How Loma RUINED An Incredible Fighters Career

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To whet your appetite for Loma Lopez, tonight, here is on of the Ukrainian Genius' most impressive performances. A night when forced one of the sports most dangerous punchers - to quit on their stool.
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HugoBossman Måned siden
Motive you make me more excited for fights than Fox, Espn and Sky do combined lmao. The boxing community is lucky to have you! 🥊👑
Loren Rich
Loren Rich Måned siden
Espn is a joke when it comes to boxing
Sicknowledge NorCalFinest
Sicknowledge NorCalFinest Måned siden
Vinskikauski Amourelius
Vinskikauski Amourelius Måned siden
Congrats to Teo. Idk why Loma didnt throw that much punches. Easily the LEAST amount of punches hes ever thrown
William Valentine
William Valentine Måned siden
Same! This channel single handedly made me fall in love with professional boxing!
mctreasure Måned siden
for real, they should hire him full time for making trailers and the all access type shows!
Slim Jim
Slim Jim 14 timer siden
Terrance. just got his ass whooped.
BallisticaMetal 16 timer siden
I was excited, I was hyped... until this part came 8:27 who the hell is this girl???! boxing? what's that?
Damonta Robinson
Damonta Robinson Dag siden
How Lopez ruined an overated fighters career
The King Of Jotunheim
The King Of Jotunheim Dag siden
I guess ducking is sometimes good for ones career
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 2 dager siden
I wouldn’t call Walters “incredible” 😆 y’all really tryna hype up loma 😅😂
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube 2 dager siden
See this is what yoy call fight or flight he chose to give up on his career that shouldn't happen from one loss and from literally one of the pound for pound best fighters you get back to training and you do better like damn he was a good fighter also I don't get it I think trainers should instill in there fighters that in a career you can lose it can happen but we fight for it not to and if it ever does you don't stop you keep going like idk just crazy imo
DLion 10
DLion 10 5 dager siden
I remember this guy. He was the guy that knocked out donaire. I was impressed, but of course Lima ruined it lmao
Maze Gets
Maze Gets 7 dager siden
There's ni shame in loosing. But there is when quitting.
Dean Trim
Dean Trim 8 dager siden
The Mozart of boxing..GENIUS
Kogasengaha Hishoshi
Kogasengaha Hishoshi 10 dager siden
Loma didn't seem the same during his recent fight losing his belts, compared to Inoue it seems like Loma lost a bit of his edge with rust during the whole covid thing.
Hazardous Roo
Hazardous Roo 20 dager siden
Proof positive that boxing is just as much mental as it is physical. Doesn't matter how skilled, how strong, how fast Walters is if he doesn't have the will to bounce back from such a demoralizing loss. Damn shame.
Carnales Flows Ent
Carnales Flows Ent 27 dager siden
Can NO d'EAU
Can NO d'EAU Måned siden
Judges should have to pass a test looking at old fights and scoring to see if they can score the fight decently.
vThor Sanchez
vThor Sanchez Måned siden
he is such an artist.
Get This Smoke
Get This Smoke Måned siden
walters was on the couch and went right back after not even trying to win..
I love politicians
I love politicians Måned siden
Those endings are cheesy
Ajxni Måned siden
I know Walters looking at what teo did like MANNNNN I COULDA DID THAT. And he could of...i honestly think he was just mentally defeated before the fight. He got caught up in the loma hype. Just like loma got caught up in the teo hype.
Christian Måned siden
Loma good, but he can't be a p4p position with only a total of 15 fights. I hope he fight Lopez in a rematch.
LoneRider Måned siden
ha ha, man, i love your videos. I really love Jim Foster's narration/commentary as well! I see the link for his freelance work - i'm literally thinking of any excuse that I can hire him. Narrate my dogs birthday video or something. lol
Holdthedoor Måned siden
Motivedia could make touching gross soggy food in the dish water sound good.
Violet Purple
Violet Purple Måned siden
Love your narration voice!!!
jovanie coyme
jovanie coyme Måned siden
name off beautiful reporter please????
