playz Dag siden
Kid Laroi: At 17 Getting Millions Of Views Me: At 17 Still Trying To Balance The Light Switch
JetZoo Playz
JetZoo Playz 20 timer siden
@NUBIA lol
JetZoo Playz
JetZoo Playz 20 timer siden
@Wyatt Hausenfluke thanks
JetZoo Playz
JetZoo Playz 20 timer siden
@bagz t thanks
bagz t
bagz t 23 timer siden
nice joke bro
Wyatt Hausenfluke
Wyatt Hausenfluke Dag siden
Wyatt Hausenfluke
Wyatt Hausenfluke Dag siden
If you notice do you wanna come with us but they messed up on the plane shot because they show that you’re in through the same spot twice before crashing
GHOST_ KEVIN07 2 dager siden
He looks like disc
Cooper Reid
Cooper Reid 2 dager siden
Daddy writes your music buddy
PONTI DIAZ 2 dager siden
I've listened to this 13 times now.
Nathan Pienaar
Nathan Pienaar 2 dager siden
Why does he look like a California version of yungblood in a way
Lily Jenkins
Lily Jenkins 2 dager siden
That’s what I was thinking
Omer UZUNOMER 2 dager siden
If only juice was here too see how much he has improved and hoping that he sorounds himself with the right ppl that’s what makes laroi laroi
Dno Trizz
Dno Trizz 2 dager siden
Kamilaroi native brother from Australia. Yep, he my tribe FAM. We love you all! Remember that From aboriginal Australia 💯✌💜
Carter FN
Carter FN 2 dager siden
He used the same taxi as juice wrld in Rrobry
Rickelmy Cifuentes
Rickelmy Cifuentes 2 dager siden
Who else realizes That when he sings his voice changes deeper
Shadan Q
Shadan Q 2 dager siden
Please keep this man away from drugs at all costs
Minecraft Dominating redstone
Minecraft Dominating redstone 2 dager siden
Next juice wrld. Btw rip juice
tazeem lamina
tazeem lamina 2 dager siden
ok i realise now im not ready for love ok i realise now
Jedd Wardman
Jedd Wardman 2 dager siden
This dude cringe asf
Addyelie De Mota
Addyelie De Mota 2 dager siden
this is a lit song on god
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