Atalanta - 2020 CrossFit Games

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CrossFit Games

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Watch a replay of the men's and women's Atalanta event at the 2020 CrossFit Games.
Event 12 - Atalanta:
For time:
1-mile run
100 handstand push-ups
200 single-leg squats
300 pull-ups
1-mile run
W 14-lb. vest
M 20-lb. vest
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Sean Coleman
Sean Coleman 21 time siden
I think we'll all be fine without the hashtags in 2021 footage. Otherwise, great edit of the competition.
Ralf Huebner
Ralf Huebner Dag siden
Typischer Ami-Schwachsinn. Hoffentlich kommt der Mist nicht auch zu uns rüber.
Lawrence Ding
Lawrence Ding 2 dager siden
gopre80 2 dager siden
I applaud this comment.
Fitness Guru
Fitness Guru 3 dager siden
WTF is with those pull ups?! Never understood that!
viloriaivory 7 dager siden
I don't understand the grading process in this. Pearce was the first tot cross the line so how did the third woman to cross the line win? What didn't Pearce win and why. And the two that did everything together and didn't cross first won? Please Please would some one explain the grading process. I will be a personal trainer soon and this is a very interesting key information thta i might need to know . Cant find any videos explaining this either.
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games 5 dager siden
Hi, great question! The 2020 CrossFit Games was a two-stage competition with points awarded for each event. The athlete with the most points at the end of the finals wins. Kari Pearce won the final event, but Tia Toomey had the most points across all events. Does that help? Here is more information about the scoring table: The 2020 Games Leaderboard is available here:
viloriaivory 6 dager siden
@RAM BO makes sense. Thank you!
RAM BO 6 dager siden
This was only a part of the week, there were a number of other tests over the week and you get points for each of them. Matt Frazer and Tia Toomey scored the most points across the various competition days. Think of football - there are 6 games in total, and who ever gets the most points after the 6 games wins
OneStGermain 7 dager siden
These games are tested?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Anavar is king!
The FU Crew Channel
The FU Crew Channel 8 dager siden
No shaded or canopied areas right at the finish line ???
Alena Bichlerová
Alena Bichlerová 9 dager siden
The tiny beat lilly manage because romania acutely stain from a daily wrist. sturdy, angry venezuela
Mike Hall
Mike Hall 10 dager siden
CrossFit is a joke
RAM BO 6 dager siden
Keep it to yourself fat boy - you would last about 30 seconds in the sport
H B 11 dager siden
Honestly they should just lower the pull-up count and raise the quality standards. Thats embarrassing they even allow that
Chris Tibbets
Chris Tibbets 6 dager siden
Yeah "pullups". I couldn't do it though.
H B 11 dager siden
5:10 K. Pearce barely had to move at all during headstands bc her arms are so short
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios 12 dager siden
The sweet doll chronically cough because hawk generically suspend against a infamous crack. green grey grieving, glistening glorious destruction
jyuan1999 12 dager siden
I'm impressed at how fit crossfitters are, until i saw the HSPU and Pullups.
Oleg Melnikov
Oleg Melnikov 12 dager siden
Love it so much , this is inspiring to every body who is working out.
Hertog von Berkshire
Hertog von Berkshire 12 dager siden
Holy jogger's nipple batman! I mean those weight vests can't make things less damaging in that department ..... can they?
Isak Petersen
Isak Petersen 15 dager siden
Watched this differently knowing that this was Mat's last one.. gonna be missed, but an epic way to finish
Jeff tibong
Jeff tibong 15 dager siden
where can you get those weight vest?
jay zee
jay zee 17 dager siden
CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games 17 dager siden
Well, now that you added one.
