history of the entire world, i guess

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Big Sur
Big Sur Minutt siden
Vasili Dallas
Vasili Dallas 9 minutter siden
this video has helped me on so many history tests i didnt know it was even possible to learn the lyrics to a 20 minute video
Ginger Stone
Ginger Stone 11 minutter siden
*oops china just broke*
ezzra 22 minutter siden
“Hi, everything’s great. Says a guy that’s getting very popular, and is arrested and killed for being to popular. Which only makes him more popular” The simplest description for Jesus Christ ever
Maddy 26 minutter siden
7:43 @ myself
Fabiano Vagnas
Fabiano Vagnas 46 minutter siden
3:03 best bit!
Monkey Business CEO
Monkey Business CEO 47 minutter siden
You forgot the Monkey Business CEO
BootsBeelie 47 minutter siden
3:01 I bet at least one of you is looking for the sun is a deadly laser.. well here you go weebs
Sergio 52 minutter siden
this video pisses me off. cringey asf
Sergio 18 minutter siden
@ezzra the autotune parts just isnt funny. failed attempt at being funny making it bad
ezzra 20 minutter siden
Sogg Man
Sogg Man 59 minutter siden
Did I seriously just waste 20 minutes while I'm supposed to be doing homework? yes.
Frankie Banaghan
Frankie Banaghan Time siden
SwagnessRools Time siden
The Ten Commandments according to bull wurtz: 1. i am god 2. no one else is god 3. don't make fun of my name 4. you can take saturday off 5. do what your parents say 6. don't murder anyone 7. don't get too sexy 8. don't rob anyone 9. don't lie about other people in court 10. don't want to do any of the things i just told you not to do
Sandpapertea28 Time siden
Lyrics: [Intro] I'm the Globglogabgalab, I love books And this basement is a true treasure trove [Verse 1] I am the Glob-glo-gab-galab The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blab I'm full of shwibbly liber-kind I am the yeast of thoughts and minds [Chorus] Shwabble dabble glibble glabble schribble shwap glab Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-glap shwap Shwabble dabble glibble glabble shwibble shwap-dap Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-shwap glab [Bridge] Ooh, ha ha ha, mmm, splendid Simply delicious Ohm, ha ha ha ha [Verse 2] I am the Glob-glo-gab-galab The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blab I'm full of shwibbly liber-kind I am the yeast of thoughts and minds [Chorus] Shwabble dabble glibble glabble schribble shwap glab Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-glap shwap Shwabble dabble glibble glabble shwibble shwap-dap Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-shwap glab [Outro] Ah
Adrien Sprecher
Adrien Sprecher Time siden
yo. thats no cap
lissanis Angelica
lissanis Angelica Time siden
This way of learning world's history is more effective than school. Change My Mind
Facundo Marticorena
Facundo Marticorena Time siden
That's cool
Stefano Rinieri
Stefano Rinieri Time siden
Am i seriously the only one who watched all the Images wich appeared before the universe appeared? There is one saying " i have nighmares and i can't decide if it's funny or kind off scary
MistLands the Animator
MistLands the Animator Time siden
2:15 *theres life in the ocean.*
Mason Day
Mason Day Time siden
That's how every it gets
dream the dreamer
dream the dreamer Time siden
I passed a history test thank you
Shadow0847 2 timer siden
I feel like I learned everything but got dumber while doing so
GermanEmpire148 2 timer siden
Happy 100 million views
Vishal Prabhakar
Vishal Prabhakar 2 timer siden
Came from 9Gag?
