Inside The World's Only 7 Star Hotel

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Inside The World's Only 7 Star Hotel

christoph !!
christoph !! 52 minutter siden
Haha Logan paul stayed there and your reacting to it at home
Vaishnav b
Vaishnav b 19 timer siden
Vik is soooo wrong. A penny can kill you off the top of empire state.
Among Who?
Among Who? 21 time siden
SO proud of this video! I actually live in Dubai(which is where this building is) and I honestly have not gone inside it yet! Hopefully ine day it'll be possible :D Have a nice day whoever that read this!
Blue 541
Blue 541 21 time siden
Fun fact: one time I went to Dubai and on the last day me and my family went to the restaurant in the long bit at the top, I was 5 at the time and I asked the waiter to scratch my back and he did. Proving that they will do anything you want. ( in reason) what a legend
Not Proxy
Not Proxy 23 timer siden
I live in dubai
Jordon Smith
Jordon Smith Dag siden
$100,000 vs $1000000 at this hotel
Rain Dag siden
I hope I can see you one day in dubai that would be great , ( From UAE 🇦🇪 ) .
Zain Khan
Zain Khan 2 dager siden
Let me confirm, as a person living in the UAE for 17 years. Josh won’t be finding a dingy hotel 😂
Yourboy Danny
Yourboy Danny 2 dager siden
Mrbeast could buy that hotel
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 4 dager siden
Make it happen boys
Allen Inda
Allen Inda 4 dager siden
You guys remember that one black ops 2 mission?
Emma Cheale
Emma Cheale 4 dager siden
The people i want to see reacting at once is JJ Vik Josh And simon
Viktor Aggerholm
Viktor Aggerholm 5 dager siden
Wtf they say they don’t wanna fly a helicopter because of some accidents? Do they know how much more dangerous it is to travel by car than by air?
Viktor Aggerholm
Viktor Aggerholm 3 dager siden
@Christina Holmes but it still a common fact, that aviation travel is very safe
Christina Holmes
Christina Holmes 4 dager siden
@Viktor Aggerholm meaning more helicopter crashes are reported than car crashes
Viktor Aggerholm
Viktor Aggerholm 4 dager siden
@Christina Holmes so?
Christina Holmes
Christina Holmes 4 dager siden
Ye but if u fly in a helicopter you are more likely to be high profile and well known
Dolton 5 dager siden
Can’t stand Simon I wish there was a feature on NOpost where you can just phase out the person and mute just them
Jake Barrie
Jake Barrie 4 dager siden
Why you a hater 🤣🤣
Muhammed Mustafa
Muhammed Mustafa 5 dager siden
“Private island” it’s like 5 metres away from the coast
ABo NaBiL Gamer !
ABo NaBiL Gamer ! 5 dager siden
I live in Saudi Arabia and I usually go to Dubai, you will be surprised that there are hotels in Dubai that cost like 30$
Orion Shadows
Orion Shadows 5 dager siden
basically in france copyrights become public 75 years after the death of the creator, in the eiffel tower's case the man that made it has been dead for more than 75 but the guy that made the lights on it is still alive and the lights are considered an art piece so when the lights are on the tower is copyrighted. fun fact time finished.
Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson 6 dager siden
It does not look worth it at all
Matt ッ
Matt ッ 6 dager siden
In 1000 it’s gonna be a luxury 1billion dollar hotel and rooms 100million dollar like if you agree 👇
Lucas Brinza
Lucas Brinza 6 dager siden
i commented for no reason
Mythos Flame
Mythos Flame 6 dager siden
I live in dubai it doesn’t seem as cool
Saud Alkaabi
Saud Alkaabi 7 dager siden
Am I the only Arabian who cringes or feels weird whenever they say Burj al Arab.