Alex Dyter
Alex Dyter 18 dager siden
Interesting that they keep saying the women crushed the men the men weren't even going full out as they didn't need to which was why a women won the event if Frazer was actually competing he would of crushed the competition
Patrick Moldovan
Patrick Moldovan 18 dager siden
where are the pull ups? i mean...ok for the handstands...ok for the pistols....but where are the pullups !!! haven't seen 1
Ffxc Dfdf
Ffxc Dfdf 18 dager siden
Thouse people are insane 😅🤯
devildog2077 19 dager siden
Not a single correct pulluo done between any of them... literally zero value from it if you kip thru the whole pull up
Ed Held
Ed Held 19 dager siden
What’s going on with the hashtags???
dave harless
dave harless 21 dag siden
toomy put an inch on her triceps with increased definition just since the last games,,,, it sooo obvious to anyone at a high level in any of the weight training sports ,,,,,why do they claim natural? its just stupid.. everyone would like the sport and the games even more.
C11H12 N2O2
C11H12 N2O2 21 dag siden
организаторы глобалисты смеются над простолюдинами как они сердце своё гробят
A.I Sports Productions
A.I Sports Productions 21 dag siden
These pull-ups are one of a kind
RAM BO 6 dager siden
@Michael Newton Yep, I'm not saying I could do them, but they weren''t pull-ups
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 7 dager siden
What pull-ups? You mean fish flops?
bigD bob
bigD bob 21 dag siden
Can you explain how she should be the favorite men/women side, the weights are not equal you woke scumbag
Ant Soprano
Ant Soprano 24 dager siden
All of this people are Amazing!!! Respect
oilpatch432 24 dager siden
those pull ups dont count in a military prt. just saying. I'm swinging on a swing
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 13 dager siden
@Michael Newton not everyone trains the pull up to work the traps and lats. Bodybuilders train pull ups to get growth in those muscles, CrossFitters train pull ups either in strict form to get stronger, or with kipping to increase muscular endurance and for volume training. Both types of pull ups have a practical use for CrossFit because they can both make you fitter if done and utilized properly. Top CrossFit athletes aren’t concerned with being jacked, so they don’t train to get jacked. Size is a product of their training volume.
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 13 dager siden
@Sam Henkle everyone leaves them alone because when you work out, you don’t do pull ups to be a gymnast. You do pull-ups to train the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles.
Tim A.
Tim A. 15 dager siden
@antara verma I know all too well what kipping Marine drill instructor yelled all of boot camp, "STOP KIPPING!"
antara verma
antara verma 15 dager siden
@Tim A. kip ups have existed for ages and the high rep count for them is included versus the 50 strict because again, the 300 is endurance whereas the 50 would be for strength- thats my point. there is a modified version because the mod version tests something completely different. this is why in some events they will test a strict press to test pure shoulder strength, OR they will ask for thrusters/push press, to test power. they are different things.
Tim A.
Tim A. 15 dager siden
@Sam Henkle Yeah, 300 of these sounds and looks way better than 50 real ones...I got it!!! Thanks...
oilpatch432 24 dager siden
i'm still waiting for someone to actually do a pull up, not a kip up.
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 18 dager siden
@Nick Levo “Sport.”
Nick Levo
Nick Levo 21 dag siden
Find another sport my guy... You won't see it here.
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 24 dager siden
Well, since no one has said it yet, I'll be the first... ...ZEEERROOOOO!!!!
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 18 dager siden
@coolbrounderscore It’s Asian reporter and returning champion...Elgintensity...aka Traptain America the Winter Swoldier.
coolbrounderscore 18 dager siden
The mating call of the washed up loser olympics
SuperBad 25 dager siden
These are not proper pull ups.
godergoder 25 dager siden
Whats this called? Half rep battle?
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 6 dager siden
It's called....ZEEERROOOOOOO!!!
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 18 dager siden
Nah it’s called “workout you couldn’t do”
Frank Mills
Frank Mills 26 dager siden
Mat Fraser, you are a beast man! GOAT
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 26 dager siden
Unbelievable.other than kobe Bryant... brooke wells,tia toomey,haley Adams,kari Pearce, and sara sigmundsdottir are amongst my favorite athletes. Fearless,powerful,and determined. The essence of the mamba mentality.👊🔥👍😊
What Would Grant Do
What Would Grant Do 29 dager siden
WTF are those pullups.....
