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3 måneder siden

Thursday Flipping Investments video for this week in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team! Another WL Rewards market rise coming!
TOTW Prediction: MattFUTTrading/status/1321154516159549442/photo/1
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tinosqindis 2 måneder siden
The funny thing bruh, your last weekend videos, still the same bro, give us new content ,not just repetitive info all the time.It would sound like clickbait
Bobby Dhesi
Bobby Dhesi 3 måneder siden
u think its a good investment in sane?
S P 3 måneder siden
What page is he on futbin? When he is discussing metaplayers to buy during rewards on thursday?
Orange Crush
Orange Crush 3 måneder siden
The GOAT!!!! Thanks brother!!!!
Rasmus Näslund
Rasmus Näslund 3 måneder siden
The links are affected just look at hazard or mendy already
Ceyda Q
Ceyda Q 3 måneder siden
Should i sell Thursday or Friday
Connor Rush
Connor Rush 3 måneder siden
All in on Neuer for under 40k. With the Mukiele, IF Kimmich and RB Lewa on the way I like it.
Global 3 måneder siden
Joe Gomez inform could be coming.
Thys Sijpkens
Thys Sijpkens 3 måneder siden
It’s annoying how everyone wants to be a trader all of a sudden just stup you are making the market crash
501sabu501 3 måneder siden
I ask again, should I sell the *TOTW* Renato Sanches I packed since he’s extinct right now and use the coins to reinvest?
Josh Goodall
Josh Goodall 3 måneder siden
Videos are so helpful hopefully gunna make bank this Thursday flip 💪🏽
Michael Haxby
Michael Haxby 3 måneder siden
I've invested a million coin this week hoping for a million return if all goes to plan
Andres Flores
Andres Flores 3 måneder siden
I invested in 2 joe Gomez and 1 de jong
Ernest Prakasa
Ernest Prakasa 3 måneder siden
Xllmxnn 3 måneder siden
I could literally watch you talk about the market for hours. Great work man, love from Germany!
Richard Stainer
Richard Stainer 3 måneder siden
When you buy a card what % increase will you typically relist it at after? My biggest issue is probably being too greedy with my relist price.
RobFut 99
RobFut 99 3 måneder siden
I never buy a card that I couldn’t sell immediately at least at break-even. That way if it’s flat you don’t lost hard. Always get an undercut
Kamran Azam
Kamran Azam 3 måneder siden
Bruno Fernandes down to 100k, worth investing for flipping on Friday?
Ali Maw
Ali Maw 3 måneder siden
Can anyone tell me when to buy and sell in Eastern time zone (NY)
Jake Hamill
Jake Hamill 3 måneder siden
in general, you want to buy when Europe is online they are 5 hours ahead of EST. Once Europe goes to bed, the market normally rises and is a good time to sell.
Nykhil Sandhu
Nykhil Sandhu 3 måneder siden
I’ve only got 100k, what should I trade with?
Han 3 måneder siden
What are you thoughts on Renato Sanchez
PGS Holland
PGS Holland 3 måneder siden
Great quality content, as always 👏🏻
Stephen Hall
Stephen Hall 3 måneder siden
When should I buy rule breaker llorente
Liam O Callaghan
Liam O Callaghan 3 måneder siden
Tomorrow after rewards.
Evelin Gheorghita
Evelin Gheorghita 3 måneder siden
Hello! I got like 150 Engine for 150 coins. Is that a good investment?
MarcelinoGarciaToral nuestro padre
MarcelinoGarciaToral nuestro padre 3 måneder siden
Thanks from Spain🙋🏽‍♂️
Fade Plays
Fade Plays 3 måneder siden
Just bought hunter cards for 2k, will they rise?
Fade Plays
Fade Plays 3 måneder siden
@Yung_iibz nice!
Yung_iibz 3 måneder siden
100% people will want meta chem styles for new players they buy or pack
MrElite _003
MrElite _003 3 måneder siden
Easy coins this week 💪🏼💴
Finoza 3 måneder siden
Great video thanks for your content Question: how will valverde inform affect rulebraker llorente ?
Xllmxnn 3 måneder siden
Valverde will probably prevent Llorente from rising much as Llorente's card isn't overly popular plus Valverde offers the Real Madrid links which are more desireable
Diego Horta
Diego Horta 3 måneder siden
What's the best time to buy my team guys?
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 3 måneder siden
Unfortunately it’s gonna be Hummels instead of Akanji and why no Upamecano
Kevin Aguilera
Kevin Aguilera 3 måneder siden
What timezone are you because you said you were buying a 8 pm
Ashley Cullen.
