Game Theory: Minecraft Has A Zombie Virus INFECTING the Overworld!

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2 måneder siden

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Minecraft zombies - by now we know everything about them, right? WRONG! They are the omen to something bigger, something scarier, something INVISIBLE! The Minecraft Overworld is being infected by a Zombie VIRUS! Steve needs to wash his hand and start watching his back! Where did this zombie outbreak start? Theorists, get ready to find out something about Minecraft you've never seen before!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

LB8229 2 timer siden
I love Moo the cow, from the book
Karsten Symington
Karsten Symington 3 timer siden
Have you made a videos on the mod where we are like a god in minecerft where the mob can't kill us. We can fly. We can break bedrock and we have aver block in minecerft.
Flee Gaming
Flee Gaming 4 timer siden
The only thing is not normal is how your character breath in the nether or the end
Caoilinn Moore
Caoilinn Moore 8 timer siden
I was like huh weird history and then they go back to the minecraft I was like Wait.... WAIT WHAT
Caoilinn Moore
Caoilinn Moore 8 timer siden
Later I was like wait I bu wa huh? I AM AN IDIOT because I found out about the "winter more viris" and then I remembered one series of books I like and then it hit me IN WINTER IT DOES NOT HAVE AS LITTLE SINKNESS BECAUSE @$%&^%
hypnosis 11 timer siden
Mat an important thing you talked about when 50% turning into a zombie or just dying in hardmode its 100% into a zombie and easy 0% into a zombie its just a game mechanic but its a point that i remembered
CryptedSpider 12 timer siden
Isnt the warped forest full of zombie oiglins
short kyuu
short kyuu 15 timer siden
But aren't there also zombie pigmen in the nether? I guess it could have been similar to the villager/zombie villager in the overworld, but it still doesn't quite add up.
Yufeng Yan
Yufeng Yan 16 timer siden
ツExsamurai 17 timer siden
But what about pig zombies
Famsfk c Sfkfam_c PS4
Famsfk c Sfkfam_c PS4 17 timer siden
I was thinking in the video how zombies were different from villager zombies I was thinking about the ancient builders
HesZedJim 19 timer siden
The girl with all the gifts is a damn good zombie book that keeps it fresh
Khorne 19 timer siden
In a nutshell: I am legend but blocky
none of ur buisness
none of ur buisness 21 time siden
voice crack 10:14
MLG_ PrettyCrystalYT7
MLG_ PrettyCrystalYT7 23 timer siden
I loved the last theory
Pax The Skeleton
Pax The Skeleton 23 timer siden
9:58 Matpat: North America *only shows the US* Canada: am I a joke to you ?
Sapphire Gaming
Sapphire Gaming Dag siden
rip zombies' self esteem
ConscriptHornet Dag siden
“The Virus is airborne, it’s over the walls. Anybody not infected already will be within a month. That cure was the final chance we had, maybe the survivors will succeed where we have failed.” -Paraphrase from Mazerunner: The Death Cure Honestly my favorite scene from that movie.
Luffy Luffy
Luffy Luffy Dag siden
👌👌👌👌 very nice
Sinnoh Champion
Sinnoh Champion Dag siden
i think that piglins are people who are punished after they died by being sent to hell and they will return to their dead state as they were dead when they come in the overworld.
Karen Wild
Karen Wild Dag siden
The villagers might also have a filter nose btw
Be in my team
Be in my team Dag siden
Fun Fact: Only reason zombies in almost every game have theyer arms r up is BC they r blind and the reason of theyer blindness is bc theyer brain is dead so theyer vision cant copy the picture to theyer brains!
maria jose pozas ochoa
maria jose pozas ochoa Dag siden
The blue-eyed vein speculatively mend because friday namely confuse but a motionless carriage. ablaze, hard bush
Jann Veniedic De Lara
Jann Veniedic De Lara Dag siden
What if not everyone go to the end like in your enderman theory like they refuse and stayed in the overworld then a virus thing happened killing them all then they became zombies. (Its my theory lel)
Tiktokfam !
Tiktokfam ! Dag siden
dang I never thought I want to be in history class
lucifer.means.light.bringer Dag siden
sad facts the world isnt ready for: cancer will likely never b cured. big pharma makes more money "solving" the problem then curing it. millions of dollars r donated every year towards finding the cure so why would big pharma cure it?
