AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Audio)

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LoosDaMoose 3 timer siden
more ending/victory type music
Ryan Aronis
Ryan Aronis 9 timer siden
I cant stop singing the greatest song ever
Toxicity 19 timer siden
They still GOT IT after all these years 🤘
GreatToonz 23 timer siden
This album is now #1 on the rock charts in 18 countries, every album they do is the same album, but it's a damn good album. Just shows how desperate people are to find good music these days, it mostly only comes from the old artists.
Mike Betz
Mike Betz 23 timer siden
AC/DC are still the ass kickers of rock and roll
matteo _dib
matteo _dib Dag siden
is there a better guitarist of angus young?
Austin Moore
Austin Moore Dag siden
Just got myself a Christmas gift yesterday the limited edition light up box
Jacob Prince
Jacob Prince Dag siden
Never had a bad song
harji singh
harji singh Dag siden
Dalton Brasfield
Dalton Brasfield 2 dager siden
The boys are back!!!
Nait 2 dager siden
Having AC/DC while defeating Galactus was beautiful
Robert Quehen
Robert Quehen 2 dager siden
je suis Francais et super fan AC DC SUPER album
Sniperix 2 dager siden
goood song please like my comment
Kars' bara tiddies
Kars' bara tiddies 2 dager siden
ACDC: "Can i offer you an album in this trying time?"
Victor Machado
Victor Machado 3 dager siden
mmikkone 4 dager siden
This is what my wife said about this album and it's very true: no collaboration, no compilation, they just made a record. It's often this path that artists take when they get older and loose their inspiration, but with ACDC: no.
blacksonne19 4 dager siden
Sorry but you have been an still are missing that Bon Scott Fire ! When he left us, you got "lucky" with BIB imo know way Bon didn't have a full album worth of lyrics written down in that missing journal. That 70s ACCA was a different an meaner animal.
Bob 4 dager siden
I've been a fan since the late 70's good to have them back, rock out!
M0nTyKe 5 dager siden
Covid 19 : * spreads all around the globe* AC\DC : "Bitch get out of our way" *spreads all around the universe*
Jeremiah Edmond
Jeremiah Edmond 5 dager siden
Music 🎶 like this better than Hip hop for real
Evelyne Petit
Evelyne Petit 5 dager siden
Super music Super époque
Armin Siliftarević
Armin Siliftarević 5 dager siden
Good Song👍
Paul Sweazy
Paul Sweazy 5 dager siden
Row Wow
Row Wow 5 dager siden
I can’t stay put in my bed
Milcmester ϟ
Milcmester ϟ 6 dager siden
Lil peep fans: 100000000 Ac/Dc fans: 100000000000000000000000
Milcmester ϟ
Milcmester ϟ 6 dager siden
Arianna zelaschi
Arianna zelaschi 6 dager siden
Brian love forever rock ac*dc❤️
Walter Anderson
Walter Anderson 7 dager siden
One of my fav BANDS other than KISS!!!! Amazing its like listening to a time machine.... GLORY days reminiscent
Charles Rambeau
Charles Rambeau 7 dager siden
Brian Johnson sounds strong and Angus is immortal!
Alejandro Pavón
Alejandro Pavón 7 dager siden
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 7 dager siden
Got my cd love box work's awesome!
ramy 7 dager siden
How cool is it that we're still getting new AC/DC and Stones songs in 2020?
Szynszyl Aluminiowy
Szynszyl Aluminiowy 8 dager siden
I shot the duck.. and i feel alright
Marc Darrieulat
Marc Darrieulat 8 dager siden
I can't stand this singer. Come back BON !!!!!
TheFiend 8 dager siden
who's here after survivor series 2020?
John Cavar
John Cavar 8 dager siden
Slingshot 8 dager siden
AC/DC, one of the only bands I can think of who have never changed their style and never had any slow boring ballads either. They just make high-energy straight-up rock and roll songs that don't change through time.
Alexis Chaney
Alexis Chaney 9 dager siden
I'm 17 and it sucks that more people my age don't enjoy music like this. The 70s by far had the best music. I mean Brian Johnson is 73 years old and still has this vocal range, it's insane and flat out amazing!
