Why F1's 2021 rule changes are bigger than you think

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F1's major rule changes for the cars have been pushed back to 2022, and the current cars are being carried over for 2021... right? Sort of. Rule changes are still being made for next year, and in this video Edd Straw explains what they are, and why the FIA has felt the need to try to curb the performance of the fastest F1 cars ever. We also round up the other minor changes on and off-track that are being made for next season.
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Raum Bances
Raum Bances 17 timer siden
If the tires are not capable of keeping up with the other technological advancements in F1 racing, F1 should switch tire companies rather than hobbling the cars. "Will result in less down force and therefore less performance." That's why I watch F1... less performance. "limiting research and development" Why bother having a constructor's cup. sigh
Gareth Norwood
Gareth Norwood 4 dager siden
So have they took DAS off the merc
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 6 dager siden
it's the characteristic they just admitted that they are changing
Psycho Bergmuis
Psycho Bergmuis 7 dager siden
Wont make a difference. Just going to ruin the midfiel.
madridista1611 7 dager siden
Another predictable season ahead unfortunately
Jarred McGuinn
Jarred McGuinn 12 dager siden
My predictions 2021... LH 1st, Ver 2nd, Bot 3rd, Per 4th, Ric 5th, Alo 6th (MER 1st constructers, 2nd Red Bull, 3rd McLaren) and F*ing God damn it Alonso still doesn't have a car to fight at the front.
Optikk Magnum
Optikk Magnum 13 dager siden
This 0.5mm bolt is outlawed for 2021. f1 teams: *Panik*
Alain Martel
Alain Martel 13 dager siden
ANY increase of the minimum weight is bad. Instead, they should limit the maximum power available.
Ahmad Shallouf
Ahmad Shallouf 14 dager siden
05:22 it was McLaren who finished 2020 in 3rd place in the constructors not Racing Point. You're welcome fellow viewer, no more need to rush to Wikipedia like I did
Alda Rafadana
Alda Rafadana 14 dager siden
I believe their engineers will find the way to overtake the cut of downforce. Just sick to watch everytime when someone have great idea and next year FiA rule out it. Just make a special class free for all & their limit is only the budget for cars & experiments. Just let those crazy engineer rack their brain so the fastest driver will win the races. IMHO.
Norman Frank Music
Norman Frank Music 14 dager siden
Bummed about the DAS outlaw. I was very interested to see where that would go.
zigwald 15 dager siden
another snooze fest........
Luke Zet
Luke Zet 15 dager siden
5:23 you swapped McLaren and Racing Point! :-D
M C 16 dager siden
This will impact Red Bull for sure
krak_a_lak 16 dager siden
Why does F1 hate speed?
NullGecko X51
NullGecko X51 16 dager siden
this is bullshit -_-
Svarta Madam
Svarta Madam 17 dager siden
Already most teams have countered the -10% deficit.., hell they even have the 2022 cars getting tested..! To be honest, FIA isn't setting barriers.., is creating opportunities..!
Terry M
Terry M 17 dager siden
Get rid of DRS, Tyre warmers and limit pit crew over the wall to 10. And the big one. limit straight aways to 40 % of the track.
Retro Klassic
Retro Klassic 17 dager siden
If McLaren can get everything correct I think they can make a charge to the front.
MrRhubarbs 17 dager siden
5:59 there's a mistake, McLaren finished 3rd, not racing point
McFried Catfood Sandwiches
McFried Catfood Sandwiches 18 dager siden
@5:12 exemptions doesn't seem to be the minor point you say in passing here.. how about you elaborate on that???
Reinis Miks
Reinis Miks 19 dager siden
But why? This will result in crashes
Luiz Feitosa
Luiz Feitosa 21 dag siden
I despise how the top racing sport in the world (it's called formula ONE, come on) has so many rules made to slow down the cars I think i speak for most fans when i say to hell with it all and let the engineers go wild. There is so much technology to explore, we have come so far just to be held back by rules, i wanna see fighter jets sliding through the track, not a rule book Change the tracks to make them safer, not the cars. Tracks are just tarmac, the cars are the sport
Wilco Muurling
Wilco Muurling 21 dag siden
so in other words, they are changing the floor which is the only downforce part of the car that is least affected by dirty air. so even less following and less overtakes next season. yay.
Noedale Flowers
Noedale Flowers 24 dager siden
i dont understand why they keep trying to slow the cars down??? F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of racing this is why they keep losing fans. F1 needs a group B division.
Matthew Bacque
Matthew Bacque 24 dager siden
F1 is the only association that attains revolutionary engineering achievements, only to then limit those achievements by removing them from the sport. I understand the appetite for exciting racing, but that desire should not show up in the form of a downgraded design.
WhiteNinjainblack 25 dager siden
Cosmetic changes will grant another double crown to Mercedes.
CRAZY KISS FAN 4653 26 dager siden
So instead of going forward we are going backwards.
David 26 dager siden
so maybe too much competition for lewis and more fun for the viewers
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo 26 dager siden
The V6 should be Cast iron
Orella Minx
Orella Minx 26 dager siden
God Hamilton looks like such a clown with that hair.
