Atalanta - 2020 CrossFit Games

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CrossFit Games

3 måneder siden

Watch a replay of the men's and women's Atalanta event at the 2020 CrossFit Games.
Event 12 - Atalanta:
For time:
1-mile run
100 handstand push-ups
200 single-leg squats
300 pull-ups
1-mile run
W 14-lb. vest
M 20-lb. vest
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rich r
rich r Time siden
Every cross fit person that I've met in my life had very little money. I feel bad for these people. So much effort and no money for any of it. Stupid
Indemental Media
Indemental Media 16 timer siden
This ever gonna enter the olympics
Dinamitium Dag siden
Jai Pellegrin
Jai Pellegrin 2 dager siden
Epo, PED'S, juice, Gear = crossfit anyone else says other wise you drinking the Koolaid
Jai Pellegrin
Jai Pellegrin 2 dager siden
Because they have the same drug dealer
Tifany Lam
Tifany Lam 2 dager siden
Does anyone know where I can purchase a vest this size? I really like them. The other ones look bigger than these that they are wearing.
Jai Pellegrin
Jai Pellegrin 2 dager siden
It's a 5.11 plate carrier vest between the vest and weight you looking at $300.00
Soft Metals
Soft Metals 3 dager siden
you call that a hand stand push up, try not throwing all the weight with your legs. DQ
The Young Woodsman
The Young Woodsman 7 dager siden
You know what would make this spicy? Don't divide the points between Men and Women on this one... 100 pts to the winner regardless, then 95 for 2nd etc. etc.
Jason Sterner
Jason Sterner 10 dager siden
not a pull up
Laquisha Jones
Laquisha Jones 11 dager siden
I like the stock
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 13 dager siden
Alright! So when do the women compete?
Rod M
Rod M 16 dager siden
Kari Pearce is my hero 💯
peter thygesen
peter thygesen 18 dager siden
this is a fuckin joke
Mark F.
Mark F. 20 dager siden
wtf kind of fake pull up is that!!!!!!
Doug Mortimer
Doug Mortimer 22 dager siden
Matt should join WWE
Tiffany Nieto
Tiffany Nieto 23 dager siden
She crazy but I like crazy 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
nubbs666 24 dager siden
Holy hash tag batman. They hash tagged everything they said.
intensebodyworks online gym
intensebodyworks online gym 24 dager siden
Rachael Day
Rachael Day 25 dager siden
I love that the Aussies did so well. And stuck together.
The Young Woodsman
The Young Woodsman 7 dager siden
Tia is the only Aussie on the floor. She and Mat trained together in Cookeville, TN. She's great though!
Rachael Day
Rachael Day 25 dager siden
Those handstand pushups. My arms ache just watching!
HolyCow166 28 dager siden
I mean i love that people are working out but cmon those handstand "push ups" and "pull ups" look ridiculous lol wheres the form
I thought Matt retired?
Leupina Gaspar
Leupina Gaspar Måned siden
jonasandstuff Måned siden
lol the form they have in every exercice is abyssmal. Like do you realy call those pullups? Just do them properly
Katie Williams
Katie Williams Måned siden
there is nothing more satisfying than watching men and women be treated equally in a sport
That one Gamer
That one Gamer Måned siden
Anyone know how heavy these vest are ? literally the ones being worn for this competition... I keep hearing they are 5lbs?..
Andy Wild
Andy Wild Måned siden
20lbs for the men, 14lbs for the women
WarDisciple1 Måned siden
Big ti tty Bear
Big ti tty Bear Måned siden
Just goes to show that crossfit is for losers
Der Irre
Der Irre Måned siden
was nüzt der beste Ruhm und Geld aber lebt nicht mehr frei ??
Mackdaddy Nutjob
Mackdaddy Nutjob Måned siden
Hey, right? didn't some of the pull-ups seemed a little shy of a full pull-up on some of those guys...
Tmk777 Måned siden
OMG. Crossfit is crazy.
Padmé Amidala
Padmé Amidala Måned siden
I liked that workout. 😶
Sports User
Sports User Måned siden
Excellent video. The author is great. On my channel there are a lot of videos about sports, please see;)
Allen Coleman
Allen Coleman Måned siden
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Brian Brown
Brian Brown Måned siden
Dave Castro: Now turn around and do it again
nsugar Måned siden
"I like that workout" ahaha I loved that comment
hayley beetham
hayley beetham Måned siden
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Minimistmoehre Måned siden
I doubt I will ever understant all these crossfitters.. why bother doing a bazillion reps with terrible technique instead of doing a tenth of the reps without screwing up your joints? (or making yourself look ridicukous with these "pullups")
Player King of New York City
Player King of New York City Måned siden
#dumbest #idea #to #throw #random #hashtags
alex johndon
alex johndon Måned siden
The sophisticated locust sequentially surprise because skin practically haunt atop a slippery bestseller. grouchy, parched postbox
kirby805 Måned siden
Lady YoYo
Lady YoYo Måned siden
Tia is such a Beauty inside and out! Matt is such a man's man and I only believe that because Sammie's says so...(I know that he loves me because, he tells me so"). Plus he's just so freaking strong.