Jesus Garcia Gonzalez
Jesus Garcia Gonzalez Måned siden
When people tried to sell me Lomachenko hype i said, “that boy doesn’t put people to sleep and is gonna cost him with the bigger dudes” and people laughed at me my friends and on social media everyone thought i was wrong. Because “he is nomaschenko you don’t need power” well what else went wrong in the Lopez fight besides the fact that he couldn’t hurt Teo. He was countering clean since the first round catching Lopez coming in with combinations many times the lack of punching power is an actual weakness for Loma. He got nomaschenkos against natural 120 lbs guys but these bigger dudes will not feel the punishment.
Carl DeMayo
Carl DeMayo Måned siden
This aged like milk
BOXING LBNR Måned siden
i love box so much
Punisherrr 007
Punisherrr 007 Måned siden
Daamn, the draw shattered him.. Am not sure he could handle a loss. Some Fighters should be better than this tho'.. Couple losses doesn't mean your career is over!!
M.A Måned siden
vic darchinyan is not a hall of famer
Alessandro Frioli
Alessandro Frioli Måned siden
Teofimo desagrees
Malice XI
Malice XI Måned siden
Now make a video on how teofimo ended lomas career
RB Rivera
RB Rivera Måned siden
Then Lopez schooled
Chargers Stan Account
Chargers Stan Account Måned siden
How Lopez RUINED a incredible fighters career
GM Måned siden
Loma sits on punches alot & thats his weakness. Teo knew & capitalised, got job done!
Vicious Måned siden
Motivedia next is how lopez ruined an incredible career... because lopez schooled loma
ross longmuir
ross longmuir Måned siden
What the song in the background at 0:42
JAP GAMING Måned siden
Lopez ruined his career. 😂
Dylan Pacis
Dylan Pacis Måned siden
Well NoMasChenko is NO MAS now amigos.
TomAsh Infinity
TomAsh Infinity Måned siden
And this guy thought he could beat Pacquiao at 135 lb and thought he is better than Floyd Mayweather Jr. Not even close.
TomAsh Infinity
TomAsh Infinity Måned siden
The hype is real as in real hype only and Loma is overrated! Loma wouldn’t stand a chance against an elite boxer. Maybe now in his generation and category which are really weak, he succeeded for awhile but he has been exposed by a kid who is not even in his prime yet. He needs to do more joggling and dance lessons to improve his attack and boxing skills. NoMatchChenko, no match for Teo. The matrix took 7 rounds to download Teo because Teo’s program is too big it nearly crushed him on the 12th round when Teo finally adapted and figured him out in just rounds 8-11. On the 12th round Teo Neo’d the matrix.
Cowboy Western38
Cowboy Western38 Måned siden
Chavez Jr does this every fight
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt Måned siden
I'm stoned, and this is awesome, so cool to watch, it's like a good audio movie
MidNighT JZ
MidNighT JZ Måned siden
All the greats have lost fights. People are quick to talk down on a great fighter after they lose.
MidNighT JZ
MidNighT JZ Måned siden
@starwatchedits勝 Rocky Marciano? Why are you making this about race?
StrictlyService905 Måned siden
Next video how an incredible fighter ruined Loma’s career.
Dark blade 7
Dark blade 7 Måned siden
still with poor PPV ratings
GetHype Gaming
GetHype Gaming Måned siden
Is this video about Loma who just got outboxed by a kid? 😂😂😂 sheesh lol
Charley Vi
Charley Vi Måned siden
Waiting for Loma vs Lopez video you’re going to make.
kryogyn1 Måned siden
Do a video about how Teo ended Loma.
Chris Gowers
Chris Gowers Måned siden
How Lopez ended Loma's incredible career. The "Shoulder Gate" scandal has begun lol.
wazaraki Måned siden
Well Loma is done now...
Jay-Arr Ramos
Jay-Arr Ramos Måned siden
Lomachenko was lucky that he and Pacquiao weren't in the same time at the super featherwight and lightweight division,...Pacquiao would definitely give him a beating
No màs.
MMA Knowledge
MMA Knowledge Måned siden
Should of made video on how Lopez ruined Lomas career lol 😂
KuKuKlock123 Måned siden
How Salido and now Lopez ruined Loma’s career? Bob Arum was trying to hype up his cash cow SOOO hard. But lucky for him he got enough delusional ‘fans’ to keep giving him money anyways.
Boricuas Distinguidos
Boricuas Distinguidos Måned siden
Next video for Motivedia; How Teofimo destroyed Lomanchenko's career.....
