Astrid S - It´s Ok If You Forget Me (Official Lyric Video)

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Astrid S - It´s Ok If You Forget Me (Official Lyric Video)
Listen to “- It´s Ok If You Forget Me”:
Connect with Astrid S:
Video by: Fill In Productions
Titles by: Brusjan
Two weeks and I wait ‘til the feeling hits
Maybe I just haven’t let it sink in
For three years we we’re living together
Held me like you’d hold me forever
Didn’t think that heartbreak would feel like this 
From everything to nothing at all
From every day to never at all
And everyone says that I should be sad
Is it normal that:
I don’t feel sorry for myself 
care if your hands touch somebody else 
wouldn’t get jealous If you’re happy 
It’s ok if you forget me 
I don’t feel empty now that you’re gone
Does that mean it didn’t mean nothing all?
But I’ll tell you what the worst is
It’s the way it doesn’t hurt
When I wish it did
Patience is a thing that I’ve learned from you
That some things can feel wrong even though they’re true
Went through all the hard times together
Kept me calm when I’d lose my temper
I’m just really grateful that I had you

M Judith Ja Khawn Bu
M Judith Ja Khawn Bu Minutt siden
Relatable.... A huge weight was lifted off when he found somebody else... sincerely hope he will have a happy ending and a beautiful family life..
Queenie Jorge
Queenie Jorge Time siden
Fist theory Choreography
Fist theory Choreography 4 timer siden
I feel this shit
Shubh way
Shubh way 5 timer siden
Forget democracy; let the music rule the world.
Songbird Lyle
Songbird Lyle 6 timer siden
"its okay not to be okay" 988 translife all that good stuff, you are loved.
siti syazana
siti syazana 6 timer siden
This song describe how i feel right now..really
Nicolas Hibbert
Nicolas Hibbert 12 timer siden
This song is getting me thru this tough time
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell 15 timer siden
Wow such a good rhyme Felt so good and happy after listening
Ojang Tumeg
Ojang Tumeg 16 timer siden
xue wei
xue wei 16 timer siden
0:58 i think her ex feels really hurt but she feels nothing, that's why the guilt she caused her ex feel hurt made her wish she felt pain too
Mehak Zahra
Mehak Zahra 18 timer siden
Damn this songs defines my situation :'(
JustYourAverage 19 timer siden
Id rather have nobody than someone breaking my heart
Scha Hana
Scha Hana 19 timer siden
entah kenapa tiap kali starting beat lagu ni aku dengar mcm lagu najwa latif ke tasha mashahar
Cherylph 03
Cherylph 03 19 timer siden
i love it
THAO XUAN Dag siden
Why being sad? I dont quite get the message
April Rocha
April Rocha Dag siden
This is the song I wish was made on the day we broke up HAHAHAH cause it doesn't hurt me when I wish it did HAHAHA
Elly Hu
Elly Hu Dag siden
This song to me is about my break-up with my best friend. We've been best friends for 15 years since college. I really thought we would be friends for life. The breakup was not anyone's fault, just two people growing apart. We tried to hold on to each other throughout the years, but our lives slowly become very different. Eventually, we don't have anything in common anymore. I felt I have been initiating since the last couple of months, so I wrote a letter to her to reflect on our relationship and asked if we were okay. I can see she tried but I know she's not my best friend anymore. The worse part really is, it didn't hurt the way I wish it did. I guess we've not been close friends for longer than I thought. I have no regrets that I tried though. Not having closure to me is more painful than pretending everything is okay.
Nana Otaku
Nana Otaku Dag siden
13 years and am still in love with my 1st love like I did when I was in high school.. the sneak out at night .. long talks .. those funny gifts and love letters ... and to all my ex after him.... I can't love them anymore .. still need time to move on ... I thought I moved on but funny why my tears comes down evrytime I hear his name and sees him .. It hurts 💔
Fym Pasia
Fym Pasia Dag siden
did you know that last october i had my breakup and i found out he cheated on me. this is the FIRST song i listened to and i swear everything feels 100x better. and i made a progess already!! thankyou so muchhh the lyrics really touched me!