Deadeyef F
Deadeyef F Dag siden
They shake when their getting turned into a zombie piglin
pixel gaming
pixel gaming Dag siden
Hey MatPat you probably won't see this but I just wanted you to know that zombie piglins spawn in the nether so if they can only become a zombie by going to the overworld then why are there so many in the nether.
Whitney Sommerfeldt
Whitney Sommerfeldt Dag siden
Maybe that's why there a husks, and adaptation for the virus in higher temperatures
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Dag siden
Creepers r dogs ro cats as zobie
ghostboy uprise
ghostboy uprise Dag siden
Matt I was messing around with the painting and I think they tell some kind of story
LIL Jomoster2010 & moony's world
LIL Jomoster2010 & moony's world Dag siden
how does the village have arms like zombies when there arms are together?
Donovan Douglas
Donovan Douglas Dag siden
Wouldn't this defeat the idea that the Wither drove out the ancient civilization?
turtle773 Dag siden
This video seems awfully similar to CGP Greys one titled “Americapox”
Kyla Saunders
Kyla Saunders Dag siden
But what about the piglins that are already zombies in the Nether? And when you go to the Nether, in theory you're also an asymptomatic carrier
Weird O
Weird O Dag siden
Hey I like this but I have one question why does a pumpkin bring a snow man to life (and iron golem)
Grant Hubbard
Grant Hubbard 2 dager siden
But in hard mode villagers 100% of the time turn into a zombie villagers. Explain that
ProudAmerican 2 dager siden
0:21 Don't worry zombie. I still like ya.
Aidan DeLorenzo
Aidan DeLorenzo 2 dager siden
If zombiepiglins are piglins that get infected with the virus, then why are there zombiepiglins in the nether? Clearly the virus can survive in the nether maybe the nether trees somehow stop it from infecting the rest of the piglins.
DARTrider 2 dager siden
Who still calls Zombie Pigmen "Zombified Piglins," all Minecrafters that have played a lot before 1.16 should call them "Zombie Pigmen" just because that was their name.
Typhoon 2 dager siden
MatPat: "So basically, zombie apocalypse." Mojang: "MINECRAFT IS MINECRAFT!"
Иван Платов
Иван Платов 2 dager siden
the reason the piglins are turning into zombie piglins is because the piglins are in the nether[aka hell] and when they become undead piglins
Foxybat iscool
Foxybat iscool 2 dager siden
Terraria is crazier
Diana Harsono
Diana Harsono 2 dager siden
BRUH I found a drowned in the nether in a fortress
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan 2 dager siden
So what about the zombie piglins that spawn naturally in the nether? Not being pessimistic just genuinely curious.
LlamaLuke 2 dager siden
I would do a funny comment, or respect your donating to saint judes, but you think it too inappropriate to say hell but you say much more inappropriate things on this channel
Jeremiah Mason
Jeremiah Mason 2 dager siden
What is so scary about zombies is that it can actually happen like someone getting rabies
Phanindra Chamlagai
Phanindra Chamlagai 2 dager siden
I think that the shulkers are the last creation of the ancient builders that are a mix of chorus fruit or popped chorus fruit and soul sand
Nicholas Medlin
Nicholas Medlin 2 dager siden
I remember hearing alarms in one of the Minecraft songs that might have something to do with it??
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright 2 dager siden
LAVA PlayZ 2 dager siden
R.I.P zombie pigmen you will be missed
Sunflower Bear7107
Sunflower Bear7107 2 dager siden
MatPat: Where we are all blockheads! Lucy from Peanuts: Hold my football
Just some random person on the internet S
Just some random person on the internet S Dag siden
This is the best comment here
Ethan Carbert
Ethan Carbert 2 dager siden
I like how you say "block heads" cause it minecraft and the only thing in minecraft is basically just blocks lol
ShelbyLover 135
ShelbyLover 135 2 dager siden
his theorys actually make a lot of sense. also love the fact that your fundraising for charity
Iestyn Carter
Iestyn Carter 2 dager siden
There is a zombie virus in the nether but not in the end
C&C Studios
C&C Studios 2 dager siden
zombies do spawn in the nether #protosky
relint12 3 dager siden
I wonder if our Steve (and the player) isn’t just a descendant of the original builders but is an actual builder that was somehow cured of his zombie infection. That’s why most of the other zombies look like him and are wearing the same clothes as he is but none of the Villagers or Illagers do. When Pigmen come to the regular world they become Zombie Pigmen within seconds so why are the players immune and don’t contract the Zombie infection even when being attacked like Villagers do?