Lidia S
Lidia S Måned siden
Wtf were those pull-ups
Scott Jones
Scott Jones Måned siden
Pull-ups??? CrossFit pull-ups are way different than normal pull-ups. But I was very impressed with the 200 pistol squats.
curtis_browning Måned siden
I say they make the weights equal for both genders, to really show the pure difference in natural ability. not trying to start fires, just wanna see the red to green difference, like in racing
Macelen Kleer
Macelen Kleer Måned siden
@Hie ok
Hie Måned siden
but that would be unfair
Macelen Kleer
Macelen Kleer Måned siden
Agree not saying it made the difference in the win but its only right to make sure everyone is on the same playing field.
Dear diary,
Dear diary, Måned siden
Weird how acceptable cheat reps are in crossfit
Ozeransky Måned siden
Подтягивание с раскачки - только слабаки так подтягиваются. У спортсменов нет сил выполнять подтягивание правильно?
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones Måned siden
Kari Pearce is a superwoman mad RESPECT to her & gotta give PROPS to the 19 yr.old she badass .....
IR Chauch
IR Chauch Måned siden
WTF, outdoors, around the fittest people in the world, with UV Ray's that kills the China Virus and judges are wearing mask? #Pathetic.
A A 2 måneder siden
I thought Reebok and Crossfit split ties from what happened last year with the Crossfit twitter comments? so much for that lmao
Tenzin Lee
Tenzin Lee 5 dager siden
They did. Reebok is no longer the sponsor. This year it is NOBULL.
Elmo Heyns
Elmo Heyns 2 måneder siden
this fittest on earth BS is cringe.
qritikon vv
qritikon vv 2 måneder siden
supernatural XD
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen 2 måneder siden
5:09 Impressive
Asmera 45
Asmera 45 2 måneder siden
none of these runners sweat? is it that dry there? Hmmm
Asmera 45
Asmera 45 2 måneder siden
don't TELL me the military isn't watching these guys very closely
josiah garrison
josiah garrison 2 måneder siden
these handstand pushups are quite similar to kips. kinda using the momentum. not that its easier its just more impressive when you are jerking around with momentum
O B 2 måneder siden
*pullups. ok guys...
Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman 2 måneder siden
I think we'll all be fine without the hashtags in 2021 footage. Otherwise, great edit of the competition.
Lawrence Ding
Lawrence Ding 2 måneder siden
O8SOL3TE Måned siden
I applaud this comment.
gopre80 2 måneder siden
I applaud this comment.
Fitness Guru
Fitness Guru 2 måneder siden
WTF is with those pull ups?! Never understood that!
HeadbuttingElmo Måned siden
Thank you!!! Why not lower reps but actual pull ups!
viloriaivory 2 måneder siden
I don't understand the grading process in this. Pearce was the first tot cross the line so how did the third woman to cross the line win? What didn't Pearce win and why. And the two that did everything together and didn't cross first won? Please Please would some one explain the grading process. I will be a personal trainer soon and this is a very interesting key information thta i might need to know . Cant find any videos explaining this either.
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games 2 måneder siden
Hi, great question! The 2020 CrossFit Games was a two-stage competition with points awarded for each event. The athlete with the most points at the end of the finals wins. Kari Pearce won the final event, but Tia Toomey had the most points across all events. Does that help? Here is more information about the scoring table: The 2020 Games Leaderboard is available here:
viloriaivory 2 måneder siden
@RAM BO makes sense. Thank you!
RAM BO 2 måneder siden
This was only a part of the week, there were a number of other tests over the week and you get points for each of them. Matt Frazer and Tia Toomey scored the most points across the various competition days. Think of football - there are 6 games in total, and who ever gets the most points after the 6 games wins
OneStGermain 2 måneder siden
These games are tested?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Anavar is king!
The FU Crew Channel
The FU Crew Channel 2 måneder siden
No shaded or canopied areas right at the finish line ???