Giant Squid
Giant Squid Måned siden
How Teofimo lopez ruined an ordinary fighter called Loma
G3 Gaming
G3 Gaming Måned siden
How an incredible fighter ruined Lomachenko's career.
drgdfh fdhfd
drgdfh fdhfd Måned siden
Loma is a real fraud like i always said in the comments here , nobody belived me. The dude did not even land a punch for like first 6 rounds. And all boxing experts called him the god,matrix and whatever bullshit. I had loma winning maybe 2 rounds if i am nice. That loma frauds career is more over than Wilders lol !
Damone Johnson
Damone Johnson Måned siden
Anthony Drosos
Anthony Drosos Måned siden
that fight blew chunks
Nazareth Berlanga
Nazareth Berlanga Måned siden
No mas... Chenko! Hahaha!
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson Måned siden
You mean how NO-Machenko 😆 RUINED 😄 his boxing career after being "totally" DOMINATED 😆💪🏾🇺🇲 by Teofimo Lopez in a brutal 12 round lopsided LOSS!!! 😢😄
boxfanz Måned siden
Loma was a hype job. 16 wins and he’s considered great?!? Gtfoh
East Afrika
East Afrika Måned siden
He is now ready for Tank Davis, Davon Haney and Bud Crawford, the undefeated fighter.
Ingemar Kenyatta
Ingemar Kenyatta Måned siden
I thought this was gonna be about Loma giving up the WBC belt then losing to Teo
Clemond Brown
Clemond Brown Måned siden
I liked the axe man too. But he got his check and hasn't been in the ring since. Ballooned up to 185
Giant Squid
Giant Squid Måned siden
I hope you all show how Mayweather ruined incredible fighters. Lopez has derailed the Loma hype train that ppl like you who made this video has helped to create
MyNameJeff Måned siden
“How teofimo ruined an incredible career” im waiting 🍿0-0
Shane Brady
Shane Brady Måned siden
This fight stalled over $$ for sometime. Felt like NW took the money and ran to me.
MuscleSheriff Måned siden
He ruined his own career with that game plan Vs Lopez... A fight doesn't start at round 8! Lol
252S1cKS1D3 Måned siden
Now Lopez ended lomas career. Its the circle of life
raqdaddy85 Måned siden
Loooooserrrrr! Fake champ!
xx Måned siden
After watching the lopez fight, I realized he's just overhyped, but after watching his few fights, I don't know why that's his performance
wryda1hunna Måned siden
I'm about to end this man whole career -Superhotfire
K. Elie
K. Elie Måned siden
Meh...Walters was a scrub
Young Chief
Young Chief Måned siden
He never had a great pro career he’s been a great WHITE hope, a white fighter with skill and all of a sudden he the Goat stfu 🤦🏾‍♂️ real boxing fans knew he was never P4P #1
M.D. F
M.D. F Måned siden
How Loma RUINED himself. By only coming to the fight at round 7.
The Milkman
The Milkman Måned siden
Me. Måned siden
this hasnt aged too well hehe
THS Last
THS Last Måned siden
Half of these fools had the nerve to say Loma could box with Mayweather!!! That’s just foolish. What about now
DX Format
DX Format Måned siden
how sad Loma has been ruined.. i hope he comes back without hesitation in the ring... with Lopez again.
Molacules Måned siden
Motivedia next video - "How Loma RUINED his own career" LOL 😆
kaseem abdullah
kaseem abdullah Måned siden
Loma was the biggest fraud in the history of professional boxing.
drgdfh fdhfd
drgdfh fdhfd Måned siden
yep. same will happen with most amatuer bullshitters. Like Usyk in HW for example , trust me.
Tho Tran
Tho Tran Måned siden
best ending ever
shonshea Måned siden
Every dog has its day. Loma lost to Lopez because of the size. Lopez is a welterweight fighting at a lower weight. That’s only reason why he won. I’m no Loma fan either. Just speaking facts.
Teddy B Midwest Sports Talk
Teddy B Midwest Sports Talk Måned siden
I’m no Loma fan, yeah right
Joey Ortiz
Joey Ortiz Måned siden
U need to make how Lopez ruined Loma's career!!
Rulo Bambulo
Rulo Bambulo Måned siden
Who else came here to make fun of Loma Fans after loosing against Teofimo ? 😅
Kent Stark
Kent Stark Måned siden
Now, Loma got Outclassed... Hope they get rematch... 😬😬😬 loma simply didn't do anything for the first few rounds...