애라 Dag siden
can u make a song about being a second choice :((
Karla Viviana Durán Pérez
Karla Viviana Durán Pérez Dag siden
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B P Dag siden
Lala Mu
Lala Mu Dag siden
She literally described my break up story, our relationship even lasted 3 years, like the song. But, yes I don't feel sorry... And it was weird, like "shouldn't I be sad?" It was a mutual decision, and it was not a toxic relationship like so many people shared here. We were fine but we were making different plans and realized we weren't in each other's plans... We still talk, sometimes, that line "to every day to never at all" really hit there, but then at the same time I "wouldn't get jealous" if he finds happiness somewhere else. Yeah I guess this is a weird feeling, glad there's this song that we all can relate to it 😅😅
Elucinator Dag siden
Few years from now I would be telling myself boy you got to witness the birth of a star.
Moody Music
Moody Music Dag siden
Life is a strange melody, with messed up lyrics
Abby Gail
Abby Gail Dag siden
It's been 4 days since I broke up with my almost 3 year ex boyfriend. It hurts, but not the way I was expecting. I'm just grateful for the love and happiness. I will always be grateful for his love. Tho I don't want to come back because right now, I'm sleeping good, not like the way I'm having heartaches when we're still together.
Koushik Bhowmik
Koushik Bhowmik Dag siden
Wonderful ☺☺☺
Eeshita Verma
Eeshita Verma Dag siden
But I thought it hurts so good
Lexzin Kim
Lexzin Kim 2 dager siden
New fave song! 😳
Yohannah Gonzales
Yohannah Gonzales 2 dager siden
"Wouldnt get jealous if youre happy " Its okay that you forget me " - but im not 🙂
Anni Indahrini N.
Anni Indahrini N. 2 dager siden
2013 - 2021 ?? 😊
Jims ff
Jims ff 2 dager siden
Shittttt this song is too ooo goooodddd babyyyyyyy🧡🧡🧡🧡💚💛👑
Travel for lyfe! \m/
Travel for lyfe! \m/ 2 dager siden
Fallin in love w/ one of my good friend and have a relationship after adoring this person for 2yrs but then I find out that this person doesn't know the value of commitment in a relationship. So, I better to walk out, and giving up from this love story. Thank u for the 3months sweetnesses. I yabbadoo 🥀
Suzanne J
Suzanne J 2 dager siden
just found this song suddenly.. my ex bf just dump me without a notice, after a 4 year relationship he suddenly block me all..n just few days before i found out he is marrying some girl..
Chawitei Renthlei
Chawitei Renthlei Dag siden
That feeling is the hardest💔
Efe Aikpokhio
Efe Aikpokhio 2 dager siden
Why do u wish it hurt isn’t it a good thing u aren’t hurt?
Liliana Wang
Liliana Wang Dag siden
Because it means it's not over if it hurt
Ayu Devita S
Ayu Devita S 2 dager siden
Patience is a thing that I've learned from you :')
Cassarina Moodie
Cassarina Moodie 2 dager siden
This artist is so underated ....this song is amazing!!!
Alka Gautam
Alka Gautam 2 dager siden
Such a beautiful song....
Sheena Aguirre
Sheena Aguirre 3 dager siden
Khamhring _
Khamhring _ 3 dager siden
I can't play this song on spotify. Somebody please tell me why🥺
JNM JAM 3 dager siden
Forget me... I beg you. Then I can forget about you to. Sorry I just lied. I could never forget. It hurts like a bitch, The way you said you hate me with so many words, It's absurd how much I wish it was different, But it isn't, Now you that you hate me, You wouldn't think to rate me, I would be so low, On your stupid chart, Now I see the art behind the madness, Now I feel no sadness, Just alot of guilt, The flower inside is starting to wilt, Help me feel better, Help me see clearly, I love you dearly, But you'll never know, And you'll never see this, Just ignorance, And sweet bliss, That I can't cherish even if I tried to. You implied too... You will never know how hard I tried to get to you. Before it's too late. But every move I make is one step closer to over. Every move I make is closer to you forgetting the good... If there was any. And yes there is plenty of bad. But underneath it all I'm kind of glad I met you, Even with all the bullshit and tears, All these years... I don't want to say goodbye... I'm dying inside....