Alena Bichlerová
Alena Bichlerová 2 måneder siden
The tiny beat lilly manage because romania acutely stain from a daily wrist. sturdy, angry venezuela
Mike Hall
Mike Hall 2 måneder siden
CrossFit is a joke
RAM BO 2 måneder siden
Keep it to yourself fat boy - you would last about 30 seconds in the sport
H B 2 måneder siden
Honestly they should just lower the pull-up count and raise the quality standards. Thats embarrassing they even allow that
The Dwight Mamba
The Dwight Mamba Måned siden
The definition of a crossfit pull-ups... "Getting your chin above the bar by any means necessary." I'm embarrassed for them.
Chris Tibbets
Chris Tibbets 2 måneder siden
Yeah "pullups". I couldn't do it though.
H B 2 måneder siden
5:10 K. Pearce barely had to move at all during headstands bc her arms are so short
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios 2 måneder siden
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Graham Webb
Graham Webb Måned siden
"no no he's got a point"
jyuan1999 2 måneder siden
I'm impressed at how fit crossfitters are, until i saw the HSPU and Pullups.
Oleg Melnikov
Oleg Melnikov 2 måneder siden
Love it so much , this is inspiring to every body who is working out.
Hertog von Berkshire
Hertog von Berkshire 2 måneder siden
Holy jogger's nipple batman! I mean those weight vests can't make things less damaging in that department ..... can they?
Isak Petersen
Isak Petersen 2 måneder siden
Watched this differently knowing that this was Mat's last one.. gonna be missed, but an epic way to finish
Madison Murray
Madison Murray 27 dager siden
Oh noooooo! What a champ though!
Elle Shlepov
Elle Shlepov Måned siden
@Liss He has retired
Liss Måned siden
Why is it his last?
Jeff tibong
Jeff tibong 2 måneder siden
where can you get those weight vest?
Joel Koffi
Joel Koffi 29 dager siden
jay zee
jay zee 2 måneder siden
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games 2 måneder siden
Well, now that you added one.
Alex Dyter
Alex Dyter 2 måneder siden
Interesting that they keep saying the women crushed the men the men weren't even going full out as they didn't need to which was why a women won the event if Frazer was actually competing he would of crushed the competition
Patrick Moldovan
Patrick Moldovan 2 måneder siden
where are the pull ups? i mean...ok for the handstands...ok for the pistols....but where are the pullups !!! haven't seen 1
Eric Bishop
Eric Bishop Måned siden
Welcome to crossfit, where they do "High Swings"
devildog2077 2 måneder siden
Not a single correct pulluo done between any of them... literally zero value from it if you kip thru the whole pull up
Ed Held
Ed Held 2 måneder siden
What’s going on with the hashtags???
dave harless
dave harless 3 måneder siden
toomy put an inch on her triceps with increased definition just since the last games,,,, it sooo obvious to anyone at a high level in any of the weight training sports ,,,,,why do they claim natural? its just stupid.. everyone would like the sport and the games even more.
C11H12 N2O2
C11H12 N2O2 3 måneder siden
организаторы глобалисты смеются над простолюдинами как они сердце своё гробят
A.I Sports Productions
A.I Sports Productions 3 måneder siden
These pull-ups are one of a kind
O8SOL3TE Måned siden
They're actually ... ZZEERROOOO of a kind.
RAM BO 2 måneder siden
@Michael Newton Yep, I'm not saying I could do them, but they weren''t pull-ups
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 2 måneder siden
What pull-ups? You mean fish flops?
bigD bob
bigD bob 3 måneder siden
Can you explain how she should be the favorite men/women side, the weights are not equal you woke scumbag
Ant Soprano
Ant Soprano 3 måneder siden
All of this people are Amazing!!! Respect
oilpatch432 3 måneder siden
those pull ups dont count in a military prt. just saying. I'm swinging on a swing
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 2 måneder siden
@Michael Newton not everyone trains the pull up to work the traps and lats. Bodybuilders train pull ups to get growth in those muscles, CrossFitters train pull ups either in strict form to get stronger, or with kipping to increase muscular endurance and for volume training. Both types of pull ups have a practical use for CrossFit because they can both make you fitter if done and utilized properly. Top CrossFit athletes aren’t concerned with being jacked, so they don’t train to get jacked. Size is a product of their training volume.
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 2 måneder siden
@Sam Henkle everyone leaves them alone because when you work out, you don’t do pull ups to be a gymnast. You do pull-ups to train the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles.
Tim A.
Tim A. 2 måneder siden
@antara verma I know all too well what kipping Marine drill instructor yelled all of boot camp, "STOP KIPPING!"
antara verma
antara verma 2 måneder siden
@Tim A. kip ups have existed for ages and the high rep count for them is included versus the 50 strict because again, the 300 is endurance whereas the 50 would be for strength- thats my point. there is a modified version because the mod version tests something completely different. this is why in some events they will test a strict press to test pure shoulder strength, OR they will ask for thrusters/push press, to test power. they are different things.