Scott Will
Scott Will 9 dager siden
Well there goes sobriety
Ashton Dyer
Ashton Dyer 9 dager siden
AC/DC releases album every other band YYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they beat us like always
iryanjones 9 dager siden
In the suck that is 2020. AC/ DC comes to the rescue. RIP to Malcolm. I love you all
Theo White
Theo White 10 dager siden
Awesome song
CJ 10 dager siden
I personally don't know about Axel Rose takin over as singer for AC/DC, was almost freaked by it actually. I wasn't and am not a guns and roses fan. I'm 65 and was in the business for most of my life off and on. I would probably not be a fan of the band anymore if I knew that axel was lead. Had to do a couple of his tunes in bands I was in. But only until I could teach my rhythm guitarist to do those songs. I was hoping that they would do another album, but I didn't hold my breath cuz after I heard bout axel I was extremely disappointed. Might not have even listened to it. But Brian and Cliff and Phil are there and not an axel in sight or earshot. Like it, not what I expected from them but rockin just the same.
John Duffy
John Duffy 10 dager siden
I believe that Brian Johnson was more better than Bon Scot.
Prince J
Prince J 10 dager siden
survivor series 2020 theme song
Luísa Grossmann
Luísa Grossmann 10 dager siden
eu escuto ac/dc desde pequenininha e não me arrependo nem um pouco de ter esse estilo musical totalmente diferente 🤟🏻🖤
Dana Long
Dana Long 10 dager siden
Bobby Caroli: “And now, Cyberpunk 2077 presents the WWE Survivor Series: Best of the Best!” (Pyro explodes) Commentator: “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and Happy Thanksgiving, to the one night a year RAW & SmackDown go to war to find out who is indeed the Best of the Best! We are LIVE, deep in the heart of Texas, at the sold-out American Airlines Center in Dallas, where 17,281 fans are in attendance, and THIS is the 34th Annual Survivor Series!”
Funky Maniâ
Funky Maniâ 10 dager siden
Survivor Series?? Anyone??
Атанас Цолов
Атанас Цолов 10 dager siden
Saddest things about this masterpiece are that the song is tribute to passed members of the group and tribute to one legendary career (PHENOM FOREVER, R.I.P Undertaker).
kevin feola
kevin feola 10 dager siden
WWE Suvivor Series
sakuraba86 10 dager siden
This is pure ROCK, like all of their stuff. Nothing beats a shot of adrenaline; ACDC makes me feel alive.
Austin Dickerson
Austin Dickerson 10 dager siden
And now, Cyberpunk 2077 presents WWE Survivor Series: Best of the Best!
sebastiao alvaro
sebastiao alvaro 10 dager siden
imagine new IRON MAN movie with this soundtrack !!!
Mason Bialozynski
Mason Bialozynski 11 dager siden
This is the official theme song for the 2020 WWE survivor series event
That One Guy
That One Guy 11 dager siden
Sounds like I shot the dog.
Sinister But Happy
Sinister But Happy 11 dager siden
They have never turned in a shit record but for me me this is their best since Back in Black!
Avatar Rodney
Avatar Rodney 11 dager siden
Survivor Series 2020 brought me here!
Joseph Henderson
Joseph Henderson 11 dager siden
WWE Survivor Series 2020 - The Best Of The Best
Derly Quintero
Derly Quintero 11 dager siden
Mandi Stewart
Mandi Stewart 11 dager siden
BUS Ben Bus 154
Mandi Stewart
Mandi Stewart 11 dager siden
Bus driver and Bus home
Josphat Gichuru
Josphat Gichuru 11 dager siden
Who loves loves AC/DC For there rock 👇
Josphat Gichuru
Josphat Gichuru 11 dager siden
73 but still rocks team AC⚡DC
Wyatt Kunze
Wyatt Kunze 12 dager siden
DJ W!ll - TheStrongGuy! ;D
DJ W!ll - TheStrongGuy! ;D 12 dager siden
*WWE Survivor Series 2020, Anyone?*
Ricardo Moraes
Ricardo Moraes 12 dager siden
Aqui é AC/DC porraaaaa!!!!
Ivan Aviñante
Ivan Aviñante 12 dager siden
It's now 2020, and the music of AC/DC still doesn't change, and Brian's voice also doesn't change. But is there anybody here noticed that this song is a theme song for this year's Survivor Series?