What Would Grant Do
What Would Grant Do 14 dager siden
@antara verma incorrect pull ups
antara verma
antara verma 14 dager siden
@What Would Grant Do already set what I had to say. If you don’t get that they are two different things, then fairs. Maybe the least they can do is add “kipping pull ups” as the name rather than just pull ups
What Would Grant Do
What Would Grant Do 15 dager siden
@antara verma kipping pull ups with a goal of learning to do a muscle up and to learn how to use that body movement in gymnastics. CrossFit is doing pull ups incorrectly
antara verma
antara verma 15 dager siden
​@What Would Grant Do takes 5 seconds to reply to a comment vs going through the multiple videos ive watched on crossfit trying to find you an event where they do strict pull ups.... if you don't get the different in effort there idk what to say to u??? crossfit is its own breed, and the point is to test everything - kipping is a power and endurance move, whereas strict pulls up are pure strength, similar to how thrusters and push press are totally different to a strict military prerss. its not done "incorrectly," its a totally different exercise that challenges you in a different way. if you haven't seen a gymnast do kipping pull ups before then you need to go back to the experts you seem to engage with so much and maybe learn a bit more from them. i watch my 13 year old sister's gymnastic class and see them all doing kipping pull ups 2x a week lol.
What Would Grant Do
What Would Grant Do 15 dager siden
@antara verma if you’re studying why tf you arguing on the internet. You’ve “watched “ I’ve experience with sports courses/strength and conditions, worked along side some of the best people at their job and not once have I ever been told that a kipping pull up is good. It’s a CrossFit thing only and an exercise done incorrectly
Tianyang Zhang
Tianyang Zhang 29 dager siden
anybody know how many calories this workout will burn?
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 18 dager siden
Too many😂😂
spikeexc Måned siden
How come you have men and women and Biden says there’s no such thing?
J P Måned siden
I love how the commentators have no idea that nobody gives a fuck...
DW Ethiopia
DW Ethiopia Måned siden
When he said Katrin DavidsDotter, I always thought he was saying Kathryn Davids daughter. It made me think there was someone famous named Kathryn David.
teresa triplett
teresa triplett 5 dager siden
😂😂 I first thought that too when I first heard her name.
neverindoubt Jones
neverindoubt Jones 13 dager siden
@Prd64twl so ignorant.
Becky M
Becky M 15 dager siden
It's the way Iceland records family names. The daughters take dottir and the sons take son. Usually the daughters are named after their mother (hence Helagsdottir) and the son takes his father's name (such as Davidson).
Robert Pate
Robert Pate 19 dager siden
If Katrin was a boy, he would be Davidson. Her name literally means David's daughter.
Envii soup
Envii soup 23 dager siden
Same, so first I typed in how to pronounce and the daughter was gone; and, then I watched a European competition where the name was pronounced correctly: all the names sounded thoughtfully pronounced. A wee bit of research and he could at least have a go ...
Pau Måned siden
They are like diplodocus running 😂
Jacqueline O
Jacqueline O Måned siden
There’s only 2 non-American women competing... an American was bound to medal / podium 🤨
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 18 dager siden
That’s just because those women made it through the online stage at the top, just more American dominance than we’ve seen in a while from the womens side of the sport
FORMDOG2020 Måned siden
Dumbest sport known to man.
Lynne Ji
Lynne Ji Måned siden
Why do they mention that Kari Pearce is going to be the first American woman on the podium in however many years when both Hayley and Brooke are American? No matter what, there has to be an American woman on the podium in 2020, since there’s only two non-American women competing right?
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 18 dager siden
Hayley and Brooke didn’t make it on the podium. The podiums been entirely Australian, Icelandic, and I think Hungarian and Swedish or something since almost a decade
Tearial311 Måned siden
For how much flack CrossFit get for those damn kipping pull-ups, you’d think they would change it. But they don’t. The only people in the entire world who think kipping pull-ups are cool, are cross fitters. ONLY CROSSFITTERS
RAM BO 6 dager siden
@Tearial311 Holy fuck, it's hard to believe there is anyone in Amercia who wasn't a Navy Seal, they are all over you tube - PMSL
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 15 dager siden
That’s the whole point. They want people to attack and ridicule them, which enforces the “us vs. them” mentality of crossfitters. It’s the classic strategy of “brand loyalty.” I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, it’s not really about exercise?” Never was.