Brett 26 dager siden
The title is such click bait.
Julian R
Julian R 26 dager siden
2022: lets go to more ground effect downforce: 2021: less ground effect downforce?
Stafford Cook
Stafford Cook 27 dager siden
Challenge for some... opportunities for others (Mercedes) 😂🤣😂
Miles Shepherd
Miles Shepherd 27 dager siden
750kg? Since when did F1 cars get so massively heavy.
Lewis Hart
Lewis Hart 29 dager siden
Seems like a massive step back to me, i thought f1 was ment to be the pinnacle of racing performance instead we're neutering cars to the point that they're deliberately making the cars perform worse for the sake of preservation of tyres, if every team was using mercedes cooling fin style alloy wheels then why would need to reduce the down force if they can cope with it... 🤦‍♂️
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas 29 dager siden
I'm no aerodynamicist, but I'd have thought the floor changes would affect high-rake cars (nearly everyone) more than low-rake ones (Mercedes, whether black, silver or pink - or presumably green next year?).
Sideu 1
Sideu 1 Måned siden
outlawed outlawed why at this point even have different cars
Parker B
Parker B Måned siden
Does anyone else wish there was a racing series that had no rules at all? No rules to keep cars speed down!
Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas 29 dager siden
No. Too many drivers would die.
Leverage Måned siden
6:26 finally teams wont be allowed to check the QR code on other teams diffusers
Wapn Perfo
Wapn Perfo Måned siden
This is just going to help the bigger teams who spend more time and money in the wind tunnel. Who is going to actually follow wind tunnel allocation time? It is impossible to enforce.
leipero Måned siden
If they can copy, no one should prevent them, that is really a bad idea, it will make faster teams even more untouchable.
Paul Mckenzie
Paul Mckenzie Måned siden
There as so many rules it's ridiculous, are there any races where the engineers really get to be creative or have different ideas?
madhav ts
madhav ts Måned siden
Next rule: no engine for 100% efficiency
pakiw2 Måned siden
What's the point always restrict. They might as well race on trash buckets.
kais Yaya
kais Yaya Måned siden
i hope it's not 2005 again in term of safety
adriann charles
adriann charles Måned siden
Mercedes are still gonna win and other teams will have problems tail happy
ToFu Måned siden
Will Ferrari be Fast again?
badreality2 Måned siden
This is why I hate racing protocols. The cars are geting faster and faster. Pre-1960, larger and wider tracks were built, so that drivers were less likely to kill themselves. Post-1960 It's cheaper to keep the track the way it is. Gimp the cars. ...thus impeding the initiative to make nimbler and faster cars.
Matteo Domeneghetti
Matteo Domeneghetti Måned siden
fans: lets gooo no more merc and lewis toto and lewis: "i don't f****** care we winnin anyways"
negativespace000 Måned siden
F1 has become a joke. Almost everything they do is just downright ridiculous.
Nicholas Taylorson
Nicholas Taylorson Måned siden
ever heard of a secret wind tunnel ?
James Måned siden
Aero is literally the future of car design. With things like computer modelling getting more powerful, you get access to immense performance benefits without extreme costs. It levels the playing field and stops Mercedes from spending $1.4 billion on an engine. I don't understand why FIA is so determined on keeping F1 stuck in the past.
James Måned siden
Daniel Barton
Daniel Barton Måned siden
Red Bull have the car let’s see Max and Lewis race in equal cars they killed Mercedes in Abu Dhabi no excuses next year 🤷🏻‍♂️
Prakhar Måned siden
Won't that make cars slower and unstable?
mitchtavio Måned siden
Is the cost cap going to really change anything for next year? Surely the money for next years car is being spent now. I would think a cost cap next year would effect the 2022 car more.
Michael Legere
Michael Legere Måned siden
Sounds more and more like spec racing. F1 should learn from NASCAR. NASCAR has seen its market share decrease.....
Frag EightyFive
Frag EightyFive Måned siden
"emergency cost savings" in probably one of the most expensive racing series.
Shaun Brits
Shaun Brits Måned siden
Looking forward to a level playing field where its about the drivers and not the cars.
Propan Butan
Propan Butan Måned siden
F1 the only sport which goes backwards
ddddirge Måned siden
Turns out only Mercedes nailed it while all of the other teams botched it... 😂😂😂 1000 constructor points incoming except they botched pitstop or the drivers crash each other...
Allergic to vegans
Allergic to vegans Måned siden
The fia the uci are all twats the uci ban anything that doesn’t look like a generic bike and all the fia do is ban anything that is better than the competition or even slightly dominant it’s not about who has the best car it’s about who can get away with having better technology for the longest time before the fia stick their little noses in and ban everything pretty pathetic if you ask me
WhiteNinjainblack 25 dager siden
Except Mercedes they can have whatever they want. Because FIA was and always be Mercedes bitch. Question: Why safety car is always Mercedes?
