Reviewing Memes With KSI

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Dragoman Time siden
I laughed so much
Doodle Bob
Doodle Bob Time siden
Ghoul 2 timer siden
PewDiePie uses bandicam. LOL!
Eitan Schecter
Eitan Schecter 3 timer siden
I don't think they realized that the busicits for user experience thing is a play on "cookies", the thing thats on every website
TFReacts 6 timer siden
It’s Jemma Collins jj
Hurrul Ain
Hurrul Ain 7 timer siden
pewdipie be like i will pretend to laugh even though I don't get the memes
Speer Visser
Speer Visser 9 timer siden
History's biggest NOpostr alive uses Bandicam? LMAO!
Fatimah Faisal
Fatimah Faisal 9 timer siden
Pewd u have more subs than me beast and I hated the video in which u roasted India u know I'm Pakistani I still subscribed u still
Maryam Siddique
Maryam Siddique 10 timer siden
who's in the middle of an history lesson about who should be crowned king/queen Matilda or Steven......... just me okay.....
Catluke season 4
Catluke season 4 11 timer siden
I thought pewdiepie started using kinemaster
Ismail Abdelrazek
Ismail Abdelrazek 12 timer siden
NIKI_XD 12 timer siden
F in the chat
joseph 12 timer siden
OkWill 12 timer siden
Why is Ksi Phoenix in a nutshell and his voice is the same
SliceNDize 14 timer siden
The most fun i had on YT ever, all in this video!
Akash Mathew Thomas
Akash Mathew Thomas 14 timer siden
Kinda stewpid innit
Kaitlyn Hughes
Kaitlyn Hughes 16 timer siden
Ethan Choate
Ethan Choate 17 timer siden
Hey pewds at *8:52* someone Mentioned your channel on the Radio at 103.3 just to let you know :)
Jessica Janus
Jessica Janus 17 timer siden
180M subscribers that's insane
Jessica Janus
Jessica Janus 17 timer siden
Rangers boy 1872
Rangers boy 1872 17 timer siden
What a video!
lrader77 17 timer siden
Is it bad that I know that the intro is from coco melon?
No You
No You 17 timer siden
Bri-ish people nee to stOp tOlking like dat.
My Size 180 Creme Egg
My Size 180 Creme Egg 19 timer siden
just wanna say i’m british and ksi is wrong, dunno means don’t know it’s a way of saying someone/something is unknown to the public kinda. i’ll link the urban dictionary definition if i can find one.
My Size 180 Creme Egg
My Size 180 Creme Egg 19 timer siden
Dunno The original definition is slowly being replaced by the grime definition. Dunno or Dunn'no is referenced after or during a saying of which the general public are assumed to not knowing - hence hightening your reputation on the mere basis that you know something others dont. It is also known as a "big up" or shout out.. "Big up wiley, dunno" "Dunno the youth... dunno the youth" (pronounced - Dun'No) "Dunno... Ice Kid" (pronounced - Dun'No) "I went to see batman the other day" was it good? "yeh dunno" (pronounced - Dun'No) (i.e. you sa
Ludo_ 19 timer siden
2:24 Steve Carrel : That's what she said!
Switch Stop
Switch Stop 19 timer siden
KSI don't talk to Pewdiepie he said the N word punch him across face
Switch Stop
Switch Stop 19 timer siden
I wish pewdiepie could be more hands on like me.beast
A s t r o
A s t r o 21 time siden
I like how pewds asks “is that accurate?” After every bri ish meme lmao
Trinity ツ
Trinity ツ 21 time siden
Who knows La Sirena69
XxSavage_Xx120 2
XxSavage_Xx120 2 23 timer siden
Ksi is pweidemie are very shy to eachother
YouTube Alternate Battles
YouTube Alternate Battles 23 timer siden
11:30 - KSI sees the Bandicam watermark
Bunny Feng
Bunny Feng Dag siden
JJ being depressed about the British memes is oddly hilarious.
SatyaM _55
SatyaM _55 Dag siden
Damn the like to dislike ratio
ahaha brr
ahaha brr Dag siden
JJ's trying to sound British when he reads the memes when he's British lmao
Bzerk Dag siden
Damn flute so good it sound like piano
Random Shell
Random Shell Dag siden
This video should be titled "KSI not understanding British memes for 31 min straight"
Michael Waite
Michael Waite Dag siden
It says at least I don't get shot maths because of school shooting
Dina Kate
Dina Kate Dag siden
Wanted to get my eardrums busted, guess pewds saved the day with the nice piano edit lol 😂😂😂😂💔
Dina Kate
Dina Kate Dag siden
Not KSI coming for Felix after he was exposed of having bandicam 😂😂😂💔
mr millionaire
mr millionaire Dag siden
Pewdipie your a cool humman, i like youre face
Sedorikku Dag siden
What subreddit was the bri'sh meme is?
