Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

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Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

Hannah Mcloughlin
Hannah Mcloughlin 18 minutter siden
lol it's auggie from wonder :0
Not Alex
Not Alex 23 minutter siden
Elugellinho ft. Justin bieber!WAS EINE COMBO
queenanouch delange
queenanouch delange 24 minutter siden
you are not a silly singer your voice is amazing do not give up take advantage of the people who love you ignore the people who insult you
Tyra jemmott
Tyra jemmott 35 minutter siden
fuck all the haters. like why are you here with your bad vibes
Anjay TV
Anjay TV Time siden
This is the saddest part .. "What if you had it all But nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me 'Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just f- lonely I'm so lonely Lonely" . Please follow my youtube guys.
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Time siden
Theres so good😋
Sergio Chavez
Sergio Chavez Time siden
Wow the power of this song is amazing I’m tearing up this song made me a fan of Justin in the end we are all going to die alone no one is safe from death
Isabela Rios
Isabela Rios Time siden
You said youwishwas longer shut up songs perfect
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Time siden
Can you all go ahead and apologize to Rebecca Black as well? Not a fan of hers but just think internet has been very unfair to her as well...
Deelan The great
Deelan The great 2 timer siden
Hey are you feeling sad It’s okay we all do sometimes But just be you and do great things and you will be loved Even if all your friends turn there back on you You are loved They are not good enough for you They don’t deserve such a wonderful person like you Just keep the ones you love close, shine like the bright star you are and never give up You true friends will always be there for you no matter what So smile live on and just treat yourself well :)
SAMMY_ THEHERO15 2 timer siden
I'm back and my cat is gone nows my life is broken I'm crying
Jürgen Huber
Jürgen Huber 2 timer siden
I love dis song
Jonathan Curtis
Jonathan Curtis 2 timer siden
Really everything he did when he was younger most every teenager has done
Meme and Satisfaction
Meme and Satisfaction 2 timer siden
I used to not like his music I used to think he was a bad person, but I was the person for talking about him like that and from this song I learned that you never know what someone else is going through and we shouldn’t be here to make him feel worse we should be here to make him feel BETTER so today I’m going to stop the bad stuff that I’ve said about him and you should to if you are cuz you never know what someone else Is going through and I honestly feel bad for him 🥰🥰
Joaquin Rios Centeno
Joaquin Rios Centeno 3 timer siden
best song of justin biber
ᴊɪᴍɪɴ ᴘᴀʀᴋ
ᴊɪᴍɪɴ ᴘᴀʀᴋ 3 timer siden
The lyrics are just like i think most the time
Grecia Dafne V
Grecia Dafne V 3 timer siden
Necesito un cover de jungkook:^
호띠 3 timer siden
택신의 브금,,,
G Rome
G Rome 3 timer siden
This whole video makes me cry so much especially on the parts where he has the hockey stick pushing the ball, it’s like he wanted to play as a child or couldn’t enjoy his childhood because he had to sing and on the part where he’s alone on stage when the camera pulls away towards Justin, I really hope and pray that he will heal 💔😢 Moral of this video: Do Not Attempt to put your kids in the music industry, it will ruin there life forever and take them to death, money and fame isn’t everything in this world, just live a simple life .
Carrie Gibbs
Carrie Gibbs 3 timer siden
Awww so he feels lonely? Welcome to the real world, but imagine being POOR and not famous.
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 3 timer siden
My wife went to bed, and I’m watching Family Guy by myself.
Ofelia 3 timer siden
KAREN JOIE DIZON 4 timer siden
Christopher John
Christopher John 4 timer siden
"I wish this song was longer..." Me: I think that's the point
contenido noo ooob
contenido noo ooob 4 timer siden
Soy de argentina paapp asado boludo con corazón
itsBrandon 4 timer siden
Made a cover of this song, feel free to check it out!
IG- Abhï
IG- Abhï 4 timer siden
Its a song..❤️🌹
Mɪᴀ Rᴇʏᴇs
Mɪᴀ Rᴇʏᴇs 4 timer siden
Is Jacob Tremblay
ARMY_ FOREVER 4 timer siden
El Niño : me siento solo 😕 El camarógrafo:😶
Rael Tobing
Rael Tobing 5 timer siden
Anyone flashback?