colin ritchie
colin ritchie 3 dager siden
Villagers and me a minecraft a pandemic every one minecraft
Der Kragenhai
Der Kragenhai 3 dager siden
I know it's kinda missing the point, but... the Native Americans also lived in densely packed cities. Beasts of burden and farm animals (which the Europeans had plenty of) were the causes of most dieases
Zachariah Hebig
Zachariah Hebig 3 dager siden
The nauseating cooking continuously apologise because surgeon radiologically share with a used trail. cool, humorous amount
Do i need a name ?
Do i need a name ? 3 dager siden
Wait if the ancient builder build the end city and they got trapped by the ender dragon why would there be a dragon head on the end ship
Mohd Azan
Mohd Azan 3 dager siden
I want to be poediepie
milksnake gaming yeah
milksnake gaming yeah 3 dager siden
Hey matpat what if it's not a plaque but for them to turn into on since he l l is hoter they had to evolve to survive the nether air witch could be a lot different then the overworld and it kill the from no o2 maybe that's why
Djordje Marić
Djordje Marić 3 dager siden
im late but what if the enderman built nether portals and the ruined nether portals to get out of the nether and we see them nowadays (ruined portals) and collect the loot they left cuz they can't pickup chests???
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez 3 dager siden
You sed slider men not ender men
Supercell God
Supercell God 3 dager siden
Recently I was playing Minecraft and noticed wither shaped holes in cells in the stronghold I think they fled due to the wither
ARN Prime
ARN Prime 3 dager siden
3 million dollars raised for st. Judes and this video has 3m views
Rolland black
Rolland black 3 dager siden
Hey maybe you so do a Theory on fake type
Frank Tranks
Frank Tranks 3 dager siden
Hold on... Mel Brooks' son wrote a Minecraft novel?
Party Dave
Party Dave 3 dager siden
The intro is clearly necrophobic! Undeads lives matter!😂
Brannon Hicklin
Brannon Hicklin 3 dager siden
But if villagers have a 50% chance to turn to a zombie, what about the player? Are they just 100% immune or something else
Just A Holy Doggo
Just A Holy Doggo 3 dager siden
Have you seen the description of when portal ruins were added into the game?
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 4 dager siden
Maybe the piglins just have weak immune systems or they're just not adapted an environment with lower temperatures so they turn into zombies. But hey,it's not just a theory... A G A M E T H E O R Y
GooseNuts 4 dager siden
Here’s my theory So I agree about the master builders and how they turned into enderman. I don’t agree that they were fleeing from wither but Zombies. There was a zombie created by lightning like how pigs are turned into zombie piglins. The zombies become so large in population that they flee to neather. They bring their pigs to have a food source but slowly evolve into piglins and zombie pigglins. They then flee from nether because it is dangerous and go to the end. Zombies find them there so they are forced to hop in, but can’t come back. It’s just a theory :)
L 4 dager siden
How is the zombie virus still around if the sun kills them? In fact- how are most mobs around if that's the case-
Random Girl
Random Girl 3 dager siden
Maybe they stay in caves during the day and only come out at night? (I mean obviously in game they just spawn, but for lore purposes?)
Malen'kiy 4 dager siden
I actually got zombies to spawn in the nether multiple times. All I was doing was farming zombie piglins for xp, and every now and then as more would spawn to kill me, some normal zombies would spawn along with them. Not sure if it's relevant to the theory, but it was consistent enough for me.
Mr. Depth Leviathan
Mr. Depth Leviathan 4 dager siden
Piglins resorted to cannibalism before nether wart, so they dont have psychic link (since they hunt hoglins) or maybe have a mixed diet Hoglins eat crimson fungus so they probably have an underdeveloped set of psychic connection We were a villager who didn't like the simple life and left the village (hence the ability to spawn a bonus chest or map before you leave - the things you brought with you) Shulkers, magma cubes, ghasts, and slimes all need some study
Trevor Slinkard
Trevor Slinkard 4 dager siden
I remember first playing Minecraft when it first came out and this thought crossed my mind
Z0X Dag siden
No you didnt
Generally Mexican
Generally Mexican 4 dager siden
Why? Why did you have to force in the Rona?