Yeggory 24 dager siden
@Tearial311 Momentum based lifts and movements prove more beneficial compared to the risks if done properly. Saying kipping pull ups does nothing is absurd when you get to involve the entire body in the movement. You not only work the arms but also use leg drive to complete the movement and sustain it over many reps such as the 300 tested here. That requires strength endurance and a good aerobic capacity. I would agree that if there are less risky ways to test endurance they should adopt them but momentum based techniques are still useful.
Yeggory 24 dager siden
@Tearial311 Fair enough
Tearial311 24 dager siden
This is why special forces guys have WODs named after them. But we never did dangerous lifting techniques and momentum based stuff since it screams injury
Bato Del Castillo
Bato Del Castillo Måned siden
These two are a great huge BEAST 💪🏻🤟🏻🤩🔥
Simone Louise
Simone Louise Måned siden
Why are the handstand push-ups with the legs going down? Is that CrossFit specific? Or to meet games guidelines?
jon arthur
jon arthur Måned siden
it helps you cheat the rep it is way harder being strigth the whole time and you can even add 10 to 20 more just by doing this
Anushita Sharma
Anushita Sharma Måned siden
I just freaking love Katrín Davídsdottír!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Don't ask why I just dooo ❤❤❤🧡🧡❤🧡❤❤🧡🧡❤🧡❤🧡❤
Anushita Sharma
Anushita Sharma 23 dager siden
@horizon 987 I think she looks like a woman who is way more healthy and fit than me and you. Grow up dude it is 2021. A woman can also have six-pack abs and be as strong as a man but that doesn't mean they are more men or less female.
horizon 987
horizon 987 23 dager siden
So you like women who look like men?
Mr. Milk Man
Mr. Milk Man Måned siden
The only problem with this sport is that athletes like Fraser and Toomey eventually have all of the sponsors, money, resources and time to remain a monopoly. Meanwhile the basic athlete that hasn’t won the CrossFit games yet is forever at a disadvantage. No one doubts their work ethic and what got them to where they are now, but let’s be honest, if you’re aspiring to be in this sport professionally, you aren’t just competing against the athletes. You are also competing against the corporations that pay millions to keep them on top.
RAM BO 6 dager siden
@Michael Newton The only problem with you is that your mummy let you use her computer
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 7 dager siden
The only problem with this so-called “sport” is that it exists.
jon arthur
jon arthur Måned siden
and PEDs too can't win without it
Janaina Meire
Janaina Meire Måned siden
HSPU com colete 😳
Janaina Meire
Janaina Meire Måned siden
Pistol com colete 😳
Becky M
Becky M Måned siden
I love Katrin. Those shoulders!!
HammBone950 Måned siden
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 24 dager siden
Forging elite mediocrity!
M Hashemi
M Hashemi Måned siden
Gud lack Abibar ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 💖💗💕💝💝❤️🕊️🌹🦩✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹💐🌹
Black Girl Magic
Black Girl Magic Måned siden
No masks? what about Covid 19?
Jacqueline O
Jacqueline O Måned siden
Andy Andy
Andy Andy Måned siden
Psst; nobody care! Enjoy your life girl
Patrick Farren
Patrick Farren Måned siden
“Jeez just do...” “You have to...” etc.. Apologies announcer but I don’t think you know exactly what an athlete and her body need to do in that exact rep after they have devoted their entire recent life for this moment. General commentary improvements from Bill and Chase would really help us advance as a sport
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 13 dager siden
@Sam Henkle Not incorrect form? I’ve done enough real pull ups to know that comment is bullshit. And there is no point in discussing it because you’re wrong.
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 15 dager siden
@Michael Newton it’s not incorrect form, that’s what I’m trying to explain. There’s no point in trying to argue this conversation when you can’t look at things objectively...