Tim A.
Tim A. 2 måneder siden
@Sam Henkle Yeah, 300 of these sounds and looks way better than 50 real ones...I got it!!! Thanks...
oilpatch432 3 måneder siden
i'm still waiting for someone to actually do a pull up, not a kip up.
Harry Luna
Harry Luna 2 måneder siden
@Michael Newton it's okay, baby...
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 2 måneder siden
@Nick Levo “Sport.”
Nick Levo
Nick Levo 3 måneder siden
Find another sport my guy... You won't see it here.
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 3 måneder siden
Well, since no one has said it yet, I'll be the first... ...ZEEERROOOOO!!!!
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 2 måneder siden
@coolbrounderscore It’s Asian reporter and returning champion...Elgintensity...aka Traptain America the Winter Swoldier.
coolbrounderscore 2 måneder siden
The mating call of the washed up loser olympics
SuperBad 3 måneder siden
These are not proper pull ups.
godergoder 3 måneder siden
Whats this called? Half rep battle?
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 2 måneder siden
It's called....ZEEERROOOOOOO!!!
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 2 måneder siden
Nah it’s called “workout you couldn’t do”
Frank Mills
Frank Mills 3 måneder siden
Mat Fraser, you are a beast man! GOAT
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 3 måneder siden
Unbelievable.other than kobe Bryant... brooke wells,tia toomey,haley Adams,kari Pearce, and sara sigmundsdottir are amongst my favorite athletes. Fearless,powerful,and determined. The essence of the mamba mentality.👊🔥👍😊
Tianyang Zhang
Tianyang Zhang 3 måneder siden
anybody know how many calories this workout will burn?
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 2 måneder siden
Too many😂😂
spikeexc 3 måneder siden
How come you have men and women and Biden says there’s no such thing?
J P 3 måneder siden
I love how the commentators have no idea that nobody gives a fuck...
DW Ethiopia
DW Ethiopia 3 måneder siden
When he said Katrin DavidsDotter, I always thought he was saying Kathryn Davids daughter. It made me think there was someone famous named Kathryn David.
Stephie Guerrero
Stephie Guerrero Måned siden
lolol sameeeeee
Patryk Aid
Patryk Aid Måned siden
Bro, Icelanders do not use family names but use patronymic or matronymic reference. One's name reflects the immediate father or mother and does not refer to the person's historic family lineage.And indeed, she is Davids daughter, and for example her brother will be Davidsson ( son of David)
nelliebpink13 Måned siden
Lol same
Kara Fightmaster
Kara Fightmaster 2 måneder siden
Wendy Velazquez
Wendy Velazquez 2 måneder siden
Hahaha, same. 🤣🤣
Pau 3 måneder siden
They are like diplodocus running 😂
Jacqueline O
Jacqueline O 3 måneder siden
There’s only 2 non-American women competing... an American was bound to medal / podium 🤨
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 2 måneder siden
That’s just because those women made it through the online stage at the top, just more American dominance than we’ve seen in a while from the womens side of the sport
FORMDOG2020 3 måneder siden
Dumbest sport known to man.
Lynne Ji
Lynne Ji 3 måneder siden
Why do they mention that Kari Pearce is going to be the first American woman on the podium in however many years when both Hayley and Brooke are American? No matter what, there has to be an American woman on the podium in 2020, since there’s only two non-American women competing right?
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 2 måneder siden
Hayley and Brooke didn’t make it on the podium. The podiums been entirely Australian, Icelandic, and I think Hungarian and Swedish or something since almost a decade
Tearial311 3 måneder siden
For how much flack CrossFit get for those damn kipping pull-ups, you’d think they would change it. But they don’t. The only people in the entire world who think kipping pull-ups are cool, are cross fitters. ONLY CROSSFITTERS
RAM BO 18 dager siden
@Tearial311 My condolences - that sucks !!!!
Tearial311 19 dager siden
@RAM BO Navy EOD, dropped because of Crohns Disease diagnosis
RAM BO 23 dager siden
@Tearial311 Oh jeez, is there anyone in America who wasn't a Navy Seal and now owns a you tube account - PMSL
Miss Flintstone
Miss Flintstone 23 dager siden
Ask them again in a few years when they all have serious shoulder injuries....
RAM BO 2 måneder siden
@Tearial311 Holy fuck, it's hard to believe there is anyone in Amercia who wasn't a Navy Seal, they are all over you tube - PMSL
Bato Del Castillo
Bato Del Castillo 3 måneder siden
These two are a great huge BEAST 💪🏻🤟🏻🤩🔥
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