Carmen J
Carmen J 5 timer siden
Meryem Arabulan
Meryem Arabulan 5 timer siden
Love from turkey 💖🇹🇷
Tiba Hassan
Tiba Hassan 5 timer siden
It’s so real
sweet .82
sweet .82 6 timer siden
I am in love with this song
FaZe Hyp3s0ul
FaZe Hyp3s0ul 6 timer siden
🥺 Damn this just hits different
Yord Alex
Yord Alex 6 timer siden
His voice brings me peace
Anvay Wahal
Anvay Wahal 6 timer siden
You're a survivor, bub...Stay strong....Love from India...I've been listening to your songs since 2015
LOKESH DHAWAL 6 timer siden
Song is great, but if you really feel lonely with having everything then think about people who have nothing, lonely and broke so my point is to help them so they could have something, like orphans and poor people share your money with them it really feels great, bdw i spend my money on stray animals to feed and care, LOVE FOR ALL
Guii SanttS
Guii SanttS 6 timer siden
Quem veio pelo tik tok?
john lloyd baylon
john lloyd baylon 6 timer siden
Just because majority knows that a single person is very succesful in their lives,doesnt mean that we should criticize them and be ok with it just because of knowing of what power they have because of their fame...loneliness cant be countered with richness and fame but a support from other person especially on your loved ones
kai n
kai n 6 timer siden
This song hits me different...
Navayah Cherry
Navayah Cherry 6 timer siden
This song hits hard in a special way
Shane Brown
Shane Brown 7 timer siden
I skip the bad word parts
Debbie Fishel
Debbie Fishel 7 timer siden
fuuuucking lonly
oztia julio
oztia julio 8 timer siden
Prince Marcus Adriel A. CARVAJAL
Prince Marcus Adriel A. CARVAJAL 8 timer siden
i just typed lonly in youtube then i saw this
Diane Peters
Diane Peters 8 timer siden
Love this
Jeon Jeongguk
Jeon Jeongguk 8 timer siden
I never really stranded you, but I came through this song. I listened to the lyrics and I knew something was wrong. All I can say to you is don’t make something terrible in the future. I’m no one to judge but a comment from someone so little can change something from happening
Jahiiirah CarLoS
Jahiiirah CarLoS 8 timer siden
Uuu WonT [[*c ]] m3 agaiN oFF ThE BuS .... ... Gud *Tuck ... * 👁-👁* - here 🗣
Alyssa FitzGerald
Alyssa FitzGerald 8 timer siden
This song makes me love Justin sooooo much more 😍🥺
Inquisitor Federov
Inquisitor Federov 8 timer siden
I feel like a lot of this can be related to growing up without a father in the home. Especially the part about making mistakes as a idiot kid and people not letting it go. It's like "sorry i didn't have a father there to teach me what i should and shouldn't do so i just had to figure it out for myself even if it was messy."
Jotaro kujo
Jotaro kujo 8 timer siden
Sayandeep Dey
Sayandeep Dey 8 timer siden
Justin really changed and matured
Alethia Singleton
Alethia Singleton 8 timer siden
Playerguild Official
Playerguild Official 9 timer siden
Reminds me of how I’m feeling
Felysia Inez Gianina
Felysia Inez Gianina 9 timer siden
Lagunya mantep
sandy mclovin
sandy mclovin 9 timer siden
He really gave up his life for the stage. I would feel lonely too
lesu_san 9 timer siden
He just needs to stop being a lil B**** Am sorry but we all go through hardships, don’t make it seem like your the only one who has problems. At least you have money, ther are ppl out here who are living day by day, counting nickels and dimes. Your just a spoiled lil kid bro, grow up!!!!!!
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu
Onyeka Onyebuchukwu 9 timer siden
*This song is very soothing*
whitley treadway
whitley treadway 9 timer siden
I love this song! So good and I relate. God was the only thing that pulled me out❤️
Kajetan Sztala
Kajetan Sztala 9 timer siden
Justin. Only God can save us...
mc ff gamer
mc ff gamer 9 timer siden
Brent Phillips
Brent Phillips 9 timer siden
im lonly too ! like the song though.