Ashley Cullen. 3 måneder siden
Do you think league SBCs will be out this year?
Root 3 måneder siden
is this good time to invest in high rated cards? for upcoming sbcs? i have like 1M
MarcelinoGarciaToral nuestro padre
MarcelinoGarciaToral nuestro padre 3 måneder siden
I am investing n Azpilicueta, Digne, Sule, Pique, Busquets...
jmv 3 måneder siden
if too many people are investing then there’s a chance the market won’t rise as much
Jonathan Moon
Jonathan Moon 3 måneder siden
Hi Nate, I just hit 1 mil for the year. What cards do you think would give me the best return. Good vid!... I'm just always a little hesitant with investing for some reason. It would make sense to see another big rise with there being no incentive to play the game from Monday-Wednesday.
Ghost 3 måneder siden
Nate can’t hold your hand through the buying process by giving u names. He’s given us so much info on trends and chemistry style trading on meta cards that it’s obvious who to buy and who will rise on Thursday. He says it in this video aswell.
Victor Ouno
Victor Ouno 3 måneder siden
Daniel Youssef
Daniel Youssef 3 måneder siden
When should I buy my team?
Diego Horta
Diego Horta 3 måneder siden
اسامة علي خلف E-4-3
اسامة علي خلف E-4-3 3 måneder siden
I need to talk to you in discord if u dont mind Am Samy from Iraq .
Fahad Ahmed
Fahad Ahmed 3 måneder siden
Allan is a good investment? Thinking of buying a few
mmcrg ros
mmcrg ros 3 måneder siden
Have 500k pls give me a good investment
Raphael Yap
Raphael Yap 3 måneder siden
20-30 at its best
mmcrg ros
mmcrg ros 3 måneder siden
@Sholito how much do you think they will rise?
Sholito 3 måneder siden
Son and martial
Willie Moore
Willie Moore 3 måneder siden
What’s ur opinion on buying sane if lewandowski comes out?
Harz77 3 måneder siden
Can someone give me one investment right now that I can sign loads of please?
Michael Haxby
Michael Haxby 3 måneder siden
I would invest now and early Thursday morning then cards should rise though out the day and one thing I can promise if u pick him up under 17k u will easily make a good few 1000 just before weekend league as people will be making there teams and hes probably the best affordable rb in the prem so anything under 18k for him is a steal for me at least anyway. And one little thing its always a gamble and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't that the market this year unfortunately
Harz77 3 måneder siden
@Michael Haxby will he rise as much as last week. Do I sell my whole team now and invest in just him and sell Friday?
Michael Haxby
Michael Haxby 3 måneder siden
Plus hes a very popular rb in the prem as not many challenging his position at min for his price and how good he is
Michael Haxby
Michael Haxby 3 måneder siden
Nelson smedo I keep sniping him at 16k on xbox and picked a few up for 13k and hes selling at 21=22k and already sold to lazy buyers at 25k on a few and I've brought about 45 cards of him so I'm looking for a good return
mmcrg ros
mmcrg ros 3 måneder siden
@Sholito why fred?
Cakinator 3 måneder siden
I have a gold lewa would you hold or just sell before his predicted Inform.
Frostie 3 måneder siden
Ricardo j
Ricardo j 3 måneder siden
Sell son Thursday
Yilong Shi
Yilong Shi 3 måneder siden
if ederson perfect links to if walker and rb laporte
kangaroobollocks 3 måneder siden
No it hyperlinks...
Jakob Eriksson
Jakob Eriksson 3 måneder siden
Great video!
ivan _
ivan _ 3 måneder siden
Is davinson Sanchez a good investment this week??
niklas johansson
niklas johansson 3 måneder siden
Anyone who is meta will be bought before wl and prices will rise a bit
kevin guo
kevin guo 3 måneder siden
jtrfed 3 måneder siden
thursday flips lets go
OM4Rx 3 måneder siden
Wesley Van gestel
Wesley Van gestel 3 måneder siden
Can u respond dm? Support u more then a year Appreciate it❤️
Wesley Van gestel
Wesley Van gestel 3 måneder siden
@TheFutAccountant got some questions bro
TheFutAccountant 3 måneder siden
What's up bro
La Flame
La Flame 3 måneder siden
Big fan📈🔥
Graeme Foster
Graeme Foster 3 måneder siden
4am in the UK👀 give me them investments!
Harz77 3 måneder siden
Who you investing in bro
ConsomePanchi 3 måneder siden
Back to firstttt.... Great content Nate!
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