Alex Flores
Alex Flores 3 dager siden
Yula xxi
Yula xxi 3 dager siden
Andrea_L.G.G 3 dager siden
When i wished that covid will be gone at 2021 I wish it did
auu _ticha
auu _ticha 3 dager siden
oh babe_ when we finished relationship you was deleting all from your life. why you just think about your? why you not thinking about me? how about my recovery? im still loving you. i dont know. so hard for deleting and forget you from my life!
Choi Hyunsuk's
Choi Hyunsuk's 3 dager siden
Why does it feel like I broken up with someone but in reality I had no boyfriend since birth and I'm still young. Skskdks
Nonhlanhla Mchunu
Nonhlanhla Mchunu Dag siden
😹me too
Yasin Kazmi
Yasin Kazmi 3 dager siden
I care for her so much that she cheated on me
majda Elidrissi :3
majda Elidrissi :3 3 dager siden
I really appreciate this song ! Literally what I m feeling after a break up a week ago ! Found my song, I guess!
Zay x_x
Zay x_x 3 dager siden
I'm here because of Junhee from A.C.E
Salomé XI
Salomé XI 3 dager siden
It hurts me so much when she says, "it's okay if you forget me". Because it make me realize that we will forget.... I don't want to.
jameel parveen
jameel parveen 3 dager siden
Beautiful lyrical song💜🖤
Mary Kabocha
Mary Kabocha 3 dager siden
So many
Mariana Gonzaga
Mariana Gonzaga 3 dager siden
I love this song 💕
Yuki The Wanderer
Yuki The Wanderer 3 dager siden
This is such a lovely composition 😭
Laura Profanter
Laura Profanter 3 dager siden
I can relate 100%
Mimii Chongthu
Mimii Chongthu 3 dager siden
I love this song ❤❤ better than original
Athirah Azib
Athirah Azib 3 dager siden
I know one guy which is my x boyfriend....I usedd to hate him because he was playboy and one day he keeps hitting on me then I opened my heart for him also we've been together for 2 years....and untill now he's still can't get over towards his crush.Then,I decide to let him..... go.Every cloud has silver lining, thanks for sharing your love with me. All the best for your future with her. I don’t feel sorry for myself  care if your hands touch somebody else  wouldn’t get jealous If you’re happy  It’s ok if you forget me  :') It's okay if you forget me- Astrid S
Anis Sabri
Anis Sabri 3 dager siden
All the lyrics are kept in the heart. Don't have strength even to sing it 😢
Akshay Suresh
Akshay Suresh 3 dager siden
Urvashi Maheshwari
Urvashi Maheshwari 4 dager siden
Feelings 🥺
Kay’Dance Banks
Kay’Dance Banks 4 dager siden
It’s crazy how heart break can feel like nothing, it’s scary, and you just want to feel the normal sadness but you can’t. You have so many questions and nobody to answer them, so many thoughts but nothing to settle them
Jajan Rupini
Jajan Rupini 4 dager siden
Love this song 🎵
a sushi
a sushi 4 dager siden
thak u ex, i feel so empty r now
Dear Camelia
Dear Camelia 4 dager siden
I'm trying to feel calm But it hurts me How 🥺
Honey Honey
Honey Honey 4 dager siden
Its when your used to the pain, you dont to shed any tears, because your used to it, you knew it was gonna happen anyways, the number of times your heart was shattered... It got used to the feeling of breaking.
Joselina 4 dager siden
such a talented woman
revelink nation
revelink nation 4 dager siden
this song sounds modern yet it gives me so much nostalgia like it's a song from the early 2000s
THE DIGITALS 4 dager siden
이지후 4 dager siden
너라서 사랑했던 것이 아닌, 단지 너라는 사람을 사랑했던 것 뿐이었는데. 그게 너라서 잊기 힘든 이유가 돼버렸어. I didn't love you because you were you, I just loved you. But that's why it's hard to forget because it was you.