Mohammed abbas
Mohammed abbas Dag siden
What an epic video
NOMAD Dag siden
Hmm notice how it’s “English” not “Americanish” hmm strange
Ahmed Naoman
Ahmed Naoman Dag siden
Can watch this over nd over
SLASH :v Dag siden
Arry Opes
Arry Opes Dag siden
Aman Husain
Aman Husain Dag siden
shot in maths*
Abhimanyu Jha
Abhimanyu Jha Dag siden
PewDiePie also laughs at JJ's laugh
Mythikal Dag siden
11:30 Greatest Anime Betrayal of All Time.
Mike the Goo
Mike the Goo Dag siden
The shawt meme translated "At least I don't get shot at maths class when I'm doing my work"
The Commentator
The Commentator Dag siden
More vids with KSI please...
Soul the Coolest
Soul the Coolest Dag siden
Help me beat pewdiepie pls
Señor Tilapia
Señor Tilapia Dag siden
i think they have chemistry
Luan S.
Luan S. Dag siden
Felix and KSI not knowing Lesotho is a country SMH
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma Dag siden
As ksi says next meme a FUXKING smule add pops up
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt Dag siden
Let’s get you back in first in sub count and pass up t series
Pjonesmusic1 Dag siden
lol ksi didnt get the school shooting dark humor or that cookies are used on websites not currency smh...
BeanZ :P
BeanZ :P Dag siden
Michelle V
Michelle V Dag siden
Just a couple dudes bein bros
Dancing Panda
Dancing Panda Dag siden
Sam Bromley
Sam Bromley Dag siden
KSI do be simpin
Corbxnn EU
Corbxnn EU Dag siden
Rebel Records
Rebel Records Dag siden
One playing a recorder, another an alphoonde or whatever start playing ,an arp
Genocide Panther900
Genocide Panther900 Dag siden
Pewdiepie's mustache should be a meme
TraeMan Dag siden
The most popular, most successful, the biggest NOpostr in the world, uses bandicam
Erin GU
Erin GU Dag siden
i have pewdiepie's gamer chair @pewdiepie
James Dag siden
Travis Larson
Travis Larson Dag siden
At least I don’t get shot in math class when I’m doing my schoolwork
Gustav Norberg
Gustav Norberg 2 dager siden
Simply Brian
Simply Brian 2 dager siden
I use bandicam
Fishy plays Adopt me and other games
Fishy plays Adopt me and other games 2 dager siden
Wheres logan paul
conner woods
conner woods 2 dager siden
shawt maybe shit
FF GAMER 2 dager siden
Does anyone notice the kinemaster watermark in the intro top right corner 😂
Scott Fanning
Scott Fanning 2 dager siden
I thought it meant when it says that a website uses cookies
caiden vicuna
caiden vicuna 2 dager siden
me knowing i grew up in chile witch is a place in south america
SHOHANUL ISLAM 2 dager siden
Omg pewds used flipaclip and kinemaster to make intro 😮
josh 2 dager siden
J Winfield
J Winfield 2 dager siden
You might as well use FRAPS
Ethan Mooneyham Show
Ethan Mooneyham Show 2 dager siden
Confusing Ksi is one of the most entertaining things, I must say
Kian Defano (Student)
Kian Defano (Student) 2 dager siden
His mustache is a meme
superboy shourab
superboy shourab 2 dager siden
Pewdiepie Intro: Made with Kinmeaster Kinemaster; what big youtube using my app!!
Be The One NN
Be The One NN 2 dager siden
TheNoddy 2 dager siden
My jawline hurts from laughing
Tahjair Christian
Tahjair Christian 2 dager siden
Hold up raatid is patwa
Pablo Velilla
Pablo Velilla 2 dager siden
14:54 Juan
Maria Rosario Silverio
Maria Rosario Silverio 2 dager siden
Remember 4 years ago they are both beefing now they are friends
Halfcaster 2 dager siden
Okay I've been gone a while, tf is up with the stache?
Juan Ignacio Christen
Juan Ignacio Christen 2 dager siden
its my name lul
Broncs and Bovines
Broncs and Bovines 2 dager siden
Juan was the best one!
Kingston Smalls
Kingston Smalls 2 dager siden
Hi Can you do a cocomelon parody
parrot godz
parrot godz 2 dager siden
Bri'ish people be like Youchube
Will Stanfield
Will Stanfield 2 dager siden
Pewdiepie Joseph stalin
ziggydred 2 dager siden
7:31 I’m British and where did microcrisps come from? LMAO Edited: also 15:33 LMFAO
Noah Rowan
Noah Rowan 3 dager siden
ghbyt.ytgh6fr my head banging on my keyboard
Mohamad Saeed
Mohamad Saeed 3 dager siden
So nobodys gonna talk about pewds ✨LEGENDARY✨ moustache
Nikola Zelić
Nikola Zelić 3 dager siden
colab we all want, KSI and PewDiePie playing minecraft, for at least 10 episodes.
Ashton Engle
Ashton Engle 3 dager siden
🔫 💀 🥧
Hanif Ikhmal
Hanif Ikhmal 3 dager siden
i need part 2
Mohamed Hussen
Mohamed Hussen 3 dager siden
Watch promise never land
Mohamed Hussen
Mohamed Hussen 3 dager siden
I'm watching demon slayer
We are NOT the neighbours kids..!
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