Luna Caballero
Luna Caballero 9 timer siden
Vine a ver este video solamente por Jacob, nada más
Travis Battles
Travis Battles 10 timer siden
They BOY is now a MAN
flow_malo_underground D leon
flow_malo_underground D leon 10 timer siden
Mi favorita ahora mismo😭😭😭😢
Anthony Battle
Anthony Battle 10 timer siden
This song sounds like someone's dieing
shu 11 timer siden
Lorenz Hoga
Lorenz Hoga 11 timer siden
Just Tell the Truth Bieber!! And there will be forgiveness.. 😂 ✌️
Nezar L
Nezar L 11 timer siden
I feel really sorry for him I almost regret disliking his song from 2010 baby
Danyela Santos
Danyela Santos 11 timer siden
just respects for Justin, this song is simply art, I like that he expresses his feelings at least for songs and I give myself time to reflect
kimmie 11 timer siden
I remember the first I heard this song, it made me quite emotional. Keep it up! I loved the song Holy too.
Derrius Guice’s Cell mate
Derrius Guice’s Cell mate 11 timer siden
Always b kind to everyone, including celebrities because there human too
Ivan Méndez Deniz
Ivan Méndez Deniz 12 timer siden
Esta canción demuestra que a veces, por muy famoso que seas y mucho dinero que tengas, lo más importante no es eso, sino tener gente que te quiera a tu lado
يسام w
يسام w 12 timer siden
I AM REALLY SO LONELY BUT IT'S OK HAHA 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
anish prateek lakra
anish prateek lakra 12 timer siden
Let's see who is listing this song in January 2021😉
dawid paniecki
dawid paniecki 12 timer siden
kurwa dobre to
NahuMR 12 timer siden
vengo de la cancion q canto demente en sus historias
JACI'S BOX 12 timer siden
This is the most raw, honest song ever, and from someone you can tell has been in that desperately lonely place in life. Thank you for sharing, Justin X
Arkon 12 timer siden
Who feels this song in 2021 ?
Carlos Vasquez
Carlos Vasquez 13 timer siden
Wow even Justin Bieber hurts
Cosmus 13 timer siden
M W 13 timer siden
This song will live even several decades later and I have followed his career as a complete outsider, aware of popularity but not that appreciative of his genre and delivery but the underdog in me wanted to root for him. I think this will touch everyone on this planet and I suddenly feel like this man deserved more time to be a kid but all of it happened for a great reason and he will deliver something even more astounding before he his time on this planet. Embrace his arrogance, he is Lonely.
J Flores
J Flores 13 timer siden
Wolfsterx 13 timer siden
Not many people know that Finneas played a very important role in this song being one of the main writer and music composer
Raquel Nino
Raquel Nino 13 timer siden
ash whitney
ash whitney 13 timer siden
This is beautiful, god.
Kirby Naelgas
Kirby Naelgas 13 timer siden
Anyone listening Jan-March 2021?
Omnia Mohamed
Omnia Mohamed 13 timer siden
Love you Justin Love you Justin
Omnia Mohamed
Omnia Mohamed 13 timer siden
Love you Justin
Omnia Mohamed
Omnia Mohamed 14 timer siden
Love you Justin
Sfera Ebbasta
Sfera Ebbasta 14 timer siden
JUSTIN biber 😘😘😘
massouda cheiguer
massouda cheiguer 14 timer siden
Funny Memes
Funny Memes 14 timer siden
This Song Really Makes You Lonely
Moody Music
Moody Music 14 timer siden
we don’t cry because we are weak. We cry because we’ve been strong for too long ''
massouda cheiguer
massouda cheiguer 14 timer siden
massouda cheiguer
massouda cheiguer 14 timer siden
BrandonPaltaHass 14 timer siden
Denle dislike :3 bdbe
Rayan Lahmar
Rayan Lahmar 14 timer siden
I hated him but I just understand his life and his feelings his voice make me cry if u agree like this
Debbie D
Debbie D 15 timer siden
I lost allmost all my friends in 2020 and I feel so lonely, this song is relatable for me. I did not listen to jusin much but now im obbsessed with this song. you can feel the song, and if you can feel a song, then they put hard work and poured out thier feelings into it.
I really miss you... Chill vibes
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