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 15 dager siden
@Sam Henkle you’re right. I wouldn’t dream of doing exercises with horribly incorrect form.
antara verma
antara verma 18 dager siden
@coolbrounderscore is it....these people do unimaginably difficult exercise so if u think doing a 265 pound clean as a woman is jazzercising then ok
Sam Henkle
Sam Henkle 18 dager siden
@coolbrounderscore except these guys are doing things you couldn’t dream of doing
bob knob
bob knob Måned siden
Ashlie Babbitt was it silly rabbit dirt nap for a traitor 😎🙌
Im Fam
Im Fam Måned siden
Брук Уэллс симпатяжка.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Måned siden
nah pearce killed toomey on this one
RAM BO 6 dager siden
Matt Frazer said at the end that they were doing the minimum workout to keep their lead as they were both going to win.
Faysal Aden
Faysal Aden 24 dager siden
Toomey was lowkey cruising…
Lady K
Lady K Måned siden
Loved Toomey and Fraser crossing the finish line together hands clasped! They did great 👍 Imagine if you are their work colleagues and asking them what they did over the weekend 😲😂
Billy Maguire
Billy Maguire Måned siden
Hybrid HSPU's?
Francesca Méndez
Francesca Méndez Måned siden
Mis respetos !! Solo viendo ya me falto la respiración 🥵🥵
DrBlaydeSharpe Måned siden
The hashtags 😳🤣
Steffanie Duke
Steffanie Duke Måned siden
Pearce! “I like that workout!” I love it 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Kef Bana
Kef Bana Måned siden
David’s Daughter. So annoying.
Hertog von Berkshire
Hertog von Berkshire 12 dager siden
Commentator's pronunciation could indeed be better.
Yeggory 24 dager siden
dale christopher
dale christopher 29 dager siden
SunshineFlemming Måned siden
Sooooo inspiring what Kari Pearce did there!!!
horizon 987
horizon 987 23 dager siden
They're juicing to the max
Wian Swart
Wian Swart Måned siden
@Mariah’s Little Lamb lol
Mariah’s Little Lamb
Mariah’s Little Lamb Måned siden
She looks like a man. She is so roided.
Jonathan Franks
Jonathan Franks Måned siden
Yall’s hashtags in these event videos are killing me 😂
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 17 dager siden
Sky W Edits
Sky W Edits Måned siden
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Måned siden
Richie Måned siden
closer to the finish line, quite an event!
Akash12512mbd Akash12512mbd
Akash12512mbd Akash12512mbd Måned siden
💪💪💪💪💪🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛to All 💪💪💪🥛🥛🥛🥛🤠🍫🍫🍫
A Roger
A Roger Måned siden
Matt and tia cheated /// why would you allow training partner to give advice to each other after each events. That’s cheating. ..People gonna say to me, well their coach. An talk to them. Bullshit. // A person whose doing the event have first experience on how to play the events... cheater.
Seb Gamboa
Seb Gamboa 10 dager siden
@Michael Newton Lmao loser
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 11 dager siden
@Seb Gamboa ok stalker.
Seb Gamboa
Seb Gamboa 13 dager siden
@Michael Newton whatever you say bud, keep watching CrossFit vids even though “its a joke.” Lmaooooo #secretlyafan
Michael Newton
Michael Newton 13 dager siden
@Seb Gamboa I’m pathetic? Yet you’re the loser stalking my profile. Also, I roast things. You don’t like it? Tough. Also, read the actual story of Atalanta. She was a huntress who challenged her suitors to a foot race to see who’d have her hand in marriage. One suitor got three golden apples from the goddess of love to throw at Atalanta and distract her in order to win the race.
Seb Gamboa
Seb Gamboa 18 dager siden
@Michael Newton lolololol I clicked on your profile and you have commented on several CrossFit videos. It’s okay to say that you’re jealous 😂😂😂 it’s fucking hilarious that you think it’s such a joke but you watch so many videos of it. You’re either obsessed with it or just this much of a hateful person, either way, it’s pathetic
Queen Bee
Queen Bee Måned siden
Awesome athletes no matte their finish! My love to them all! ❤🌐🙏
Srmix70 Geba
Srmix70 Geba Måned siden
Björn Willimzig
Björn Willimzig Måned siden
You got your description wrong. ATALANTA was not sprint - sled - sprint ;)
Степан Попков
Степан Попков Måned siden
ADAMS the best !!!
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