Lucidny JR
Lucidny JR 4 dager siden
this makes me to live in the nether
Akky Tigchelaar
Akky Tigchelaar 5 dager siden
but why don't players turn into zombies when killed by them
Adventurous Asreil
Adventurous Asreil 5 dager siden
matpat: "zombies are overlooked" *shows pvz zombie on the TV* maybe do a pvz theory or a terraria one??
HollowKnight Fan
HollowKnight Fan 5 dager siden
That feeling when you were an agressive pigling and then you turned into zombie pigling which is a neutral mob.
OzoneGaming 5 dager siden
Go watch history of villagers it may explain more theories
Joseph Atkins
Joseph Atkins 5 dager siden
but what bout Steve going to the to the nether,should't he burned up to ash????
Blendi Azizi
Blendi Azizi 5 dager siden
Ngl Matpats video’s are good but the thumbnail is kinda cringe
William gamer
William gamer 5 dager siden
1 mill huh try 3million
TheHellfirejen 5 dager siden
just drink a milk
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 5 dager siden
Um you do realize that COD is famous for their zombies modes and dying light and last of us are sequels people have been asking for years right
Ken Kardys
Ken Kardys 5 dager siden
What if Steve is a demigod and that's why 1 you're thrown in with nothing but the clothes on your back. 2 that's why at the end two gods are talking about your jurny. Just a theory but think about it
Chestnut gamerz
Chestnut gamerz 5 dager siden
i have the book "the island" just never read it, since i was really young when i got it, so it had seemed like a complex book, and now idk were it is :
Karthik Devamanohar
Karthik Devamanohar 5 dager siden
MatPat, can you cover the origin of husks and the drowned viruses. I mean, there is obviously a difference between these zombie variants and regular zombies.
Emma Richardson
Emma Richardson 6 dager siden
wow this was made 3 days after my birth day XD
Merramel 5 dager siden
I just realized this video was made on my birthday!
Benjamin Doran
Benjamin Doran 6 dager siden
1 like for Zombie
Portal Popsickle _
Portal Popsickle _ 6 dager siden
So go read Guns, Germs, and Steel. It heavily discusses the why of the diseases.
aguiar 6 dager siden
I think you forgot something Matt. Infectious diseases normally don't spread from one species to another, unless there's a mutation in the virus or bacteria. Even in that case, there would have to be extensive exposure from the piglins to our atmosphere for it to finally be affected by a mutated virus. This might mean that piglins are a descendant of the original race of humans who went to the nether? Maybe a video talking about the nether ecosystem and why the piglins aren't attacked by ghasts is in order?
Sophie B.
Sophie B. 6 dager siden
this makes total sence to me
Unusualcoyote11 6 dager siden
My theory on the video: the ancient civilization first started making structures and eventually gathered technology and created a dimension (which eventually got lost) that brought in villagers with there diseases and the villagers tried secretly experimenting on the civilization and they started to mutate into "creppers" Which carried diseases and everytime they exploded the disease spread (the villagers that experimented got expelled from the village which created "witches" And all of the others at the woodland mansion)
Unusualcoyote11 6 dager siden
Or the creepers could be a remanicent of the dinosaurs in minecraft that eventually kept evolving with diseases
the guy
the guy 6 dager siden
I have a theory on what zombies and skeletons really are. We all know that the old age of builders fled to end to escape the wither. However I think it makes more since that zombies and skeletons are not failed experiments or anything by else. It makes more sense to me to think that they are the ancient builders that DIDNT go to the end. That monster is called the “wither” after all. My theory is that the builders who stayed in the overworld were defeated and “withered” into zombies and skeletons. Thank you for reading that’s just what I think personally. (Keep in mind I don’t think it’s a virus because the player does not become a zombie after death. In face nothing besides the villagers turns undead after being killed either.)
Ronnie Burger
Ronnie Burger 6 dager siden
Hey game theory I have seen dreams video about Herobrine and that this update chart that Herobrine is on Minecraft, maybe the pillagers have finally made herobrine, but that is a game theory
Pansexual Demon
Pansexual Demon 6 dager siden
I am genuinely learning about how the colonial settlers brought many diseases from Europe only to kill most of the Native Americans in U.S. history right now.
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