POORNIMA SHARMA 4 dager siden
Ohh that pain # nostalgia PS I m brave now 😊...and u will also be same someday
Natalia Tan
Natalia Tan 4 dager siden
omg i’m crying lol idek why
Priya Panday
Priya Panday 4 dager siden
Sushoto Jakha
Sushoto Jakha 4 dager siden
Everything to nothing at all.
whatagreatme 4 dager siden
youtube recommend me this song and I like it!
Kalan You
Kalan You 4 dager siden
Ripoff riff
Alacia Rabuli
Alacia Rabuli 4 dager siden
She has nice songs and a nice voice 😍😍🥰I love you Astrid I'm your biggest fan I really love your songs Pliz tag me
chrizel 5 dager siden
"Acceptance" in a song.
vikram Singha
vikram Singha 5 dager siden
your voice is so similar to Alec Benjamin
ElBint 1412
ElBint 1412 5 dager siden
Thank you for this song ❤
Adelaide Ragan
Adelaide Ragan 5 dager siden
Im so happy because this song finally rings true for me 😍😁 we love personal growth
bapakakubest 5 dager siden
The ahead tent concomitantly carve because bagpipe alternately bounce qua a near panther. imaginary, dry bath
اسير الاحزان
اسير الاحزان 5 dager siden
Who am i............?????!!!!!!
অর্ণব আহাম্মেদ ইমরান
অর্ণব আহাম্মেদ ইমরান 5 dager siden
গানের কথা গুলো মন ছুয়ে গেলো..🙂🙂
marjaanm 5 dager siden
If this song doesnt get 10 mil+ views this year, im coming at yall.
Farah Syazwani
Farah Syazwani 5 dager siden
Well,this is how I feel right now
Secre Pesmon
Secre Pesmon 5 dager siden
Elbert Gonzales
Elbert Gonzales 5 dager siden
ZeroCurse 5 dager siden
held me like you'll hold me forever.
Jiter Sora
Jiter Sora 3 timer siden
Current situation 🤧
ZeroCurse 5 dager siden
FLEURNAFF 5 dager siden
He will no longer be there , or maybe I’m the one who walked away past him to find myself again. I miss him but it’s okay now
Mountains Melody
Mountains Melody 6 dager siden
And it’s my story that you sang🥂 thank you beautiful❤️😘
Diana Castillo
Diana Castillo 6 dager siden
One day of the 2020 I heard this song but I didn't remember the name of the song... or the melody.... and now appears in my Loop of music on youtube
David Carter
David Carter 6 dager siden
This video must have been very tiring to shoot.
Ravi Jajoo
Ravi Jajoo 6 dager siden
Isn't it crazy how not one of us know eachother but somehow music brings us together and we instantly have a connection ✓!!!❤️
Sephoo Sans
Sephoo Sans 6 dager siden
Me rn
ummudurrah 6 dager siden
cry over this song again and again. idk why, we just take a break for a while, but I feel like isn't for a while. We still contact each other, we still care for each other. but, idk how to react. our relationship was not the same anymore. you know I always wait for u, choose u every million times. I hope you're doing good.
Sweta Kunwar
Sweta Kunwar 6 dager siden
Is she the Astrid from 'hurts so good' ? Cause i love her voice☺️
Liliana Wang
Liliana Wang 7 dager siden
Used to getting hurt Everytime that it doesn't hurt anymore . We cried everyday during the relationship so no tears left to cry when it is over everything is just numb.
Olivia Halsona
Olivia Halsona 7 dager siden
Needed to hear this song
Prashant sahil Nautiyal
Prashant sahil Nautiyal 7 dager siden
Kathryn Folklore
Kathryn Folklore 7 dager siden
“Care if your hands touch somebody else..” Me watching my crush have sweet moments with her girlfriend. It really hits hard if there was no label at all.
star of mid night
star of mid night 7 dager siden
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