King Reek
King Reek Måned siden
Instead of making the cars faster they are making them slower🤦🏿
Martin Bartsch
Martin Bartsch Måned siden
I don't see all these changes mixing up the order for next year. As long as there is such a big delta in budgets of teams I think you can't seriously expect the smaller teams compete with the bigger ones. Mercedes has like 1200 people working for the F1 team. 1200!! That is insane. Other teams have to do with less than half that amount. 1200 people can be very creative and everytime they come up with something brilliant the FIA takes action.. If you want the sport to be progressive you should give the teams more space to be innovative
john jones
john jones Måned siden
Half?!!! Mercedes says they've already gained ALL the lost downforce back in their wind tunnel tests.
A wild Catto
A wild Catto Måned siden
Mercedes will eat the competition alive.
Sotiris Papadopoulos
Sotiris Papadopoulos Måned siden
i don't think that it will be any difference. They took all the power of red bull's car out so i believe it will be even easire for mercedes andi red bull might lose a place in the constructor or somehting like that, other than that nothign more
Scraf Måned siden
Aussie Gp 2021 (Hopefully) Finally, some good fucking racing
WhiteNinjainblack 25 dager siden
Hope dies last. No way good racing it will be more of the same Mercedes and LH get in there Lewis.
Silver Arrow
Silver Arrow Måned siden
Knowing Mercedes they've pretty much seen this coming especially the DAS part and by 2022 they'll have much better car as well.
zyfhami Måned siden
Mercedes wins F1 in 2021... still im going to buy myself a Toyota.
RyouTheMad Måned siden
I'm unaware of why is DAS a problem, can somebody explain? it seems like nobody else was capable of making it so they voted to kick that system out just because others can't do it properly... or what am I missing?
Exstatiska 1
Exstatiska 1 Måned siden
So they've made sure the cars have less downforce and grip...
Bill eib
Bill eib Måned siden
anywy it returns the success to the drivers is great. Less tech, more driver skills. Seeing George Russell drive the Merc speaks volumes of what t agreat ar can do for a driver with skill. Imagine Max in a Merc!
WhiteNinjainblack 25 dager siden
He would destroyed the whole competition.
L4ND3R Måned siden
Hehehhee thats what i said bigger then u think hehehe she didnt think so tho😞
Sandbar Måned siden
so, how will the cars be named? eg for mercedes, will it be W11 again, W11b, or straight away W12?
Thomas Måned siden
It seems like 2021 F1 cars should be built to be as long as possible then to maximise the underfloor area and claw back some of these losses? 🤔
Des Måned siden
FIA in 2024: ok this year we try go karts
Sandy Harris
Sandy Harris Måned siden
Are they doing this just so teams with less imagination and talent with how they design their cars get better winning chances? That’s what it sounds like.
Ivan Kristić
Ivan Kristić Måned siden
yup, lets not make them share their innovations, better ban them. because fu progress and fu whale
Graeme Måned siden
I think if all cars had to tow a trailer with their spare parts on board, it would make the sport more interesting. 😏
_smokie _
_smokie _ Måned siden
Make F1 great again
Samuel David Mandal
Samuel David Mandal Måned siden
Can anyone say the background music
Will Lucas
Will Lucas Måned siden
5:23 this idea of allowing the lower teams more aero analysis will help.
Jamesformula1 Måned siden
If you want cost saving then stop changing the regs every season to develop more technical engines for a start. The old naturally aspirated V8 are simpler in design and cost, this is a racing series not a developer series. Simplify the sport and concentrate on the racing and drivers championships. Becoming a joke these new regs every season and it's getting in the way of what we've come to see, racing.
Time & space
Time & space Måned siden
Hello, F1 noob (returning noob). Why would they want to make changes that cut performance?
J_jc18 PL
J_jc18 PL Måned siden
Soooo the worst team on the grid get rewarded with more testing?😂 wack
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Måned siden
interesting video
Mio Nilsson
Mio Nilsson Måned siden
Redbull wont care about the downforce part while haas are furious rn
Wind of change
Wind of change Måned siden
This won't change a thing for the cars themselves, 2022 is where we will see real change.
WhiteNinjainblack Måned siden
Biggest impact on MB made by corona they can not spend as much as before. Second is cost cap it will force them to reduce number of their staff. Third if new rules change force them to shorten car they are doomed.
Michael Heider
Michael Heider Måned siden
How about we stop changing the rules and let teams worry how they keep drivers save. Rule change kills small teams.
Jonny D
Jonny D Måned siden
Why not just make every car the same and leave the winning to skill of humans in driving, pit stops, etc
josh Måned siden
Why would you do anything to the sport that puts them a step back I just don't get it 🤔
anatoliy labinskiy
anatoliy labinskiy Måned siden
even more reasons to stop watching this pathetic FIA garbage
KK B Måned siden
Realistically, Lewis can become 10 times World Champion!
PuGGY Måned siden
Yep Mercedes won’t get affected at all they will just spent money on the engine 😂🤣
Tamas Beviz
Tamas Beviz Måned siden
Why can't they give teams a free hand and bigger authority in designing their cars?? Ffs what's the point of regulating all the fun out of the sport? They are killing true innovation. Bring back the F1 of the 90's please. :(
Tom Måned siden
DAS: is a brilliant little innovation FIA: im about to do what's called a pro-gamer move
Alfaomegabravo Måned siden
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