Sasha Sauber
Sasha Sauber Måned siden
It still confuses me why the fuck Loma barely threw any punches in the first 7 rounds of the rights and basically handed the rounds to Lopez. He's so fucking dumb for that.
Halimaw Kaba
Halimaw Kaba Måned siden
Black coffe vs Milk
don deori
don deori Måned siden
Now it's LOMA's time to suffer...
PenCast Måned siden
Loma never wants to go up in weight feared. Instead Loma was nothing but a tiger against such leopards as bantamweight champ Regendouaux and featherweight champ Waters.
Joe Ramos
Joe Ramos Måned siden
Watch Lopez vs Loma and see how an incredible fighter brought out the worse sore loser in an overrated fighter. Neo fimo took over the matrix.
sumter cleayo
sumter cleayo Måned siden
Loma fought Walter's after he had been out of the ring for a year and a half 🤔 Lopez fought Loma after a year layoff 🤔 karma is a bitch he was always overhyped he can't compete with prime fighters he can't fight off his back foot take his angles away he's a basic fighter any real Boxing non casual fan knew soon as he stepped up in competition he would lose he's been match made very good after his lost to salido aka the uber driver 🤣🤣 ESPN made the same mistake as HBO putting to much behind so so Eastern European fighters "white fighters" R.I.P to the last white hype #HomochenkoRunnachenkoLomasthankoNomachenko
Chuy De La Garza
Chuy De La Garza Måned siden
Would love to see a Teofimo Motivedia Video
the wizard
the wizard Måned siden
next video - 'how loma ruined his OWN career'
Chilled_ Vibes
Chilled_ Vibes Måned siden
Wish Loma did this in his fight against Lopez, but to say he lost completely to Lopez is a straight lie, and if there is a rematch Loma will win. P.S Lopez is a beast though
Matiel Wang
Matiel Wang Måned siden
How TEOFIMO ruined a hype job fighters career.
samplesowoopass Måned siden
I don't think you know what a hype job is. Lomachenko earned his credit. You can even see in the Lopez fight, when he finally put his foot on the gas he won all but the last round.
OUUWEE Måned siden
iang1066 Måned siden
This video should be called: "How Loma nearly ruined his own career at the weekend by not throwing a punch for 8 rounds."
Angelo Duarte
Angelo Duarte Måned siden
Get This Smoke I never said “now”. I’ve said this since the linares fight. For ages he’s even said he’s small for the weight, so have loads of analysts. I thought he struggled with pedraza as well at times, even Campbell to an extent, because of the size. Not that he looked bad, but nowhere near as dominant as he did at 130 and it took more time to break those guys down. Maybe a lot of people thought it would be a landslide for him in the lopez fight but I wasn’t one of them, in fact a lot of people thought this would be a super close fight. I thought lomas experience would edge it for him but lopez showed he is elite, I was responding to the original comment that Loma ruined his own career. I don’t think he did, I think he’s one of the best right now and could get away with fighting top competition that were a lot bigger than him... until he met lopez. That doesn’t equal ruined career for me, that’s all I was getting at
Get This Smoke
Get This Smoke Måned siden
@Angelo Duarte unified 3 titles but now hes pushing his luck @ many picked loma to win by an easy masterclass, both at the bookies and without?
Angelo Duarte
Angelo Duarte Måned siden
Yonis Ali I actually agreed with a lot of what you said in my comments already, Loma couldn’t get going because lopez showed how good he is especially early in the fight, but if you think Loma isn’t skilful it’s hard to talk to you about boxing. I’m not sure if you’re just young or a big lopez fan, but you come off proper childish, calm yourself down.
Jj world
Jj world Måned siden
@Angelo Duarte man I agree with you. I lost money. That size teofemo has was alot to deal with along with his. He does have skills. No more than lomachenko. But he not gonna stay at 135 long. Maybe 1 fight. Samething Crawford done. Was weight bullying shot out of 135 damn near straight to 147. And he big for that weight class. Porter and spence. The charlos. Etc. Where does he go from here. Down to 130 or 126? Are just retire. He is like 32yrs old.
Politic Dalei
Politic Dalei Måned siden
JoPeSol7 Måned siden
Do a video on how Loma ruined his career by throwing 4 punches a round.
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