Sergio Proença
Sergio Proença 12 dager siden
AC⚡DC 🇧🇷🤜🏼🤛🏼💣
Matthew Austin
Matthew Austin 12 dager siden
How To Go To Heaven
Matthew Austin
Matthew Austin 6 dager siden
@Whipped cream guy Yes
Whipped cream guy
Whipped cream guy 7 dager siden
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos 12 dager siden
Long live AC⚡DC 🤘🏻🎸👨🏻‍🎤
Egboy Soriano
Egboy Soriano 12 dager siden
WWE Survivor Series 2020 official theme song
Mike Buckler
Mike Buckler 12 dager siden
I shot the dog LMAO
CPW1109 12 dager siden
It sounds like “Rock and Roll Train” and “Stiff Upper Lip” but I still like it.
Shawn Brann
Shawn Brann 12 dager siden
Oh man I thought it was giving the dog a bone when I first heard it. Reminds me of the guitar world interview lol
Allen Lopez
Allen Lopez 12 dager siden
Wwe survivor series 2020
Conrack 90
Conrack 90 12 dager siden
cowboy0212 13 dager siden
Ariana Grande.. who?
Merve SAĞLAM 13 dager siden
Axel Vargas
Axel Vargas 13 dager siden
This is surely Good ole Rock
Josep Izart
Josep Izart 13 dager siden
Mr. M.
Mr. M. 13 dager siden
Man, this is good. I was kind of off put because it is so soft and thought to myself , I can hear AC/DC in the bass and obviously in voice.
Sifet Felic
Sifet Felic 13 dager siden
Thank you ac / dc for the new album and enjoying the good music. Peace and Greetings from Bosnia...
GIPB Mac 13 dager siden
exactly what we needed!!!
Yuu OniiChan
Yuu OniiChan 13 dager siden
All I can say is... THANK YOU TAKER!!!!!
Evil Dos
Evil Dos 13 dager siden
I need a pick me up A rollin’ thunder truck I need a shot of you That tattooed lady wild Like a mountain wide I got a hunger, that’s the loving truth You got a long night coming And a long night pumping You got the right position The heat of transmission A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night A shot in the dark Yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark Beats a walk in the park, yeah Blast it on the radio Breaking on the TV show Send it out on all the wires And if I didn’t know any better Your mission is to party ’Til the broad daylight You got a long night coming And a long night going You got the right position The heat of transmission A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night A shot in the dark Yeah, electric spark A shot in the dark Beats a walk in the park, yeah My mission is to hit ignition A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark All through the whole night A shot in the dark Yeah, electric sparks A shot in the dark Beats a walk in the park, yeah A shot in the dark Ooh, a shot in the dark A shot in the dark A shot in the dark A shot in the dark Make you feel alright A shot in the dark Beats a walk in the park, yeah
Hreg geffley
Hreg geffley 13 dager siden
survivor series 2020
Small Child
Small Child 13 dager siden
This song was a real SHOT IN THE DARK!
Ciaran BladeZero
Ciaran BladeZero 14 dager siden
ac/dc rehashing the same old formula... again
MICHEL MARTINO 14 dager siden
acdc .magique. j'ai 60 ans ,et je ne me lace pas.
Gauri chauhan Vlog
Gauri chauhan Vlog 14 dager siden
Aap mujhe dn kro mai back krugi
fabrizio ibanez
fabrizio ibanez 14 dager siden
walloppa !
Efthimios Tikas
Efthimios Tikas 14 dager siden
Survivor Series 2020
Виталий Брон
Виталий Брон 14 dager siden
Виталий Брон
Виталий Брон 14 dager siden
Шикарно,нет слов
The Hitman Coz
The Hitman Coz 14 dager siden
Survivor Series 2020
Peter Meissnitzer
Peter Meissnitzer 14 dager siden
Acdc is back. And we should all be thankful.
Maxim Sviatski
Maxim Sviatski 14 dager siden
Wow,strong as always!!!! This guys are the best.......
Justin Webb
Justin Webb 14 dager siden
Tho a fan, on this occasion,think i prefer Ozzy Osbourne's Shot In The Dark from 1986...
Johnathan Struble
Johnathan Struble 14 dager siden
The Windows are down ..all four... on mom's 1980 caprice classic....the Kenmore and Stillwater Kicker thumping....dragging main set on ghetto.......dont feel like 2020...thank God and AC/DC!..😁
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