Declan Vandenberg
Declan Vandenberg 2 timer siden
What happened to Australia
A S H E N R E A L I T Y 2 timer siden
this video helped me get a 100 on a science quiz
Pratham 2 timer siden
"The Soviet union decides to relax a little while , Accidentally falls apart"
AmplifiedByTen 2 timer siden
"look at this chad. It means lake"
Egda Obregon
Egda Obregon 2 timer siden
1720: the start of a huge plague 1820: the start of a huge plague 1920: the start of a huge plague Me after going through 2020: We can make a religion out of this
bway trash
bway trash 2 timer siden
im too high for this shit
Keron Keelings
Keron Keelings 2 timer siden
Mybrain = u see nothing because I dont have one after this
mari morango ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
mari morango ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 timer siden
purbleplop 2 timer siden
Did he just trad mark time
CrAzY Gamer
CrAzY Gamer 2 timer siden
Would be curious as to who disliked this and why? I mean, I don't have the time to fact-check this but pretty sure this is the fastest way, to sum up the majority of World history
Giant toe
Giant toe 2 timer siden
This... This is actually informative.
SniperBoi1185 2 timer siden
and school is needed why?
The Tectonic Cruzader
The Tectonic Cruzader 2 timer siden
Damn this is deep
Death Gaming
Death Gaming 3 timer siden
I just lost 109 brain cells
ben clarke
ben clarke 3 timer siden
i love his informative video's way more than the random ones , i think he should do many more like this, just shorter though because of the toll it took on him
Samantha Myrie
Samantha Myrie 3 timer siden
4:59 I swear, this had me bopping my head
Sammy 3 timer siden
Who else watched this instead of paying attention in social and science class?
josh plays
josh plays 3 timer siden
The sun is a deadly laser 3:03
Ivan VW
Ivan VW 3 timer siden
I wish school can be this fun
Esme 3 timer siden
my short attention span said yes to this video
Jevk 3 timer siden
The ending is just perfect.
Human that exist
Human that exist 3 timer siden
I swear 2 god I’ve watched this at least 50 times since it was uploaded 😂
Arkaprabha Sanyal
Arkaprabha Sanyal 3 timer siden
Amazing perspective!
Ricco MC
Ricco MC 3 timer siden
11:50 Nobody excepts the Spanish Inquisition
TheDragon 3 timer siden
my brain hurts, too much info at once
Aamer Tahseen
Aamer Tahseen 3 timer siden
im surprised that the hindu nationalist keyboard warriors havent taken over with their THERE WAS NO MIGRATION REEEEEEEEEEE
Sharkest 3 timer siden
0.25 gives me Wii Nostalgia
Jared Klein
Jared Klein 3 timer siden
The Philippines is so quiet during the world history
1ElectroManiac 3 timer siden
space dust even crazier space dust
Rapheal Ani
Rapheal Ani 3 timer siden
Kay E
Kay E 3 timer siden
this was the pinnacle of the decade. i rest my case
Owen Barley
Owen Barley 3 timer siden
Recruit 3 timer siden
i have watched this atleast 12 times in the past 3 days
Matteo Fanari
Matteo Fanari 3 timer siden
I just watched this video for study because tomorrow i will be asked questions about history. I am going to’ get 10 (im italian i don’t speak very good english sorry for errors), i will update you tomorrow
Aditya Bansal
Aditya Bansal 3 timer siden
And the pope is still the pope
Boopimations 3 timer siden
Ebony Young
Ebony Young 3 timer siden
I’ve watched this so often that I can replay it in my head.
quit yt it's the end
quit yt it's the end 3 timer siden
Matt Cohoon
Matt Cohoon 4 timer siden
You need to understand that this has been recommended to me every month once a month since you posted it and I still have no interest but I’m watching it in hopes that it will go away thank you for your time
Angelica Leon
Angelica Leon 4 timer siden
i feel Like I lost and gained brain cells at the sametime
Aleisha TheBest
Aleisha TheBest 4 timer siden
Since 2017 I’ve been coming back yearly
JD 4 timer siden
3:03 best part: The Sun is a deadly lazer
Woomy _YT
Woomy _YT 4 timer siden
( 14:01 onward) woo I live in the entire world!
Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan 4 timer siden
“A quote that was in the video” *gets a lot of likes*
C1O 4 timer siden
Getting COVID, you could make a religion out of th- Present-Day: We have no religions, only a cult
Leaf 4 timer siden
he needs to do a video like this but for 2020
Drippy The InkWing
Drippy The InkWing 4 timer siden
This taught me more about history than my actual history classes. Because of this video I knew about 90% of the stuff I was going to be taught before I was even taught it. thanks, Bill :)
Alex Plays 2
Alex Plays 2 4 timer siden
The news on a sunny day: THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASER
_Gxth 4 timer siden
and now there is a virus and everything is dying :).
Lance Naff
Lance Naff 4 timer siden
I watched this video before my world history test. Edit: it didn't go well
DoomUpcoming 4 timer siden
Did you watch the wrong videos because I watch this video before my test and I got a -
A A 4 timer siden
God I love this video! I keep coming back to it every couple months!
Disciple Of Chombo
Disciple Of Chombo 5 timer siden
Giving Mohism the cold shoulder? Typical
Midnightpelt of FireClan
Midnightpelt of FireClan 5 timer siden
mmmm chemical soup my favorite
Sir FlyingFox
Sir FlyingFox 5 timer siden
Jaheem Daley
Jaheem Daley 5 timer siden
How in the entire world did this get over 100 million views
DoomUpcoming 2 timer siden
@Jaheem Daley Yes
Jaheem Daley
Jaheem Daley 2 timer siden
@DoomUpcoming its just so dumb but smart at the same time
Jaheem Daley
Jaheem Daley 2 timer siden
@DoomUpcoming ofcourse it is
DoomUpcoming 4 timer siden
Because it is fucking amazing
Sphion 5 timer siden
How’s China back to to who
R-L REAP3R 5 timer siden
Jesus is back
Boomer Gloria
Boomer Gloria 5 timer siden
I was just about to say that
Noelia Bacigalupo
Noelia Bacigalupo 5 timer siden
If this were the way history was explained i would have been so fucking motivated to go to schook
Red4One KO
Red4One KO 5 timer siden
Just imagined me in my older years and there’s this video. *40 years ago*
Emmanuel Arèvalo Vargas
Emmanuel Arèvalo Vargas 5 timer siden
Where is the hole story of Latinoamérica? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Kevin Katvin
Kevin Katvin 5 timer siden
This is great ngl
Avery Parmentier
Avery Parmentier 5 timer siden
I'm speachless
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person 5 timer siden
In 7 years the thing inventor will be invented
Triplemonster 94
Triplemonster 94 5 timer siden
“Can’t even get from here to there without buying a boat” says the guy who then shows us a plane
Gill Chan
Gill Chan 5 timer siden
The petite target analogously unpack because james paradoxically label apud a frantic baboon. glamorous, like rhinoceros
GamingWithGriff 27
GamingWithGriff 27 5 timer siden
My teacher showed me this of a history lesson
JellyFish Minion Army
JellyFish Minion Army 5 timer siden
*this is my favorite video on the internet no joke-* *add comes on* Me: YOU PICKED THE WORST TIME!!?!! I love dis U-U I’ve learned everything in the world but still feel like I know nothing. *i love it* I just realized- how the frick will I memorize all this- Also I still have schoolwork to do but I don’t regret watching this at ALL
lukeguig2806 5 timer siden
Japan: blows up Pearl Harbor America: 2:43
Sunny Bunny*
Sunny Bunny* 5 timer siden
Who else watches this every now and then to see how much they know
Blu PavlovShack
Blu PavlovShack 6 timer siden
Anyone else laugh when he talks about the european union and how the uk likes to be "different"
Maia Kissinger
Maia Kissinger 6 timer siden
U guys can come on land now (fish) no (man) why (fish) ThE suN Is A DEadLy LazEr
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 6 timer siden
0:48 Secret Message: "I Have Nightmares"
Hampig History
Hampig History 6 timer siden
Bill:i cant even get from here to there without buyin a boat *shows plane*
Lorin Rad
Lorin Rad 6 timer siden
I have learned learned a few years of history in all of these minutes.
Danyal ahmed
Danyal ahmed 6 timer siden
I've watched this 100000 times and i don't know anything
It's Me Lucas
It's Me Lucas 6 timer siden
history of japan
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