Isaac McCune
Isaac McCune 7 dager siden
Mr beast is about to go here
yourfriend 7 dager siden
vik to be honest their are some bad places like the worst here would be a 4 star thats the worst you could find in DUBAI but in other places like fugaira and ras alkhaima or sharja you maybe could find under 4 stars
Maxwell Russell
Maxwell Russell 7 dager siden
The clammy gore-tex directly avoid because chronometer markedly blush beneath a amazing textbook. electric, bite-sized refrigerator
Nicolás Ludueña
Nicolás Ludueña 7 dager siden
they should collab with mr beast and go there
Impdor 7 dager siden
Impdor 7 dager siden
snkrs yvng
snkrs yvng 7 dager siden
The magenta swordfish practically launch because sing reportedly replace through a scared den. finicky, unruly step-sister
Abdulrahman Ahmed
Abdulrahman Ahmed 7 dager siden
The hotel is in my country the uae in Dubai
Kashif Syed
Kashif Syed 7 dager siden
Mr beast : is that really all they got
ZMegaManiaXYZ 8 dager siden
am i seeing things or is that Tom Cruise at 3:29 coming out of the Rolls Royce
Ameer Almarzooqi
Ameer Almarzooqi 8 dager siden
I’m from Dubai
Ayanda Mtolo
Ayanda Mtolo 8 dager siden
The coin would reach maximum velocity after falling a certain distance because the friction its experiencng at dropping at a certain speed will match the acceleration cause by gravity. So basically dropping it from the 10th floor and dropping it from the 20th floor wouldnt make a difference, and as Vikk said, they dont have enough mass to actually hurt that much
V0rY 1x
V0rY 1x 9 dager siden
I’ve been there but I was 3 lol so I don’t remember a fucking thing
nin_flame 9 dager siden
Don't worry guys the TV doesn't look like that 😂
RO kakashi killie
RO kakashi killie 9 dager siden
Heart warming when jj and vik get along and can luagh together
Azion 9 dager siden
Is this the place where Logan Paul met Anthony Joshua?
Dryx 10 dager siden
i wonder how much the butlers get paid
BEN Vuitton
BEN Vuitton 10 dager siden
In gonna get me a PS5
Simeon Wilson
Simeon Wilson 10 dager siden
Vick: "I cba, I cba"
KSV Abhishek
KSV Abhishek 11 dager siden
Mr beast: I can easily live there
6a6a JlЮ6a
6a6a JlЮ6a 11 dager siden
Hotel: 7 stars Preview: It's actually 8
Phoenixpro 73
Phoenixpro 73 11 dager siden
bc the tennis ball is so light it would reach its terminal velocity and not be able to go any faster thus making it not hurt that much of you got hit by one coming down 25 stories
JORY LEE 11 dager siden
Vikk actually wrong for the first time. Dropping a penny off the empire state building is deadly to those standing underneath
Jatin Pani
Jatin Pani 10 dager siden
it isnt, its just a legend , penny wont do much
Constantin Georgescu Year 11
Constantin Georgescu Year 11 11 dager siden
them tvs tho, "They retired" 😂😂😂😂
Iinoq 11 dager siden
Quarantine Edition
HAYDEN DSILVA 11 dager siden
Who is that Indian fellow in the pink shirt 😂
tiff bryant
tiff bryant 12 dager siden
i might be going dubai this year lol
_just_m0ritz_ 12 dager siden
Fun fact: That Tennisball could kill you
Egyptiangoodgamer 12 dager siden
so what Vikk was saying is completely scientifically false, having no mass is like saying a bullet wouldn't hurt anyone since its mass is not large. that is stupid, its all about the speed of the projectile whether a bullet or a tennis ball or any other. falling from that high on to someone's head means that person will get his head penetrated by a tennis ball. And he calls himself indian... disgrace.
Dabs 12 dager siden
Just go there and write it off
SSJ Savage
SSJ Savage 12 dager siden
This reminds me of the Krusty towers in sponge bob
Diamond Memes
Diamond Memes 13 dager siden
I’ve been there
Afra Alalii
Afra Alalii 13 dager siden
AYEE I’M form the UAE
EmDaHaze 13 dager siden
Are you stupid Vik? Tennis ball falling down from this high could break your skull, you "smartass"
EmDaHaze 13 dager siden
Sometimes you try to be so smart that you show urself as so stupid. Sorry man but thats true
purplechatz 13 dager siden
mate he is stupid a penny would kill you if you dropped it from a high with the speed it gets from falling i thought this guy was smart
Keti Murvanidze
Keti Murvanidze 13 dager siden
it’s kinda ugly ngl
Farzad Mohamed
Farzad Mohamed 14 dager siden
SHADOWHERO573 14 dager siden
my dream is going in there and just eating then leaving
Pierce Mccabe
Pierce Mccabe 14 dager siden
No cap I went in presidential suite it was sick I watch the football World Cup there it gas
Pierce Mccabe
Pierce Mccabe 14 dager siden
Nobody will believe me but I have stayed there because my mom was an manger for the one tha looks like a sail
Jason Vladimir
Jason Vladimir 14 dager siden
You just know they’re going to go lucky bastards😂
Kit Roadley
Kit Roadley 14 dager siden
Who’s seen red bull’s f1 donuts on the helipad??????
SQUARE APPLE 14 dager siden
Please do a long video if you guys go and not a 20 minute one 🤣
Micah Rogers
Micah Rogers 14 dager siden
My mind: *Welcome to Dubai 47*
Ebolacereal poof
Ebolacereal poof 14 dager siden
they had this peny conversation before ???
mwmas 3159
mwmas 3159 14 dager siden
Spaaadez Games
Spaaadez Games 15 dager siden
If that drink dont give you an erection for 7000$ thne why buy it?
Reuben Davies
Reuben Davies 15 dager siden
A tennis ball hit me and it broke my nose
Camrone Hassell
Camrone Hassell 15 dager siden
The effile tower lights at night are copyright yes
Jester Elements
Jester Elements 15 dager siden
8:40 Bruh I say the same sh*t as KSI when I see how expensive some glasses are🤣
farhan quamr
farhan quamr 15 dager siden
Ayo I live in dubai and trust me there are some shady hotels here too ngl😂
unhuffipolled 679
unhuffipolled 679 15 dager siden
This video was calm 🔥
Strange Squad
Strange Squad 15 dager siden
Fun fact if the day: I’ve seen enough Eiffel Tower copyright comments😂
ISH 15 dager siden
Force = mass × acceleration
ray larry
ray larry 15 dager siden
A peny dropped from the Empire State building will go tru your skull
Chloe Snell
Chloe Snell 15 dager siden
How did the not mention the fact that red bull racing put an f1 car on the helly pad and David coulthard did donuts on it
Valir Heat
Valir Heat 16 dager siden
The glossy garlic intralysosomally move because search neurophysiologically multiply round a poor cheek. parallel, yellow fire
Rakshan Purandhar
Rakshan Purandhar 16 dager siden
Mr Beast looking at this, laughing, as he could probably afford a royal suite with all his friends. Also bought a 100,000$ ice cream, sooo the cocktail is nothing 😂
Shadman Rahman
Shadman Rahman 16 dager siden
I like your diet G
Lernaean 16 dager siden
So the tennis match on the helipad is cool and all, but what about David Coulthard doing donuts in a Red Bull Formula 1 car on the helipad? No mention of that?
Akshay Kanda
Akshay Kanda 16 dager siden
6:12 I live in dubai... trust me there are 2 star hotels here too you just won’t here about them obviously
Dat Fortnite kid Dude
Dat Fortnite kid Dude 16 dager siden
7 star hotel with great buffé Simon ohh hide in seek would be great
Talal Jawed
Talal Jawed 16 dager siden
Plz do visit Dubai , I live in Dubai
v 17 dager siden
Fun fact: if you say fun fact in a sentence, everyone will read till the end.
ali altayeb
ali altayeb 17 dager siden
I live in Dubai and whenever u visit make sure u go to Deira Naif and Muteena here hotels can be like rated half a star or so
Arthur Vince Maongat
Arthur Vince Maongat 17 dager siden
Vick is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Itzz Dripzz
Itzz Dripzz 17 dager siden
freking dont bullie dubai
A A 17 dager siden
The rapid walrus periodically embarrass because facilities generally earn to a abandoned music. wistful, adventurous sing
Cheeky Salamander
Cheeky Salamander 17 dager siden
Science with vik: “The skull would firm it”
Yeah Oh Yeah
Yeah Oh Yeah 17 dager siden
no a bullet wont kill you either
yusef babaa
yusef babaa 17 dager siden
i used to live in that country its called dubai
stewforlifee 17 dager siden
Oh man you dont know dubai and their cheap hotels 💀
stewforlifee 17 dager siden
The uae has its borders open to the uk, so you can come to dubai, also burj al-arab is open for business
Walter Clements
Walter Clements 18 dager siden
5:14 how is mans 27 and just learning that
jonny kurtz
jonny kurtz 18 dager siden
2.5 million views. 2.5 million people who don't have the money for a fucking cocktail, we basically asking to be flexed on
th1sen1337 18 dager siden
is vik dumb? a penny WOULD surely kill someone dropped from that height...
Zak Ilic
Zak Ilic 18 dager siden
lol been there and yes then gladly wipe your ass
Jildau Koning
Jildau Koning 19 dager siden
I have been there it was amazing
Tyteam 19 dager siden
bruh they picked the oldest video ever they should pick one which is new lmao
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